Tools to Ask and Receive

Jan 16, 2022

Asking opens the door to receiving.

Asking doesn’t necessarily mean it’s guaranteed that you will receive what you’re asking for, but it does open the door. There might be more magic required to actualize your desires — you might need to clear some points of view or take action. Or maybe… you’ve actualized it but it wasn’t what you thought it would be.


In this episode, we will get clear on all of that! I have these PHENOMENAL tools from Access Consciousness that I personally use to ask and open the door to receiving everything #asifbymagic. They are:


      • [01:31] Tool #1 – Universe, I’ll have that!
      • [06:49] Tool #2 – The “Ask” List
      • [08:33] Tool #3 – Turn it into a question
      • [12:41] Tool #4 – Wonder
      • [15:40] Tool #5 – Energetic Exercise

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[00:00] Hello and welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for being here. I am so incredibly grateful for you. Oh my goodness. 


[00:12] All right — what are we going to talk about this week? Well, Tools to Ask and Receive. Yes. 


[00:24] Now, you might have heard asking = receiving. You won’t receive unless you ask. I mean, there’s all sorts of things that have been said around it. And I have a little bit of a different spin: Asking opens the door to receiving. So, asking doesn’t necessarily mean you will guarantee that you will receive what you’re asking for, but it does open the door. Yeah. 


[00:52] You see — a lot of times, what we’re actually asking for has a lot of conclusions or decisions or judgments around it. So, what we’re actually asking for isn’t a pure ask, so to speak. It isn’t everything we would like or it isn’t exactly the way we would like it. So, what can occur is something that when we ask — when we open the door to receiving and we start taking action, then whatever will create the greatest is what can show up. Yeah. 


[01:31] So, #1 tool: A super, super simple tool to ask and receive [or] ask and open the door to receiving is — let’s say you’re scrolling on social media. I usually use Facebook as an example. However, I’m realizing that so many people don’t use Facebook anymore — very much Instagram or TikTok are the new favorites and, I think, have been for a long time. I just still use Facebook a lot. 


So anyway, [pick a] social media platform of your choice if you watch or listen, or however you consume content — if you do. But let’s say you’re scrolling along, and you see somebody with a photo of them. Maybe they’re at the top of a mountain — they’ve climbed a mountain and they’re celebrating in this photo. 


Now, you may never desire to climb a mountain. However, there’s an energy that they’re being in this photo possibly — I’m making up a scenario, of course — but let’s say they’re just so grateful. They’re so thrilled, they’re so enthusiastic, [and] this was a lifelong dream for them. They’ve got to the top and there’s a photo that is just a beautiful representation of this. We get super excited to see this, like, we want to “heart” it or “like” it or “love” it a million times — social media talk. And then, what we want to ask is Universe, I’ll have that. 


[03:02] Now, again, [it] doesn’t mean you ever have to want to climb a mountain. But when we ask for that, [it] now goes back to the asking and not always being clear in what we’re asking for. When we go Universe, I’ll have that, we also want to be the energy of something like that, or even greater for me. For you, that same energy might show up in you, I don’t know, winning a baking contest at a fair or something like that. Or maybe for you, it’s to, I don’t know, swim a long distance or get into a marathon or something. But [we have] to recognize that what we’re asking for is more the energy rather than the specifics of “They climbed a mountain, I want to climb a mountain.” Yeah. 


[03:54] Now, if you know you would like to climb a mountain, that’s cool, too. Still, use that: Universe, I’ll have that. Universe, I’ll have that. Universe, I’ll have that. Now, again, that means something like that or greater for you, not better than what they got. Okay, we’re not doing [a] competition. It’s not that, but Universe I’ll have that or something even greater for me.Yeah


It’s such a simple way, but what it does is it allows you to start recognizing a few things: the energies of more of what you would like in your life, which is more often a natural state for us. 


[04:37] I know for myself, I still have specific asks — believe me, I have specific asks — and I also have more energetic asks. I’m also willing with those specific asks to also be energetically asking, so I’m not limiting it. Because if I’ve decided that I want to climb a mountain but it’s not really my ask, it can really get sticky because then I’m not going to be choosing towards it — I’m not going to be taking any action, not going to be training or anything like that. And then a year later, six months later, [or] five years later, I’m going to [say], “Man, I didn’t climb that mountain yet. What’s wrong with me?” We put all of our creative energy into that rather than, you know, Universe, I’ll have that – climbing the mountain or something even greater for me. 


[05:28] So, we’re not operating from those conclusions from those decisions or from those judgments of what is right and what is wrong, what we should want and what we shouldn’t want. Oh, my gosh, that’s a lot of energy on that. So, I’m going to use the Clearing Statement from Access Consciousness. I’ll write it and I’ll talk about it. 


All that energy that might have come up for you, will you destroy and uncreate it all? Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds. 


