This coaching is to be used in 1 area of your life,
for example:







The first 20 people will be in the BETA program

meaning the price will be deeply discounted so that we can work out any kinks and you would agree to 2 interviews once the coaching is complete.

Our Coaching Journey

Week 1: 30 Minutes Clarity Session

Get clear on what you desire to create in the area of your choice.

Week 2: 30 Minutes Create & Actualize Session

Facilitation and tools to actualize beyond what you desire in that area.

WEEK 3: 15 Minutes Personalized Energetic Exercise

I will guide you through an energetic exercise that you can use over and over to actualize beyond what you desire #asifbymagic.

Week 4: 15 Minutes Personalized Clearing Loop Session

Prior to the session you will receive questions, this session will be clearings based on your responses to those questions. You can use over and over to actualize beyond what you desire #asifbymagic.

Week 5: 15 Minutes Exponentialization Session

Facilitation and tools to actualize beyond what you desire in that area.

You will receive…


The first 2 are 30 minutes each and the last 3 are 15 minutes each

AUDIO & VIDEO Recordings

of each sessions

Personalized Energetic Exercise & Clearing Loop

on a clean recording (no other talking on it) to be used over and over

Private Facebook Group

for you and Glenyce only

✅  This is for you if…

You are ready to create beyond what you desire.

You are willing for the Universe to surprise and delight you with your Asks.

You know that it never shows up the way you think it will.

You have an ask.

❌  This is not for you if…

You have no idea what your Ask is.

You aren’t willing to make the demand of you to do whatever it takes to actualize beyond what you desire.

You aren’t willing to stay engaged with your Ask and/or this coaching program.

As part of the BETA you agree to:

2 different interviews: 1 within a week of your coaching ending and 1 within 1 month of your coaching ending. Each interview would be 10 to 15 minutes long and will be recorded.
In these interviews, you will be asked questions about your experience in the program, suggestions to make it better, etc.

You can do one of the 4 date options listed below.


Start sometime in the week running Nov 28 to Dec 4,
program ends week running Dec 26 – Jan 1

The regular price for this will be $1200 CAD/$1000USD/1000 EURO.
BETA pricing will be $600 CAD/$500 USD/500 EURO.

A Personal Note from Glenyce


Hello, sweet friend.

I’m Glenyce and I I empower ambitious entrepreneurs to show up with confidence so they can create profitable businesses while living a lifestyle that they love.

I travel the world teaching people how to be AWEsome!

But it hasn’t always been this way…

For 9 years I worked HARD for money, I distracted myself doing all the “right” things, with no results.

Then in 2011, I started using the tools and processes from Access Consciousness®.

Within the first year, I tripled my income and it has continued to grow.

Within 2 years my business went Global.

The best part is, I was able to do it while creating a life I love!

I’m so excited to share my guide with you inside this exclusive PDF so you can show up with confidence while creating a profitable business!

See ya inside!

Glenyce Hughes