What if it isn’t how you thought?

How you create anything is how you create everything… now that is a pretty general statement… and it has been floating around inviting me to look at creation, in particular, creation of money. Tune into this episode as I explore!


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How you create anything is how you create everything… now that is a pretty general statement… and it has been floating around inviting me to look at creation, in particular, creation of money. Tune into this episode as I explore!


If you liked this episode, you can now show some love (and support the radio show at the same time!) by Buying Me a Coffee ☕ How does it get any better than that?! I’m excited and would be so grateful to receive a cup of coffee from you, my sweet friend.

[00:00:00]: Have you ever considered the energy behind you creating money? Welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for being here. I am so incredibly grateful for each and every one of you. And, yes, we’re going old school. This is not a video. This is only done via audio, the way that I used to do it for years, and we’re gonna try it out for a while. So how to create money? Yeah. And this is the the woo stuff of it.


[00:00:33]: I mean, logically, we know, go get a job or put a a, you know, a digital product out or those sorts of things. We we get that. But what I’m talking about here is energetically, How do we create money? And I’m a I’m a big believer of matching energy, woo, plus logic. Okay? So this isn’t just about the airy fairy sit on your couch and and hope and dream and wish. That is not what I’m talking about here. What I wanted to invite you to was this energy that has been floating around in my world, and I will talk a lot more about that throughout the show because it’s basically what the show is about. But this occurs for me often. It used to occur for me all the time and multiple things all the time, and that’s really cool.


[00:01:22]: And then for a while, it kinda changed. It didn’t seem to be, and that that was hard for me, I’ll be honest. But also, I was going through some things. I was making some huge changes. There’s, you know, this whole not having a house, traveling the world full time, pet, and house sitting is is I mean, it’s amazing, and it’s a big change. So with this energy that’s kind of floating around me, this these are the words that that come with that energy, and it’s how you create anything is how you create everything. Now that’s not always. K? Black and white.


[00:01:58]: We’re not we’re not doing that here, but I wanna talk about this because what it got me to look at was how I create is also how I create money. So this is where I wanna talk about that energy. So I and I’m I’m gonna just give you a really kind of concrete example in terms of, business idea. So this was back in, I don’t even remember, probably 20 09, 2010 maybe. And I would take these days. I would take a whole day off of client work, and I would call them creation days, I believe, if I remember correctly. And I knew that I and and a lot of this was from logic. It was January of whatever year, and I knew that I wanted to create something in the business, partially, of course, for for money, and partially is because I enjoy creating in the business.


[00:02:56]: And what I did was I I took my pen and paper and probably water and maybe even snacks because I was pretty sure that I was gonna be in my, what we called at the time, the healing room, which was just a a session room that I had beside my office. Basically, there were 2 bedrooms in a house and one was my office and one was the the healing room. And so I went in there and just figured it would take me all day to figure out what this creation was going to be. What I did was I sat down, I put probably laid my stuff out, closed my eyes, probably did a little bit of a meditation, And then literally within 5 or 10 minutes, I had exactly what I was going to do. Now not all the like, all of the pieces, but I knew it it was so clear. It was just like people talk about downloads. It was that. I had this poof, download of this amazing class.


[00:03:48]: And so what I did was I just went back into my office, and I just started putting logically all of the pieces together. And it was something like create your dreams come true. It was a one to one coaching, program. And, I mean, the spots all filled up. I only had, of course, so much space. It was it was truly amazing. Over the years, what I have recognized that as is that’s what occurs. I have basically and you probably if you’ve been around, you’ve heard me talk about this more.


[00:04:17]: I have creations come and knock on my door and then I can choose to open the door a little bit all the way, let them in, not let them in. I mean, it’s it’s truly like a cocreation. And so in that sense, it knocked on the door. I let it in, and and we cocreated this incredibleness together. So with that, that is also how I create money. But I only just received that information in the last couple weeks because I’ve always looked at I create money by putting those creations together because it’s my business. So I create the money with it being together, putting it out to sell, but it’s actually, a less than energy of what what’s actually available for me. Because then it means the only way I can create money is through through the business, basically, which is really no different than when I’ve thought of people or worked with people or been in classes and and talked about, you know, I I if I lose my job, I’ll have no money.


