Tired of the positive vibes only approach to manifestation?

In this episode, Glenyce, a manifestation teacher for over 2 decades, shatters common myths and dives into the hard truths about creating your dream life.

This episode exposes the limitations of solely focusing on positive thoughts. Glenyce unveils 4 powerful truths that will challenge your perspective. Discover a fresh, inclusive approach to manifesting your dream life.  Unleash the real power within you and create a life that truly lights you up!


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[00:00:00] Are you ready for some hard truths about manifestation? Welcome to Tools to Manifest Your Dream Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for being here. I’m so incredibly grateful for you. And yes, this is a brand new podcast. So, if you listen on a podcast app, make sure to go and search Manifest Your Dream Life, or if you get the show notes, the link to all of the podcast apps are in there otherwise it continues on YouTube and all the other places.

So, grateful to have you here. This is going to be a bit of a different show, my sweet friends. Yes, four hard truths about manifestation. So for me, I actually learned about manifestation back in 2002. So 22 years ago, I started studying it and I mean, I, I delve deep into it. I was so excited about it. It was such, such a yummy 

[00:01:00] energy. And I studied it as though the way that most people talk about manifestation in terms of, if you just think hard enough, You focus hard enough. You make the vision board. You are good enough. Then you’ll get the thing or you’ll have the experience or you’ll feel the feels, whatever it may be. This show is really, really what it is now, at least to me.

Now, you might have a different idea about it. This might not be true for you. That’s totally fine. This is where I’m at with it 22 years later. And I would say probably this started probably about 20 years ago, 20 years, no, two years ago, so probably about 20 years in, when I really started looking at what I mean when I’m talking about manifestation.

So I would say the easiest way to talk about what manifestation is for me now is to talk about what it isn’t, which is these four hard truths. So, number one is 

[00:02:00] that, again, this idea that if we just believe and focus on and think enough about or create enough energy around a certain thing or experience, whatever it is, that it’ll just show up.

And that’s, that’s, that’s what’s required. Now, again, I used to believe that I used to teach that even, but let’s look at this a little bit broader. Let’s consider the people on the planet right now, and there’s many of them going through atrocities. Does that actually make sense then? If they were just to think about not having that go on, if they were just to make a vision board about that not going on, they were just to think positive enough.

No, that is absolute bullshit. And so we’ve got to look at it from that place of it not being. about thinking about it, hoping for it, 

[00:03:00] wishing about it. So that’s the hard truth number one, is it’s not this airy fairy, just, just focus on it and you’ll have it. Ouch, right? So hard truth number two is that manifestation often gets us to bypass our feelings, to pretend that we’re not feeling what we are, or.

We don’t allow ourselves to feel what we feel because we have to stay positive, which is referred to as toxic, toxic Positivity where we’ve got to focus on feeling good to create the thing we would like and that is really really harmful I remember back. I think it was like 2004. So I was a couple years into studying manifestation and My, my kitty at the time died very suddenly.

He had a heart problem and in the vet attempting to save him, it actually killed him. And it was, it was horrible. I was devastated. 

[00:04:00] However, I couldn’t feel those feels because those were negative. So you can’t be sad. You can’t be mad. You can’t feel the feels. You have to put on a happy face and do all of the, the reasoning and the justifying.

Well, he had a good life. Well, we had some time with him. Well, anyway, what ended up happening is that I actually had a session. So a client came to me for a session, something totally unrelated. She sat down in the chair, her and I started talking and I started crying. Not even kidding, my feels came out at the most inappropriate time.

I was horribly embarrassed and I still didn’t see what I was doing. I still didn’t acknowledge it for, for bypassing or not, not getting present with those feels. Now hard truth number four is that there is a lot of victim blaming. in manifestation. And I would say in my 

[00:05:00] experience, because again, myself and also working with so many people manifesting their dream lives is that we either gaslight ourself or we gaslight each other.

Well, did you really think positive enough? Like how much time did you put into creating that vision board? How much time did you did you worry about not getting it? Well, that’s probably why you didn’t get it. Like. Ah, it is so unkind. It is so unhealthy. And especially for that constant judgment of ourselves.

I mean, constant judgment of others or receiving others. Constant judgment, of course, is also not healthy, but that incessant judgment of us and what we did wrong and how bad we are and how we should have just done that one thing. And. No, just stop, just stop with blaming, stop with seeing it as so black and white.

