When the Price Increases

Jul 23, 2023

Inflation driving you crazy? There are tools for that!

How do you deal with the rising prices of goods and services? It’s a question a lot of us are probably asking right now. Tune in to this episode as we talk about what you can do when everything is going up money-wise, as well as some magical tools to help you out.


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[00:00:00] What to do when the price increases? Welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for being here. I am so incredibly grateful for you. Yeah. 


[00:00:14] So, everything is increasing in price. Well, maybe not everything, but most things. Most of our day-to-day living expenses have increased in price. What the heck can we do? 


[00:00:27] One thing you wanna really look at is where you’re judging that. We wanna be aware of it, yes. But the judgment of it is what’s going to kill your creative abilities, your creative capacities, to out-create the price increase. 


[00:00:46] I don’t mean that you have to keep buying what you’re buying if it doesn’t work for you anymore. This is not what I’m saying. I’m not saying you have to keep buying everything. Maybe there’s some things that you don’t need to buy anymore. 


Maybe there’s some things that… maybe you’ve always bought Heinz Ketchup, and maybe there’s a no name brand that you would like as much and the price is different. I use Heinz Ketchup. I don’t actually know. I use it as an example. I don’t actually know if there’s been a price increase, but I’m pretty sure because it seems like everything, there’s a price increase. 


[00:01:19] And yes, we have cats here, so you might be hearing some. She would like outside, but I need to go with her. She will be patient, I’m sure, as cats are. 


[00:01:32] Anyway, when we look at that, we look at it from when there are things that you would like to purchase that the price has increased, stop the judgment. Just acknowledge what is. We don’t wanna pretend. “Oh no, that it hasn’t went up at all. No, it’s the same!” No. It’s went up. 


Is it still gonna contribute to you purchasing it? If so, okay. Now what? What’s required? What is actually required to have the money to purchase the thing or things or whatever it might be? 


[00:02:05] For a lot of people, I know right now, it’s truly just groceries. That’s the only thing that they’re really putting their money into because everything else – housing and utilities and all of that – has went up so much. They don’t have a lot of extra, and that’s fine too, because probably groceries are the most important thing aside from those other things.


It’s looking at that and not from the place of you’re wrong or bad because you don’t have the money for the other things you used to purchase or maybe not the necessities. Again, it’s acknowledging what is but never seeing yourself as a victim to it. 


[00:02:43] It’s really recognizing that you are the source of everything in your life and your living. That’s the way I see it. You don’t have to see it that way, but I see it as I am the source of my life and my living and I don’t shut off my awareness to this reality. I don’t pretend [that] I’m the source so I’m going to fly a private jet anywhere I want in the world, anytime I want, and I’ll just put it on a credit card – no. That’s not part of being the creator of your life and your living. It’s acknowledging what is. 


[00:03:14] Let’s say you bring in $1000 a month and your expenses have went up. Maybe now it’s costing you $1,500 to live a month. Okay. Then actually, what’s required? An additional $500. What’s it gonna take to actualize that? Can you get a part-time job? Can you get a side hustle? What is actually required? 


[00:03:38] What happens is that so many people have that occur and then they go into how wrong they are or bad they are, or how wrong it is or bad it is – the whole situation. All of that judgment just kills all of the possibilities. It really is about looking at it all as what would you like to create, what would you like it to be like, and what is required to actualize that. 


[00:04:07] Now, not from fantasy. We could all say, “What would you like it to be like?” “Well, I’d like it to be like I have a million dollars deposited in my bank account every day for the rest of my life. That’s what I’d like it to be like,” but we don’t. We don’t live in that. We ask for that – absolutely. We get the energy of that. We utilize that to create and co-create with us – absolutely. 


[00:04:30] But we don’t live from the fantasy of that’s what we would like and that’s what we’re asking for, so that’s what’s gonna show up, so I’m gonna keep overspending on my credit card. No, we look at what is actually gonna create what we’re asking for. If that means that some of the things that we used to buy, we don’t buy for a while, cool. 


[00:04:52] Right now, I’ve never been so grateful to have chose what we’re choosing because our expenses are, you can imagine, probably a quarter, actually, I think a third or a quarter of what they used to be when we had a house and we had all the other things. There’s a drastic difference for us with that. 


I didn’t choose it for that. I’m so fricking grateful for that space right now to be able to look at, okay, so what then? So what then? What would I like to create? What is fun for me? 


[00:05:26] My Shopify store has been so much fun for me. You’ll notice that most of my stuff I’ve actually decreased the price of. My one-to-one sessions, previous programs, all of that, because I recognize that a lot of people are not able to pay what they could before. 


[00:05:48] My target really is to have people be able to change their lives with what I’m offering: with the sessions, with products, with programs, whatever it is. That’s my target. I look at that. I look at what’s going on in the world and I don’t pretend, and I don’t live in fantasy, although probably at times, I do. But I really look at that and I go, “You know what? This is what actually works right now.” 


Will it change? Probably! Who knows and what direction? I know for sure change is always the thing. Change is always the thing. We always are changing no matter what. 


[00:06:29] When prices change, basically you’ve got a couple, well, you’ve got a bazillion choices. But you can go into the judgment of it, you can go into the wrongness of it, or you can be honest with what is. What is for you, where you’re at, what’s required, and what do you love? What is lighting you up in ways that are contributing?


