Apr 16, 2023

Questions to Ask to Create Magic in Your Business

What you ask will show up!

What’s a better way to start a business day? By asking questions! In this episode, I brought in my magical friends Krista, Kara, and Julie to share and discuss the questions we ask to start off our business days. Get your phones and notes, sweet friends, because you won’t want to miss these if you’re looking to bring more magic in your business and in every area of life, too!


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[00:00:00] Glenyce: If there were questions that you could ask every morning to create magic in your business, would you ask them? Welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. I am so grateful that you are here. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 


Now, you are going to be listening to or watching, depending on how you are consuming this, a Facebook Live that I did with some hosts of the upcoming Business Done Different classes. We’ve got them coming up in Calgary, May 5-7, 2023. In Saskatchewan, June 9-11, 2023. Both of those are also available online. 


Us four got together and chatted about the questions we ask every morning to create magic in our business, so enjoy! 


[00:00:49] Glenyce: I’m Glenyce Hughes. I’m a Certified Facilitator with Access Consciousness®. I’m also a Joy of Business Facilitator, so I facilitate the Business Done Different classes. Both of these groups — both of these ladies — no, all three of these ladies will be hosting me for Business Done Different in the near future. In May, we’ve got May 5-7 in Calgary with Ms. Julie. If you wanna give a wave, Ms. Julie… 


[00:01:17] Julie: Hello. 


[00:01:18] Glenyce: That is online or in Calgary. And then in June 9-11 in Saskatchewan – Davidson, Saskatchewan. You might not have heard of it, but you’re missing out. That is with Krista and Kara. If you guys wanna give a wave. 


[00:01:35] Krista: Hi, I’m Krista.


[00:01:36] Kara: Kara. 


[00:01:38] Glenyce: I like to call them “The Magic Twins.” I actually think that’s their business name, too, but I do like to call them “The Magic Twins.” 


Let’s just go around. Krista, if you wanna start, just do a little intro of you and maybe your time with using these magical tools. And then, we’ll just go around to each person. 


[00:01:57] Krista: Okay. I’m Krista. We heard about Access Consciousness® in 2015 and we’ve been playing with the tools for a while. We’re actually both Bars Facilitators and just had a class yesterday. 


[00:02:13] Julie: Awesome.


[00:02:17] Kara: I am Kara, Krista’s twin sister. Like Krista said, we’ve been playing with the tools since 2015. My favorite tool or question to start out with in the morning is “Earth, what can I contribute to you today in the most delightful kind of way?” And then the on 3 – 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3. It just expands my world. 


[00:02:46] Glenyce: Love it. Love it. Yes. We will come around with that, too. Ms. Julie, a little intro for you?


[00:02:52] Julie: Awesome. Thanks everyone for being here. My name is Julie Kaukinen. I’m an Access Bars Facilitator and I help people feel lighter, happier, more relaxed with the Access Bars tool — technique, sorry. I’ve actually did — yesterday was Day 63 doing Access Bars everyday. I’m trying to go for 100 and see what happens. Maybe my head will explode.


Glenyce, thanks so much for doing this. Well done. We’re all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!


[00:03:19] Glenyce: Right, right. It’s 8:00 AM in our world, guys. I actually had to wake up to an alarm which is a very rare thing. I don’t usually even set an alarm, but I did, which is very good because I woke up to it ringing and thought, “Oh my goodness, this is weird.” But anyway, here we are. All right. 


[00:03:37] Glenyce: One of the things that we talk a lot about in Access Consciousness® and of course, the Business Done Different classes, is really getting a sense of your business, and playing with the business, and co-creating with the business rather than being a “Bossy Bosserson” where you’re doing it all on your own, making it all, forcing it, making it work, controlling it, all of that insanity.


[00:04:02] Glenyce: One of the things that we all do and many people do that have these tools is start their day — and it doesn’t necessarily mean the moment they wake up but it could be. Start their business day with co-creating with the business where you’re maybe asking some questions or asking yourself some questions or getting, like Julie said, lighter energy.


[00:04:26] Glenyce: I’ll start by sharing a few of my favorites that I use. I don’t necessarily do the same thing every day. But a lot of the questions I do ask, and I use my favorite Reminder app on my iPhone. It’s nothing special. It comes with the iPhone. If you have an iPhone, it’s just called Reminder app. I put the questions in there to pop up at certain times of the day to remind myself because it’s pretty easy to forget these things. 


[00:04:54] Glenyce: One of them that I ask every day is, “What can I add to my life today to grow my business right away?” We might think that when we’re asking that, it’s like, “What business thing could I add?” But notice I didn’t ask that. “What can I add to my life today to grow my business right away?” 


