Tools to Choose Beyond Doubt

Tools to Choose Beyond Doubt

Tools to Choose Beyond Doubt

What else can we choose?

Doubt is one of the many things people I work with often talk about. Especially with all the crazy going on the planet right now, it’s just waaay too easy and tempting to go down that rabbit hole.

In case you’re already playing with it (like I do, not gonna lie), these tools from Access Consciousness will help you start choosing beyond doubt. Remember, doubt is designed to distract you and ensure you never create greater. Will you choose to doubt you… or trust you?


In this episode, I will cover:

    • [02:41] The thing about doubt
    • [04:39] Acknowledgizing you
    • [10:09] When you’re choosing doubt…
    • [14:06] What is the value of doubting you?
    • [17:48] BEing the spaciousness


I invite you to join us on the Living Beyond Distraction Book Club  where we will take a deep dive on distractor implants, doubt being one of them. Or, you can always #getyourbutttoFoundation – I have an upcoming Online Foundation this December 2021 and would love for you to join us.    

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[00:00] Hello and welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for being here. I am so incredibly grateful for each and every one of you.  


[00:16] In case you’ve been playing with some insanity like I have, this show is all about Tools to Choose Beyond Doubt. Yes. I specifically titled that because normally, I would call it something like “Tools to Deal with Doubt,” but it’s not about dealing with doubt. You can’t deal with doubt. It’s about choosing beyond the doubt. 


[00:43] Now, why can’t you deal with doubt? Because it is one of the distractor implants. We talk about it in Access Consciousness Foundation (#getyourbutttoFoundation). Of course, I have another one coming up. The next one — at the time of this recording anyway — is the end of December 2021, and it is online. So how does it get any better than that? You’ll find a link somewhere. If not, reach out – I will get it for you.


[01:16] I am also offering a 6-week deep dive into this amazing book – Living Beyond Distractions by Gary Douglas and Dain Heer from Access Consciousness. Yes, my friends, it is time. 


We’re going to go and do two calls each week on each of the sections – there’s anger, rage, fury, hate, blame, shame, regret, guilt, addictive, compulsive, obsessive perverted points of views, love, sex, jealousy, peace, fear, doubt, business and relationship. I may have missed some, but I’m not sure. Anyway, those are all the distractor implants, and all of them are in sections. We’re going to do a call on each — two calls on each section per week — to really get that deep dive and really start changing this insanity of playing with these distractor implants. 


[02:10] This show though is all about choosing beyond doubt. I chose doubt because it is the one that when I work with clients — people come to classes, all of that — it’s the one that I hear the most from people. 


I play in it also [but] not nearly as much as I used to. I am so grateful for using these tools for over 10 years now and what that has contributed to my life, my living, the business, money flows, body, and all the things. Especially lately, there has been some times that I’ve been playing with doubt. Which tells me, there’s a lot of it going on on the planet right now because I am infinitely aware just like you, my sweet friends. 


[02:41] The thing you really want to recognize with doubt — we’ve talked about it already, and I’ll talk about it again — is that you can’t deal with it. You can’t clear it. You can’t talk about it enough to change it. Doubt is meant to distract you. It’s designed to distract you. 


When you look at it — when you go, “Okay, I’m not going to doubt anymore. What can I do to stop doubting?” [and] all of that, you’ve really got to recognize it’s a choice to choose beyond the doubt. It’s a choice to choose beyond the doubt. You’ve got to be willing to choose it. 


[03:42] One of the things that you want to recognize with doubt is that it is all about ensuring that you don’t acknowledge that you are potent as f*ck, that you are the creator of your life and you’re living, that you are infinitely aware, that you have the ability to ask a question and tap into your infinite awareness and infinite knowing. That’s what doubt does. It’s designed to distract us from all of that. Yeah, that’s a lot. 


Everything that brings up – everywhere you’ve been valuing doubt more than acknowledgizing you as the potent motherf*cker you truly be, will you destroy and uncreate it all? Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds.


[04:39] We’re not taught in this reality to acknowledgize our potency, to acknowledge that we’re the creator of our life or living, to acknowledgize that we know. We know. For each one of us, we know. 


We’re not taught that. We’re taught that we don’t know. We’re taught that we should find somebody who knows more than us and they can tell us what to do or what to think or all that insanity. Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds. 


[05:14] Some of you, I know, know this already. You’ve been listening to my shows for years and you get it. Some of you are new here, maybe, and just don’t really know. I just want to speak for a moment in case you’re not acknowledging it. 


There’s a lot of energetics that go on as I speak. Speaking is a capacity that I BE, that many people BE, and that I BE. When I speak, I change energies. A lot of people will say to me, “Oh, I love the sound of your laugh,” “When I hear your voice, I feel so good,” “When I listened to that show, I fell right asleep” or all those things. It took me a long time to really start to acknowledgize what magic I’m actually creating and being when I speak. 


So please know when you’re listening to this — unless you’re driving, lay down and have a nap if your body is asking for one. Close your eyes if you would like to, if it’s going to create more. Put it on low in the background. There’s so much more going on than you just receiving the information verbally. Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds. 


The funny thing is there would have been a time — probably when I first started recognizing that —  that I went to… I wouldn’t have shared it. Now, why wouldn’t I share it? Because I would have doubted it was true. See how insane this doubt is? At this point, I don’t doubt it. I know it – I live it, I breathe it, I know it, I trust me and I know it. 


[06:53] Really, start looking in your life to where you could be acknowledgizing you because that will put doubt out the window, too. When you can really start trusting you to know that you know and acknowledgizing you, there’s no space for doubt. There’s no space for doubt whatsoever. 


Everywhere you’ve made space for doubt and used it to distract yourself, will you destroy and uncreate it all? Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds. 


[07:28] Some tools with that: One, I’ve talked about a little bit already, is really, please, start acknowledgizing the magic of you. Start acknowledgizing the potency of you. You are the creator of your life and living and I don’t say that so that you judge you. 

Okay, this isn’t about going into, “Oh my gosh, I created that crappy thing. This is horrible. I must be awful.” It’s not that. It’s going, “Okay, cool. I created that. Now what would I like to create?” because if you stay stuck in the drama-trauma of something you created that you didn’t appreciate, guess what? You’re just distracting yourself again. 


[08:06] I mean, oh my gosh. Honestly, this is why I facilitate these classes. This is why this book and the book club is so important right now more than ever before. I would say it’s because it’s so everywhere. This distraction is everywhere. The invitation to distract ourselves is everywhere. 


Look at social media. Yes, you can utilize social media as something that creates greater in your life. Absolutely – I do it every day. You can also use social media to distract yourself. 


