Dec 12, 2021

Tools to Creating 2022 to Be Your Richest Year So Far

Choose, take action, and receive!

Only a few weeks left and the year’s over. You might’ve started wondering, “How can we make the next year more AWEsome?!”    I hear ya, my sweet friend. In this episode, I will be sharing some tools from Access Consciousness that we can all use every day, all day to make 2022 our richest year so far! How does it get any better than that?!  

We will discuss these four (4) tools:

    • [02:37] Tool #1: Choose
    • [10:45] Tool #2 Demand
    • [15:54] Tool #3: Outcreate
    • [18:52] Tool #4: Stay in the question

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[00:00] Hello and welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for being here. I am so incredibly grateful for you. Oh my goodness. So, Tools to Create 2022 to Be Your Richest So Far. 


[00:23] So, a couple [of] things before we get to the tools. One: so far. What the heck does that mean? 


What we don’t want to ever do is limit something. We will often say “so far” like “That was the most fun I’ve had so far” [or] “2022 was the richest year I’ve had so far,” meaning that we can actually go farther. There’s more that’s possible. So, if you’ve ever heard that terminology from some of us crazy people who are sharing the tools from Access Consciousness, that’s the energy with it. We’re allowing it to go further and to be even better. 


[01:01] So, that’s one part. The other part I want to talk about is richest. Yeah, what the heck does that even mean for 2022? “Creating 2022 to be our richest year so far.” 


That’s the thing that I personally love about the word “richest.” It can be money and wealth and cash — absolutely. It also can be friendships, and playmates, and travel, and business, and possibilities, and orgasmic adventures, and all sorts of things like that. So, when I talk about creating 2022 to be your richest year so far, I mean it in every way shape form possible. 


[01:53] The other thing I want you to know is I do have some notes on my computer in front of me. If you are watching this video and you see me looking down, please know that is what I am doing. 


[02:03] Now, the other thing — before we get to the tools — I would like to invite you to is a class that I have also called Creating 2022 to Be Your Richest [Year] So Far. It’s coming up in January — you will find all the information on a link somewhere. If you can’t find that, let me know. I would love for you to come and play with us. This is going to be available in person and online — a group of us from around the world and some bodies at my house. How the heck does it get any better than that? All right. 


[02:37] Let’s talk about Tool #1. These tools are in no way, shape, or form [in] order because there’s so many that I don’t have enough time in a radio show to share them all. These are the ones that just kind of pop to share for now. Tool #1, my sweet friends: Choose. If you would like to create 2022 to be your richest year so far, you have to choose it to be your richest year so far. 


[03:07] Now, the thing with choice. When I’m talking about choice, I’m talking about it from the place of choosing action like “What am I choosing?” and choosing every 10 seconds, so that we’re always aware of what we’re creating with the choices that we’re choosing. When we look at something like creating 2022 to be your richest year so far, you want to be looking at the choices that you’re choosing and [if they are] actually creating that. 


That could be where you are struggling with repaying some past expenditures/some debt, and you’re putting it off. You’re just putting it off, you’re not opening up the statements, you’re not paying attention to the interest that’s occurring that’s adding up. That’s not a choice towards creating 2022 to be your richest year so far. 


[04:24] Now, I used a very linear example with that, my sweet friends. But really, we want to just start being aware and being present and looking at the choices. You can ask every day, What can I be and do different today to actualize 2022 to be my richest year so far? That will also assist you to become aware of the choices that you could be choosing. Not so much in the moment that you ask that, but it’ll assist you to become aware of them throughout the day. 


[05:00] That, for a lot of people, often sounds very exhausting where they go, “Well, that’s too much work.” But guess what? If you’re continuing to ask for something but you’re not taking action to actualize it, chances are the amount of self-judgment that you’re doing to yourself is way more work than actually just getting present in, taking action, and moving forward with what’s there to create.


