A Tool to Price Your Magic

Feb 18, 2024

Struggle no more.

Do you struggle with pricing your programs, business, sessions, or what have you? I’ve been there, too. That’s why in this episode, I’m sharing one among many, many phenomenal tools I use when setting the pricing on my magical creations. This might just be what you need to open yourself up to what’s truly possible for you!


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[00:00:00] Do you struggle with pricing your magic? Welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes, and my friend, Chloe, here. Now, for those of you who aren’t watching the video, the sweet Rottweiler that we are house sitting right now is beside me, and she’s beautiful. 


Anyway, do you struggle pricing your magic? Do you have a business where you don’t know what to charge for your magic, for your invaluable services and sessions? 


[00:00:33] Yeah, I totally get it guys. I used to struggle too, back in, gosh, 2002 when I started my business. I had no clue how to price my sessions — oh, yes. She wants to show you her lobster toy. I had no clue how to price my sessions. 


[00:00:51] What I started doing was I charged what people in the area were doing that were doing things that were similar to mine, because at that time there was nobody in Vermillion, Alberta, Canada, that was offering Reiki sessions. I looked at massage therapists and I looked at, you know, they were about an hour long sessions, which was same as my Reiki sessions. So, I charged what they charged, which was $45 a session. 


[00:01:15] Now, that’s great. There’s nothing wrong with doing it that way. However, I was not aligned with that. I was not aligned with that price. And what happens when we’re not aligned with the price that we’re pricing things at? There’s no energy on it for people to choose it. In fact, there’s more of an energy not to choose it than to actually choose it. I know. 


[00:01:42] And so, what happened was I couldn’t even look at people in the eyes if I met somebody in the grocery store and they asked about my business and they said, “Oh, what do you charge for a session?” I would look away and say $45 a session and look back at them. I could not even hold their gaze. 


[00:02:01] So, what I started doing, and this is just one of many, many, many different pricing strategies, but what I started doing, and this was probably a good few years after I started my business. It took a while for me to really start gaining confidence in business.


[00:02:17] What I would do before I would price something is I would look at it and go, “Okay, if I were to meet somebody on the street, can I look at them in the eyes and tell them the price?” and I would just imagine it. 


[00:02:32] I would just imagine myself, again, in the co-op grocery store, somebody walking up to me saying, “What is the price for this session?” and me going, whatever, “$100.” If I had to go a hundred dollars and look away, I knew I wasn’t aligned. That started changing everything for me because I was now doing business from that sense of alignment, that sense of energetic alignment. 


[00:03:00] One thing that I’ve heard so many people suggest in terms of pricing, which is a bit of a problem, is to price what you’re worth ’cause guys, it’s impossible to price what you’re worth. If you were to look at it and look at the change that you can contribute to somebody in whatever way you’re doing it, whether it’s a product or a session or service or whatever class – [it] doesn’t matter, look at how much change that that offers that person. If you’re going to price it for what it’s worth, it’s probably millions, if not billions of dollars. So, I really suggest not pricing based on what it’s worth, but price on the energetic alignment for you with that price. 


[00:03:48] Now, there’s other things to take into consideration. Of course, you know? You might only be able to look at somebody and say, +”Oh, my sessions are $1.” Okay, that’s crazy. So, there are other pieces.


[00:04:00] Now, this is a whole invite to a beautiful 2-part class that I’ve got coming up called “Confidently Pricing Your Magic.” We will go through all of that. Part one is really about honoring and acknowledging and getting to your worth, your value, but not from the place where I was talking about before where you’re going to start pricing based on your worth – no. You’re going to start acknowledging it, and not like celebrating it, knowing it. 


And then, part two is all about different pricing strategies. So, the looking people in the eyes, that’s one of many. Some are energetic, some are very practical, you know, where you would actually look at what you would like to make in a month. Maybe even look at what you require in a month. Maybe you know you require $2, 000, so then you can work backwards in some places. 


[00:04:54] There’s so many different ways to do it. If this is something that you struggle with, I invite you to join us. The links will be above or below. If you don’t see them, reach out, I’ll get them for you. That is coming up on February 21st and 22nd of 2024. If you’re listening to this later or watching it later, you can still purchase, of course, the recording. So, again, just reach out. 


[00:05:18] With that, we want to be looking at what is it that when we price something, where are we energetically with that? Now, there’s a lot of times where we think it has to do with the thing itself, like, the value of the thing, and it can be. But a lot of times it’s more from within. 


[00:05:39] You know, $45 , even back in 2002, $45 for a Reiki session really wasn’t a huge amount of money. But honestly, if I was really doing it, if I would have known what I know now and I would have done it from alignment, being energetically aligned back then, honestly, they would have been $25. That would have been where I could have looked people in the eye and said, “Oh, they’re 25 a session.” 


[00:06:07] Now, it has no meaning on the session itself, whether they’re $45, $25, or I mean eventually I got up to $160, $225, $300. It wasn’t actually about that. It was about, for me, really acknowledging that I do contribute. I do just by doing the session.


[00:06:30] Let’s be honest. Just by us breathing, we contribute. But the way we’re talking about it right now in terms of pricing is what contribution we can be? What we can gift? It’s a totally different energy. 


[00:06:44] When we’re trying to base it only on the logistics of, “Okay, well other people in my area charge this,” or, of course, some people try to do the other thing of, say, Reiki practitioners in the area charge $100, I’m going to charge $70 so I undercut people. That’s not going to work either, guys, because you’re not energetically aligned. 


[00:07:05] Sometimes, we’re not energetically aligned because it’s too much, as it was for me with $45. Sometimes we’re not energetically aligned because it’s too little. Yeah. It’s a totally backwards thing, right? Because we think, “Oh, well, we should always go down in price. That will always be more comfortable or more aligned.” No. In some cases, yes, of course, but sometimes it’s the other way. 


[00:07:31] I remember… this would have been probably 2010, 2011. I would have been in business eight, nine years. I remember that. I remember all of a sudden, I used to always fill up my 1-1 session. I would do 1-1 sessions about four days a week, sometimes five, but mostly four days a week. I would do four 1-1 sessions a day usually. By the end of the week, the next week was usually full. I didn’t book up months in advance or anything like that. But usually by the end of the week, the following week was filled. 


[00:08:05] What started happening was the following week didn’t get filled. In fact, it was maybe 50%, sometimes 30%. I was like, “What happening? What’s going on?” Of course, the usual “what did I do wrong” type of energy. What I actually had to acknowledge was I wasn’t actually charging what was aligned for me. I was charging too little at that point. 


[00:08:31] And so, again, once we’re out of that energetical alignment with our pricing, business just doesn’t flow. The money can’t flow in. It is this space of us putting up walls and barriers and really limiting what is possible for us, and again, either way. 


[00:08:48] If we go back to my example of $45 for a Reiki session, and if I’d have known then what I know now, back then it probably would have been $25. It would have been more energetically aligned. 


[00:09:02] But people would say, “But look at how much less you’re making.” But… I meanwe’rere working off of some assumptions here, but very likely I would have been filled up or at least close to filled up with sessions at $25 a session compared to having maybe one, maybe two sessions a week at $45. Ultimately, it would have worked out better for me financially back then to really be in alignment with the pricing.


[00:09:33] Again, this is just one part of many different pricing strategies that we’ll talk about during the pricing call. I would love to have you join us. If you’ve got any questions or you can’t find the links, reach out. I will get them for you. 

[00:09:46] Have a fabulous week, sweet friends. I look forward to chatting again soon.


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