It’s the same with the distractor implants that I spoke of earlier. It’s not… so, business is one of them. It’s not that everybody who’s choosing business right now is choosing to be in distractor implant with it. No, it’s just that many people are. And until you recognize it and acknowledge it, and recognize when you’re choosing it and acknowledge when you’re choosing it, then can you actually start to change it. Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds. 


[09:16] There is a lot of energy on this, you guys, and I love that. I absolutely love that because really, what are we changing just by having this conversation? Just by being willing to look from, maybe a different angle or a different perspective or a different energetic standpoint with it? Like “Okay, okay.” 


[09:35] Distractor implants… things that distract us are designed to ensure that we never create greater, because you can’t be in doubt and create greater at the same time. It’s one or the other. Oh, my gosh. Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds. You either trust you or you doubt you. Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds. 


[10:09] So, it’s another tool. One, the first tool I talked about is really starting to acknowledge the potency of you, the magic of you, that you are the creator of your life and living. Start acknowledgizing that. Number two is you can start just paying attention to when you’re choosing doubt, and choose something else. [It] doesn’t mean it has to be about that thing. 


[10:33] If you’re doubting — let’s say you’re looking at going to, you know, on a new career path and you’re doubting the career path that you would like. You’re going, “Oh, I wouldn’t be very good. I’m too old. I’m… I don’t really have the skills. It’s going to be too much money. I’m going to be too old when I’d done the…” whatever. Like, you’re in that space. Start acknowledging when you’re there. Like, just in that moment, “Wow, okay. I’m choosing doubt right now. I’m choosing to doubt this right now. Okay. What else could I choose here?


Now, it doesn’t mean you go, “Okay, well, then I have to choose my career path right now.” No, because honestly, sometimes guys, it’s not about that. Sometimes it’s actually about leaving that thing, letting it sit for a while energetically, and moving to something totally unrelated. Maybe you go watch some Netflix, maybe you go have sex with your partner, maybe you go into your swimming pool if it’s not winter, like it is here. Okay, it’s not winter yet, but soon. 


Like, you’d go do something totally else, because it’ll get you out of what I call the “mindfucking” where you’re just going over and over. You’re basically trying to figure it out. What happens when we’re trying to figure something out is we’ve engaged our mind. Yeah, our mind will never contribute to us guys. 


[11:53] It’s our awareness that we’re looking for. We’re looking for the infinite awareness, the infinite knowing. If we’re looking, if we’re being really focused, and we’re really trying to figure something out, we’ve eliminated our awareness and we’ve eliminated our knowing. “What other choice do I have here?” Go do something else. 


[12:17] In fact, I was working with a client the other day and I suggested to him to actually take some time, like, take a week before he looked at the situation again. Mostly because every time he did, he went straight down the rabbit hole and all the wrongness. He pulled all these, you know, reference points and all the insanity. It’s like, “Stop. Just stop. We did some great work together, now give yourself a week. If it comes up clear points of views, whatever. But don’t try to… don’t, don’t go there. Not yet.” Just that space. Sometimes space, guys, is the greatest gift we can give ourselves.


[12:55] I have been doing a lot of walking outside over the last week. That space, and I mean — I actually have a lot of space. I have a lot of space in our house – it’s like a 4,000 square feet house. I have a lot of space in our yard – we’ve got almost six acres here. I’ve got a lot of space in my head because of the tools I’ve been using. But actually going outside and walking for 45 minutes or so a day, that has also contributed to so much more space. 


Just give yourself some space. Give yourself some space. 


[13:29] Now, you might not have physical space — doesn’t matter, you can still give yourself some space. When we’re asking, you know, what else could I choose here, you recognize you’re choosing doubt. What else could I choose here? You might not get a big booming voice from above. In fact, I never do. It’s always just asking another question. So might get, like, Truth: go for a walk? Truth: go watch Netflix? Truth: go for an app? Like, you might want to ask some specific thing just to get a sense for yourself of what it might be, and then go choose that. Go choose that.


[14:06] The other tool — and this is something that I would say is looking, you know — it’s kind of a deeper dive into it but asking yourself in that moment, like, What is the value of doubting myself right now? What am I getting out of that? 


Now, it’s not a logical response. It’s kind of a strange question. If you haven’t hung around me much, you might not quite get it. If you’ve hung around me, you know I talk about that question all the time, because it can create so much space. 


But really, recognize that there’s a value to everything we have in our life, even the things we call as problems, even the things we say we don’t want, even the things we say are horrific. There’s a value or they wouldn’t be there. 


So, if we’re really willing to be vulnerable with ourselves and honest with ourselves – What is the value of doubting myself? What am I getting out of it? 


[14:57] Oh, you know what? I’m just going to give some examples that I’ve heard from clients or even myself over the years. 


“It slows me down.” There’s a lot of people who play with doubt from this energy of slowing themselves down because if they didn’t doubt – if they just chose and chose and chose and chose and chose and chose, they would be out creating everybody on the planet by 100%. And now, I can say that and we can go, “Wow, that’d be awesome!” A lot of us haven’t actually really got present with that and really cleared whatever insanity might be in the way with that. 


Everything that brings up – everywhere you haven’t been willing to outcreate everybody on the planet by 100% will you destroy and uncreate it all? Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds. Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds. 


[15:51] Really, getting that sense. The other tool that you can use with that question, if it’s required, is Who am I being when I doubt myself? Yeah.


Everyone you’re mimicking, will you destroy and uncreate it all? Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds.


[16:14] What occurs is, we maybe grow up with people who doubt themselves. We maybe hang out with people who doubt themselves. We maybe married people who doubt themselves. Whatever it is, we start mimicking that as though that’s the way we should be, that’s the right way to be because we see it. 


Usually, it’s not a cognitive thing that we think, “Oh I’m going to be like that person.” It just occurs. So, we want to make sure that we acknowledge who we’re being if there is somebody —- and might not be, and if there is,  just clear:


Everywhere I’m mimicking that person, I destroy and uncreate it all. Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds. 


[16:51] Just because somebody else, or maybe your entire family, chose to doubt themselves, it doesn’t make it right. It doesn’t make it wrong, but it certainly doesn’t make it right either. It’s just a choice. It’s just a choice. Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds. 


[17:09] Now, another tool that I like with this is What do I know here? 


What do I know? When you’re doubting yourself and you catch yourself doubting yourself, “Okay, what do I know here?” Yeah, because in that moment when we ask that – what do I know here? – we may not have the information come into our head, but there is going to be a knowingness. There is knowing – we do know. We do know. There’s something that we know. What do I know here? It’ll create more space. Remember: space is our friend. 


[17:48] Now, I say that — I want to give this other tool, that is to do a space. Once you create more space — once you have more space, whether it’s like, in that moment — maybe you clear a point of view or you become aware that you’re mimicking somebody like, “Oh my gosh, that was never right.” And you’re kind of… what you want to run is:


Everywhere I would feel this space again, I destroy and uncreate it all. Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds. 