[00:05:21]: And it’s always like, no. You’re the source. You’re the power. It’s not about that. If you lose your job, you can get another one. All that. But really, I wasn’t I wasn’t seeing that as how how I create money. Yes.


[00:05:33]: I knew I was the you know, I can’t say I’m the source of these programs and creations, this radio show, or any of it, of course, because it truly is a cocreation. I mean, again, this energy has been floating around for a few days. I’m just now able to put words to it. Now is it for me? Absolutely. I I am receiving so much for this from this information, and sharing it with you guys also allows me to receive even more. So I don’t necessarily wanna say I’m the source of these creations. However, I am the source that allows them in or not. So I I do recognize my my power within that, my potency within that.


[00:06:12]: And then really getting that, that is also how I create money. It is allowing that energy to come in. It’s not going searching for that energy, and that is something that I would say I did in my business a lot over the years is that if that energy isn’t there, sometimes I will go search for it, which becomes like a push and a force. And can I create that way? Absolutely. But it’s not fun, and it usually doesn’t have the same kind of nurturing, cocreative, contribution energy that the ones that come knocking on my door, that I give them space to come in. Like, this this energy of, you know, how you create anything is how you create everything. If I would’ve, the day it came in, tried to do this radio show, you probably could not have listened to it. It probably would have been very clunky and chunky and icky, and that’s often what happens when I go searching for creations.


[00:07:13]: And so now with this awareness of the money and creating money or cash or wealth, whatever whatever energy it is that we’re looking for, we acknowledge how we create anything is how we create everything. And, again, I know how limiting that is, guys, so I don’t mean it as black and white. But in this case, I’d I’d like to use it as the example. It’s really got me to look at things differently. So with that, then, one, I could get out of the push and the force. I really can. The other thing is to acknowledge I’ve always had my own back. The universe has always had my back.


[00:07:48]: Money, cash, wealth has always had my back to the degree that I’m willing to have it. So, yes, years ago, I had tons of, you know, credit card debt that I, you know, worked really hard to pay off multiple times. And then finally, you know, had the awareness that, no, this is I’m just entertaining myself with this. Like, all of this stuff. Like, there’s always been a gift in all of these pieces. And now with this, it’s like, okay. So if if I create money like that, if I create money, cash, wealth from the energy of allowing it to come and knock on my door and then opening it or not. Again, it’s always my choice.


[00:08:26]: Can you get the sense of ease in that? Can you get the sense of magic in that? And then, ultimately, my job isn’t figuring out how, which, you know, we’ve known for a long time not to figure out the how. Don’t and I always wouldn’t when I go to how or my clients are going to how, I’m always going to, hey. You know what? You’re cutting the universe off at the knees. Our job isn’t that. Our job is not the how. So in this case, my job is to basically receive, is to receive, and not just to, like, sit and wait. So that’s a, to me, a different energy than receiving. Receiving is also asking.


[00:09:07]: So if I require some cash, I can ask for that, but not to go pushing or forcing or doing what I would say, like, the automatic of I gotta create something in my business to have that cash show up. Now that might be the awareness. There might be something, you know, as I kind of receive and relax into it. There may be a a business possibility that comes knocking at the door that that is that. Absolutely. And there’s so many ways. There’s so many ways, and I’ve got a lot of them out there. I’ve got a lot of affiliate links out there.


[00:09:42]: I’ve got a lot of, some of you may not know this, but I’ve got coloring book I’ve got a coloring book and, notebooks on Amazon, and they’re probably available in your Amazon area. So just reach out if you want the links to those. There’s all sorts of things that I’ve got out there already that could pay me when I ask and relax and receive and take action. Now how to relate this to you? What I would like you to look at, if you haven’t kind of already tapped into this, look at right now. How do you create? And you may not have a business, so it doesn’t have to be creating in a business. How do you create? If you were to create a bake a cake, if that’s a thing you like to do, how do you do that? Do you get an inspiration? Do you see something on social media or in a magazine? Do you just wake up in the morning and have, like, oh, I’d like to try this? Or maybe you paint pictures or maybe you dance or there’s all these things. All the ways that we’d be creative. How we dress can be creative.