[05:31] When we talk about choosing to create 2022 to be the richest so far, there may be some uncomfortable choices in that. There may be some things in that that you don’t really want to do. And what if that’s okay? What if you just let yourself off the hook, and you just say, “Okay, some of this stuff this year is not what I would like it to be.” I’m not saying this is the way it has to be some of you — you may not have any of those sorts of choices to make. 


[06:04] I know, for me, when I used to play a lot with credit card debt, I used to rack it up. And then, I’d have to work really hard to pay it off [and I’m like], “I’m not doing that again.” Within three to six months, I was back and usually had more debt. 


When I finally chose to change it, it really was the uncomfortable space of tracking my credit card usage every day. You might think [that] sounds intense, but guess what? I needed to do it. Not only that, I needed to do it for five years  — five or six years — before I stopped doing it. 


[06:50] So, what I mean is that a lot of stuff in my business — and probably a lot of people’s lives — is paid for by credit card. What I knew was that the only way not to do what I’d done before — one of the ways to not do what I’ve done before — was to actually ensure every time I used my credit card that I paid it off. 


If I was going out, you know, going to be somewhere in person, I didn’t use my credit card, I use my debit card or cash. For the online purchases where I required a credit card, I demanded of me that at the end of the day, I would go in and pay that off. That just became a way of living for me. I knew if I didn’t, I would do the whole head-in-the-sand trick, and I’d be, “Oh, that’s no big [deal]. What’s that, $20? That’s fine.” No, I was not going down that road again. And so, I knew that that was what was required. 


[07:48] I spent many, many of my adult years either getting a whole bunch of credit card debt in place or working really hard to pay it off. This really contributed to me changing it. It was a choice that I was required to choose and to choose and to choose again because I knew if I just did it for a month, I was still going to go back to what I had done before. 


For me, that was one of the choices to change that — to choose to pay it off every day. Sometimes, that even meant going in more than once a day into my bank accounts and paying it off. You know what? It worked, it worked. I have not chosen that since and I’m so freakin’ grateful. 


[08:36] Some of the choices that you might require to put in place might not be so fun — it might not be the thing that you’d love to do. But I promise you — if you’re aware that they are what would create greater, it’s going to change everything for you, my sweet friends. It’s going to change everything. 


[08:54] The other thing that me choosing that [has] gifted me was the confidence in me — the trust in me. This was huge because I had spent so much of my life doubting me, judging me, hating me, hating the choices I’d made like, all the crazy. By actually taking action on it and taking the action towards what was creating greater, I have so much trust in me now. I know I will take care of things. I know that if something’s required to create something I would like, I’ll just do it. This is huge. 


Know that it might not be so fun to start, but I promise you that [it] will ripple out and change your life in so many ways. 


[09:51] Some of the choices that we are going to be making, in order to be actualizing 2022 to be our richest year so far, aren’t necessarily going to be things we can know ahead of time. They might just be things we become aware of. 


Now, how do we become aware of them? We want to use a really simple question. When a choice becomes available: Truth: If I choose this, will it create the future I desire or decay the future I desire?


[10:22] Remember: you’re already choosing towards 2022 to be your richest year yet. When you ask that question, and you get a yes, choose it. Do not hesitate, do not play with distraction, [just] go. If you get a yes, go. That’s the way that you’re going to be constantly choosing towards what you’re asking for. 


[10:45] Now, tool #2 is something I have a radio show from many, many years ago — maybe even 2013, 2014— and it is called… I actually don’t know. I don’t remember the name of the radio show, that’s funny. But it’s about making a demand — maybe it’s steps to demand or something like that. 


[11:07] So, this is tool #2 – it’s demand. This is where people get really confused  because they assume that if they’re making a demand, it’s to something outside of them. It’s not — you can only demand of you. Have you ever tried to demand of your kids or your spouse or your family or your friends? It doesn’t work that well. 


[11:31] A demand is about demanding you, so much like the energy when I was talking about choosing to pay off my credit card every day. It’s the same — that’s the demand I made of me. No matter what, I was going in to pay it off. Every day, it was a demand of me to choose that no matter what. What that did was that allowed me then to actually become aware of when I was going to spend money, if I actually had the money in my account to spend it.