[18:21] Because what happens is we start getting a sense of what I would call our “normal energy“. It’s like… normal’s not the best word, but you know what I mean. That’s how we normally feel – we have a certain energetic feeling to us. When we start creating more space, if that’s not part of that, it can feel weird and we fill it back up with heaviness.


So once we create space, make sure you are asking: Everywhere I would fill this space up, I destroy and uncreate it all. Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds because what that will do is it’ll allow you to have that space and have that be your new normal. And then, more and more and more spaciousness. You’d be more and more and more who you BE, and you won’t be trying to fill it up like you may have in the past. Yeah. Yeah. 


[19:18] So, let’s just recap so I remember what we’ve talked about. 


The (1) first one is to acknowledge you as the potent motherfucker you truly be. (2) Two, start getting a sense of the doubt and when you’re choosing it and What other choice could I choose here? Yeah, and then (3) asking What is the value of doubting myself with this? Who am I being when I doubt myself? And then of course,(4) the spaciousness and being the spaciousness and choosing to be that spaciousness over and over because doubt and spaciousness will not go together either, guys. And then, not filling that spaciousness back up – not filling up that space again with that heavier energy. Yeah. 


[20:14] Because imagine the magic you could create if you never doubted you again. If you never slowed yourself down again, if you never pretended that you were less than – imagine that.  


 [20:39] A few weeks ago when I was actually out on a walk, we have some dogs in the area that aren’t always on a leash in their house or in their yard. Sometimes, they’re just roaming around. There’s these two pit bulls that, I would say, are probably out more than any others. I often carry a little bottle of… it’s like coyote or dog spray, just in case. That day, I didn’t have it with me. 


Now, in the moment that I saw them, I was not grateful I didn’t have it. But what I am so grateful for is that as I saw them, and I was actually out running, there happened to be — I mean, I think I would have figured it out, but it was interesting anyway. There was another gentleman walking on the road. 


There’s not a lot of people out on the road walking or it’s not even a very… not a lot of people driving, either, but he happen to be walking. He was walking [and] the dogs were behind him, so I was hoping they were his dogs. But they weren’t. They didn’t seem like it because they weren’t very close to him. 


Anyway, as I was running, he said to me, “Hello, are those your dogs?” 


And I said, “Oh, I was hoping they were your dogs.” 


He said no and he said, “Can I suggest you stop running?” because I was running towards them. What he realized was that, of course, it would be a bigger threat if I was running. And so I was like, “Yep. Good. Thank you.” 

And so I started walking, and I didn’t have my spray. 


I even phoned hubby because he was in town. I knew he was coming home. I thought if he was a minute or two away, I would wait. He was not. He was probably an hour away. So I just thought, “Okay, so what can I be and do different in this situation?” 


[22:29] I realized that as I was standing there, you know, hoping the dogs were the other guy’s or phoning Hubby, I was doing it from very much a “pathetic” energy, very much from a victim energy. What was going to create the change was to actually be the potency of me. 


Now, not aggressive like… not running after the dogs – not that energy. But be the potency of me, meaning “I am going to walk past you, and you’re going to stay over there.” Because of the energy I was willing to be – I was willing to be all of me, I was willing to be this *big* energy, but not in their face. I just perceived that that was really important. 


So I was like, “Here I am. I’m taking up my space, and your space is over there, and you be there and I be here.” It was such a magical energy, guys because as I beat it, they started walking away. But they still watched me, they were still aware of me. They were still not going to let me go into their space, which was fine. I didn’t need in to their space, I just wanted to get around them to my yard. It was so phenomenal. 


[23:47] So when I talk — you know, the tool number one I was sharing about being that, be that. Be that. Imagine there’s some dogs or snakes or whatever it is that you might have some energy around that want their space and you want yours, be that spaciousness. Be that energy. I just get [that] if we’re willing to be that more, what magic we could actually create in every area of our life? 


[24:16 I’m not fighting, I’m not pushing – I didn’t have to chase after the dogs to have my space, and they didn’t need to chase after me to have theirs. I made it very energetically known they were going to get their space but they better get the fuck out of mine. It was just beautiful. 


[24:34] I’m so grateful, now, that I didn’t have my spray because I would have just went straight to that which was a little bit of the energy of victim. Now, I still walk with it, absolutely, because there’s going to be some dogs that’s not going to be this… that’s just not going to be, and I’m okay with that. I’m so grateful in that situation that I got that energy and I looked at — when I got home I was like, “Man, every area of my life that I’m not willing to be that…”

It’s not about dogs. It’s about where we allow ourselves to go into doubt that we be that powerful, that we be that potent, that we get to have the space on the planet. That’s ours. That works for us, that creates greater. Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds.


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Tools to Know What Makes You Happy

Tools to Know What Makes You Happy

Tools to Know What Makes You Happy

What would you choose?

What makes you happy? What sparks joy for you? What lights you up?

These are simple questions that some people struggle to find the answer to. If you’re one of them, this episode is for you. You just have to know where and how to look, and these tools from Access Consciousness will guide you in this journey to know what that is for you. You will be surprised to know how much of what makes you happy can be in places you least expect it to be. *wink*


In this episode, I will cover:

    • [04:04] Why we don’t know what makes us happy
    • The three (3) tools from Access Consciousness to know what makes you happy 
      • [05:53] Tool #1
      • [13:14] Tool #2
      • [18:35] Tool #3
    • Clearings to help you create and add joy to your life

To know what makes you happy, you have to:

  1. Educate yourself on “distractor implants”
  2. Clearing the DJCCPSERRJs, trying everything, and choosing
  3. Ask: “Universe (and body), show me…”

If you want to dive deeper on these, you can join us on the Living Beyond Distraction Book Club or #getyourbutttoFoundation – I have an upcoming Online Foundation this December 2021 and would love for you to join us.   
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[00:00] Hello and welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for being here. I am so incredibly grateful for you. 


[00:12] So, I have a few new things to share. One, we now have show notes for the radio shows —  I believe it started in maybe late August of 2021 or early September of 2021. But you can actually go to my web page > Radio Shows, and when you click on each one, you’ll find the show notes there. They’re time stamped. All the awesomeness is available for you at your fingertips. And if you are listening to this on a podcast, you can go to the show notes on the podcast, and it’ll take you to those exact notes. Yeah, there we go. That’s number one. 


[00:58] Number two new thing around here, if you’re not in the know, is that the weekly email that I send out has been “up-leveled,” let’s call it that. So we have, of course, the weekly video that I’ve been doing for years. We also, of course, will put in the weekly radio show in there. 