[05:57] What that does is it’s like waving a magic wand and all that energy that came up as I was talking about that, it just starts to dissipate it and make it go away. [It’s] so that you can actually start— really, ultimately what it boils right down to, at least for me, is I get to be more of me. In this case, rather than looking at okay, well, what does society want from me, what do my parents want for me, and what my friends want for me, it’s like, what would I like? What would I like? If climbing that mountain isn’t what I would like, I start to have more awareness of that. The things that I would like start to show up as if by magic. So, asking opens the door to receiving. By asking Universe, I’ll have that, Yeah, you’re opening the door to receiving. 


[06:49] The other thing kind of with this, if you would like — you don’t have to do this but for some people, it’s really fun — is to have an ongoing list of their asks in their phone or on a notepad or something that they have with them all the time, so that you can pull it out. 


[It’s] because often, again, and I know I said this already, and I’ll probably say it a million times, but often we’re putting our energy into what isn’t working. Or if we just fixed this problem, then it would work better and then we could figure out this, [and a lot] others. It’s not that — it’s none of that. It’s asking that opens the door to receiving. 


If you’re in that space of like, “Oh, this isn’t working and I need this, and I’ve got to fix this,” you could stop, you could pull out your list of asks, and start going through them and remind yourself that you can put your energy into that instead of the *icky* that isn’t going to create anything except more of the *icky* energy. 


[07:51] So, Universe, I’ll have that and start making a list of your asks. Now, you could— let’s say again, we don’t have specifics. But let’s say you’re keeping track or you just want to list them to remind yourself. You could go in and put, you know, ask for something like a mountain climb of so and so, so that you will tap back into that energy. 


Again, we’re not saying we have to mountain climb. But when we read the list, we go, “Oh yeah, that photo and so and so climb that mountain” – that energy. Yeah. We’re getting it out of the form and the structure and into that space of possibilities. Yes. All right. 


[08:33] The next tool: another way to ask — and this is from Access Consciousness — is to turn it into a question. This is all the fun words that I like to use again from Access Consciousness: 


What energy, space, consciousness, choice, magic,miracles, mysteries, and possibilities can me and my body be to ___ as if by magic?


[09:02] To climb a mountain as if by magic, to have a million dollars in my bank account as if by magic, to actualize a new car that my body loves as if by magic. Like, you can fill that in with whatever. This is more for the specifics that you’re aware of. But again, we want to really allow it— and I’m speaking more about energy here, guys, and speaking about energy isn’t always that ease, but just go along with me. 


[09:34] I’ll give you the difference between the two. I won’t even explain it ahead of time. 

What energy, space, consciousness, choice, magic, miracles, mysteries, and possibilities can me and my body be to climb that mountain with total ease as if by magic? Anything that doesn’t allow that, I destroy and uncreate it all. Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds. 


Now, I did that with an energy of *contracting motion*, so there’s a denseness. There’s a conclusion in there that climbing that mountain is the answer. Okay? 

So, from the flow, from the lightness:


What energy, space, consciousness, choice, magic, miracles, mysteries, and possibilities can me and my body be to climb that mountain or something even yummier with total ease and joy and glory? Anything that doesn’t allow that to show up as if by magic, I destroy and uncreate it all. Right, wrong, good, bad. all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds. 


You also notice I ended that question a different way each time I asked it. I have many, many years of playing with these phenomenal tools from Access Consciousness. Of course, you can go to for more information. 


The other thing I didn’t mention, The Clearing Statement, you can go to for more information about how the actual clearing statement works. I highly recommend it. 


[10:35] Notice there’s a flow there. Now, I also added the words “or something even yummier.”  You don’t have to do that as long as the energy matches that flow. Like, if instead of the mountain climb, what showed up was, I don’t know, a horse ride along the beach, I would recognize that energy. I’d go, “Oh, that” instead of the conclusion, “Well, it’s not a mountain climb, so I’m not doing it.” Get the difference? Yeah. 


[11:30] And so, you can play with the ending of that question however you would like. I do like to usually run the Clearing Statement after I ask it. You don’t have to. It’s just often when we’re asking for something that we would like that isn’t here yet, we can have points of views, we can have all sorts of interesting energies about it. When we run the Clearing Statement — if there’s nothing to clear, no big deal. If there is, it’s cleared. Just that simple. So: What energy, space, consciousness, choice, magic, miracles, mysteries, and possibilities can me and my body be to ____ as if by magic? To ____ with total ease and joy and glory? However you want to end it, there’s no wrong way. 


[12:21] Again, if you do keep track of the list, whenever you’re in that *ugh* energy, you could actually be turning it into asks. You could go to your list and turn them into the what energy, space, etc, etc. questions to get you back into the expansiveness. Yeah. 


[12:41] Now, another way that I love to ask and receive is I wonder. I literally wonder. I’m not just giving lip service to the words. I’m literally wondering — I wonder what it would be like to climb that mountain? I wonder what that would be like. And as I’m wondering, I’m starting to become aware of all of the energies. I can’t give you words for those energies. Those are not things that I can say, “Okay, well, this is this energy.” Energy doesn’t have words. Energy is our first language. When we’re asking, when we’re wondering, it’s a totally different space. 


