Do You Actually Have a Receiving Problem?

Aug 27, 2023

There’s maybe more to it, sweet friend.

“Follow these easy steps and get amazing results!” What a concept, right? Unfortunately, it isn’t always so simple.If you think you’ve done everything without seeing any progress or success, listen in as we discuss all about that in this week’s episode. Keep this in mind, sweet friends: there is no single way to create magic!


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[00:00:00] What if you aren’t the problem in not receiving what you ask for? Welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for being here. I’m so incredibly grateful for you. 


[00:00:14] And yes, there’s a little puppy here. I’m actually not pet sitting. I’m at my sister’s house and yeah, this is Floyd and he wanted to be part of the video, if you’re watching on video. If you’re not, then he’s just a sweet little puppy. He’s just so cute.


[00:00:30] All right. I have been listening to a podcast called “Love and Light Confessionals.” I highly recommend it for everyone, actually. I just highly recommend it. It really opens your eyes to some of the stuff that’s going on in what we might call the “coaching industry,” the “woo industry,” whatever you want to call it, and has been going on for a long time, of course. 


[00:00:58] She actually used a term that I’d never heard before in this context, and it got me really looking at all the spaces and places where what I’ve shared has done that, or it’s just everywhere. It’s about “simplification.” Actually, “oversimplification.” 


[00:01:24] When I talk about — maybe this is the reason you’re not getting what you ask for is looking at it from the place of… you’ve probably heard or seen or watch videos or whatever when they say, “Just ask these four questions and everything you want will show up in your life.” That’s pretty general, but you get the idea right? 


[00:01:45] I know I’ve said it myself. I totally have, and it’s said everywhere in all the places. What if it’s not, like, what if that is so oversimplified that it’s actually the problem? The oversimplification is the problem. 


[00:02:03] One of the things that I’ve actually been talking to and really incorporating in the videos and classes and everything is yes, ask for what you would like, absolutely, and then there is action. 


[00:02:17] The oversimplification is when we say, “Just do these four things,” “Ask these four questions and it’ll show up as if by magic.” No. That is oversimplification, [whereas when] we say, “Ask these questions” or “Ask the questions that light you up,” and then also “What action is required?.” 


[00:02:38] I would say, and I’ll use myself as an example, that’s probably where I, especially years ago — and I know I’ve talked about this somewhat recently — I really didn’t want to have to take any action. I really just wanted it to be where I sit on the chair and ask the four questions, and things are delivered like Amazon. It just doesn’t work that way. 


[00:03:04] That oversimplification, what people do is they hear the “ask the four questions and it’ll show up,” and [when] it doesn’t happen, that person goes into so much wrongness of themselves. “What am I doing wrong that I’m not getting what I ask for? I asked those four questions! That person asked those four questions, they got everything they asked for!” 


[00:03:28] The other thing that we wanna recognize is that if that’s what they said, “I asked four questions and things were delivered like Amazon,” there’s probably some information missing in there. It’s also could be just a blatant lie. 


[00:03:45] It’s really recognizing what is actually, again, true for you. I believe it was even last week or the week before that I talked about this ’cause it’s all been unraveling in my world in terms of all of the stuff that we’re consuming – all the content, all the information we’re consuming, and now I have a word for it – “oversimplification.” 


[00:04:10] We go to that class, we buy that product, we take that course, we do that thing, and it’s not all the pieces. Sometimes, it is. Absolutely. 


[00:04:20] One of the things that I would say I pride myself in with all of the stuff that I’ve created over the years, for the most part, I do what I can to make it simple. I make it into steps. I have handouts and PDFs and workbooks and guides and all sorts of things to really assist. I don’t say that to be like, “I haven’t done this.” I totally know that I have. 


[00:04:42] [It’s] really recognizing that there might be more. You might wanna take that program, but with what I call “your eyes wide open.” If that person’s saying, “You only need to do this. This is all I did, and Amazon delivered it,” cool. Maybe you need to add some things, or maybe there’s some more questions for the person. Maybe if you go in with your eyes wide open, you’d start to recognize that “I could ask them if I have problems with this, how do they deal with that?” or “What does this look like?” 


[00:05:15] Recognize that each one of us is so different, and our gifts and capacities and all of that is different. For some people, maybe they did have that – they asked the four questions and it was delivered like Amazon. Cool. Maybe for us, there’s something different.


[00:05:35] One of the things that the gal and I — I do not remember her name, I just know the podcast. Again, Love and Light Confessionals – highly recommend it. 


[00:05:43] One of the things she talks about that I’ve actually never really considered is how a lot of the people, say, in the coaching industry, in the woo industry, that are the bigger names, a lot of them got in super early. A lot of people have tried to emulate what they did to create what they’ve created, and it’s possible that a lot of it was actually timing. 


