Have You Lost Your Magic?

Sep 10, 2023

Are you losing your magic, or is it something else?

Have you felt like you’ve lost your magic? This is a question I have been getting a lot from my clients recently. Is this true for you, too? If so, tune in on this week’s episode as we address what might be actually going on when you feel like you’re losing your spark, and of course, a sprinkle of these *magical* tools I’ll be sharing might just do the trick!


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[00:00:00] Do you feel like you’ve lost your magic? Welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for being here. I am so incredibly grateful for you. 


[00:00:12] Do you know I’ve had a radio show for 10 years and one month? I forgot to celebrate on my 10th year anniversary which was in July of 2023. So, how cool is that? You can actually access every one of them on my webpage. If you just go to www.glenycehughes.com and then, I think it says “Radio Show” or “Podcast” on the top, you can access every show. Oh my goodness. 


[00:00:41] Anyway, have you felt like you’ve lost your magic? I’ve heard this from so many clients recently and really wanted to talk about what that actually might be. 


[00:00:51] First, what you wanna do is acknowledge that you can’t lose something that you are or something that you be, and you BE magic. You are magic, so you can’t lose it. First off, know that. 


[00:01:04] The other thing, if you can hear it in the background, is there’s some sweet puppies walking around. You might hear them and they might get up and get excited and you might really hear them. We will see. 


[00:01:15] Anyway, first off, you cannot lose your magic. It’s impossible. What can be occurring, and I would say in probably 90% of the cases with the clients who came in as that’s something to shift, is that they actually had expectations of what things should look like and because they didn’t turn out the way they expected them to, they felt like they lost their magic. 


[00:01:45] One thing I know for sure — and this is something you gotta check with you if you know it for sure or not, or if it’s even true for you ’cause it may not be. But one thing that I know for sure for me is the universe always has my back. I know there’s a million times — probably a billion times — that I would’ve fought that statement, and I do really truly know that to be true. The universe always has my back. 


[00:02:11] When things aren’t turning out the way that I would like them to, it’s not that I’ve lost my magic. It’s that I’ve decided, I’ve judged, I’ve concluded that one way is the only way. The universe is going, “Hmm, well… let me show you another way, my friend.” I’m not sure that the universe talks like that, but I like to think it does. 


[00:02:39] If you look at that, if you look at the areas or area — whatever you’ve got. If you’re watching this on video, I keep shifting because the chairs here are really high. If you’re a short girl, you’re gonna know what I’m talking about when I say I’ve actually got a stool to put my feet on because otherwise my feet just hang. It’s annoying. Anyway, I keep shifting to get them better suited on the stool. 


[00:03:06] Anyway, what you wanna look at with that is… is there possibly another way in terms of what you’ve decided? Let’s say your money isn’t going the way you would like it to. Is it possible that you’ve decided it should be a certain way when really, it’s something different? 


[00:03:32] A lot of times people will say [they] lose a job, and they decide they’re not magical because they lost that job. And yet… what if the universe totally has their back and is inviting them to something greater?


[00:03:48] This is something I’ve been saying now for months and months, probably actually since the beginning of this year, when I had a friend going through something which felt like the end of the world to her. I just kept saying, “Yes, totally feel it now and let’s talk about it in six months.” 


[00:04:06] I don’t mean I wasn’t willing to talk with her about it in the meantime, but let’s not judge it as the worst thing on the planet yet. Let’s give it some time. And, yeah… the universe totally had her back. Let me tell you, [it’s] just amazing [in] amazing ways. 


[00:04:23] I don’t mean every time, and I don’t mean if you’re going through shit, you should… what’s it called? Bypass it, I think they call it that when you go, “Oh no, it’ll be better. It’ll be fine.” That’s not what I’m talking about at all. 


[00:04:35] But also, if you’re in that judgment of “I’m not magical, I’ve lost my magic” or maybe you’re in the extreme of “I’ve never been magical,” it is possible that you’re looking through the lens of “This is the only way, this is the one way, this is it.” The universe is over here going, “But, uhm… let me show ‘ya. Let me show you some magic.” 


[00:05:00] What I suggest that you look at is those areas or areas I said earlier where you’re not feeling magical or like you’ve lost your magic. What is actually going on? 


[00:05:14] Let’s say you’ve lost your job. That’s what’s going on. Be with that. Have all the things, have the emotions, the upset, the anger, the whatever it might be. Maybe it’s a bazillion different things. Have that, be that. Allow that. Please allow that. And then, “All right… universe, show me. Universe, show me.” Yeah. And then start looking at what action is required? 


[00:05:43] Let’s say you would like a job similar to what you had. Of course, you go looking at those places where they would have those, along with “Universe, show me. Universe, show me,” ’cause it might come from a different direction. It might come from a different place than you never imagine. 


[00:05:58] You might get the idea to go for coffee at an unusual coffee shop for you. Maybe you usually do Starbucks, and, I don’t know, you go to Tim Horton’s or something if you’re in Canada. Although I think I saw one in Ireland, too. I do think that they’re in different places. 