[00:05:16] Glenyce: In that day, that might be a nap. That might be going shopping. There’s so many different things, but when we ask that question, it’s really about continuously adding to our life. The more, for the most part, that we have on the go, the more ease it’s going to be for everything around us to grow because we’re not putting all of our intensity into one thing. 


[00:05:42] Glenyce: I often refer to it as if we had one plant and a jug of water, we’re gonna kill the plant, guys. You wanna have a hundred plants and a jug of water cuz then you don’t kill the one plant. They’re all gonna thrive. This is what we talk about adding to our life constantly. 


[00:06:00] Glenyce: Another one — this one’s a little bit longer, but I like to ask it. “What choices can I make today to allow revenue to show up in my life in 2 years, in 10 years, 20 years, and what choices can I make today to allow money to show up right away?


[00:06:21] Julie: Wow. 


[00:06:22] Glenyce: Right? Right? All of these, again, are from Access Consciousness® where I got that. I just happen to write things down when I hear things and they might be in the reference materials. That might be in classes. Some, you know, Access friend might have said them. I write them down if they have an energy.


[00:06:39] Glenyce: I love that one because it’s inviting me to include my future. It’s not just about right now. It’s about what can I choose so there’s money two years, 10 years, 20 years and now. 


And then, I also destroy and uncreate everywhere that I uninvited money yesterday. That doesn’t have to be a business one, but when we do that, what we do is anywhere that we didn’t receive yesterday, basically…


[00:07:07] Julie: Wow. 


[00:07:08] Glenyce: … we’re destroying and uncreating it. And then one of my other ones, and this one’s a little dangerous, guys, so be cautious. “What would it take to receive more today than I have ever been willing before?” I say cautious because you’re asking to receive more and what we ask for shows up. Those are a few of the questions. 


Krista, do you wanna start with whatever you do, however you start your day or business day? 


[00:07:44] Krista: Sure. Like you Glenyce, it’s different every day. It depends what’s happening. I’ll just share what I did this morning because I, too, was gonna be woken by an alarm clock. It just happened to be my daughter’s instead of my own. I have no idea what happened to mine. 


So I slept in and wanted to go to instant reaction about that, and panic and fear and all of that because I was coming over to Kara’s house. Kara and I are big energy feelers, I should say, and so that all felt really heavy to me.


[00:08:27] Krista: I really liked the light and heavy tool and just becoming aware of what I’m aware of, and then asking questions around it. Right away I was like, “Okay, this is really heavy and does not feel fun or light at all.” So then I was like, “All of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory.” 


All of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory” which is the mantra of Access Consciousness®. I just kept saying that and I’m like, “I have another choice here.” I literally have another choice. I could go down this dark road or I could just get up and move. I got ready so fast with such ease and joy and glory shockingly. 


[00:09:12] Kara: Amazing how that happened.


[00:09:15] Krista: Yeah. Really, the light and heavy tool is something in my world lately. If it doesn’t feel light, then I go, “Who does this belong to?” “What is this?” Basically, the biggest thing is staying in question with everything.


[00:09:33] Krista: Now, what’s been hot in my world, and I’m sure in everybody else’s, is the presumptive realities and the need for reactive realities because I see all of the places that I’m just constantly reacting to, everything, and catching it now quickly. 


[00:09:50] Kara: Yes, that’s the thing. That’s good. 


[00:09:52] Krista: So that was kinda where I was at. And then I actually always listen to something every morning. I’ll go into YouTube and listen to one of my favorite Access people and what they have to say, and just listening to all the tools that are working in other people’s worlds and then picking something that works for me from that.


[00:10:16] Glenyce: Nice. I love that. I love that and yes, that – “All of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory.” Look at the kitty! It’s contributing. Awww.. 


[00:10:26] Julie: It’s like, “Why are you not in bed still sleeping?!” Just kidding. 


[00:10:32] Glenyce: It’s too early to be out! Yes. Yes. Awesome. How about you, Kara? I know you shared the Earth one earlier. Is there anything else? 


[00:10:40] Kara: Yeah. Well, even backing it up to before I even wake up. One tool that I use — I have a Voice app on my phone. Most of us do. I have all sorts of different tools that I record my voice. Each night before I go to bed, I just look through it and see which question would contribute to me the most, and then I play it on a loop all night, which I find makes a huge difference in my day.


I’m like you guys, too. It’s different all the time. Another question that I love to ask is “Who or what can contribute to me today to make my life easier?” and “Who and what can I contribute to that will make more for me?” That one, I just love that question so much. 


[00:11:32] Glenyce: That is amazing.


[00:11:35] Krista: There’s so many! 


[00:11:37] Kara: There are so many. Oh, and “Universe, show me something I have been unwilling to receive today.” That one has been hot in my world, too. 