Now, we’ve added — there’s a little Success Story from from a client or somebody who’s attended a class in there. There is [also] the Clearing that I’m Using that week. Now, of course, I use more than one clearing in a week. But [it’s] just the one that pops for everybody that will be listening so, that’s in there. And also, What’s Inspiring Me – so, something — maybe there’s a podcast I listened to [or] a program. There’s so many options it’s going to be.


So, if you are not part of my e-mail list, get your butt on my email list! What are you waiting for? You can find more on a link somewhere here. You can go to and there’ll be the opt in page. We’d love to have you with us. 


[02:07] Now, number three new thing around here is you can now Buy Me a Coffee. How’s it get any better than that? I didn’t even know this was a thing. I heard about it recently and I was like, “I am excited to receive coffees from all of my listeners around the world.” How the heck did I get so lucky? 


So, if you go to the web page: — and you’ll find the link somewhere here too for that also — I would so be grateful for a cup of coffee from you. How does it get any more magical than that? 


[02:54] All right, here we are. Now, what is the show this week? I’ve actually wrote down a few notes so you might see me look at them here. But the show is Tools to Know What Makes You Happy. Yeah, because that’s a big thing for a lot of people. A LOT of people. And I actually used to have that, too — “I don’t know what it is. I don’t know what would make me happy. I don’t know. As soon as I know, then I’ll choose it and I’ll be happy.” 


Ah, so a few things — we got to unpack some of that first, my friends. One, nothing and no one can make you happy. It’s actually a choice. So, I use that as a title. However, it’s really about what makes you joyful, what really creates joy and adds joy to your life. That’s the energy we’re going to be speaking to. And with that, the very first piece of that that you want to look at is THAT– all the “thats”. 


[04:04] When we don’t know what creates joy in our life or what makes us happy, it’s probably because we have spent a lot of time in everybody else’s universe, which means we are looking more at everybody else around us and what would make them happy [or] what brings joy to their life. And you know, at one point, I probably would have told you this is more of a woman’s thing than a man’s thing. But at this point, I’ve worked with enough men to know this is equal. This is equal. 


A lot of men do this and a lot of women do this, where we are so much more invested in the other person than ourselves. We see them as more valuable than us so we start to become more aware of what they would like [or] what works for them. And then you might get asked even, like, “Hey, where would you like to go for dinner?” And you’re like a dear in the headlights, “I-I don’t know, where do you want to go!?” Because you don’t even know that — you haven’t even taken time to be with you to know what that is. 


Now for some people, it doesn’t matter where they go for dinner so that’s fine. But I’m really talking about that energy of like you’ve lost you. You don’t know where you will be. You don’t know what makes you happy but you could give me a list of 100 things [for] the people that you care about. 


So first off, let’s clear all that energy with The Clearing Statement from Access Consciousness. 


Everything that brings up, will you destroy and uncreate it all? Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys and beyonds.


[05:53] Yeah, the first step is clearing that insanity. And then, it’s about really — and this is going to be tool number one, which is — it’s kind of a big tool, guys. It’s one that I will tell you right now, and will change every area of your life, if you’re willing. Tool number one is to actually educate yourself on something called the “distractor implants.” 


[06:19] I know right? So, this is something we talk about in Access Consciousness. We talked about it in The Foundation class. So, #getyourbutttoFoundation. I’ve got one coming up — of course I’ve always got one coming up. The next one, at this moment anyway, is December 27 to December 31 [2021]. It’s online, it’s 4 hours a day. Morning in North America, afternoon in Europe. Depending on where you are in Australia, I think somewhere in the middle of the night? [It] just really depends. 


[05:53] And it also — there’s a book called “Living Beyond Distraction” by Gary Douglas and Dain Heer. So, those are the founder [and] co-founder of Access Consciousness and they’ve got this beautiful book all about it. We are actually going to do a deep dive starting November 15. We’re going to have two calls a week on each chapter — there’s six chapters — and we’re just gonna go there, my friends. So, I invite you to join us for that. Also, again, you’ll find the link somewhere. 


If you’re listening to this in the future, you can always find it in my store. If you’ve got any questions, always reach out. 


[07:28] But that is tool number one – is to educate yourself on the distractor implants because if you’re not familiar with them, chances are — and even sometimes when we are familiar with them, chances are we are operating from them. 


Say you’re operating from a distractor implant within your relationship. You will only choose what will create in the relationship. You won’t even be aware of what would create more from a much bigger energy. That’s what distractor implants do: they are designed to distract us from creating greater. They keep us stuck in an energy and what I call like “on a hamster wheel”, you know, where you’re just stressing about something over and over and over and over and over but you’re not actually doing anything to change it. That’s a distractor implant. 


Once you get a sense of what they are and how to change them, it becomes this totally different space. You’ll still be aware of maybe what the other person in the relationship would like. You will still be aware of that, but you won’t give yourself up for it if it doesn’t work for you. You have so many more choices available once you become aware of the distractions that you’re operating from and change them. And so if you would really like to know what makes you happy — honestly, I’m not kidding — that is step number one. Yes. 


All of the distractor implants that you’re operating from to ensure you never know what makes you happy, what contributes joy, will you destroy and uncreate it all? Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys and beyonds. 


[09:30] If you never operated from a distractor implant ever again, you would be the infinite being – you’d be infinitely aware of the infinite choices available, with the infinite possibilities. Yeah. There’s so much that can change. 


[09:49] I have been… clearing, I guess? I’m not sure that’s the correct word. But that – clearing the distractor implants in my life since 2012. I attended the very first telecall with Gary and Dane back in 2012 about the distractor implant. I always tell the story in my Foundation because it’s funny to me. 


Back in 2012, that was before Zoom — I know, imagine a life before Zoom — but it was on the phone. And so, I would phone in on the line, the line that everybody else phoned in on. I would put myself on mute, I would put it on speakerphone, and I would literally lay my head on my desk. Not even kidding. I couldn’t keep my head up. That is how much I was operating from distractor implants every area of my life. 


Now, my favorites. My favorites to play with was the business as a distractor. Oh my gosh, guys – I use that all the time. Relationship was a huge distractor. For me, I love to distract myself with “Should I leave? Should I go? Should I leave? He’s not vibrating at the same level as me. I must leave. He doesn’t read the same books as I did. Yes, I must leave. I don’t want to do the same things he does. I must…” Oh my gosh, you get the sense. 