[00:06:53] If you’re having to use a credit card or lines of credit or something like that To purchase those things… believe me, I have lived there. I have done that a lot in my lifetime where I use the credit cards and then regretted it after. So, really look at those things. If you are requiring to use a credit card to pay for those things that are nurturing and light you up, is there another way? 


[00:07:23] I would say there is always another way. There’s always another way. I don’t mean that you say, “I would like to buy this new car, and Glenyce says there’s always another way so I’m gonna go steal it.” That’s not what I’m talking about. It’s just being creative and being open to it and being willing to receive from everything for the ways that it could show up. For the ways that it could show up, how many ways. 


[00:07:52] This is a question I love to ask every day depending – the end of the question is always different, but you know? “Universe, how many ways can you surprise and delight me with ______ showing up today…,” of course my favorite, “as if by magic?” 


[00:08:07] I ask the universe and I see the universe as me, as the earth, as all the beings on it and in it and around it, and all of the things and everything. The universe, to me, is everything including me. I’m not talking to a big energy outside of me that’s greater than me. I’m including me. 


[00:08:29] So universe, how many ways can you surprise and delight me with this car showing up as if by magic? That might be a car loan. That might be, somebody giving you a car that’s maybe not the car you would like, but it’s a car. There’s so many different ways if we can get out of the, “I don’t have the money, but I need to have this thing so I have to use my card or whatever.”


[00:08:56] Now, if you don’t mind using your credit card, if that works for you, please don’t think that I’m telling you [that] you shouldn’t. I just know from my own experience. The years that I dug myself into credit card debt and all of the past expenditures and all of that before changing it back in May of 2014, I know the hell that was. And I know the magic it is when I’m not doing that. 


[00:09:24] For me, it just really works for me not to have the extra stress because that’s how I carry it. It’s [the] stress of credit card debt, line of credits, past expenditures, all of those things. That is a huge stressor for me. If that isn’t for you, that’s totally fine, but I am speaking to the people that it is for so that you can really look at how many other ways. 


[00:09:48] As the prices of things go up, how many other ways can you receive what you would like? How many other ways can you acknowledge what is, so there’s a level of honesty with yourself of what you actually require? 


[00:10:05] Can you get out of that… it’s like that fear of missing out, you know? I used to really operate from that probably at times. Still do. If I don’t go to that class, if I don’t do that thing, if I don’t buy that stuff, then again, I’m too different from other people. 


[00:10:24] That fear of missing out is such an abuse to ourselves because there’s no awareness in that. If we’re purchasing something, we’re joining something, or we’re doing something based on not feeling left out or not being afraid that we’ll miss something, that’s not an honoring of us. 


[00:10:46] And then usually what happens is once we do the thing, buy the thing, have the thing, then we’re really disappointed because it didn’t give us what we thought it was going to, what we told ourself it was going to, which is such a huge gift in the sense of we can then start to acknowledge like, “Wow, okay. When I did that thing, afterwards I felt icky. Damn, I knew. I knew I was doing it to fit in.” The next time that energy comes up to choose something to fit in, you’ll be so much more aware of it. It’ll give you so much more information. 


[00:11:19] It’s also not about judging you when you have that space of, “Oh my gosh, I bought the thing to fit in and now…” no. It’s like, “Okay, cool. You know what? I got more awareness. I have more awareness now.” that’s really what it’s all for. It’s never that what you choose is right or wrong. 


[00:11:36] If you have credit card debt or past expenditures or line of credits or any of that, those are not wrong. If you’re like me and that’s a huge stressor for you, then what’s required to actually eliminate those? There’s so many ways and things in that. But again, ask, “Universe, how many ways can you surprise and delight me with me paying this off as if by magic” or whatever the wording might be for what you’re asking. 


[00:12:05] Recognize that sometimes it’s not what you think. Sometimes it’s not where you wake up in the morning and all this money’s in your bank account. Hmm… what would it take? I mean, let’s be willing to receive that. But a lot of times it is, maybe, in the form of a debt… is it consolidation? I think when you put all your debt together and then you have one payment and you pay it off. Maybe it’s that, maybe it’s something else. Who knows? 


[00:12:29] But we recognize that what is right now is that the prices of things are going up. We could say, “That’s an interesting point of view,” except it’s also what is. We know this. I was gonna say maybe it’s just North America, but no. It’s around the world. 


[00:12:47] Everything is going up money-wise, and the prices are going up. How can you be with that? How can you receive from that? How can you actually really get present with what is and then utilize it to your advantage? How do you do that? I wonder. Just ask. How can I utilize all of these price increases to my advantage? 


[00:13:16] The universe will show you. The universe responds to every question you ask, my sweet friends. Every question you ask. It’s just that usually the questions we’re asking are not. questions that we would like to be answered like, why is everything so expensive? Why can’t I pay my bills? Why is money so hard? Those are not questions you want the universe answering, my sweet friends. Start asking questions you would like the universe answering for you. 

[00:13:42] Again, my sessions have decreased in price. If you would like to check them out, you’ll find the link above or below. Have a great week, sweet friends. I look forward to chatting again next week.


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