[00:10:49]: How we style our home, if you have one, can be creative. Like, how do you create? And then start looking at that and inviting yourself to choose to create money, cash, wealth in that way rather than maybe the logical way of if you’re employed or, however money comes into, allow that also. We’re not we’re not talking about saying no to those ways. Allow that, but also, how do you create? Allowing those ways to come in. I look at back when I wore makeup, you know, for for a few years and I would now actually too. I love makeup and I love wearing makeup. I love the creation of makeup. However, one of the things that I require to do that is a really good makeup mirror.


[00:11:44]: And I don’t think in our almost year of traveling around to different places that there’s been one place that I could have done that. I don’t even travel with makeup anymore. I have not wore makeup since my 51st birthday, which is August of 2023 at this point, and we’re recording in April of 2024. So who knows? That may change, but that is one way I love to create. How would I create it? Same way I create classes. I would get a ping. There would either be, like, just kind of what I talked about. I’d see a picture on social media.


[00:12:15]: I’d see a how to video. There was these people on social media that I would love to watch, how they showed you how to do things because I I really didn’t have much experience or education. So watching them gave me a lot of information. And so I would I would get the ping. I would have the so called knock on my door, and then I would get everything I needed to do that, and then I would do it. So how do you create and how can you take that and get present with? That’s also how you can create money. Okay? And I know this is possibly. Some of you, it might be totally make sense.


[00:12:54]: Maybe if you know all this, that’s great. But for me, as this information has been coming in and knocking on my door and I’ve been receiving it, it’s hard to explain, but it is like a clunk in in my I’m gonna say my energy field. And I don’t mean clunk like a a bad thing, like a stop, but it’s like it has to shift through all of the ways that I’ve really held on to how I create money. All of the the you know, I create something in my business and then I create money. And it’s like a clunk a clunk clunk clunk clunk, and it’s getting quicker and quicker as I’m as I’m receiving more of it, as I’m being present with more of it. I’m I’m that’s just the best words that I have, and I hope that that makes sense. But it might feel like that to you. You might not have even been able to listen to this whole show.


[00:13:44]: You might have fallen asleep. That’s okay. If you can come back to it, and, of course, I’m saying this now, you might not even be here. But if you are, or you’re listening again, please know you’re not wrong. This is I get how how incredible this is. And I am just like my tippy toes are in this, guys. I am not where I’m gonna be in a week or 2. Like, this is but I just really wanted to talk about it and share it, especially if it can assist any of you guys in the way of shifting the way that you’ve maybe bought that you create money into actually how you create money.


[00:14:21]: So I would absolutely love to hear from you guys if this contributed, if it made Glenyce, if you have further questions, reach out in whatever way you would like to. Of course, there’s all the ways, email, Facebook, Instagram, etcetera. Energetically, I feel like I just invented the light bulb. I mean, I know I’m being dramatic, but I would just love to hear from you guys if it made sense, if it contributed, if if you had any awarenesses through it. Thank you. So grateful. I also wanted to invite you. Of course, we have the monthly manifesting membership.


[00:14:54]: Oh my goodness, guys. It’s a low cost. Okay? It’s either $29 US or $39 Canadian, and there’s so much that you receive with it. So reach out if you’ve got questions. The link probably will be above or below also. And on April 30th, I have a new class coming out called ways to use AI to create magic in your business. This is truly an invitation to allow yourself to receive even more. This isn’t about putting robots in our business and and having everything on, you know, auto respond and all that stuff.


[00:15:29]: This is truly about mixing woo and logic and magic and out creating yourself beyond beyond beyond. So, again, reach out if you want those links, and thank you so much for being here. I’m so incredibly grateful. Have a fabulous rest of your day.


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