A Weird Tool to Transform Your Body

May 7, 2023

Imagine the magic you and your body could create once you use this tool!

For years I have been trying to transform my body, and it took me utilizing this weird tool to be truly changing things with total ease, joy, and glory. If this is something you’ve been looking to work on, tune in to this week’s episode to know more about this phenomenal tool to start transforming your body and more!


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[00:00:00] A weird tool to transform your body. Welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for being here. I am so incredibly grateful for each and every one of you. 


[00:00:14] Yeah, a weird tool. Now, you guys know if you’ve been around here for a while, I share weird tools all the time. This tool is also weird. Maybe even the weirdest. No, I’ve actually talked about this tool before in lots of different ways because this tool you can utilize in so many different ways, not just transforming your body. 


[00:00:34] Now, I would like to invite you to a $10 Clearing the Presumptive Realities and Needs of Reactive Realities of Transforming Your Body. Yes. The link is above or below. If you don’t see a link, reach out and I will get it to you. 


[00:00:51] The tool is to acknowledgize, which isn’t really a word, but it is. To acknowledgize how much you have already transformed your body. 


[00:01:02] For myself, I have transformed my body continuously. It’s just that I really have only saw it as transforming my body when I was getting smaller, and I was wrong and horrible and bad when I was getting bigger. 


[00:01:20] It’s really recognizing that every time our body changes, we’re transforming it. It’s really working more consciously with what we would like to choose, with what we would like to actually transform it as. 


[00:01:36] Not even just what we would like, but our bodies are a co-creation. They’re something that with us. Being, as I call, a Bossy Bosserson with our body isn’t going to create much. Maybe more struggle, but actually communing with your body and involving your body and saying, “Hey, body, what would you like to look like?” because this isn’t something that is just what I would like her to look like. She’s what she looks like, so I get to give her a voice. I get to ask her, “Hey, body, what would you like to look like?”


[00:02:15] In fact, the very first time I did this, it was my very first Foundation class that I attended back in September of 2011. The facilitator shared with us how to do this which was very simple: go out to a public place, sit there, and ask your body to show you what she would like to look like, and so I did. I went to a restaurant and I just asked my body to show me. 


[00:02:36] I had really big conclusions that that would be a size 2 or a size 4. I’m very short. I know I don’t look like it on radio or on tv, but I’m about 5 feet tall. If you look at the height list and weight list at the doctor’s office, you’re supposed to be about 110 pounds at this height, so I kind of always had this idea. It’d be like a size 4 or size 6 or something like that if I was the right weight. And so I kept waiting for a body to walk in that looked like what I had concluded my body would be interested in looking like. 


[00:03:12] As I was sitting there and I was like, “Body, show me. Body, show me,” this woman came in and she was probably a size 14 and my body just got so excited. There was such a lightness. There was such a yumminess. I’m like, “Oh my gosh, she’s beautiful,” and I was like, “What? How could this be? That’s impossible.” 


[00:03:33] Now, I wasn’t that size at the time. I was, I’m not even sure, maybe a 22 or something like that. I’m quite a bit bigger than that, but even that felt so doable compared to the conclusion that I should be a size 4 or 6 or something like that.


[00:03:51] It really opened my eyes to what I had always projected onto my body, like that she had to look what the doctor’s office would say that I should look like. No, that isn’t what she would like. That’s where you really want to start when you’re looking at transforming your body.


[00:04:08] Start by including your body. “Hey, body, what would you like? What would you like to look like?” Go somewhere in public and ask her to show you, or him to show you, or it to show you. Not all of them are he or she, could be an it. However you refer to it, ask it. “Show me.” 


[00:04:27] If you have really big points of views about it, like… I actually don’t even remember. I remember being shocked and I remember being excited, I think probably more so than anything, but also probably I did have some points of views because it was still not perfect from this reality. You could really look at that. 


[00:04:45] You could really look at, let’s say, your body is asking for four sizes bigger or 20 pounds heavier than what you think and you have points of views about that. Look at that. Are they actually yours? Have you decided that there’s something that occurs on the planet if you… you know, maybe you’ve always wanted to weigh 140 pounds and if you hit 140 pounds then, I don’t know, gold spurts from the ground or something? Start looking at that. 


[00:05:12] You might have heard me a couple year ago — well, actually last year — because I really wanted to weigh under 200 pounds by the time of my 50th birthday. I was talking to a fellow facilitator and she “Well, then what? If you weigh under 200 pounds by your 50th birthday, then what?” and I was like, oh my gosh, I’d be so happy. 


Guess what she said? 


“Why don’t you just choose happy?” 


What?! Oh, I cannot tell you the pressure that took off, the space it gave me.


[00:05:47] Also sometimes, we make the look of our body, the shape of our body, or the weight of our body really significant. If our body is asking to transform and it is asking to be different, then yes, absolutely play with it. Have fun with it. Create it from lightness. Ask it what it would like. “Show me, body.” 