[11:12] In fact, I have a radio show. I’m not… I don’t even recall what year it’s from, but it is called “The Time I Almost Left Hubby.” We’ll put a link to that in the show notes, of course, so that you can go and listen to that one if that reads for you at all. Spoiler alert: It was not just one time. It was maybe, I don’t know, 15-20,000 times a day. Yeah. Okay, maybe that’s extreme, but you get the idea. It was literally how I was distracting myself from creating greater instead of going, “Okay, this relationship doesn’t work. I’m out” and making that choice or going, “Oh, this relationship works. I’m in” and making that choice. It was so much more valuable to distract myself. Yes, insane. (#cutenotbright) Yeah, so those were my favorites. 


[12:07] The other one was jealousy. Jealousy was a huge energy. We also have a show called “The Green-Eyed Monster.” We’ll link to that radio show, too. That’s all about the jealousy and how I changed it for myself. Those were the ones I played with.


[12:24] And so listening to Gary and Dain on the telecall series was… it started to unravel. Believe me, I didn’t change everything in that telecall series. I still am using the tools to clear the distractions that I’m playing with at times. I’m probably about 1,000,000,000% less at the effect of them, and still there’s times. 


These are really something that you want to do a deep dive. You really want to educate yourself and study them. Again, join us for the Book Club, get the book, go to Foundation, join us in Foundation, or whatever you need to do. Educate yourself because that will be a huge piece for you in really starting to get a sense of what creates and and contributes joy to your life in your living. Yes. All right, so check my notes here. 


[13:14] Number two — this is a big one that I see a lot of people do and honestly, I did the same thing. We go, “Okay, I would like to be happier but I don’t know — I don’t know what creates more happiness. I don’t know what that would be. I don’t know what makes me happy. I don’t know, I’ll just sit here and wait until I know.” Spoiler alert again: choice is what will create the awareness. You won’t know until you try something. 


What you want to start doing is looking around and going — okay, so let’s say you hear about a painting class. All right? Truth: if I choose that painting class today, will it create the future I desire or decay the future I desire? If you get create, go. Go create right now, go. If you get decay, then it just doesn’t mean today. It doesn’t mean you could never take a painting class. It’s just not today. That’s why we specifically ask Truth: if I choose this today, if I choose this right now, will it create the future I desire or decay the future I desire? That’s how you want to ask everything. 


Now, the thing that usually trips people up with this is that they conclude about things. They go, “Oh well, I don’t like to paint so I wouldn’t take a painting class.” So even though painting classes might be the thing that really lights your entire world up, you have blocked yourself from receiving that. The clearing that I use all the time on everything — and I suggest people use all the time on everything:


All of the decisions, judgments, conclusions, computations, projections, rejections, expectations, separations, refined judgments that I have about that, I destroy and uncreate it all. Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds.


[15:15] Yeah. If you want all those fancy words, you can go to the show notes as I said earlier and access them. 


[15:22] I assume that I’m using painting because that beautiful piece of art behind me, if you’re watching this video, is something I painted. Actually, yes. You can buy a copy of it if you like. I’ve got a whole store with a whole bunch of really inappropriate mugs and such that you can go [to]. The link will be somewhere. If you can’t find it, let me know. 


I didn’t know that I could even paint, let alone that I loved it. It was actually a friend of mine who was doing a lot of painting that really inspired me to try it out. And then recently, I’ve been playing with Procreate, which is an app on the iPad, and I bought an iPad eight months ago. I’ve barely used it – I wasn’t even sure in that in the moment when I was buying it what it was for. I was just aware it was going to create greater to purchase it. And now, it so happens I bought the exact one with all the storage I required to do all this fancy artwork on my iPad. 


If you watch the last couple of weeks videos, those art pieces in the back, those were from Procreate. I used my video editing and I put the image that I’d created in a frame and I put it here. It was so much fun to play with and I’ve just been loving it. Again, I didn’t know until I tried it. 


[16:47] The other one I didn’t know until I tried it — this one honestly still shocks me. A year later — well, not quite a year. Almost a year later, snowshoeing. I know! I did not know.  Last year, we didn’t do any traveling. Normally, we would go away in the winter so I could have some pool time and kind of fill up before I had to wait for my pool to open here in the summer, here in Canada. And last year, we didn’t [travel] due to, you know, the travel restrictions and such. 


We were here all winter long and I knew I had to choose something different because sitting indoors all winter long in Canada, hoping and wishing that summer would come, is not a great use of my creative capacities. So I looked at what was all possible and the one that read was snowshoeing, which I chose and I love. Once we close the pool down here a few weeks ago, that was like, “Oh, now the snow can come. I’m ready to get my snowshoes out.” 


[17:54] So please, guys, be willing to try everything because you don’t know what will create joy. You don’t know what will add and contribute. You might have some ideas — definitely try those, but also be willing to ask about the things you have resistance about. Like me with snowshoeing, those sorts of things. 


Everything you haven’t been willing to try, will you destroy and uncreate it all times a gazillion? Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds. 


And then of course the question is Truth, if I choose this right now, will it create the future I desire or decay the future I desire? Again, those will be in the show notes too, guys. 


[18:35] All right, so number three, so I remember. This is one that I would suggest if this is a topic that you’ve really been interested in. You’ve really been wondering how to have more happiness or joy or create that really yummy, delicious energy that matches those words. 


[Ask] every day: Universe, show me. Show me what will add joy to my life. Show me what will add laughter to my life. Show me what will add orgasmic energy to my life. Whatever the word is, or whatever matches the energy, ask every day. Maybe multiple times a day – Universe, show me. The other one that I like to ask is Body, show me. Universe, show me. Body, show me. You could do Universe and body, show me what will contribute joy to our life. 


The more you ask, the more it will start to show up. Then again, we go back to you’ve got to be willing to ask if it’s going to create the future desire; if you get a yes, then choose it. Choose it, get out of the DJCCPSERRJs, and just choose it. You don’t have to choose that 100 times; you can just choose it once. Get a sense – you’ll know right away if it’s creating the future you desire or not. And that will add so much. 


[19:57] I know for myself like the swimming pool for me is a huge one. Like, I never knew how much it would contribute. Prior to having a home that had a swimming pool, we would spend –you know, depending – maybe a month, maybe two months, maybe two weeks, depending on the year — [on] places that had swimming pools. 


If you would have asked me then, I probably would have told you that it would — like, having it for short periods contributed more. Because if I had it for a long period, I probably wouldn’t use it as much. I mean, I’m not sure what I would have said but I don’t think — I know I did not know the contribution to having a home with a swimming pool. I had no clue until we had it and what that actually contributed to my life and my living. There’s not actually words and of course, there’s many other things but that’s the greatest example in my life along with this whole Procreate thing, this app that’s on the iPad, which is like an art app. It has added so much because it’s that energy – it’s that energy that I don’t have words for but it’s absolute joy and creation and vibrancy and intensity and yumminess and all those energies that actually create your life. I


It’s nurturing for my body, whether I’m in the swimming pool or I’m playing on Procreate or I’m snowshoeing or all the other things that add to my life. Like, there’s so much nurturing and kindness and expansion in my world with those things. And the more that we can add that energy to our life, the more we’ll be that energy consistently. Everything that doesn’t allow that, will you destroy and uncreate it all, my sweet friends? Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds. Yeah.