[00:11:48] Glenyce: That’s amazing. That’s amazing. I was a little bit waiting for what you were gonna say when you said the tool you used before you wake up. I was like, “She is totally magical! What is she doing?” But I see you’re playing the loop. I love it. That is also magical, but I was just like, “Whoa.” So awesome. How about you, Ms. Julie? 


[00:12:12] Julie: Oh man. As you guys are talking, it’s like just recognizing that when you ask, you actually do receive and not to doubt that. Anyway, that was a side note. 


[00:12:25] Julie: This morning, I woke up with not enough time to do anything other than get on the Zoom, put a shirt on, go. I really, really have been doing this lately that before — I know sweetie, I love you — I wake up and grab my phone. I’ve found that as soon as I wake up, I’m grabbing phone and then it’s dictating my entire frigging day instead of me actually choosing what I would like to do today. 


[00:12:54] Julie: Instead of this “You have to do this. You’re responding to an email now,” just taking a little moment to be like, “Hey, good morning body and world. What would I like to do and create today?” You know? I love that. It’s not just looking at my phone right away because I’m looking at this thing enough all day, thank you very much. 


[00:13:17] Julie: The other question I like absolutely, I don’t even know what I would do without this question, is “Where’s my energy required today?” When I ask that, I’ll go into overwhelm of “I got so much stuff to do” and it’s gonna be so incapacitating, and then just, “But where’s my energy required?” It’s like, boop, boop, boop. You can get way more done when you’re being instead of just the doing, right? I just absolutely love that one.


[00:13:49] Julie: Glenyce, I don’t know if I got it from you back in the day, but it’s “All the projections, expectations…” that I have about me, what I should be doing, shouldn’t be doing, what I could never do… like, all that. I just find that especially in business, all the projections and expectations that I have about myself in regards to my business, I destroy and create them all. Just that frees me of yesterday. 


[00:14:22] Kara: Love it. 


[00:14:23] Julie: How cool. I love all the tools and even more so now that I’m saying this. Destroying and creating my relationship with myself and my business, my money flows — how about every relationship that I’ve ever related to, destroy and uncreate it!


[00:14:42] Krista: Yeah! 


[00:14:44] Glenyce: Yeah, yeah. That’s such a great tool in all the ways when we destroy and uncreate our relationships, whether it’s with a person or a business or whatever. What happens in most relationships is that we continue creating like we did yesterday. When we destroy and uncreate our relationship with our business and everything it was to us today or yesterday or whenever you want to do it, what that allows then is this whole different world to show up. Your business and you together get to be different today rather than operating like you did yesterday. 


[00:15:16] Glenyce: This is where I would say, especially right now working with a lot of people in business, is where a lot of people are really struggling because there’s changes going on and they’re trying to do what they did yesterday and have it work the same. And then when that doesn’t happen, they try to figure out what they’re doing wrong so they can fix it so it can be like it was yesterday. What if we just did something different? What if we allowed it to change? What if we destroyed it and uncreated the way it was and allowed it to be what it’s asking to be? I love that one, Julie. 


[00:15:49] Julie: Wow. Yeah. How cool, all the tools. In every area of life. What I love is they work just smoking awesome with business, but it also works with my relationship with myself and everybody else. How cool.


[00:16:06] Glenyce: Yes. Yeah, and you talked about the presumptive realities and the need of reactive realities. There’s actually a whole handout of clearings for the Business Done different classes that go with the manual, just because they haven’t been added to the manual yet. But when we do the classes, people will also get that additional handout to really change things because it’s time.


[00:16:31] Glenyce: Again, the presumptive, we presume in business. How much we presume, how much we assume.” If it worked yesterday when I did a free intro call and then my class filled up, it’s gonna work again next week.” That’s a presumption and assumption and it’s gonna probably bite you in your ass. The choice of change really is such a big energy to me right now in business. 


[00:16:58] Julie: Glenyce, it’s super funny because I was doing a Bars session with a woman like, I don’t know, was that last week? About halfway through, she got so… the presumptive reality clearings were changing so much. 


[00:17:11] Julie: Usually, we just do a whole hour like a normal Bars session, you know? After half of it, she’s like, “Julia, can we take this up next week? I’m really creative right now, I gotta go do stuff!” And it was like, how it landed in her world. 


It was just stuff like “What presumptive reality do you have that doesn’t allow you to basically expand out and just be yourself?” These clearings are working super fast. It’s what I’m really noticing so, wow.


[00:17:42] Glenyce: Yeah. Yeah. 


[00:17:44] Krista: The whole presumptive reality and need of reactive reality has made me look at my body more, too, and how much I disinclude my body in absolutely everything.


