Mar 26, 2023

How to Talk to Your Creations

The creations have something to say… 😉

If you’ve ever wondered how to “talk” to your creations, have your pen and paper at the ready because I will be sharing all about that in this week’s episode! Learn all about creativity, creation, and how to commune with it so the next time a creation comes knocking at your door and you let it in, you’ll be amazed how much more magic you can gift and receive once you co-create with it.  

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[00:00:00] Have you ever wondered how to talk to your creations? Welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for being here. I’m so incredibly grateful for you. 


[00:00:14] This week, we are talking about how to talk to your creations. It’s actually an invite to my upcoming membership, which is a monthly membership so you can start whenever, end whenever. It’s called “Real Conversations, Real Change.” 


Basically, what I’ll be doing is exactly what I’m gonna share in this show. I’ll share a little bit of a tidbit of inspiration that I received that week, whatever it might be. Today happens to be about creativity and creations and communing. Something, of course, I’ve talked about a lot over the years if you’ve hung around me. If you’re new here, welcome! 


[00:00:54] The source for my inspiration I will, of course, share it, also. But if you would like the links until you can listen in, it is going to be in the show notes. Make sure to go check those out. 


If you don’t know, you can grab the show notes from the last, I’m not sure when we started them, a year ago? Six months ago? I’m not sure… for all the radio shows on my webpage. And then also if you’re on my weekly email, you get them delivered to you every Sunday. 


[00:01:22] The inspiration for today’s show is from a YouTube video. It’s actually a TED Talk from Elizabeth Gilbert and it’s called “Your Elusive Creative Genius.” The snippet that I wanna talk about today is where she talks about a poet called Ruth Stone.


[00:01:41] Ruth had shared how when she was working on the farm in the fields in West Virginia, she would perceive a poem coming towards her, like, energetically coming towards her over the hills. She knew in order for her to be able to write out the poem, she had to get a pen and paper, meaning she had to run into the house and get the pen and the paper to write down the poem as it came over the hills to her.


That alone, to me, is just freaking amazing. I’ll speak more to that, but I also wanna finish the last piece. 


[00:02:22] There were times where she would miss it. She would get to the house with the pen and the paper and it would be past her, on the way to another poet. Yeah. She would also have — there was at least one time, I don’t recall if there were many times or whatever, it doesn’t matter — where she got there just in time where she was able to energetically grab the end of the poem and she wrote it backwards. 


Whoa. Whoa. 


[00:02:58] This story has inspired me for years. I have watched that TED talk multiple times. I have tapped into the energy of that, especially with what Ruth is talking about where the creation is coming to her. This is what I wanna share with you. 


[00:03:16] When we look at like how to be more creative or how to really tap into that, the biggest piece for me personally is to recognize that that creation is not just for me. I often use the terminology “the creation knocks on my door.” If that creation knocks on my door and if I don’t open it, it’s gonna find someone else’s door to knock on.


[00:03:46] When I first heard that, it gave me so much space to really recognize that I’m not the creation. The creation isn’t mine. The creation came to me. It knocked on my door, and then I either chose to co-create with it or I didn’t, or maybe I chose to co-create with it a little bit, whatever. It doesn’t matter. 


[00:04:11] Recognizing that has allowed me to take the pressure off. There’s no pressure with that because much like for Ruth, as that poem goes by her and if she misses it, it’s just going to another place. It’s still gonna get written. 


Oh my goodness. 


[00:04:31] Look at that in your own life. Look at those times where maybe you were aware in a sense that it knocked on your door. Maybe there was a business idea or something. If you do run a business, something within the business that you were aware of, but you didn’t choose it. 


Let yourself off the hook. 


Like, hello? It went to somebody else. We get to choose and it gets to choose. The creation comes and knocks on the door. 


[00:05:01] This is the way I see it: it knocks on the door of the person who it knows can co-create with it. I’m gonna use my terminology: knows it can co-create magic with it. It comes to us, but then if we don’t answer, it’s just gonna go find somebody else it can co-create magic with. 


[00:05:22] That’s one piece that has just allowed me so much more space when I’m creating because I have a lot of creations come to me. I should probably start counting, but I would say probably 25 a day, 50 a day. I mean, there are so many things. 


[00:05:41] All these years later, I can totally acknowledge when they’re knocking. I can even sometimes perceive like what Ruth talks about. She could perceive it coming over the hill. I don’t have it like coming over the hill. I’m not often working out in the fields. I’m never working out in the fields. I’m swimming in my pool sometimes, although I haven’t for months now because of the winter. It’s just spring now. Anyway, I digress. 


