What if having it all
is just a choice?
Would you choose it?

Or are you in the illusion
that having a dream life has got to be harder than just choosing it?

I was there, too.

I remember hoping for a better life. I believed that some people just had something that I didn’t. Maybe what I had was fine. Maybe someday it would work out. How do you choose something different if you don’t even see that it’s a choice?

I’m Glenyce Hughes, and I help you see beyond the illusion that the life you dream about is not only possible, but it’s closer than you think it is. The only thing keeping you from changing the impossible is your judgment that it’s impossible.

So, my sweet friend, if you could change anything, what would it be?

I invite you to play in the magic of possibilities…

… in other words,

it’s time to step the fuck up.

Here is what I know:

— Our current reality is a result of billions of choices we have made.

— We can change our current reality with a simple choice.

— Each one of us is capable of creating far beyond what we have never allowed ourselves to imagine.

— We are the most powerful energy in our life – unless we decide we aren’t.

What would it take to choose your life of possibilities?

Let’s find out.