What if you could have a simple list of tools that could change almost anything in your life? Would you be willing to have that much ease? What if using just ONE of these tools every day could totally change your life? It’s totally possible… you just need to choose it!

Are you ready to lose big chunks of your frustration, confusion and limitations?

Over the next 10 months we will explore what each of the 10 Commandments are and what it means to live them with ease, joy and glory.

People have used these 10 keys to get over depression, lack of money, relationship issues, body problems and many other situations that have seemed insurmountable. Now what you can create with these keys?

What people have to say…

Be prepared to smile, laugh, and make some awesome changes in your life at the same time! She has opened my eyes to different possibilities I’d have never even imagined were possible! She inspired me to make changes and ask questions. I didn’t even know I was working with Glenyce – I though we were playing… my favourite part is I have fun! I love her inviting energy – she’s down to earth yet cosmically, universally, and infinitely amazing. She’s a beautiful being inside out!

Leanne Pastor

Alberta, Canada

Glenyce is life-changing, empowering, and so kind. Access Consciousness and Glenyce are more effective than anything I have ever used before – so grateful. My family, health, money, and joy have all expanded beyond my imagining with Glenyce’s no bullshit approach. She’s a Super Agent of Change with no judgment and huge kindness. She helps me find me and I’m able to be the space of possibility for my family and my students.


Saskatchewan, Canada

Glenyce is extremely gifted in explaining complicated information with ease. I think this is because she is relying on her own experience and knowing. I am so much more aware of how I deal with and think of myself in all ways. She is such a royal inspiration in so many indescribable, magical ways.




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Frequently Asked Questions

"When are the ZOOMs?"

Key 1: Would an infinite being truly choose this?
Every Wednesday in June (5) at 9:00 AM MDT
Key 2: Everything is just an interesting point of view
Every Tuesday in July (4) at 9:00 AM MDT
Key 3: Live in 10 second increments
Every Thursday in Aug (4) at 9:00 AM MDT
Key 4: Live as the Question
Every Thursday in Sept (5) at 9:00 AM MDT
Key 5: No form, no structure, no significance
Every Tuesday in Oct (4) at 9:00 AM MDT
Key 6: No judgement, no discrimination, no discernment
Every Wednesday in Nov (5) at 9:00 AM MDT
Key 7: No competition
Every Tuesday in Dec (4) at 9:00 AM MST
Key 8: No drugs of any kind
Every Wednesday in Jan (4) at 9:00 AM MST
Key 9: Do not listen to, tell or buy the story
Every Thursday in Feb (4) at 9:00 AM MST
Key 10: No exclusion
Every Wednesday in March (5) at 9:00 AM MST

"What are the prerequisites?"

There are none, anyone can join us.

"What if I can't join at the set dates and times?"

No problem at all. Everything is recorded. You can access it at any time. If you have questions, you can post them in the Facebook group and Glenyce will respond.

"What are Living the Keys Tools from the Chapter?"

YSuggestions of ways to use the tools from each chapter.

"When will Glenyce's Personal Clearing Loop for each chapter be available?"

It will be available by the 1st Zoom for that chapter.

more testimonials!

Change comes easily with Glenyce because she makes it all easy and fun! Since I met her, I have a stronger sense that change is also available to me, more than before. I really enjoy her giggling and her attitude of “Don’t take life so seriously!”

Alina Stoian

One Happy Bars Facilitator, Romania

Glenyce rocks! Since working with her, my awareness has opened up. Things aren’t so black and white, and I analyse myself more, realizing I play a part of everything that happens in my life. I love the one-one sessions with Glenyce – she is so relatable.

Monique O.

Alberta, Canada

Glenyce holds a space of possibilities, and is highly intuitive and fun. I feel inspired every time I engage with her. Whether it’s her radio show, a tele-call, a clearing, loop, or program, I feel lighter after listening to her and I sense more possibilities and permission to choose beyond what I had before.

Megan Sillito


Hello, sweet friend.

I facilitate thousands of people around the world to change their life! I do it for one core reason: to show people that creating a magical life is possible.

After spending decades believing that suffering is the only way to get through life, I discovered a different possibility: you can choose a magical life.

I live in Alberta, Canada and when I’m not working with my clients, teaching potent tools in my global classes, or hosting my radio show (with over a million downloads a year), I’m lounging in my swimming pool, laughing with my husband Rodney, or cuddling my kitty Totty.

Glenyce Hughes

Certified Access Consciousness®Facilitator