Why You Should Be Bragging

Dec 10, 2023

Are you celebrating YOU?

All our lives, we have been taught that bragging is “bad,” “wrong,” and all the things, but hear me out. What if it’s actually the missing piece to celebrating YOU? Join me in this week’s episode as we talk about bragging so we can all start acknowledging the magic that we BE.


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[00:00:00] Why you should be bragging. Welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for being here. I’m so incredibly grateful for each and every one of you. 


[00:00:13] Yeah, why you should be bragging? I know that most of us were probably taught as children that bragging is very, very wrong. In fact, it’s maybe even like a judgeable offense if you are a bragger. I believe there’s even like bragger bragger — no, that’s liar liar. Okay. But anyway, we’ve mostly been told that it’s wrong. I’m here to say, what if it’s not? What if that’s actually a missing piece of you really celebrating you? 


[00:00:47] Now, do I mean that we have to go on social media or walk up to people and start talking about how amazing we are, great we are? You could, of course, but that’s not actually what I’m talking about. 


[00:00:59] What I’m talking about in this case is what about you bragging to you about you? What a different concept. I know. It’s just that we downplay our gifts, our capacities, our accomplishments, our victories, whatever you want to call them. We downplay them so much that we don’t even celebrate them. We don’t even recognize that we’ve done something that is celebratory because we’re so used to downplaying them. We’re so used to making them like, “Oh, it’s just no big deal. It’s just no big deal.:” 


[00:01:39] I was recently working with a client and she has this huge following on social media. In our session, she was talking about how she has so little people on her email list. Okay?


[00:01:57] Now, that may be the case, but she was doing it as how much less she is, how wrong she is that she has nobody. I’m like, “But look at that group. Look at that group.” She said, “Oh well, no, that’s because of whatever…” and really downplayed it rather than going, “Wow.”


[00:02:19] And then of course, in that case, a question can be how to move them from the Facebook group onto her email list if that’s what you’re looking for. But the first step, the first step, is acknowledging what you’ve done, what you’ve created. 


[00:02:35] I know that most of us, again, are taught that we’re to focus on what isn’t working or what is not where we would like it to be. But you know what? We’ll never, ever, ever be completely happy and satisfied with where we’re at. And let’s celebrate that, too. 


[00:02:56] Now, I’m going to explain that a little bit because it kind of sounds like, “What? That’s it? I’ll never be happy and satisfied?” That’s not it. It’s just that every one of us — if you’re still watching this a few minutes in, we’re listening to this, however you’re consuming this, you’re still here, then you would like more out of your life constantly. I mean constantly, and I think we should celebrate that. 


[00:03:22] I’m the same way. The same way. I can achieve some goal or dream or victory or something, and then it’s like, “All right. Now, what? Now, what?” and there’s the next thing. We’re like that. That’s just who we are. Let’s celebrate that. 


[00:03:39] But also, when we do have reached that goal or accomplished the dream or whatever it is, let’s also celebrate that instead of downplaying like, “Oh, that just happened because so and so did whatever,” or “I mean, that wasn’t really me.” It’s like… oh. 


[00:03:55] I remember years ago, it was 2002 when I took my first Reiki class. It was so drilled into us in that class, and I continued drilling it as I facilitated Reiki classes in the years after, that we were never, ever, ever to acknowledge ourselves if somebody had anything occur in that Reiki session. If somebody came in with a headache and they had a Reiki session and they didn’t have the headache after, we were always to say, “Oh, it wasn’t me. It was the energy.” 


[00:04:33] Now, on one hand, I totally get that. It is not probably healthy to say, “Oh, that was totally me,” because it’s not if there’s a whole mix, right? If we are doing Reiki or any sort of energy work on someone else, it’s a mix. It’s that person receiving it and us and all the things. 


[00:04:53] But to totally cut it down every time — and I was so stuck in it, I’m going to say, that somebody who knew nothing about any of this – they tried Reiki for the first time because they hadn’t had success with anything else out there, and they just tried it and they just said after, “Wow, I feel so good,” my response to that wasn’t “You’re welcome.” It wasn’t “I’m happy about that.” It was “It wasn’t me. It wasn’t me.” 


[00:05:21] I mean, it sounds so ridiculous now, but that is the energy of it. I had been taught and I had really taken it on that somehow I would — I don’t know what would happen to me if I said, “Oh, I’m glad that we created that” or “I’m glad that that’s occurred,” or received some of my part in that. 


[00:05:43] Yeah, right? I mean, there’s so much where we downplay, where we cut off, and it’s like, what if we could actually acknowledge ourselves, celebrate what we did do in that session? 


[00:05:57] I don’t mean we have to figure out what we did in that session because stuff like energy work is not really figure-out-able. That’s the magic of it. But also, not pretend that we weren’t part of the magic there because we totally were part of the magic there. Yeah. 


[00:06:12] When I talk about why you should brag, this is what I’m talking about. This is where you need to be celebrating you. The more that you celebrate you, the more that you’re going to achieve whatever it is you would like to achieve.


[00:06:28] I have a sweet little kitty here. You might hear her. I don’t know if you can hear that or not, but she’s so cute. I’m currently in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and at a friend’s house who happens to have a kitty, and she happens to be away right now, so we’re kind of pet sitting. Not kind of, we totally are. 


