What if it is way more ease than you have decided?



Conventional wisdom has taught us that money is never easy. What if it’s actually way more ease than what we have always believed, or decided?


In this episode, Glenyce shares four (4) tools you can use to actualize the cash you desire right away. 


TOOL #1: Be aware of your points of view



If you have a point of view that money is hard to bring in, that cash is difficult, or there’s never enough cash, all of those are what actually will ensure that you don’t actualize more cash. 



There was a post on Facebook I’m still so intrigued by because it gave me such a gift of awareness. This gal spoke about how she wore a crown, went into a restaurant, and sat there by herself until it felt normal to be sitting in the restaurant wearing a crown.


Get the sense of that; If you’re used to talking or even just thinking about how difficult money is, how hard it is, how you never have enough cash, or whatever that is for you, that’s the normal (for you) in the sense that that’s what you’re creating. That’s what you’re actualizing. 



How do you become aware of your points of view? Start by paying attention. What are you saying out loud or in your head when you’re talking about money or thinking about money, or cash? That will gift you some information about what your points of views are about them.



TOOL #2: Ask for cash



We have a lot of interesting points of view that money is cash, currency, a credit card or whatever that is – but it’s not. Money can be sunshine, money can be a hug, money can even be dog shit. Money is everything. Money is just an energy and energy is everything. It’s not just cash. 



If cash is something you would like more of, make sure you’re asking for it.



You also want to be aware that when you’re asking for cash, it’s what you desire. A lot of times, what we do is we ask for the money for something. If you have $500, you would go and buy that beautiful dress that you saw. You start asking for the $500, but what you’re doing is you’re cutting the universe off at its knees because you’re not asking for what you desire. You’re asking for the conclusion of what you desire which means you’re not actually willing to receive to the degree that you could.



Make sure that you’re asking for what you truly desire.



TOOL #3: Receive



Receiving is about receiving everything. A lot of times if we have judgment about something, we might not be willing to receive it. Be willing to receive everything [even if] it’s the dog shit. It’s (about) the receiving of it all with no judgment in your world about anything. 



Another part of receiving is acknowledgizing you. When you can see that you’ve chosen something different, celebrate you. We’re so focused on where we’d like to be that we’re not choosing to celebrate where we’ve come from and how much change we’ve made.



When you become aware of something you’re not willing to receive, just take a moment and energetically pull the barriers down. Barriers down, barriers down, barriers down. All levels, layers, universes, realities, anywhere I haven’t mentioned, barriers down. You’re pulling them down, so you can receive more and more and more. 



TOOL #4 – Ask a question



Receiving is not about having a point of view that something is good or bad. It’s having no point of view, you’re just aware of what is. You could hear a new story about something that’s not creating greater on the planet, you just don’t need to have a point of view about it. You can be like, “What can I be and do different today to change this?” Ask a question about it to inspire something different, which leads us to tool number four: What can I be and do different today to actualize the cash I desire?



With any question you’re asking, we’re not looking for an answer. There will be an awareness, there will be something that comes up somewhere. It might not be in that moment, in that hour, or even that day, but it will come if you’re willing to ask. “Universe, what can I be and do different today to actualize the cash I desire?” 

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