Everything has conscious molecules that you can converse with to create more laughter, joy, wealth, money, possibilities, and any other magic your heart desires. From your body, your business, your bank account, your creations, your home, and, well, EVERYTHING!

In this phenomenal 2-part class, you will learn Access Consciousness® tools and processes to be in communion with every molecule to create more magic than you ever knew possible.

How magical are you willing to be?

Previously recorded in 2023.
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Previously recorded in 2023.


of each class


of each class


Glenyce’s Personal Clearing Loop
Clearing the Projected Realities and Need of Reactive Realities with Regards to Being Magical

A Personal Note from Glenyce Hughes


Hello, sweet friend.

I get to facilitate thousands of people around the world to change their life, and I do it for one core reason: to show people that creating a magical life IS possible.

After spending decades believing that suffering is the only way to get through life, I discovered a different possibility: you can choose a magical life.

I live in Alberta, Canada and when I’m not working with clients, teaching powerful tools in my global classes, or hosting my podcast that has over a million downloads a year, you will find me lounging in my swimming pool, laughing with “hubby” Rodney, or creating magic with paints.

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