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5 Weird Tools to Show Up Confidently in Your Business
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A tool to add confidence to your day!

What to use instead of To-Do Lists

How to Give Your Business the Job of Making You Money

How to Increase Your Profitable Revenue Streams

Steps to an Energetic Exercise for Creation

What’s working with Glenyce like?


My business has expanded after working with Glencye, her energy pulls are always the best . When she talks about the business being an entity on their own, it has helped me to relate to the business and not to force it. She is a master on energy tools, that you can use on every other area on your life if you want to improve it! She can give you clarity when using the tools, she gives various examples, never repeats herself. Always fresh info or way to use the tools!



As a result of working with Glenyce, my way of communing with my business – clients – income, has changed.This is a different way of coworking with your business – you should try it – it is fun & rewarding! I like the way she is and works – all of it!

Hanne Mayland


After working with Glenyce, I have more ease in every way – with inviting and handling more clients; with creating my website, programs, etc.; with finances; with allowing myself to have more of everything… more ease, joy, fun, & money.

If you really want to succeed in business and outcreate everything and everyone you know in and about business, get into one of her programs!

Alexandra Tebart


I enjoyed how simply and gracefully Glenyce explained the tools. It was in a way I could actually hear them and begin creating with them! The business expanded dynamically and easily!! I continue to refer back to all of our calls, energy pulls and clearing loops whenever I need to an up-level and it all still works!

Glenyce’s ability to intuit what is required is magical! Her clarity and directness are a gift that keep on giving. The tools she uses to expand business are unlike any other I’ve seen. I love that you can also handle any blocks and limitations that come up. It’s rare to find a business coach who can handle not only the energetics of creation but ALSO the institution parts as well!

Patty Alfonso

USA | Orgasmic Living, LLC

A Personal Note from Glenyce


Hello, sweet friend.

I’m Glenyce and I I empower ambitious entrepreneurs to show up with confidence so they can create profitable businesses while living a lifestyle that they love.

I travel the world teaching people how to be AWEsome!

But it hasn’t always been this way…

For 9 years I worked HARD for money, I distracted myself doing all the “right” things, with no results.

Then in 2011, I started using the tools and processes from Access Consciousness®.

Within the first year, I tripled my income and it has continued to grow.

Within 2 years my business went Global.

The best part is, I was able to do it while creating a life I love!

I’m so excited to share my guide with you inside this exclusive PDF so you can show up with confidence while creating a profitable business!

See ya inside!