5 Tools in 5 Days Changing Your Body #asifbymagic



In December 2018 we were in Bali and had this amazing possibility to slide down a waterfall. It looked like so much fun!!

I knew I didn’t have the physical strength to do it. It was one of those hard moments when you acknowledge what your choices created. Ug!

As I sat and watched people do it, I made a promise to myself. I will never again be in a position where I can’t choose something based on lack of strength.

Which meant I had to start making different choices. One of those involved hiring a personal trainer with her own gym. We have been working it for 14 months. I have been able to say Yes to things I previously wouldn’t have been able to. Like paddle boarding in Australia and walking a million miles in Washington and hiking in the Valley of Fire. YAY ME!!!!!!!

In January 2020 I acknowledged that yes I am stronger and healthier than ever before… I still wasn’t completely comfortable in my skin.

So I started following the nudges from my body, choosing what she is asking for, and playing with some magical tools… and I’m now celebrating 30lbs less of me!! (and I am SO much more ME)

Since many people have been asking me what I am doing, so I have put together this AWEsomeness!!

This has been previously recorded and is available for immediate download.

You will receive:
* A video of each tool
* Audio recording of the tool
* Handout of the Tool on PDF