Of course, painting for myself – painting on my face for myself, having so much fun in the makeup room. Now that the pool is closed, I do that way more often because in the summer, I don’t want makeup on  – I’m in the pool. 


[22:15] So you know, there’s just so much I could say with this. But really, recognizing step one is definitely — become aware of the distractor implant so you can stop distracting yourself and start choosing what would be fun for you, and then looking at trying everything and really getting out of the lies and the limitations and the points of views that are probably not yours any way that you can’t or you shouldn’t or you’re too old. I mean, oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, that is a huge one for so many people. 


All the lies you bought or sold that you are too old to have fun, to be joyful, will you just destroy and uncreate all that? Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds. 


[23:05] You know I’m thinking of, there’s a like a “meme” like, if somebody tells you, you know, you’ve put too much sugar on your cereal, you should kick them out of your life because you don’t need that sort of negativity. I always giggle [with] those. It’s kind of the same thing, like if somebody tells you you’re too old to wear crazy makeup or to wear certain clothes or to swim in a bikini or to I don’t know – skydive, whatever it is. If they’re telling you that, get them out of your life.


Okay, that might be extreme but you know what I mean. Stop listening to them. Stop listening to them. Please. This is your life. This is for you, and if you’re not living your life for you, then chances are you are not listening to this radio show at this point so I don’t need to speak. You would have turned it off much earlier. But truly, look at that. Look where you’re not living for you and look at what it would be like if you did. 


Now I don’t mean “in exclusion of.” I don’t mean you’re living for you so everybody else is excluded. I just mean in your life, would you consider for a moment including you? Everything that doesn’t allow that, will you destroy and uncreate it all? Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds. 


[24:24] Include you in your life and your living. Include you in the magic that you create on the planet. Include you in the miracles that you add, that you BE. Anything that doesn’t allow that – Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds. 


Oh my gosh, guys. Thank you so much for being here. I’m so incredibly grateful for you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I look forward to playing with you somewhere online or maybe somewhere on this beautiful planet soon. Have a great week. I look forward to chatting again next week.


Did you love the show? Please leave a review on your fave podcast app! I am SO grateful!!



The Question that Changed My Business (this Summer)

The Question that Changed My Business (this Summer)

The Question that Changed My Business (this Summer)

What are the possibilities now?

For the first time in 19 years, I did not feel as excited as I used to towards my business… I remember even spending months trying to figure out “the problem” in hopes of fixing it. Until Heather Nichols, a fellow Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness, asked me this question that TRULY changed my business. The question has gifted me SO MUCH — more magic has been occurring in the business (and in my life) since then!


If you’ve been wanting to change something in your business or anything in your life, ask this question all day, every day. What else is possible that you have never even considered?


In this episode, I will share about:
    • [00:41] The “problem” I had in my business
    • [03:37] The Question that Heather Nichols, Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness, asked me that changed my business
    • [06:28] How it has gifted SO MUCH in my business
    • [08:59] Dealing with the awarenesess that come after The Question
      • More questions and tools you can utilize
      • Upcoming business AWEsomeness to help you
      • What is changing tracks + energetic contributions #getyourbutttoFoundation

Are you in business or looking to start your own? Join me in this 5-part program to turn your ideas into an actual class, program, or whatever creation it is that you can start offering to clients! We will go through the 5 (five) steps that I personally go through when a new class or program is asking to be created.


Don’t have an idea to work on yet? This FREE Private Podcast might help you get them out!


Would you like the PDF of these show notes?
They are sent out each week to everyone on my mailing list! 


[00:00] Hello and welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for being here. I am so incredibly grateful for you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 


[00:14] This week, what are we talking about? We’re talking about business and the question that changed my business this summer. Yeah.


Now, you don’t have to have a business to receive from this show because a lot of what I’m talking about will probably contribute to every area of your life. It certainly did mine, and it started in business. All right, let’s start at the beginning. 


[00:41] Earlier this year, which is 2021 — depending on when you’re listening, I know a lot of times people listen later — I was not having the same sort of energy in the business that I’m used to. I’m used to this really creative flow of energy that is so inspiring and so delicious and just — I’m just so freakin’ grateful for. I just didn’t have much of that earlier this year. 


I was asked this question in August — probably for maybe four or five months before that. It just wasn’t the same. It probably took me a little while to really get present with it. I would say — and I’m just guessing here because I don’t really remember but, you know — it probably started and then I thought, “Oh, you know, this will change” or it’s just “I’m tired” or it’s, you know, all the conclusions and stuff. 


[01:38] And then when it didn’t change, that’s when I started looking at it. The thing is — what I did, though, is I looked at it from trying to fix the problem. Now, I know none of you are as silly as me but that’s what I was doing. I was looking at it as being a problem and how can I fix the problem. Yeah. So then, that didn’t work. 


Spoiler alert: that does not work. Do not try to fix the problem because guess what? When you’re trying to fix the problem, what’s actually occurring is that you’re buying the lie that there is a problem, which means then you have to figure out what the problem is. And you can’t figure out what the problem is because the problem is a lie, so then you end up on this ridiculous hamster wheel. So, don’t look for the problem. 


If you would like to hear more about this, check out this radio show, The Problem with Problems.


[02:31] And so, I spent a few months looking for the problem so I could fix the problem, so I didn’t have the problem anymore. It sounds so funny now. And at the time, I just wasn’t willing to be as aware as I am today. How does it get any better? So then what occurred was I started actually asking…


What is this? What is it going to take to change it? 


If you would like to hear more about this tool, check out this radio show, What is THIS?


[02:58] Interestingly enough, once I started asking that — imagine that, guys. Questions work. I actually saw a class of a fellow Certified Facilitator — her name was Heather Nichols — and she was having a class called “Being the Athlete in Business.” I knew that that class was going to contribute something to changing this — not a clue [on] what but I knew something. 


So when I took that class, I asked about this because that was the energy that was there for me. I asked about just not having the same energy. And [I’m] so freakin grateful, you know. The universe always has my back. It was the timing of it. I asked it on — I think, a Tuesday. Heather had just been at a Maestro meeting with Dr. Dain where they had this amazing conversation and this question was asked, so then Heather asked me.


[03:57] Before I tell you what the question is — if you are experiencing any of “that energy”: of just it being not so exciting, there’s not really the energy — and it doesn’t have to be [in] business. Remember, guys: you can use these tools on anything. Maybe that’s in another area of your life, maybe it is your business. Whatever it is, I just want you to kind of tap into that right now and then I’m going to ask you the same question that I was asked. 


