A Psychic Tool to Turn Back Time

Mar 3, 2024

Time to create more magic with our psychic gifts!

Do you wonder if you can use your psychic gifts to turn back time and create what you desire? Hmmm… challenge accepted! Tune in to this episode to find out how I did it to shift things for myself, and maybe you could start bringing about change in your life with this phenomenal tool, too. How does it get any better than that?


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[00:00:00] A psychic tool to turn back time. Welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for listening. I am so incredibly grateful for each and every one of you. Yeah. 


[00:00:14] So, I recently completed a “21 Days to Receiving and Trusting Your Psychic Gifts.” It was beyond phenomenal, like, oh ,my goodness. And so the tool that I’m going to share in this radio show is one that I shared in that 21 days. This is an invite to the requested, by the peeps in the first 21 days, another “21 Days to Receiving and Trusting Your Psychic Gifts.” Yeah. We’re gonna do another round. You can either purchase both and you’ll find a link above or below for that, or you can just join us for the another round. Whatever you would like, either way, come and play because it’s phenomenal. 


[00:00:59] When I put it together initially, it was actually really fun because [when] it came to me, I’d been really sick. I’d had a really bad flu. At the very end of it when I was just starting to feel better and I was in bed one night, this idea came to me for having a workshop. I did it, it’s also available for purchase. You can find it above or below. It was called, I think “Receive & Trust Your Psychic Gifts” or something like that. 


[00:01:32] With that, as I’m laying in bed, that idea came “knocking at my door,” as I often refer to it, and then came right behind was like follow up with 21 days of different tools. In the original workshop, we actually went through basically all of the different psychic senses, how they can show up, how you can actually exponentialize them if you would like, and then how to utilize them to manifest your dreams come true. It was pretty close to two hours of just straight content with a workbook. It’s phenomenal. Again, we’ll have a link to it. 


[00:02:08] So, these came knocking at my door so loudly, so strongly that I almost got out of bed and started creating them. I was so excited about them, which, honestly, at that point, because I had been so sick, felt so good to have that sort of energy and that excitement. So the next morning, I woke up bright and early and got them created and, yeah. It’s just so cool that there is now another 21 days, like, yikes! Ah! 


[00:02:37] What happened in those 21 days is that I didn’t have a plan. I didn’t sit down ahead of time and write out 21 ideas. I had a couple of ideas for sure, and then there was other suggestions from people in the group that suggested different ideas. But most of the days were basically I just had to pay attention, be really present in my everyday life as to what I was using that day. 


[00:03:04] I’ll be honest, and this sounds so weird, especially if you’d have talked to me 20 years ago, but it has become so natural. These tools I use without even thinking about them for the most part — I can’t say all of them, of course, but for the most part, I don’t even think about them. I just go into the tool.


[00:03:25] “How to turn back time” tool, and I named it that because I really don’t know what else to call it, came up. It was the day before I shared the tool, I was walking up the stairs at the house that we were house sitting at and at one step, I felt like a twinge in my knee. That can occur, and I’ve had knee problems years and years ago, and so I’m pretty aware of my knees because it was horrific all those years ago.


[00:03:56] As soon as I felt that twinge, the next thing that I did, before I even took another step, was I energetically — this is a little bit hard to describe, but follow along. I energetically “went back in time.” I energetically went back before I took the step that had the twinge. 


[00:04:17] Now, a couple things: one, I didn’t take another step because I was going to be solidifying the twinge, the pain, the discomfort every step I took so I stopped. I mean, it sounds like this took minutes. It did not. It took probably three seconds. I physically stopped, I didn’t go backwards, I didn’t physically step backwards, but energetically, I did. I went back to the moment before the twinge and made that more real than the twinge. 


[00:04:48] I know. If you play with this, you’ll get an idea of what I’m talking about. If you try to follow along really logically, you may not have an easy time with this magic trick. But that’s basically what I do. In that moment, the step, the twinge, which again, in my world because of my past with my knees, I don’t want to take another step until I clear whatever that is. I just stop energetically, go back one step, and solidify not having the twinge so to speak, and then continue on walking, and in three seconds I’m continuing walking. Somebody, if they were walking behind me, wouldn’t even have time to bump into me. I am so quick with it. 


[00:05:38] Like I say with all of these — not all of them, but most of the psychic ways, tools, tricks, whatever you want to call them that I shared were ones that I actually don’t even remember I use. They’re just so part of my day. 