[12:08] I remember this one situation — it was probably, I don’t know, maybe, I’m not even sure, a few years after I had started. We were going to Australia for classes and to spend some of our Canadian winters in the beautiful sunshine. 


I didn’t actually have the money for our flights. They were about $16,000, I guess? We were, of course, at the front of the plane because [it’s] 24-hour flight, if I remember correctly, 20-24 hours. I mean, a long time, so they were a good chunk. I was like, “Actually, I’m not putting this on my credit card when I don’t have the cash to pay for it.” 


[12:49] By having that demand of me like, no, I knew I was going to Australia, I knew we were going but I was not putting it on a credit card until I had the cash, within, I don’t know if it was a week or week and a half, I had the cash to do it. How does it get any better than that? 


Truly, that demand of you will also inspire you to to choose greater. I then had to look at what’s it going to take? What what’s required? What can I sell? What sort of offer can I put out? What’s required to actually get to Australia? And then, there it was. 


[13:25] So, choosing and demanding. These are two different and similar energies. Now, I want to go through the Five Steps to Changing Anything. This is in one of the manuals, I don’t recall. It’s not Foundation manual, one of the manuals that I have from Access Consciousness. 


[13:45] If we want to change something, step #1 is to make a demand. No matter what, I’m changing this — so this with me and the credit card stuff. No matter what, I’m changing this. 


[Step] #2: Ask a question. What is it going to take to change this? What is it going to take? Now, when we ask that question, we don’t have to know what it’s going to take. We just ask that question. Believe me, there’s a bunch of stuff that comes up. 


And then, we destroy and uncreate all that stuff. [Step #3] Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds – which is a clearing statement from Access Consciousness. 


Step #4 is to look at “Okay, what choice do I need to make here?” and start making those choices. For me, when I made the demand that this credit card stuff stops, one of the choices was to start paying it off every time I used it. 


Then, [step] #5 is to destroy and uncreate anything that doesn’t allow you to receive your ask. 


[14:48] In this case, making the demand of us for 2022 to be our richest year so far, we would make that demand. We’re choosing it no matter what. We’re going to ask, “What’s it gonna take for this to show up?” We’re going to POD and POC everything that doesn’t allow it to show up. We are going to say, “Okay, what choices do I need to make here for this to show up with ease?” Make those choices and then destroy and uncreate anything that doesn’t allow us to receive it. Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds. 


If you’re not familiar with the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement, you can go to for more information. 


[15:29] Basically, we want to make that demand of us and choose it, and choose it, and demand, and choose, and demand, and choose, and RECEIVE. We demand of us but we receive from the universe — we receive from everything around us. Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds. 


[15:54] Tool #3 is about outcreating. Whatever amount you made in 2021, or whatever richness you created and chose in 2021, 2020, or previously, it’s really about asking to outcreate that. We don’t have to figure out the numbers and go, “Okay, I need to make at least $5 more” – that’s not what I’m talking about. 


Outcreating is about [being] willing to be more of us today than we were willing to be yesterday. A lot of times, we will think that it’s more from this place of doing better, working harder, forcing it – whatever it is, but it’s not. Outcreating is to be more of us today than we were willing to be yesterday. 


[16:48] So every day, you want to be asking, “What would it take to outcreate me today?” You can get a little bit more specific – “What would it take to outcreate my money flows today? What would it take to out create my magic today?” Whatever it is you want to ask about, you can use it for that. 


[17:10] I do have a radio show about outcreating from I’m not even sure when. But we’ll have a link to all the radio shows that I mentioned, guys. The other thing, if you aren’t familiar yet [or] if you haven’t heard the news yet, we do have amazing show notes from every radio show now that if you are on my e-mail list, you will get them sent to you every Sunday – at least Sunday in North America. 