[04:24] Truth: Have you created everything that you came here to create?


Yeah. Now, there isn’t a right or wrong answer to that, guys. It’s not pass or fail. It can just give you some more information. 


So when Heather asked me that, I actually like, had such a big — it was a mixed thing. I had a huge release in my body like, “Oh my gosh.” But then also, it was just — I just wanted to cry. It was just… it was so… it was just so much of a “yes” of a like a “Oh, finally” energy. 


[05:01] The next moment is really like, “Oh my god, am I done here? Wait a minute, what? Thank goodness.” Don’t worry. If you got a “yes” too, not to worry. What it is now for us is — what would we like to create? 


I don’t want to put a lot of words to this because it’s really trying to define something that’s undefinable. I am going to give it a few words. 


When we have created everything we’ve come to create, now we have infinite choice. Now we could look at, “Hey, what would we like to create?” Maybe we came in with some decisions of what we had to create, or maybe we came in with some ideas. Maybe even we chose some things along the way and said, “Oh, I really want to create that.” And then when it’s done… it doesn’t mean we’re done. It can, but chances are it’s more now — at least it has been for me — of “What would I like to create now? What would I like to create?” 


Now, of course, it doesn’t mean the things earlier that I created were from, you know, obligation, or that I had to. It was just… it was just the energy. Again, I don’t want to put too many words to that. But just know that if you got a “yes”, all it means now is you truly get to choose what you would like to create. 


[06:28] It’s so interesting because [of] what that — but being asked that question and having that awareness gifted me. It’s changed everything internally and not externally so much. I’m still doing the same sort of business, I’m still offering the same sort of classes. There’s, you know, everything, kind of. If you were looking just external, it looks the same. 


And [yet] it’s 1,000,000,000% different. Like the people that are showing up now, the clients I get to play with, the VIP sessions, the Foundation classes, the courses – all of these. 


And the other thing — this is the magical, like magic beyond magic. I sat down in, I don’t know, maybe it was an hour, if that. And I planned out from that moment — which was again, beginning of August to December — what I was going to create. My business was so clear with me as to what it was asking to get created on the planet. It was [snapping] boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. 

You might have noticed on my upcoming events [that] I’ve got things more in the future than a week. Like, this is huge. Huge, because I’ve spent 19 years pretty much flying by the seat of my pants. Now, that’s not wrong at all, and I cannot tell you the ease that being that clear with my business has created — and I’ve been very clear with my business. Not so clear, though, future-related. 


[08:09] So, I can get a hit now and know that it’s for, you know, in two weeks or something. Absolutely, that’s total ease for me. But to know now for December, to know now for November, like, it’s phenomenal for me. And actually by the time that you listen to this or watch this — depending on how you’re consuming it, you know, it may well be into 2022 — I’ve already got this whole magical creation for 2022. It’s like, how does it get any better than this? 


Just by acknowledging that basically I had come… all the come… to create? No. I’d created all I had come to do and now, what would I like to choose? The magic of it, my sweet friends. Yes, yes, yes. 


[08:59] So if you did get a “yes” when I asked that, just be present with that and look at what would you like and ask this: 


What would I like to create now? If I could create anything, what would I like to create now? 


Ask that a lot. Remember, we don’t ask questions for answers. We ask questions to receive awarenesses. You might not receive the awareness right away — that’s okay. Allow yourself the space to receive the awareness — and there’s probably going to be way more than one thing that you would like to create on the planet, my sweet friend. Yes. 


If you would like to hear more about tools to be more aware, check out this radio show, Tools to Be Aware AF


[09:34] Now, I would also love to invite you if you are in business or would like to be in business and you would like to get an idea out into the world — a class, a creation, whatever you want to call it. I am renewing — that’s probably not the correct way to say it, but I’m gonna say it that way. Anyway, a program that I did earlier this year called “From Idea to Offer.” 


It’s a 5-part program where we go through:


(1) Step one is all about communing with your business so that you can receive from it or from the creation — what it’s asking to be, and all the pieces. And then we talk about (2) creating invitations to it — all the stories you have, all the things. Then is the (3) graphic. So, sweet Ericka has created ten (10) graphic templates. And of those 10, each one has multiple sizes for all the different social media outlets. Then we’ve got a whole step on (4) sharing your class — how to get it out into the world. And then [the] (5) tools to add magic to your class. 


So, five steps — we’re going to do it over five weeks. I would invite you to come and play now because once this round is done, it’s actually going to go up to $597 CAD. This will probably be the last time we do it live. Everything has workbooks and all the pieces. Anyway, you can find all the information on the link


[11:07] I also have a FREE Private Podcast where you can listen to different podcasts on how to get ideas for your creations or your classes. I know many of you reached out after I did the original one and said, “Hey, I would have loved to [have] been there but I didn’t even have the idea.” So, there you go. Now, you can listen to the free podcast — you just need to opt in.


And just so you know, a free podcast is all about listening on — however you listen to podcast now. You don’t have to download anything else. You don’t need to do anything else. It’s just behind a door that I’ve got closed and once you choose to join us, you get the key to the door. It’s very simple. 


I’ve had a lot of people really confused about private podcasts. It’s not confusing, guys. It’s frickin’ phenomenal. I love them. I use them for a lot of different programs. 


[12:00] Now, back to the question that changed my business. Oh, I just cannot even tell you what it gifted to me, guys. It’s so phenomenal. As I was with it afterwards and looking at it, the other thing that I really got that match the energy — something we talk about in Access a lot — is changing tracks. The other energy that came up is that I had changed tracks in the business and I didn’t acknowledge it. 


This is the thing: if we don’t acknowledge these things — if we don’t acknowledge what is going on, what is true, what we’re aware of, [or] what we’re creating, we end up using that against us. And so when I didn’t acknowledge (1) that I created everything I came to create; and (2) that I had actually changed tracks energetically, I kept looking — in a sense, I was looking backwards at the same track I was on before — trying to figure out how to do that again, rather than going, “Oh, I’ve changed tracks. Now what? Now what?” That’s the other thing you want to look at: one, you can do energetic contributions to change tracks. 


[13:13] So, #getyourbutttoFoundation. I have another one coming up at the end of December online. How the heck did I get so lucky? 


Where we talk about energetic contributions, there’s — so far, in the Foundation manual, they’ve got up to the 20. So there’s 3, 4, all the way up to 20 — you get the idea. 13 is about changing tracks. 


[13:38] The biggest thing to be aware of with changing tracks is to recognize that when you do energetic contributions to change tracks, you don’t get to say what tracks you go to. This is like everything else in Access Consciousness®: these tools are to create greater, not for you to decide what will create greater and then only choose that. It’s not that. It’s about having no point of view just knowing that you’re choosing greater. 


