How I Won the Lottery

Sep 12, 2021

What if it isn’t what you think it is?

Are you willing to win the lottery to create a magical life beyond what you have never imagined possible? In this episode, Glenyce shares with you how she won the lottery – and it might not be what you think it is.

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Are you willing to win the lottery to create a magical life beyond what you have never imagined possible? In this episode, Glenyce shares with you how she won the lottery – and it might not be what you think it is. 


How I Won the Lottery



I came across a post that I did a year ago on Facebook. It was me at my pool talking about how I used to always dream about winning the lottery. I thought that would be the only way I could create my life the way that I desired it to be. There was no other way. 

Really, with that sort of point of view, you’re always going to be a victim. It’s because unless you win the lottery, you’re not going to be able to create your life.

Thankfully, I came across these amazing tools from Access Consciousness that have gifted me something that would be equivalent to winning the lottery in the sense of actually knowing I have a choice. 


Choice is like the new lottery. It’s because if you’re willing to acknowledge that you as an infinite being have infinite choice, you can create anything. Winning the lottery gives you more cash and that’s all, whereas the lottery of acknowledging that you have infinite choice is the magic. 


Whether you’re creating a life of no choice or of asking questions and choosing towards the ones that feel the yummiest, that’s what you’re creating. That is the space of one’s willingness to ask.


Before you ask your question, clear the DJCCPSERRJs so you can get a true awareness. Then you ask the question with no point of view on it so that you can start getting a sense of what is going to create the future you desire. 


BEing infinite choice


When we talk about the lottery of choice, you get to recognize (1) you have infinite choice even in a reality that’s telling you you don’t (you do), and (2) you have the entire universe supporting you with these choices. There’s no right or wrong choice. 


You are the power, the potency, the creativity, the awareness, the magic in your life, and you also are infinite choice. Look at all of those energies where you’re saying “I can’t” and look at what is required. A great question with this is What choice am I refusing here (that) if I would choose, it would change this?


You BE infinite choice. Once you acknowledge that, you can create anything. What would you like to choose?


Being the allowance


You might be asking to have more money than you could spend and never enough. You finish listening to this radio show and you have a friend phone you up, complaining about how money is so tight. Here’s where choice comes in. 

Do you join them in that? That’s choosing away from what you just said you would like. 

Do you resist them? That still choosing against what you just said you would like. 

Or… do you BE the infinite allowance you truly be with them with no point of view?


You’re not saying to them you’re right or wrong. You’re just being an interesting point of view, which means you have no point of view about what they’re talking about. You’re willing to allow them to choose a reality of struggle with money if that’s what they would like to choose.


Being an allowance means you’re willing to allow someone you care about to choose something that you know isn’t creating what you would like.


One of the greatest gifts that Gary Douglas has gifted me a many a time is “Glenyce, shut the fuck up.” It may sound rude but it actually has been a huge contribution. I spent most of my life trying to get people to see it my way, trying to convince people there’s another way. What if we stopped that? 


How unkind is that of me to put that onto somebody? It’s like gifting somebody this radio show saying they have to listen or change their point of views. I’m so grateful that I’m done with that for the most part now. I say for the most part because every once in a while, I’ll still do it. I’ll be like, damn, now what can I choose? 


You don’t have to do this 100% of the time. You can still go down the rabbit holes or try to convince people to change something or another once in a while and still create a phenomenal, magical life. Just choose once today to change the choice, to be aware of what you’re choosing, be aware if it’s creating what you would like and if it isn’t, choose something different. If it is, then keep choosing it.


When the awareness isn’t clear


(1) How awareness shows up for you changes all the time. 

If yesterday it showed up as light and heavy, it doesn’t mean it will today. A lot of people can be more of a knower than they are perceiver. If you’re more of a knower, what occurs is before you even finish asking the question, you get the energy of it. 



(2) It might not be relevant in that 10 seconds. 

Let’s say you’re looking at your fridge and asking”body, would you like tuna or would you like to salmon?” You’re not getting a big difference between the two. Ask: Truth, is this relevant? If it isn’t, then your body wouldn’t mind either so you get to choose at that moment. 



(3) You are in the space of the DJCCPSERRJs. 

All the decisions, judgments, conclusions, computations, projections, rejections, expectations, separations, refined judgments – clear those again. 



(4) It might not be the time to ask.

When we had our previous acreage for sale and a new person would be coming to look, I would ask: Truth, will they buy this? That’s a psychic question. When I asked that question, it makes me a victim. 

The question is: What can I be and do different today to sell this acreage right away? It’s an empowerment question rather than from this powerlessness of “Will they buy it? I sure hope they buy it because If they don’t, I don’t get to create my life.” What can I be and do different today to sell this acreage right away? not sell it to them? It didn’t actually matter to me who bought it, just that someone bought it. 


Often we’re actually asking psychic questions which put ourselves powerless, which is a big lie. We are infinite beings with infinite power, infinite potency, infinite creativity, infinite awareness, and infinite money. 


Winning the lottery


Looking at the life you would like to create, start looking at where you’ve decided you don’t have choice. What could you start acknowledging there? What choices do you have that you’re pretending you don’t have? (Look at that) rather than buying the lie that you don’t have choice. 

You have infinite choice, you BE infinite choice. Are you actually willing to BE it? Are you willing to win the lottery with you as the infinite being with infinite choice to create a magical life beyond what anybody else here is willing to so far? Are you willing to be that different? 

Let’s stop pretending that we are victims. Let’s stop pretending we are powerless. Let’s be the magic of us. Let’s be the choice of us. Let us be the infinite beings we truly be.

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