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5 Modules to feeling Confident AF and Successful in Business and Life

Imposter Syndrome can have detrimental consequences on your business and life:

❌ Destroys confidence
❌ Prevent you from seeking new possibilities
❌ Leave you exhausted and frustrated
❌ Keep you spinning in doubt and shame

It’s time to tackle it head on!

Know that you’re not alone.

Taylor Swift, Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, and Tom Hanks have all suffered from imposter syndrome.

Good news: overcoming imposter syndrome is possible through the right tools and strategies. You CAN achieve confidence and genuine succees in your business and life.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to stop comparing yourself to others, build confidence, and FEEL GOOD?

If so, it’s time to overcome Imposter Syndrome. 

Introducing my new course: Confident AF: a 5 week program to Crush Imposter Syndrome and Truly Succeed in Business and Life.

This program is designed to help you crush imposter syndrome and feel Confident AF.

All Modules Have been previously recorded
and are ready for immediate download

Recognize your worth, skills, gifts and talent

Improve your relationships

reduce stress

Feel confident af

make more money

Reap the rewards in your personal and professional life

Your Investment:

$197 CAD or $147 USD

Energetic Exercise
on Audio 

Top 10 Limiting Stories and how to quickly change them #asifbymagic on PDF.

2024 Calendar with DAILY ACTIONABLE prompts for you to take to CRUSH Imposter Syndrome #asifbymagic on PDF



Week 1: Understanding Imposter Syndrome

Week 2: Keys to Crush Imposter Syndrome

Week 3: Building Your Confidence

Week 4: Steps to Truly Succeed in Business and Life

Week 5: Moving Forward


Energetic Exercise
on Audio 

Top 10 Limiting Stories and how to quickly change them #asifbymagic on PDF.

2024 Calendar with DAILY ACTIONABLE prompts for you to take to CRUSH Imposter Syndrome #asifbymagic on PDF


After working with Glenyce and my business, I learned that other people's reactions have nothing to do with me. We tend to take things personally in life, like the reaction or words of others, but we forget to think about the path that our clients are on. If they are going through a smackdown, we might get caught in it. I have no emotion in the game because it doesn't belong to me. The things I enjoyed the most about the programs I have taken with Glenyce are the energy that the group created, even the online participants. The full fledged tears that would surprise you as you were ready to work through something. Not getting caught up in the story. The many tools that I have carried with me this past year as a reminder. Especially "you're not wrong". If you are ready for a change, then you should sign up. You will love it. My favorite part of working with Glenyce is the space she creates to learn.

Jeannine C  Canada  4 TWENTY DESIGNS

I have so much more ease in my business when things do not go as expected, and am able to get back on track quickly after working with Glenyce! I love that her programs work! Glenyce always over delivers on her programs! She has an amazing way to cut through the bs and provide viable solutions that work! Glenyce is my "go to" person!

BC  United States

After working with Glenyce, I have more ease in every way - with inviting and handle more clients; with creating my website, programs, etc.; with finances; with allowing myself to have more of everything... more ease, joy, fun, money I enjoy the space that she is, her humour, that she is straightforward and her phenomenance of consciousness. I enjoy that she doesn't buy my stories 😉 If you really want to succeed in business and outcreate everything and everyone you know in and about business, get into one of her programs! Her humour and her willingness to change, choose and create beyond what seems to be possible.

Alexandra Tebart  Germany

This course is delivered live via ZOOM (yes you will receive recordings in case you can’t join us live), contains an action guide, a course book, and everything you need to successfully overcome imposter syndrome.

Imagine your new potential:

New Confidence: Enhanced self-esteem, self-awareness with less stress, worry, and perfectionism.

Effective Leadership: Lead your business with confidence, knowing your unique value.

Embrace Challenges: Open new doors in your personal and professional life.

Visible Results: Experience tangible, measurable success.

More Possibilities: Envision success with more opportunities at your disposal.

More from clients

Although I’ve always had a vision of what I wanted to create, before working with Glenyce I was distracted. I was distracted by other people’s drama rather than present with my creations. Glenyce helped me get clear on what I truly wanted to be focusing on. She helped me let go of the past and move fiercely into the future. Her facilitation was always spot on, clear, kind and expansive. I felt so supported and cared for during our work together. Her very being soothed my soul and allowed me to blossom!

I enjoyed how simply and gracefully Glenyce explained the tools. It was in a way I could actually hear them and begin creating with them! The business expanded dynamically and easily!! I continue to refer back to all of our calls, energy pulls and clearing loops whenever I need to an up-level and it all still works!

Glenyce’s ability to intuit what is required is magical! Her clarity and directness are a gift that keep on giving. The tools she uses to expand business are unlike any other I’ve seen. I love that you can also handle any blocks and limitations that come up. It’s rare to find a business coach who can handle not only the energetics of creation but ALSO the institution parts as well!

My favorite part of working with Glenyce is her clarity. No drama, no competition, no judgment..,just pure gifting and receiving! SO GENERATIVE!


You’ll be excited to put the tools you learn into action right away. You’ll be even more excited when it starts to translate into increased confidence and self-esteem.

A Personal Note from Glenyce


Hello, sweet friend.

Ever since I started my business in 2002 I was teaching someone else’s work.

Decades of being an “echo” instead of sharing my own voice. 🫣

In 2022, one of the people I had been echoing for years, chose something that went against everything I stood for. I had a huge choice to make… go against what I stand for to continue to be an “echo”… or take the steps to conquer imposter syndrome and finally start succeeding in business and life, beyond what I never imagined possible!

Hubby (Rodney) and I now travel the world full time as pet and house sitters. When I’m not working with clients, teaching powerful tools in my global classes, or hosting my podcast that has over a million downloads a year, you will find me snuggling furbabies, laughing with “hubby” Rodney, or checking out cool things.