Feb 26, 2023

Why Can’t You Be Magical for You Too?

You absolutely can!

A question I’ve often heard from my clients is “How come I can be magical for other people, but I can’t be magical for myself?” What if that isn’t actually the case? What if you can be magical for you too, but you have these notions that might be limiting what’s actually possible for you? Tune in to this episode because now is the time we all start being the magic not only for other people but for ourselves, too!


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[00:00:00] Have you ever wondered why you can’t be magical for you, too? Hello! Welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for being here. I am so incredibly grateful for you. 


[00:00:15] Yeah. It is something that I have probably heard more than anything else from my clients. “How come I can be magical for other people, but I can’t be magical for myself? What is that?” Yeah. What is that? What if you could be magical for you, too? 


[00:00:34] Now, this podcast is an invite to an upcoming series that I have called “Magical as Fuck“, a 4-part, oh my gosh, actualization series, receiving series, magical capacity series. I mean, it’s all the things.


[00:00:54] There’s gonna be four calls altogether. One of them is going to be all about being magical for you too, because what if it isn’t what you think? What if it isn’t that you can’t be magical for you? What if you have some sort of bizarre point of view about it? What if you have a belief that’s limiting what’s actually possible for you? 


[00:01:17] I know for myself, years ago when I started looking at this for me because I could be very magical for other people, I could create all sorts of magic in their life, in their business, in their money flows, all the things. But when it came to being it for me, not so much. What I recognized was that it kind of stemmed from this idea that I know most of us have heard at one point or another. “It is better to give than to receive.” Yeah, I know, right? Crazy! 


[00:01:52] Here’s the thing: you can’t actually just give. Well, I shouldn’t say that. You can. You can do it that way, but then energetically it’s just going out one way, so guess what happens to you? You become depleted. You’re just flowing it one way. But gifting and receiving is an energy not even really like a cycle because it’s not. It seems like there’s gifting and receiving and receiving and gifting and, but it’s one energy and it’s a continuous flow of energy.


[00:02:26] And so when we’ve got any beliefs that it’s better to give than to receive or it has to just flow one way, then chances are we’re using that, in a sense, against us. We’re using that as a way to really limit what’s possible for us. 


[00:02:43] Because magical capacities aren’t just for other people. Your magical capacities aren’t just for other people. We want to include them, and you wanna include you also. This is the thing where this flow of you being magical. Not you being magical for them, not you being magical for you even. You being magical. 


[00:03:13] Now, what does “magic” really mean? Magic, to me, is the willingness to be or do whatever it takes to create what you desire. Maybe even change the end to create what would create greater. Because sometimes when we have this idea of create what we desire, we have a lot of conclusions around that. We have a lot of ways we think that should look, or the ways that that has to look. What if there’s so many ways? What if there’s so many ways? 


[00:03:45] It’s the willingness to be or do whatever it takes to create greater. There we go. I like that. That energy, being that in the world without any barriers up to it, without any exclusions, without any insanity, points of views, limiting beliefs, all of that, then you get to be it, including you. You get to receive from it, also. You get to be it, you get to gift it, you get to receive it, and that’s all the same energy. There’s no separation in there and there’s no barriers as long as we don’t put them there.


[00:04:22] There’s different ways and things to look at. I mean depending on what you believe to be true, sometimes we have other lifetimes where we did things that we maybe took an oath or a vow to never be magical for us again or things like that. Sometimes there’s that sort of stuff, and we’ll talk about that more on the call and really go into changing that.


[00:04:45] But ultimately, if you look at that for yourself, if this is something that you’ve wondered about – why can you be so magical for other people? Why does it work out for them when you contribute, but not when you contribute to you? All those sorts of things, and those are great questions to look at for you. It’s like, so what is that? What is that for you? If you did, then what? 


[00:05:06] Sometimes that can bring up that really limiting point of view of if I did, if I was magical for me, then people would hate me, it’d be wrong. I mean, there’s all sorts of things that can come up. You don’t need to dissect those things. You just need to be aware of them. What I find is once we’re aware of them, that’s when we’ll change them. Often it’s just the awareness of it. Like, oh! 


[00:05:28] I know for myself again, years ago when I was really looking at this, I was like, you know what? When I let go of that idea that it’s better to give than to receive… In fact, when I was willing to just see the insanity of that message, it was like, wow, there’s so many areas of my life that this could ripple out into, because then it really comes to us being all of us. 


[00:05:55] Not going, “Well, I better not receive anything here. I better just be the giver,” and then we get depleted because there’s no energy coming back. We’re not receiving anything from it. Usually, that turns into resentment and then there’s all sorts of insanity with that. 


[00:06:12] Once I started to piece it apart for myself, it was, I’m gonna say fairly ease for me to really start going, “What if I was magical for me here too?” again, we’re not doing it so that we exclude it from others now. We’re just including us. We’re just including us so that we can receive it, too. Yeah. Yeah. 


[00:06:36] Because really, imagine a world with everybody on it being magical, excluding themselves. Okay, that’s a bizarre energy. Now, imagine a world where everybody’s being magical, including themselves. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, guys. Let’s choose that. Okay, let’s choose that.


[00:06:57] Again, I invite you to the upcoming Magical as Fuck – 4-Part Series to really exponentialize your capacities with magic in ways you never even imagine possible. If you would like more information, you can find the link above or below. If you don’t see a link, reach out and I will get it for you. 

[00:07:17] I wonder… I wonder what magic would be possible if we were willing to include ourselves in the magic that we be. Have a great week, sweet friends. I look forward to chatting again next week.


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