Tips to Let Go of Control

Tips to Let Go of Control

Whatever you are trying to control, has control over you… ready to let it go?

How many jails are you using to create the domination of E = mc2 with regards to control are you choosing? Everything that is, will you destroy and uncreate it all times a godzillion? Right, wrong, good, bad, all 9, POD, POC, shorts, boys and beyonds®

Tips with Time stamps –

11:00 – #1 Acknowledge when you are controlling and run the crazy phrase.
12:30 – #2 Acknowledge what they are choosing and get clear on what works for you.
38:00 – #3 Interesting point of view tool
47:00 – #4 If I didn’t have to control this, what magic could I be?
54:00 – #5 What can I add to my life today to change this right away?
56:00 – #6 “Universe, show me where I’m controlling, show me where I’m controlling that if I stopped would create more in the planet.”

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