[00:17:57] Krista: Again, even this morning like running out of time, one of my favorite things to do in the morning is to be like, “Body, can you just show me what you would like to wear today?” I spend so much time frustrated and trying on different outfits, not liking this and not liking that. Now, I’m just like, “Can you just show me what you wanna wear today, body? Can you show me what you wanna…” The eating part isn’t as good, but it does help with that, too, where it’s like, “Show me when you’ve had enough” and “Show me how you wanna move.” 


[00:18:32] Krista: It’s just really, really, actually seeing that my body is not me. My body is within me. Everything that we do is for our body, not for us as an infinite being. So why not include your body in every part of your day? 


It’s just crazy. We’ve never been told to. Now, I will tell my kids if they’re like asking me something like, “What should I wear?” I’m like, “Why don’t you just ask your body what it wants to wear?” And they’re like, “Oh, okay.”


[00:19:10] Glenyce: Awesome.


[00:19:10] Krista: It’s just wild! 


[00:19:12] Glenyce: Yeah. Yeah. Everything you just said about your body could also be applied to business because how often do we think we’re the ones who need to make the decisions? We need to figure out when the Bars class should be. We need to figure out how to promote something. What if you asked the business? What if you gave your business a voice and let it guide you and show you? I love it, and I love it for body, too because there’s just so much that we override. So, awesome. Awesome. All right. 


Well, I’m gonna share one more question and if you guys have anything else as we finish up.


[00:19:46] Glenyce: This is one that I probably use not necessarily in the morning, but I will do it once a day for sure. It’s “What energy, space, consciousness, choice, magic, miracles, mysteries, possibilities, power, and potency can me, my body, and the business be to actualize at least…” and then I put in whatever number… “this month with total ease?” 


[00:20:11] Glenyce: You could do it per day. You could do it per week. You could do it per year, whatever you like. You just usually do it per month. That’s one that I use all the time. It just allows me to receive it but also to remember what I’m asking for. It’s also why I love questions because it puts me back into, “Oh, wait. Wait a minute. I can actually ask for what I would like here.” Yeah. Yeah. Does anybody else have anything else as we finish up? 


[00:20:39] Julie: You know, Glenyce, I loved it. I heard you talk about this years ago and I’ve just never forgotten it. It’s where you’re talking about being really, really, clear with what you actually need every month to create your life. Right? 


[00:20:53] Julie: It’s funny that I know that you said that, you know, you were kind of going along and you thought, “Oh well, it was probably this number,” and it was so way off from what you thought. Until you actually got the crystal clear awareness of what you actually required every month, you said that when you asked for that, you’ve never gotten less than that. I thought that was so brilliant. Everything that doesn’t allow all of us to choose to do that… 


[00:21:23] Kara: Yes! 


[00:21:24] Glenyce: It’s actually something we talk about in Business Done Different. There’s a whole section in the manual, so yeah, let’s do it. Let’s do it. 


[00:21:31] Julie: Right on. Cool. 


[00:21:34] Krista: I’m very enthusiastic about this class coming because I have a lot of very interesting points to be around business and money, so bring it on!


[00:21:43] Kara: Yes! 


[00:21:45] Glenyce: Cool. Awesome. Awesome, awesome. Well, thank you. And again guys, come and join us online in person. We’ve got Calgary, May 5-7. We’ve got Davidson, Saskatchewan, June 9-11. Either one is available online, too. 


If you are a Bars Facilitator, it does count as a renewal class. There’s lots of different ways to renew your Bars Facilitator…ship? I don’t think that’s a word! But this does count as one of the classes that you can attend. 


Thank you ladies so much for joining me. I’m so grateful. I wonder… I wonder what’s possible with the businesses now that has never been possible before. 


[00:22:24] Julie: Amazing. Amazing. And Glenyce, I’m so excited for this presumptive reality business clearing hour. I’m so excited for that. Yes. Are you sure it’s $10? Did you miss a couple zeros there?


[00:22:39] Glenyce: I know, right? It will launch next week. Julie’s letting the cat outta the bag. Here we go! 


[00:22:45] Julie: Oh, I’m sorry! Oh, I’m sorry! 


[00:22:48] Glenyce: It’s okay, it’s okay.


[00:22:49] Krista: I’m like, “Did we talk about this?!” 


[00:22:51] Julie: That’s so funny. 


[00:22:53] Glenyce: Julie is in the know. There is a call coming up, but it will launch next week. You guys will see more about that. We’ll get you the information. 


[00:23:02] Julie: My foot’s in my mouth. 


[00:23:04] Kara: I’m impressed! 

[00:23:13] Glenyce: Oh my goodness. All right, guys. Thanks so much.


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