[00:06:07] And so I can perceive it energetically out there. I know something’s coming. I don’t know what it is, but I can perceive it letting me know it’s coming. That in itself, and then whether I choose to answer or not is totally up to me and I love that. And then if I do answer the door, I’m no longer trying to do it by myself. 


[00:06:34] When that creation knocks, what I used to do — I mean one, I didn’t even know it was knocking. I just saw it as, you know, me came coming up with a great idea and then me taking action and doing it all. Notice that – doing it all. 


[00:06:48] It’s such a different energy because it’s like, “It knocked on my door so it’s aware that we can co-create magic together,” which means it would like to gift also. It’s gifting and receiving. And I get to gift and receive also, but I’m not doing it by myself. There is a lot of other energies – just the creation itself and all the other energies, the universe, everything that are willing to gift and receive and receive and gift. It’s all about that. 


[00:07:21] It’s all about receiving to me. The knock on the door, the choosing it if it’s a “yes” and if it feels yummy, if it’s expansive, and then receiving from everything that will co-create with us, so to speak, to get it out in the world. 


[00:07:38] That’s such a different way to create instead of, again, maybe you never did this, but for me it was always, “What do I have to figure out to do next?” and then “How can I do it all by myself?” I was just not receiving very much at all. I was receiving some, because I was still receiving the creation. I just didn’t acknowledge exactly what it was. I just thought it was me thinking some great ideas. 


[00:08:07] That’s fine too, however you wanna do it. But if you would like more ease with the creation, if you would like to have way more fun, if you would like to really gift and receive the magic that’s possible, allow it to have a voice. Allow it to commune with you. 


[00:08:24] You could say “talk to you.” Sometimes I will use that terminology. I’ll say “talk to it,” but it’s more of a communion. It’s more of a gifting and a receiving, and I will ask it. 


[00:08:38] If I had a knock on my door for a new class, “Okay, cool. So, when?” and I would look at my calendar. Not look at my calendar as to when does it wanna be and that’s the only thing. No. 


[00:08:50] I’m looking at my calendar, looking at when it would work for me, and then also asking the creation, looking at the dates that work for me. Okay. so when? We’re co-creating, with price and all of that. I mean, I play with all of those pieces and I include it and I include me too, which is a very different way to create for most of us. 


[00:09:15] I wonder what magic might be possible in your everyday life — I’m talking about creations and a lot of times people assume that’s business. It’s not. I mean, we’re currently selling our beautiful acreage. That’s a creation, too. I could do it all myself or put it onto my realtor, it’s all his job – he needs it, or I could see it as this beautiful co-creation. 


[00:09:36] Before we even talked to a realtor, the first thing I did was say, “Hey, acreage, house, whatever you want to call it… are you done with us?”


I got a huge “yes.” It was done with us. 


I get that it so desires kids, which was really interesting because the previous acreage that we had was the same energy when it was complete with us. It wanted the kid energy around, and I get that for this place, too. So I was like, cool. Okay. 


[00:10:06] I co-create with it. I ask it. Yes, it’s done with us. Okay. “So then, can you bring in who you would like to own?” which sounds funny. But if you look at the things that you “own,” you don’t. No, you’re working for them. I’ve been paying the mortgage here. The house was not paying the mortgage, so the house owns us. It’s a totally different energy. 


[00:10:31] That’s very similar with creations. They’re a different energy than us. They have their own consciousness, so let’s co-create with them as if by magic.


[00:10:42] If we were in the membership call right now, this is where I would open it up for discussion where you could ask questions, where you could give your ideas, or maybe your own experiences where you created and commune and all of that. It becomes this, again, real conversations, real change. 


[00:11:02] You would leave every membership call with a handout. On there, there’s gonna be whatever tools we talked about. There’s also gonna be a link to the inspiration so that you can listen to the full thing, whatever it is. 


[00:11:16] In this case, it’s an audio or video I should say. In other cases, it might be a blurb from a book, so it’ll be a link to the book. There will be times where it might be just a conversation that I had with a friend or maybe with a client. Those things, obviously I won’t have links to those, you know? If it was a client conversation. I don’t actually record my friendship conversation so you wouldn’t get a link there, but you would get a writing of it just to be able to read it basically. 


[00:11:46] I would love for you to come and join us on “Real Conversations, Real Change” Monthly Membership. You can start anytime. You can end any time. If you get in before March 31, you will get a $50 USD credit to my #asifbymagic Shopify store, just for being one of the first ones in. If you can’t find the link above or below, just reach out and I will get that link for you. 

[00:12:13] Have a great week, everybody. I look forward to chatting again next week.


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