[00:06:47] But anyway, so, bragging for you. Now, I have recently created this really cool daily actionable calendar to be confident as fuck. It is a bonus for anybody who joins us for the Confident as Fuck, the 5-week program that’s coming up starting in January of 2024. If you’re listening to this later, of course, it’s been recorded. You can find it on the same link above or below. If you don’t see a link, reach out.


[00:07:16] But I’ve created this calendar. Every day for 365 days, there’s an actionable step to take to become confident as fuck, to really get that energy. One of the things that I’ve put on there and that’s really inspired this radio show because I thought many people, when they read it, will be like, “No,” is to phone a friend and have a bragging contest. 


[00:07:41] Right? Like, why the hell not? And of course, you want to choose the friend wisely. You want it to be somebody who’s maybe choosing like you are in certain ways so that they’re willing and able and excited to do it, and they know that it’s not a competition but that it’s for fun, and it’s building this muscle to really celebrate you, to be confident as fuck, and it can contribute to them also. Like, what if you did? 


[00:08:08] Imagine giving yourself — let’s say you phone a friend and you go five minutes each and maybe you, I don’t know, just choose whoever to go first. I was going to say draw straws, but you’re not in the same room so it doesn’t matter however you want to do it. 


[00:08:21] The first one goes and they just brag. Brag, like, really get the energy of, like, “Wow, this week I showed up to this meeting and I was prepared and I had everything that I wanted to cover, and I made sure that when they spoke about something I disagreed with that I spoke up,” you know? 


[00:08:43] It doesn’t have to be when things go perfect either. It could be like, “You know what? I showed up at the meeting. I wanted to cover these three topics. We didn’t get to the third one. I was really frustrated with myself after. Next time, I know that I’m going to make sure that this occurs.” Right? 


[00:08:58] Bragging doesn’t have to be about when did good, when you were perfect. It’s not about that, but it’s about acknowledging. It’s about acknowledging and celebrating and just getting the energy that you succeed every freaking day. 


[00:09:14] You succeed every freaking day, but you don’t see those successes. You don’t acknowledge those successes. You wipe them off. You don’t even look back.


[00:09:25] Imagine you, whatever, a year ago, five years ago, 10 years ago, whatever’s going to bring up the most energy for you, is that you back then? Would have they done this week what you did? 


[00:09:37] I’ll tell you for me, no. No. No. The way that I’m choosing to show up now, the way that I’m choosing to live now, the way that I’m choosing to ask for what I would like and allow people around me to be uncomfortable and be demanding in certain ways when it’s appropriate for me, I never would have done that. Maybe a year ago, a little bit a year ago, but five years ago? No. Ten years ago? Oh my gosh, no.


[00:10:10] This week, I still caught myself a few times, when I was asking for what I knew someone else was uncomfortable for, saying “I’m sorry.” I caught myself doing that and I was like, huh? Okay, I didn’t stop it in the moment. I heard myself say it. “I’m sorry, can you help me with this?” And then went afterwards like, wow, I don’t need to be sorry. I can just say, “Hey, can you help me with this?” 


[00:10:35] Or with some of them — they were medical professionals that I was around. What I started doing was say, whatever their name is, “May I ask you a question?” And that just changed it because I don’t [go], “Hey, I’m sorry, I have a question.” No. May I ask you a question? That allows them to make the choice if I can or can’t. 


[00:10:56] It also starts it off on a different energy than when I walk in and I go, “Oh, I’m sorry…” what the hell? No, I’m not sorry. I’m actually grateful that I have a question. Really grateful. 


[00:11:05] What was so cool is that the day after I caught myself saying “I’m sorry” a couple times in regards to asking questions, I ran into a family member in the hospital. She works there and I think we were just chatting about different things and I just was asking about something specific. 


[00:11:26] She said, “You know, questioning is really the best thing. You’ll you’ll never, ever go wrong by asking questions.” And I was like, oh, okay, this is really cool. I mean, I know that, and sometimes when I’m in, say, unfamiliar situations, it’s a little bit different and I can kind of lose that.


[00:11:43] My dad’s in the hospital, he had some surgery, everything’s going wonderfully, just in case you’re going, “What’s happening that you’re in a medical institution talking to professionals?” That’s what’s going on. All is well and I’m so grateful. Just wanted to cover that so we didn’t have any panic in anybody’s world.


[00:12:01] So, yeah. So, bragging about you to you or to friends or maybe you like to post on Facebook. You’ll see a lot of my posts can be about bragging. It could be seen as bragging – absolutely. I’m okay with that. There’d have been a time I wasn’t okay with that. I’m okay with that now. Okay, if people want to judge that, if they think it’s wrong, no problem. 


[00:12:24] I know for me that it builds my confidence every freaking day the more that I celebrate me to me. If I want to put it out in the world, cool also, but that part isn’t necessary. Just an additional if you’d like to. 


[00:12:40] Once again, I would love to have you join me. Confident as Fuck, five weeks to crushing imposter syndrome so you can truly succeed in life and business as if by magic. That starts January, 2024. Again, it is going to be available as a recording afterwards also. And of course, if you would like just the calendar part, that’s available also. Links are above or below. Yeah. 

[00:13:06] Have a great week, sweet friends. Keep bragging. I look forward to chatting again next week.


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