[00:06:08] For me years ago, my body showed me something called “alternate day fasting.” Now, this is not for everybody. My body loves it. My body loves it to this day. This is 3 and a half years later. I don’t do it all the time. For a few years, I did it pretty much consistently. Now, it’s a little bit more fluid. There’s a little bit of times where I eat every day for weeks and then go back to alternate day fasting, and there’s all sorts of things. 


[00:06:39] That to me really comes with communing with our body, allowing our body to give us the information that it would like because just like us, we don’t probably wanna do the same thing every day, all day long. Our bodies don’t really have that same desire, either. Our body likes change and shifting things up and really recognizing that there’s so many other possibilities out there. So, ask your body to show you. 


[00:07:05] It took my body, well, no. My body showed me, but it took me months to actually really receive what it was showing me. It started off in, I think it was September of 2019 when I sat down with a friend who had been doing extended fasting, meaning she was fasting for 30 days at a time. No, I have not chose that. I don’t know that body would ever be interested. Who knows? But I met with her in September of, I think it’s 2019, and then, I had a couple more things go on.


[00:07:36] It wasn’t until January of 2020 when I actually chose alternate day fasting, and that was really cool. I picked up a book from the library. It was the only book on weight loss there because it was January, but also because it was the one I needed, which then led me to another book, which then got me to alternate day fasting. It took me a while to receive from my body, but I got there. I got there. 


[00:08:01] But then also not making it be, “Okay, here’s the result. I’m alternate day fasting so I must lose weight,” because that’s not it either. If we’re doing something just to lose weight, that might not work. I’m not saying it won’t, but it might not or it might not stay. Maybe we lose the weight, but we might gain it again because we’ve put the result in that number rather than what is it we’re looking for. 


[00:08:29] In my case, as we know, happiness. What if we just choose happy? What a novel concept. What if we just allow it to be total magic? Really, that’s where we can be. When we allow our body to commune with us, we give it a voice. We let it say what it would like, and we co-create with it, then we can transform with it. We’re not necessarily transforming it because that almost takes over the control, so to speak. It really is transforming with it, allowing it to choose and and shift and all the magic that’s there, you know? 


[00:09:10] We go back to the weird tool of acknowledging how much we’ve transformed. We transform our body every day. If you were to take a measurement of your waist every day, it’s going to be different every day. Probably, possibly, very likely, because you’re transforming it every day. 


[00:09:27] So, what could you create if you included it and allowed it to transform with you into what it’s asking to be without a point of view of what it should be asking for? “Oh, it should want this. It should want that. It should want to weigh 110 pounds because that’s what the doctor office chart says.” Yeah. My body has no interest in that. At least not yet. Maybe at some point, it does. 


[00:09:51] In fact, even acknowledgizing that we are the co-creators of our bodies can really start to shift things. Most often we walk around with this point of view that it’s happening to us. Our body shape and size is just happening to us. We have no choice in it. We have no say in it. What if we do? What if we do? We have the ability to commune with our body. We have the ability to ask it questions, the ability to allow it to guide us, and to take the actions that it’s asking for. We have that. We actually have a lot. 


[00:10:28] We are the co-creators of our body. We’re not necessarily the creators of our body. We can be, but I like the energy of co-creator because it’s a totally different space. I’m co-creating with my body with what she would like to be like on the planet. 


[00:10:46] It is a dance of being aware of where I’m deciding for her, I’m projecting onto her. “You are too big, you’re too this, you’re too that.” no. What if… what if there’s no “too”? What if there just is? If your body doesn’t like it, then give it the voice for you to co-create, to change it, to transform with it. 


[00:11:14] Yeah, right? It totally changes the energy because then we’re not the superior bitch or bastard where we’re telling it, we’re being the Bossy Bosserson saying, “This is the way you need to be. This is what you need to look like. This is where you’re wrong. You’re wrong, you’re wrong!” It’s like, oh gosh. 


[00:11:29] I wonder sometimes if all that wrongness that I’ve put on my sweet body sometimes adds to the things that I think shouldn’t be going on. How much heavy energy is wrongness? Uh, all of it! Wrongness is a hundred percent heavy energy. When we put heavy energy onto our body, how may that show up? Hmm. Yeah. Maybe heaviness. 


[00:11:57] So the weird tool – acknowledgize how much you’re already transforming your body every day, all day. 


[00:12:05] Now, how can you start transforming it in the way that your body is asking to be transformed? That’s where the communion comes in. That’s where the asking comes in. That’s where the co-creation comes in. That’s where the allowance of whatever she would like or he would like comes in. The actions that’s required, clearing the points of views about the things that it says it would like that you might think, “Oh, that’s crazy!” like myself all those years ago with alternate day fasting. 


[00:12:30] I had such interesting points of views about food and what I needed food for, and how much food I needed, and when I needed food. Oh my gosh, it was exhausting. But let me tell you, once I cleared those points of views, total ease and joy and glory.


[00:12:44] Once again, I invite you to my $10 clearing call to clear the presumptive realities and the needs of reactive realities, keeping you from transforming your body. 

[00:12:57] Have a great week, sweet friends. I look forward to chatting again next week.


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