Engaging with the Elementals to Create Magic – In Person Class & Swap



Join us IN PERSON on October 31 in Airdrie, Alberta!

The elementals will always be there for you when you choose consciousness.
The elementals do not work to create anything that is not consciousness.
Only if you are looking for what’s possible are the elementals going to support you.
Ready to co-create magic WITH the elementals??

Class will run from 12:00pm to 1:30pm, and please feel free to stay until 4:00pm for Access Bars and Body Process swapping! (not required, just a choice)

If you prefer to pay with e-transfer you can send it to lists@glenycehughes.com – $101.85 (includes GST)

Yes, cash is received also, just make sure to let Glenyce know you are coming.

This class is in person only.