If you aren’t on my list, you can go to my web page – > Radio Show > find the show > find the show notes. You might as well just go on my list. I mean, what the heck are you waiting for? You can find the link somewhere [and] if you can’t, just reach out [and] I’ll get the one for you to get on the list. And so without creating, we want to be asking that every day. 


[17:58] The other thing is you can ask to outcreate other people. Let’s say you run a business and you see somebody who runs a similar business. Let’s say you facilitate classes and you see somebody on Facebook had 200 people at their class. You may normally get 10. You can ask, “All right, what would it take to outcreate that person’s class size?” 


Now, you’re not asking from competition. What you’re asking for is what would it take for me to be willing to be more of me today than they were willing to be of them when they created that class. It’s a totally yummy energy to ask and to really get the energy of and to start receiving from. You really want to get into the outcreation energy  especially with something like this, guys. 


[18:52] Tool #4: You want to stay in the question. [If] we’re looking at creating 2022 to be our richest year so far, you want to stay in the question of that. What is that for you? What is the richest year so far for you? Possibly that’s money-related, wealth-related, cash-related. 


[19:16] There’s probably some other things, though. There’s probably some other ways that if you looked at, even if you look at 2021 – where did you really have that rich energy? Where did you perceive that? Did you make some new friends or did you really connect with some people? Maybe they were people you already knew or new people — doesn’t matter. Maybe your business really changed direction and you’re really feeling rich in that. 


Rich from an energy, not rich from money. You want to look at that like, “What is rich for me? What is that for me? What does contribute to my life? What is possible in 2022 that’s never been possible before? What could I be being in doing different to actualize 2022 to be my richest year so far?” 


[20:14] It just becomes this totally different spaciousness and energy — just the staying in the question of it, along with the wonder. It’s a tool that if you’ve been around me for a while, you’ve heard me talk about it because I love it so much. I use it all the time. It’s you just start to wonder like, “I wonder what it would be like for 2022 to be my richest year so far.” Like, I wonder what that would be like. 


[20:42] Let’s do this together right now, guys. I actually did this on a Facebook Live and a YouTube Live recently. We’ll put a link to it, too. I went on there to talk about something. I don’t even remember the title of it. It was very recent. Oh my gosh, it doesn’t matter. We’ll have a link. It ended up being like an energy pull — money energy pull of with me doing this. I was taking them through this “I wonder” question, so let’s do it together. You can say this out loud with me, or you can just receive as I’m saying it. 


I wonder what it would be like to create 2022 as the richest year so far.


Now, wonder about that. Wonder what that would be like.


I wonder what it would be like for 2022 to be my richest year so far. I wonder what that would be like. 


We specifically want to play with the energy of BE like. We’re not interested in what it looks like. We’re asking about what it would be like. 


I wonder what that would be like. I wonder what it would be like for 2022 to be our richest year so far. I wonder what that would be like. 


Universe, show me what that would be like. Universe, show me what I require to be and do different to actualize that. I wonder what that would be like. 


[22:28] You don’t even have to take that long with it, guys. [It’s] just a few minutes, just to get the energy of it and wonder about it and truly, truly wonder about it, which will allow you to have so much space and so much magic and then, the universe can deliver. 


[22:47] Now, 2022 is starting out to be a very money magical month! We’ve got the 13 Days of How to Become Money Workbook. We’re gonna do a chapter a day, January 1 to 13. 


Then [on] January 14 for nine days, we’re going to do the Advanced How to Become Money Workbook


And then also, the two-day class or two-part class of Creating 2022 to Be Your Richest Year So Far. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. That’s just what we’ve got on the books so far. How does it get any better? 


Also, a Foundation [this] December 27 to the 31 [of] 2020. We’re going to bring in 2022 with a bang! There’s so many ways to come and play guys, I’m so incredibly grateful for you. 


[23:35] I wonder what it would be like to create 2022 to be our most richest year so far with total ease, and joy, and glory? Anything that doesn’t allow that to show up as if by magic, we destroy and uncreate it all. Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds.


Have an awesome week sweet friends and I look forward to chatting again next week.


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