And so right now, if you would like to change tracks in whatever area — I’m going to keep it open so that you can choose for you. If you don’t have a business, you don’t have to do it for that. [It] could be in your money, could be with your body, could be with relationships, [or] with every area of your life. It could be business, whatever it is. 


[14:24] So, we’re going to do some 13s — and I use my hands. If you’ve ever seen Dr. Dain. Heer, the co-founder of Access Consciousness, you might have seen him do a lot of stuff with his hands. He does a lot of energetic contributions. So, 13 is to change tracks. 


Everywhere that you would like to change tracks, on 13, will you do that now?


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7…


Get really, really big, guys. Expand lots and lots and lots…


8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13… 13… 13… 13… 13… 13… 13…


Anything that doesn’t allow that, will you destroy and uncreate it all times a gazillion? Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds.


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[15:15] I recently did an in-person — oh my gosh, in-person! Imagine that — class on changing tracks and… it was so incredible, guys. Like, so incredible. One of the awarenesses that we came to during that class is that for me — and I can only speak to my awareness with it. It was another person there that brought it up, but I was like, “Oh my gosh, that’s it.” 


So, I will often say, you know, “Oh, it’s been 100 years since I saw that person” or “It’s been 100 years since I did that” or “It’s been 100 years since I went on that trip” or something like that. I’ll use that bizarre phrase – It’s been 100 years. What I now know is when I say that, what I mean is “I have since changed tracks.” Yeah. 


Now, it’s not relevant, it’s not significant. But it was a huge awareness that day because sometimes when I would say it, I’d be like, “What am I– like, what? What is that? What does that? What do I mean by that?” And now I know: I’m just acknowledging that I’ve changed track since I saw that person, or I’ve changed track since I did that thing. How cool is that? 


It also might be something that is true for you. You might have a phrase that you use. I’m trying to think of the other people in the class, what they said… “Oh, it’s been a different- It was a different lifetime” or “100 lifetimes ago” or something like that with lifetime — however it is. And it doesn’t mean- if it’s even a thing you do. But it was such a huge awareness for me to go, “Oh, that’s what I’m saying.”


So now, because there’s still times I say it, I have a little giggle, because now I know, “Oh, that’s what I’m saying. I’m actually saying I have changed tracks since then.” How cool is that? How cool is that?


And what does “changing tracks” really mean? It means that you’re, well, this is my- this is the way that I see it. I don’t want to say it means it, for sure. There’s probably lots of different definitions. But really, for me, I’ve changed who I BE. 


[17:20] Before Heather asked me that question, I was being the Problem Solver. The Figure Out-er, the Wrongness, the Judger of Me, all of that. And then, once she asked me that question, I changed tracks. I changed to –and it’s just a choice — but I changed to — once I had that awareness, it was so easy for me to go, “Man, that’s it. That’s it.” And then the question is, “Okay, now what would I like to create?”


And so, we can change money tracks, like you’ve probably changed points of views about money. I know a big one that I often talk about, you know. I had this “I had to work hard for money.” Once I changed that, I changed tracks. Now I’m on the track that money is ease, or whatever it is — I don’t want to define it like that, but you get the idea. 


[18:10] Because again, we can’t say, “Okay, I’m going to change tracks so that money is now ease.” It’s not that. If you got troubles with money, problems with money, if you’re trying to figure out something with money, do some 13’s to change tracks — whatever that’s going to look like, whatever that shows up as — so that you can truly be in that creation space, that magical space rather than, “Okay, I got to figure out this problem because once I figure out this problem, then it’ll be better.” 


Problems are lies, so you’ll always be in the problem. 

So, everything that brings up, will you destroy and uncreate it all times a gazillion? Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys and beyonds. 


[18:58] The other thing — the other way that I’ve been using the changing tracks tool is really, if I’m catching myself in that problem energy, if I’m doing that, then I’ll just ask 

Truth: Have I changed tracks here? because again, it will allow me to acknowledge it. If I acknowledge it, then I can actually choose something totally different rather than spinning in the trying-to-figure-out-the-problem or whatever it is. Yeah, yeah. 


[19:27] I wonder… I wonder what is possible the more that we’re willing to change tracks and also acknowledge that we’ve changed tracks. You know, I think a lot of times when we don’t — well, probably all the time — when we don’t acknowledge it, then we try to figure out how to get back to that old track. You can’t go backwards. You try, or maybe there’s somebody in our life that really would prefer us on that other track. [And] so we almost feel like we’re… we’re pulled to go to that other track rather than, “Okay, what would I like to choose here? What’s fun for me?”


What if you can actually be with somebody who’s on a different track than you? What if it’s not about having to have them on the same track or you having to be on the same track? It’s just you get to choose for you, they get to choose for them. Truly, what else is possible that we’ve never even considered? 


[20:18] What else is possible with the business that we’ve never even considered? If you’ve been around for a while, you hear me say/ask that question with regards to so much. And honestly, this, I’m not sure that this podcast would be here if it wasn’t for that question. I’ll tell you the story in case you haven’t heard it. 


[20:40] Back in 2013, I was sitting on my.. the other acreage that we owned, we had a little private deck on this beautiful hill — it was amazing. I was sitting there one morning and I was asking. I was feeling a little stuck in business. Things weren’t flowing, and I was like, “What else is possible with the business that I’ve never even considered?”


What else is possible with the business that I’ve never even considered? I just kept asking that, but it was such a space of like, almost meditation or something because I wasn’t looking for an answer. I wasn’t asking to fix something. It was just the lightness of it, over and over. 


And that afternoon, I got a random e-mail from a radio show… place? Anyway, it’s called “Voice America” and they asked me. They said, “Hey, would you like to have a radio show on our station?” And I was like, “What?” You’re nuts!” 


Anyway, they weren’t nuts. I did start my radio show in 2013. You can find that one. It’s called “The Glenyce Show.” You can search it on your favorite podcast app or you can find them — all the shows — on my web page. They’re all there. 


When I chose not to be with Voice America anymore, then I came here to “Tools to Create a Better Life” that you’re listening to this now. You might be watching it on video, but you can also get in/subscribe on the podcast app. And if you do listen via podcast, I would love if you would go and leave a review — I’d be so grateful. 


[22:15] These things — you know, the way that social media and all this stuff works right now — the more people that share it and talk about it and review it and like it and love it and all the things, the more people that it gets to. I would be so grateful if more and more people were like us and choosing to be more conscious and choosing to use these tools to create a better life and living and business and planet for all of us. So, thank you, thank you, thank you.


Have a fabulous week, sweet friends! I look forward to chatting again next week.


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