Feb 12, 2023

How to Get Paid to Share What You Love

Another magical revenue stream!

What if I tell you that you can totally get paid just by sharing the things that you love? Yes, sweet friends – that’s absolutely possible! Tune in to this episode because I will be sharing how I turned things that I enjoy into “profitable revenue streams”, and how you can start doing it too. HDIGABTT?!


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[00:00:00] Have you ever wondered how to get paid to share the things you love? Well, stick around because I’m gonna share all about that in this podcast episode. Welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. I am so grateful that you are here. Let’s get into it! 


[00:00:19] Getting paid to share what you love could also be called “affiliate programs,” “referral programs.” It’s basically where you sign up with a company that you love and you get what’s called a “special link.” When you share that special link and somebody uses it to buy the thing, you then get a percentage or whatever the company has set up for the affiliate program. 


[00:00:44] It’s magical. I love it! I have been choosing so much more of this in the past, probably a year or so, and it’s such a magical way to receive more money and also to get paid to share what you love. 


[00:01:00] If you would like a more in-depth training about this, I happen to have one. It is called the “Get Paid to Share What You Love – Quickie Money Training.” You will find the link above or below. It’s in my brand new shop. I’m so excited, guys! If you haven’t checked out my new shop, go check it out. It’s amazing. 


[00:01:19] What I wanna talk about with this is for me. This doesn’t mean this is for you, but for me personally, I actually have to have an energy about the thing I’m selling. I have to actually love it really. I know there’s so many people on the planet who don’t, who could just sell anything, and that’s great. I’m happy for them. I actually have to have an energy where I truly love it or enjoy it or use it or whatever. That’s just always been my way. 


[00:01:55] That’s a thing that I wanted to talk about today. One of the quickest ways to get started is look at the things you love. Are you constantly on Amazon ordering? What about becoming an affiliate with Amazon? Do you love a certain brand of coffee? Have you checked? Do they have an affiliate [program]? 


[00:02:15] As I say that, I’m like, I’m actually gonna check with the company that had the coffee I use. I use Kicking Horse Coffee and it is from British Columbia, the province next door to us here in Alberta, and it’s so delicious. I love it so much. Anyway, so… squirrel! 


[00:02:32] You start looking at the things. Look at the things you use every day, all day, and then start looking on those webpages. Go check them out. I’m gonna check out Kicking Horse. The brand or the name of my coffee is Kickass, of course, but it’s a Kicking Horse. I’ll go to that webpage. 


[00:02:52] Usually, I just scroll right down to the bottom and it’ll talk about affiliates. If you don’t see any information, reach out! Just email them. Tell them what you would like to do. Who knows, right? The worst you can get is “no.” There’s so many companies. 


[00:03:08] I get asked a lot, actually, if I have an affiliate program. I have over the years, on and off. The one thing from a business standpoint that you need to run is affiliates. I don’t know if you “need” it, but I really appreciate it. It’s a really good kind of program that is able to track all the links and all the sales and all of that. 


[00:03:32] I haven’t been overly happy with the ones I’ve used in the past. Now with Shopify, I can do that. Possibly in the next few months, you will see that come out where you’ll be able to be an affiliate for things in the store. I haven’t taken the time to research it, but it is on my list so it’s possible in the future, and I’ve had people reach out, also. 


[00:03:51] Now, some of the things. If you buy certain programs from me, then you go straight to a link where you could sign up to be an affiliate because, again, where it’s being sold has a really great affiliate tracking.


[00:04:04] But really, start looking at those things that you love. Start searching for those and check out what they offer. You’re probably already sharing the information anyway. You’re probably already saying, “Oh guys, have you tried out this new app?” “Have you tried this new thing?” “Have you read this book?” There’s so many things that we can be affiliates for. 


[00:04:29] And then if you happen to run a business, then what are you constantly telling your customers or your clients about that you could maybe become an affiliate? 


[00:04:38] For me, I sell different Canva templates in different programs, and so I became an affiliate with Canva because I’m telling people I’m selling things that are using Canva to utilize them. If somebody wants them and doesn’t happen to have an account, they can use that link, etc. 


[00:04:57] So really, just get excited about the possibilities with multiple profitable revenue streams. That’s what I often refer to them as. Look at all the really fun, unique ways that you can share those links. 


[00:05:14] The one thing you do want to be aware of is that in many countries, when you share an affiliate link, you do need to say that. It does need to be posted along with it if you’re doing a social media or link or post or something like that. Just keep that in mind. It’s easy enough to do. 


[00:05:33] For the most part, people that are appreciating your referral or your suggestion, they’re so grateful for that. They don’t care. They’re happy to, you know, have you get paid a little bit or whatever. It may not be money, it might be something else depending on what the program has set up, but there’s so many different ways. I just wanted to share that and really get you maybe a little bit more open to the possibilities to, again, multiple profitable revenue stream. 


[00:06:00] So first step, go and search the things you love and sign up for those affiliate programs and just get started. You would like more information? Of course you can check out the “Get Paid to Share What You Love (a.k.a Affiliate Program) Money Quickie Training“. 

[00:06:19] All right. Have a great week, sweet friends. I look forward to chatting again next week.


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