Are You Limiting Possibilities?

Mar 16, 2024

Time to create more magic with our psychic gifts!

Do you wonder if you can use your psychic gifts to turn back time and create what you desire? Hmmm… challenge accepted! Tune in to this episode to find out how I did it to shift things for myself, and maybe you could start bringing about change in your life with this phenomenal tool, too. How does it get any better than that?


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[00:00:00] Have you been limiting what’s possible for you? Welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for being here. I am so incredibly grateful for each and every one of you. 


[00:00:13] Yeah, we are at a house and pet sit in Wichita, Kansas. You can see one of the puppers behind me. We’ve got three mini Australian shepherds and four cats. I know! It sounds like it’s a lot. They’re a lot of fun, though, and they do sleep a lot so that is very helpful. 


[00:00:29] So, have you been limiting what’s possible for you? I know I have. One of the things that I have talked about for years — and I talk about [it] in classes, on the radio show, in sessions, everywhere because of the importance of it — is acknowledging the change as you change. As you move forward, acknowledge, basically where you’ve come from to what you’re choosing. 


[00:00:55] I realized that I hadn’t really been doing that. How I realized was that I put a sale on a course that I created back in 2021. The course is called “Manifest Your Money Goal Toolkit.” It is phenomenal. We’ve had over 400, I mean, 500 — think 524 people, — go through it. Amazing. 


[00:01:18] As I was putting it together and writing the email for the sale, what I recognized was that it needed some upgrades. I needed to go in and make some changes. What I’m doing, they will be ready by March 27th of 2024. Of course, there’s a link above or below that you can go grab the course and get the upgrades and all the things.


[00:01:39] And so as I was looking at the course and going, “Wow, this needs to be changed, this needs to be updated. I’ve got more tools of this,” I realized that I actually hadn’t been, HADN’T BEEN, acknowledging the magic of me. Acknowledging the change. What I referred to it as is, like, “uplevel.” I’ve upleveled a time or a bazillion in the last three years, and I hadn’t really acknowledged that. Not in this capacity, [but in] many different individual ways. But looking at that course, looking what I created back in 2021 to what I’m creating now, holy doodles.


[00:02:20] So, I wanted to do this radio show as a reminder, especially if you have had some experience with acknowledging yourself, because what if… what if you could do more of it? 


[00:02:35] Now, how do you do this? There’s lots of ways. 


[00:02:38] One of the ways that I’m going to implement, and I used to do it and then I stopped, is [the] Reminder app on my phone. I use my Reminder app for everything, and this is one of those things so that every day I can acknowledge myself and what I’m choosing and how I’m upleveling, basically. 


[00:02:56] Now, you might have a specific area, you know? There might be, whether it’s money-related or body-related or whatever. But make sure you’re acknowledging it.


[00:03:05] And the other thing that that does for me when I’m acknowledging regularly is that I can also see where I could make shifts or changes or where I could have different choices available, so that it basically is where you’re being present with whatever it is. In that level of presence, what occurs is that you start to make leaps and bounds forward. Now, in the past few years, I still made those leaps and bounds forward. But it was really different. It was really different, especially I would say this last year. 


[00:03:40] This last year has been really different just for myself with living. Right? As many of you know, we’ve sold everything and we now travel the world full time pet and house sitting. And so, everything is different in my world. There’s really nothing that is the same in terms of, like, consistently every day this is what I do, or this is what my day looks like, or this is what Monday to Friday looks like, none of that. It just depends where we’re at – if we’re traveling or if we’re at a sit or all the things.


[00:04:11] So, it can sometimes feel like I’m, in a sense, going backwards. The best way that I can describe this, and it’s an energetic description so please know I’m using words so that I can explain it but I’m also limited because I’m using words to explain it. 


[00:04:31] For me, when I’m choosing and I’m upleveling and going forward, you know, movement, going forward, what can occur if I’m not acknowledging it, if I’m not being present with it is that it’s almost like an elastic band. I get so far and then I feel like I’m pulled back. I don’t feel like I’m snapped back like you would with an elastic band, but pulled back. It’s like if you’re stretching it and then you let go a little bit like that. And so when I don’t acknowledgize, it’s like forward, yes, but then back a little bit and back a little bit. If I’m not being present, then it can go way back. Again, using words to describe something that words are not the best for, but that’s the energy of it for me. 


[00:05:22] That’s something that I hadn’t even recognized until I was writing the email and looking at, wow, there’s all of these changes. There’s all of these things. There’s so much more that I am now, that I be now, the magic that’s available now that I haven’t been acknowledging. So then, it limits the possibilities ’cause that elastic starts pulling back. You know what I mean? 