[00:06:11] Anyway, what you wanna look at with that is following the energy ALSO while taking the what I’m gonna call the “logical action” – the things you know to do. 


[00:06:23] Step one, feel the feelings. Be present with what is. Of course, don’t bypass. Don’t pretend. Don’t go into what we might call the “positive thinking,” like, “This is for the best,” ’cause that’s not kind to you. Be with what is. 


[00:06:39] And then next, what action is required? Start looking at the logical action all the while [going], “Universe, show me. Universe, how many ways can you surprise and delight me with the magic showing up today?” Allow yourself to receive from the universe. Include the universe. 


[00:07:00] If you’re not new here, you’ve heard me say this a million times. If you’re new here, I just wanna explain how I see the universe. 


[00:07:09] The universe is definitely this beautiful home, nature, all the people on the planet including me, all the people NOT on the planet, all the energies, all the angels, all of the energies beyond the planet. It’s everything. The universe is everything. And so when we’re inviting the universe and receiving from it, it’s including us and everything. 


[00:07:38] Imagine having that as your resource. Ooh, I like it. Yes. The universe as your resource. I have a program – we’ll put a link to it. It’s called “Allowing the Universe to Be Your Sugar Daddy.” It’s from a few years ago. It was such a fun program to put together. We’ll put a link above or below if you wanna go grab that. 


[00:08:02] It’s so fun. It’s just one of those things that I just love because that’s what it can be, but not from the place of, “I’m just gonna sit back and wait for the universe to be my sugar daddy.” It includes you. It includes you. 


[00:08:18] First, feel it, be it, receive it, whatever feels like you’re not being magical. It’s okay to be there. It’s okay to be in that. It’s okay to have all the feelings and all the whatever might be with that. Just be there. Then, logical action. What’s required? If we’re talking about losing a job, where can you start applying now? 


[00:08:42] The other thing, too, is it might be — let’s say you lost your job and it’s between putting food on the table or not. Maybe you don’t just apply for the jobs that sound really fun to you. Maybe you apply for anything to get that done. 


[00:08:57] This is a totally different energy that you wanna be aware of because we wanna make sure that like the universe, we have our own back. We don’t say, “That job… that’s below me. I’m not doing that,” if you can’t eat next week, if you can’t pay your rent next week.


[00:09:14] There’s times that you might have to do like, I don’t know, not be a little bitch. You actually go, “No matter what, I am making sure that there’s food on our table next week so I’m gonna go apply for that job that I know I would get,” all the while applying for the other ones you’d really love also.


[00:09:33] It’s also not about being in the fantasy of, “I’m just gonna ask for it and it’s gonna show up.” No. If you won’t have money to eat next week, then you go do whatever the heck it takes to get that done while taking other action – applying for the fun jobs. Maybe the jobs that you’re not even totally qualified for, apply for them too. If they light you up. If it feels yummy, apply for them. 


[00:09:58] And then number three, all the while including the universe, asking, “Hey universe, how many ways could you surprise and delight me?” I know I’ve covered these again, but I’m covering them again so that you can start getting that whole idea that “you’re not magical” is really a lie.


[00:10:18] Sorry, [I’m] just saying it like it is, my sweet friends. I’m just saying it like it is. It is a lie. It’s just what have you defined as magical in that situation, and is it time to really change that? Is it time to maybe get more present with what is? 


[00:10:34] You’ve probably got so many examples – I know I do of my own life where it’s like, “It has to be this way.” I remember a time really wanting this job. It was actually gonna be in Saskatoon. It was on a psych ward in a prison. My background is psychiatric nursing. I really, really wanted the job and I didn’t get it. 


[00:10:57] Now… we could say I wasn’t magical except when I didn’t get it, what it did was inspired me. 


[00:11:05] I’d already started this business – this is back in 2002. Actually, I think I started my business 2002. This was probably 2003 because I’d been running my business for about six or seven months and it just wasn’t going the way that I would’ve loved it to go. I’d had a small business loan, and I was coming to the end of that money. I was like, “Oh my gosh,” and so applied for this job and I didn’t get it. 


[00:11:31] I would’ve told you I wasn’t magical. Really, what it was was that not getting it inspired me to actually get my butt going in the business and really make the business the success that it is. Had I got that job, I would’ve never done that.


[00:11:49] We all have stories like that. If we stop judging it as not magical, then what is it actually? What could we actually acknowledge at those times? 


[00:12:02] And then, start taking those steps ’cause I don’t mean you just sit back and wait. Believe me, I am not saying that. But you do wanna recognize that it’s not that you’re not magical. If you are like me, you know the universe has your back – universe includes you, so there’s something else. Start taking the action. Start taking the logical action, and start including everything to contribute to you acknowledging, receiving being the magic that you truly BE. 

[00:12:32] Have a great week, sweet friends, Sessions are still on sale. Link is above or below. If you don’t see a link, reach out and I will get it for you.


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