[00:05:55] And so, you can use that on most anything. Now. I say “most anything” because when we have solidified something, that’s when it’s not maybe as ease or there’s other tools we could use that might assist us quicker. But if it’s something that has not been there very long, you don’t have a really solid point of view about it, you haven’t really made it real, then it’s really fun way to utilize your energies, your psychic gifts to really play with it and shift it and then create what you’d actually like. 


[00:06:30] Now, what it does require is a level of presence. I’m stopping on purpose. I’m giving you that moment of like, “Wait, what?” A level of presence. I had to be so present that when my knee twinged, I knew to stop because what I could have done, and probably have done a million times before, is taken the next step, “Ouch!” Taken the next step, “Oh that really hurts!” Taken the next step, next step, “Oh sure, I’m going to have knee problems again. Oh my god! I can’t believe…” That’s what I mean when I say solidify. This is what we do — we solidify it. Stop it. Stop it. 


[00:07:11] So, a level of presence is required with the thing, whatever it is. How do you become that present? Well, you probably are that present in some areas. For me, again, with my knees, it was back in 2015 and I’d actually got to the point where I could barely walk. In fact, Hubby was pushing me through airports in a wheelchair. It was horrifying so I am very present with my knees, even though it’s been nine years. It took about a year for me to shift everything. I haven’t created anything with them since but I’m still very aware of that discomfort and not interested in choosing that again. 


[00:07:55] So, I have a level of presence with my knees that is you probably have with something else or other areas in your life. You just want to be looking at those areas and celebrate that you have it there, and then look at the areas where you would like to be creating more or actualizing more or having more or changing something. Start looking at how can you be more present with those things. How can you get more present?


[00:08:21] Now, I love to ask. Let’s say it’s your money stuff. Let’s say you’d like to be really present with your money stuff. What I do is I involve the other thing – whether it’s money, whether it’s my body, whether it’s my car, whatever it is, I involve it and I say, “Hey, money, can you contribute to me being really present with you? Can you assist me? When I go into shut down, can you wake me up? Can you bring me back to the present moment? Can you assist?” I’m working with the other thing to co-create whatever it is that we would like. It’s just going to depend, but that is number one: you’ve got to be present with it.


[00:09:00] Number two: you’ve got to make sure you don’t solidify what you don’t want. If I would have stopped on the step and went first into the panic of, “Oh no, my knees are a problem! This is a problem! They were a problem before this! I’m going to have to be…” right? That’s solidifying it. That’s making it really real. I didn’t. It’s like, “Oh, the twinge. Don’t want that.” Stop. Turn back time. Keep going. 


[00:09:27] Again, this is years of using these tools and these tricks and all of this magic and our psychic gifts and all of it. You might have some learning curves as you go through this, guys. You might not. I don’t want to project onto you that you will, but you might, so please have some grace with yourself about that and give yourself time with it. 


[00:09:45] Maybe you take one thing at a time. Maybe you say, “Okay, you know what? I’d really like to be aware with my money stuff,” and so that’s really where your attention is, where your level of presence is just until you build up that muscle. And then, you can start noticing. 


[00:10:00] Let’s say you’re watching TV and they’re going on a trip. They purchase a private jet to go on their trip and you go to, “Oh my god, what a waste of money! That is so stupid,” stop. Turn back time to the moment before you went into the judgment of it and what would you like it to be like. “Whoa, what a cool choice for them!” It doesn’t mean you have to want to go on a private jet. It just means that you can celebrate what they’re choosing. You don’t have to go into the judgment of it. You can just celebrate it. It’s just a different energy. 


[00:10:37] You can do it on points of views or beliefs or stuff like that. You can do it on physical things. Again, I’m going to say it, just don’t solidify whatever it is in the opposite. 


[00:10:51] Now, could you try this on something? 


[00:10:54] Let’s say nine years later, I still had knee problems. Could I turn back the time on those knee problems even though they’ve been solidified for nine years? Probably not, but maybe. So, I’m not saying don’t try it on that. Please, any tool that I share, any trick, whatever that I share, try it on everything. Try it on whatever you’d like. I don’t want to limit you with my experiences or my points of views or limitations with it, so please try it out.


[00:11:23] But do let me know. I would love to hear if you tried on something that’s been solidified for a long time and you’re able to shift it. Please, reach out, email me, message me. There’s all the channels, so I would love to hear. 


[00:11:36] If you would like to be a part of another “21 Days of Receiving and Trusting Your Psychic Gifts,” you’ll find the information above or below. There is a discount if you purchase both – the first round and this another round. I would love to have you as part of this. It’s such an amazing journey to go on and really start receiving and trusting and creating magic with our psychic gifts. 

[00:12:04] Have a great week, sweet friends. I look forward to chatting again soon.


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