[00:05:49] Really in your own life, what you might want to look at is are there areas where it feels like the elastic is going backwards, where it feels like you’re being pulled back, or maybe you even feel like you’re back where you were? You felt like you had some progress, and then you feel like, whatever, a month, six months, two years, you’re feeling like you’re back where you were previously. And so it could just be that it’s about acknowledging what you had changed, what you were the magic of you in that moment or in that time frame, and really look at where you didn’t acknowledgize you. 


[00:06:26] I would say for myself, one of the biggest things that is important to keep in my awareness is where am I more in the future in terms of when I get to that, then I’ll acknowledgize it. Like, over here is success and over here is where I’m at. All this in between is nothing. That’s really unkind because all this in between is magic. 


[00:06:59] Even if you’re not where you’d like to be, could you acknowledgize where you’re at? Maybe it is an acknowledgizing of the elastic that you’ve went, what might feel like backwards. You’re not, but it might just feel like it, so then it could be okay. Where do you need to acknowledgize? 


[00:07:18] How do you need to acknwoledgize it? That could look different for each one of us. Some people love to write. They love to write like a journal and acknowledgize that way. Some people like to speak it. Some people like to just think about it. I mean, it doesn’t matter, but how is that for you? What is the most magical way for you? 


[00:07:38] What I realized for myself is that the speaking of it for me is what really contributes and what I hadn’t been doing much like not really having a weekly radio show anymore. I haven’t for a few months, which works, too. I have to say with our schedules and our travel and all of that, it works well not having that kind of commitment each week. But also then I’m not speaking it as much. And if I’m not talking on a radio show or in classes or different things like that, then I’m probably not speaking it. But then I’m also not acknowledgizing it. So, what needs to be done? What do I need to put in place so that becomes something? Whether I set up with an accountability friend, it doesn’t matter. There’s just so many different ways that we can so that we can actually be aware of the magic of ourselves and then stop limiting what’s possible. 


[00:08:34] Stop pretending like we haven’t created a bunch of magic. Just because we’re not where we think we should be or where we think we’re supposed to be or where somebody else thinks we should be, we still acknowledgize the magic and what we have chose. 


[00:08:51] Maybe we’ve chose things that didn’t turn out the way that we thought they would. And then we spend a lot of time spinning in the judgment. What if we stop that? What if we truly, truly, truly, start acknowledging that, “Hey, I actually made a choice. I took action. It didn’t turn out the way I’d like it. I have way more information now.” 


[00:09:11] One of the things with pet sitting that, I mean, it’s been almost a year, June will be, or I guess July, will be a year. I’m not sure how many months that is. But with each one, we’ve learned something about what we like. We wouldn’t have known if you had asked me back in July. I wouldn’t have known 95% of what I know now. We did some pet/house sits before July before we did that full time, but doing it full time has given us so much more information and we’re so much more aware of it.


[00:09:45] Now, it’s interesting because with it, I don’t sit and spin in judgment of me like, “Oh, why did I choose this?” and “Oh, I should have known.” No. I have grace with myself in terms of like, wow, I didn’t know how much nicer it is if I’m going to do pet sits in Canada in the winter to not have dogs that are on leashes. Yeah. 


[00:10:07] Let me tell ya, when you can just open the door and let them outside in the winter because they have a big fence or they have a big acreage or whatever it is, that’s a dream come true, my sweet friends, compared to needing to dress yourself up in layers and layers and then leash them and walk. You know, all the things. But I didn’t know that. Now, I could have probably guessed that one because I’m not a huge fan of winter — says a Canadian — but you get the idea. There’s just been little things that we are so much more aware of now. 


[00:10:38] The super cool thing is because we’ve got so many sits under our belt, so to speak, we’ve received a five-star review. Everybody’s been super happy with us. We get multiple requests to come back. I mean, I’m so grateful. With all of that, we actually have the space to be picky. We can say, “We would like this and this and this.” At this point when we first started, I would just apply and basically wait for them to choose us, and now we get to be the choosing ones. I know the value of us pet sitting and house sitting. I know that now whereas when we were first starting out, it was like we were just learning it, I guess, and now I know that. It’s like taking that energy and being that in every area of my life. 


[00:11:24] So, would you be willing to start acknowledgizing? Or maybe you’re like me and you didn’t do a great job over the last little while and really start, again, acknowledgizing the magic of you and what you have chosen, what you have created. Ah, yeah, because isn’t it time, my sweet friends? Isn’t it time? 


[00:11:44] If you would like to join us for the upleveled Manifest Your Money Goal Toolkit, then check out the link above or below. We’ve got the upgrades coming by March 27th of 2024, and then we also have a live call on April 16th for a Q&A basically for people as they go through it. I would love to have you join. If you are one of the people who pre-purchased, who has already has the course, check your email because you’ve got all the newness as if by magic. 

[00:12:15] Have a great week, sweet friends. I look forward to chatting again soon.


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