To me there’s so much more, and we’ll get to that in, in a moment here. So hard truth number four is a 

[00:06:00] big kick in the ass for me, it is something that I didn’t want to look at, it is something I wanted to avoid and it’s important for each one of us to really get present with this. A lot of times when we’re using the word manifest, we should actually be using the word privilege.

I know, I know. Years ago, when we bought our dream home, my dream home, Hubby, I mean he enjoyed it, but he didn’t love it as much as I did. It had its own swimming pool, it had a whole bunch of space, I mean it was truly my dream home beyond what I never imagined possible. And when I say I manifested my dream home, often what we would look at with that is, is as though I was given it as a gift, as though someone handed it to me and said, here you go, let’s put your name on the title.

It wasn’t the case. No, I bought the house. 

[00:07:00] So did I manifest it or did the fact that I had money, the, the privilege of money to purchase it? What is it? I know, and this is where we just have to get so honest with ourselves and really looking at when we’re using the word manifest, do we mean it? Is that actually true?

Because so many times it is actually privilege. Now the part of that that I do see as manifestation is the absolute magic that it took to find that house. So in, in, when we were searching. We had looked at lots of places and on the last house we looked at with our realtor, our realtor said, Hey, you know what?

You should also be checking Kijiji, which in Canada is like a Craigslist in the U S it’s, it’s a forum where people can go and sell things. We’d never considered looking for our house on Kijiji. That night when we got home, 

[00:08:00] hubby went and looked on Kijiji and found this incredible house. And it had a aerial view picture, so we could see this big, beautiful pool.

Now, not only that, that we had just got home from spending a week at an Airbnb that had a pool, and Hubby actually said to me, wow, pools are so much easier to care for than I thought. So there was so much magic to us finding that house. All of it, like, you know, these bread crumbs to, to finding it. And the privilege of having the money to purchase it.

So it’s really acknowledging what is and, and not to, not to say that I’m, I’m less than that house was less than because I had the money to pay for it. But no, but also not calling it. I manifested, I didn’t manifest that house. I manifested finding that house. That’s the way I would like to, to, to refer to it.

And I had the privilege of 

[00:09:00] having the money to buy the house. And so it just puts a different shift on things. It doesn’t take away the excitement. It doesn’t take away the gratitude. It doesn’t take away the magic. It actually increases all of those because in that I’m acknowledging what is. There’s no more fantasy of I just sat on the couch and hoped and wished and dreamed for it and it fell in my lap.

Somebody handed me the, you know, the papers to own this house. No. And that’s often how we take manifestation, is that it is this airy fairy, sit on the couch, do nothing, think good thoughts, and your life will be magical. No, actually, no. So what is it then? So for me, manifestation is that magic, is those breadcrumbs, is the following of the energy, following of your energy.

You know, we 

[00:10:00] talk a lot about things feeling really yummy and expansive and following that. Now, when I say that, I don’t mean not feeling non yummy and expansive feelings, right? Go back to the example with, with my kitty dying. That was not a time to be feeling expansive and yummy energies. It was a time to be with what is, as it is, and not pretending or pushing away or bypassing Those feelings.

Now, along with the magic, there is also a very healthy dose of what is now. I don’t mean what is from the very limited energy of, we can just have what, what is possible for us the way that, you know, society has set it out. That’s not what I mean. And for example, if I really wanted to be an astronaut right now, I actually couldn’t be.

I couldn’t be an astronaut right now. There’s various things. One, I’m too 

[00:11:00] old. The, the, the latest age you can become an astronaut is 50. There’s a lot of things that would be have to put in place that would probably take me years to get there and a whole bunch of other things. So being an astronaut for me right now, and I know it’s a silly example, but that’s a silly example.

End. And it’s the best one I have. So when we look at that, when I look at that and I go, Oh my gosh, I really want to be an astronaut. I could put a lot of creative energy into, Okay, but what else is possible? And, and what magic could I be? And, and all of this stuff. Okay, could do that. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do that.

I just wonder, when I look at things now, I look at them through that filter of, What is possible and what, what is that then if I look at, if I’d really like to be an astronaut, what is it that I would like about that? What are the 

[00:12:00] energies I’m looking for? Maybe there’s a sense of excitement and a sense of floating in space that would be super cool.