[00:06:11] It’s something to think about, something to be present with and aware with, especially if you’re one of those people who haven’t recognized. I mean, for myself, I recognized it a few years ago, but I didn’t have a word for it. But as you’re listening, if you go, “Wow, that makes so much sense,” look at where else maybe things have been oversimplified. 


[00:06:34] I don’t mean people are doing it on purpose. I don’t mean people are trying to scam you. Of course there’s that, too. Yes, absolutely. There are people that do things on purpose and there are people that try to scam you, of course. But I’m not saying that’s always what’s going on. We just wanna recognize for ourselves, “Is this oversimplified? Are there other things?” 


[00:06:52] People will say, “Take my class on how to create reels and your business will triple.” Well, really, if you actually look at that, there’s a lot of people that have tons of followers with, say, on reels with Instagram or Facebook or wherever, but there isn’t money made in those. The biggest money made on those sorts of things, of course, is partnerships where you’re talking about… maybe Nike gives you a partnership and they pay you to create a reel. Those sorts of things. 


[00:07:23] Now, I’m not saying that people don’t have coaching businesses as a success because of what they do on reels or it’s an invite, but it’s not it. And yet, the oversimplification IS. “This person has viral reels every second day and their business is in the millions, so the answer is reels.” No. 


[00:07:48] I hated hearing it, but I’m gonna say it. There is no one answer. There is no one answer. There is no one question. There is no one anything. There’s no guarantee in anything we do. It’s no different than if you go to school to become, I don’t know, an accountant. You’re not guaranteed that you will have a steady job and have steady income for until you retire. 


[00:08:17] Same with our businesses. There is no one thing you can do to guarantee you will have what you would like. There’s action — again, I’m gonna use that word. There’s action, there’s asking, there’s steps to take, there’s things to choose. There’s also the willingness to be honest with yourself. 


[00:08:41] I’ve talked about this a lot over, I would say, probably the past six months to a year ’cause business has changed. The way that business is has changed. There’ll be a lot of people that tell you it hasn’t, and maybe there is [that] hasn’t — I will not speak for them — and it has. 


[00:08:59] People are buying differently now compared to a year ago, a couple years ago, more years ago where for a lot of time that was like self-empowerment and healing and all of that coaching, all of that was very sought after. It’s different now. I don’t mean it’s not sought after, it’s just different now.


[00:09:20] If you aren’t willing to be honest with yourself with that, then you’re not making the changes probably in the business that are required. That’s where we can really get into problems because we ignore it. 


[00:09:35] We probably oversimplify in that, too, as I’m talking about this. Oversimplify -“Oh, it was just a slow month.” “Oh, it was just that, it was just this.” Actually, be honest with you. Look at the numbers each month. If you’re in business, look at your numbers each month, and are they going the direction you would like them? If not, there might be some questions to ask and action to take. There might be some things to choose different. 


[00:10:02] I know for myself, for a little while, I was really in the, “But this always works! I’ll just do this! This always works! This always works!,” until I was like, “Okay, you know what? This isn’t the same.” Not good or bad, or right or wrong. It’s just different.


[00:10:17] What’s so cool is that once I was willing to be honest with myself about that, and then also be honest with myself about what I really enjoyed, I could look at things really differently. 


[00:10:32] As many of you know, I started a Shopify shop in January of 2023. It’s just freaking amazing. And then, looking at adding some new things this fall. 


[00:10:44] Part of that is my own interest in terms of what would I like to be spending my time playing with. I know I require a lot of creativity. I love that. I love one-to-one sessions. I’m looking at what else as we travel around. 


[00:11:01] We’re gonna be in Oxford, Massachusetts in late September. That’s the first place we know for sure. Then we’ll be in Chicago. I’m taking part in a Mastermind there, and I’ll probably put something on. I know some of you have reached out – thank you. I will let you know as soon as I have details. From there, we plan to go to Nashville, and then Atlanta, and then be in Florida for November and most of December.


[00:11:25] That’s a lot of travel. There’s a lot of, you know, on the road sort of stuff. How can what I love to do fit with that? I can put classes on, and who knows? Maybe I will in every one of those areas. Who knows? But I’m also looking at what else? 


[00:11:39] I really wanted to invite you to one of two things:


[00:11:43] One, listen to the Love and Light Confessionals if you’re a podcast user. I just [love] Love and Light Confessionals. Great, great podcast. All of them that I’ve listened to so far. 


[00:11:55] But also, really look at where you might be oversimplifying what’s actually required, or where it’s maybe been oversimplified and you’ve took it as, “I must just be wrong ’cause it doesn’t work for me. So, I must just be wrong.” 


[00:12:08] You’re not wrong, okay? There just might be some misinformation. There might be some missing information. There might be just something else and it might just not be your way. 


[00:12:19] That’s the other thing that we can get so caught up in. Again, using reels as an example, this person has success with reels and so I have to do that. But if you hate video, [it’s] not gonna work so well, my sweet friends. 

[00:12:31] There’s my thoughts for the week. Have a great week, and I look forward to chatting again next week.


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