And doing something that few people have done, like, you know, all of these kinds of energies. So then I could look at how else could I. Create those. How else could I choose those? How else could I experience those? So letting go of maybe the definition of what we’ve decided something needs to be and putting our creative energy into the energies that we would like, just to get us out of all of the things, all of those myths I talked about before, victim blaming and bypassing and all of that insanity, really looking at, okay, what would I like?

Now, for some people, the word create actually much. is a much better match than the word manifest. And that I would recommend if that’s you, please use it instead of the word manifest. Manifest, again, has so many energies on it. There’s so many crazy [00:13:00] ideas of what it is. And so if it’s more comfortable for you, start looking at, okay, well, how can I create my life?

So that, that takes kind of maybe that airy fairy off of it, depending on what definition you’ve had of it. How could I create this? So, let’s say that you have let’s say you’ve been, you know, like me, always had extra weight. Since I was six years old, I’ve had extra weight. And so for years and years, I would put my creative energy into weighing 110 pounds.

Now why 110 pounds? Because if you go to the doctor, they have these charts on the wall. And because I’m not even five foot one in height, 110 pounds is what they say is normal for my body. So I had this fantasy of 110 pounds. That is never going to occur. And I don’t say that as a limitation. I don’t say that as anything except that I am going to get present with what is.

[00:14:00] I’m never going to weigh 110 pounds and actually I’m okay with that. So a few years ago when I was really looking at, okay, body, what would you like body? How, how would you like to be? Yeah, that was a totally different energy. Smaller, yes, at the time I weighed 290 pounds. So yes, she desired to be smaller, absolutely.

There was a lot of action. Yeah, I had to look at that. Was there a lot of action? There was a lot of action. I started doing alternate day fasting, which meant I didn’t eat for, you know, 40 hours, and then I would eat again. Maybe a few meals in an eight hour period and then fast another 40 hours and and then I started walking a lot and then I started running and there was a lot of things that I was choosing a lot of action that I was taking with my body and and then we got to a certain weight and she’s happy she’s happy where we’re at and it is not 110 pounds as you can see and I am happy with that because that hundred and ten pounds that idea of 110 pounds 

[00:15:00] wasn’t it. What I was actually looking for it was all of those energies. It was the spaciousness It was getting out of the judgment. It was the the joy of having a body So much of it had nothing to do with the 110 pounds. So again, yes I created the change in my body. Absolutely. I manifested it. We could use that but also Acknowledging that I had the time To do the walking and do the running I had the space I had the privilege of fasting, and that might not sound like a privilege to many, however, it is not an easy thing to do.

If I had kids that I was feeding, that would be a very difficult thing. I don’t know that I could honestly do it if I was also preparing meals and feeding others. I also know that when I fast, I need to have a lot of space. So I will usually around suppertime, I will go into the bath for an hour or two, and For to, to really get away and be 

[00:16:00] spacious. And the other thing I do is I have a sea salt, sea salt, Epsom salt bath that really assists with, with fasting. Those are all things I can do because I have the privilege to do it. There are many people on the planet that couldn’t. So again, we’re acknowledging all the pieces. It’s not that I manifested the weight loss sitting on the couch, hoping and wishing and dreaming.

So I would love to hear from you. I would love to hear if you’ve looked at privilege in, in what you’ve created in your life. If you’ve, if this is a brand new topic for you what, where are you with it? What, what is it for you? Cause I know I’ve had a couple of years now of really being present with it more.

So I would say in the last few months, And I still chose to use the word manifest in my podcast. I have an amazing, amazing monthly membership called Manifesting Membership, where you’re manifesting your dream life. 

[00:17:00] So, I’m still using the word. I could avoid the word. But I don’t think it’s about that. I actually, I actually get that it’s time for us to really acknowledge what is.

And there is manifesting, and there is creating, and there is privilege, and there is a lot of lies about manifesting. And if you prefer to use a different word, please do that. But just to recognize that there’s so much more here than maybe what we’ve ever considered. And I wonder what might be possible now that has never been possible before when we acknowledge what is and we be the magic that we be and we create the lives that, that really light us up, that really excite us, that are really true for us, not based on the crazy of this reality or what chart is in your doctor’s office.

Thank you so much for being here. I’m so incredibly grateful for you. Have a great week. I look forward to chatting again soon.

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