[13:32] I wonder what it would be like to climb that mountain… which I’ve got to say, I’ve never actually had a desire to climb a mountain, even though I live in Alberta. There’s beautiful rocky mountains here. But recently, I watched the Netflix series called “14* Peaks.” Actually, I think it was just one show, a documentary. I highly recommend it. Oh, my goodness, this guy. I mean, phenomenal. I won’t wreck it for you but go and watch that if that lights you up. Possibly, that’s why I keep talking about mountain climbing. I’m not really sure. Who knows, maybe my body would like to go mountain climbing this year. [How] much fun would that be? Yes. 


[14:15] The other thing I would like to invite you to, if you’re a longtime listener, you would have heard me talking about a two-part class that I had coming up called Creating 2022 to Be Your Richest Year So Far, and I changed the dates. It was supposed to be done by now. However, I changed them to January 29 and 30 of 2022. You can still join us. I would love to have you — the information is bel-ove. Wow, that was above or below but I said them together. If you can’t find it, message me [or] e-mail me and I will get you that link for more information. 


[14:49] The other thing that we’ve got on the books is an Online Foundation for February, so February 19-23. That’s a Friday to Tuesday, I believe? Maybe a Saturday to a Tuesday. Anyway, I don’t remember. But the 19th to the 23rd, the dates will be somewhere above or below. You can join us for that, also.


[15:12] The dates for the Pool Party, the July Foundation, which will potentially be online, too. It really depends if it’s extended through Access. We will also have it here as a pool party Foundation — Bars and Foundation. That’s in July, so those dates will be somewhere there, too. Come and play guys, I would love to have you in all of these or any of these, whatever lights you up. 


[15:40] The next ask and receive [tool] is an energetic exercise. This isn’t for everybody, possibly. This might not be your way to do things. This is one of my favorite ways to play with energy. [It’s]… to play with energy. I guess I should reword that. One of my favorite ways to ask is to play with energy. 


[16:11] Years ago when I was in college, I saw a therapist and she did something called “guided imagery.” When I started this business back in 2002 — yes, this is my 20-year anniversary— I actually took the training to do hypnotherapy, guided hypnotherapy. I think just hypnotherapy, it was called. The reason I took it was based on that time with that therapist doing guided imagery, and this was, you know, just kind of extra training in that. 


I used to do a lot of this with clients where I would— basically, we would do it in our mind. Mind isn’t the right place… we’d energetically do it, not our mind. We’d energetically do whatever, and it would create so much magic. And so to this day, I still do it for myself. 


[17:10] I recently created, some of you know, the Manifest Your Money Toolkit. There’s an add-on for people who would like it where you get 10 Audio Exercises. It was interesting because when I sat down to do them, I was trying to do them the way I usually do and have been doing energetic stuff for a long time, and it just wouldn’t work. And then, I realized it was because it was asking to be this other way. Anyway, the link will be above or below. It is part of the Toolkit. You do need to buy the Toolkit to be able to buy the energetic audios. 


[17:49] Anyway, back to doing this. Now, you can do it in whatever way. I’ll take you through one so we can kind of play with it, and you can see how I do it. But you can do it however you like. 


[18:04] I remember one story years ago, probably when I was in college and doing therapy. It was my view in a story that she shared with me. I think he was a 9-year old boy [who] had cancer of something in his body. Whether he thought of it on his own or somebody suggested it to him, I’m not sure. But what he kept imagining is PacMan, and PacMan going and eating the cancer. That’s how he saw it in his mind. He just kept doing that. 


Again, I say mind, but it’s not mind. It’s an energetic playing with the energy. So, he did that. I don’t even recall how quickly but like three months, six months maybe, it was gone — completely gone. They think [it was] inoperable or something so they knew it wasn’t the medication because it was, he wasn’t… anyway, you get the idea. 


[19:01] To me, playing energetically is one of the most underutilized capacities that we BE. Ah, yeah. Okay, let me take you through this exercise. 


[19:21] As long as it’s safe to do so, close your eyes. 


Just bring to mind something that you’re asking for — maybe it’s a certain amount of money, maybe it’s a certain place to travel to. Maybe it’s a private jet, maybe it’s a new lover or 20 new lovers. Whatever it is, just bring one thing to mind that you would like to actualize.


[19:55] First off with that – again, kind of like I talked about earlier. When we have these things that we would like, there’s… sometimes in the bringing it up, in the playing with it, the thinking about it, whatever we want to call it, there becomes like a denseness with it. That’s all the points of views that we have about it not showing up, we can’t, or just a whole bunch of crazy. 


[20:20] As we brought that up, there was some of that that showed up. I’m just gonna run the Clearing Statement: Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds. 


Yeah, notice that it lightened up already. Again, kind of tap back into that one thing you’re asking for right now. 


[20:41] Okay, once again: right? Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds. Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds.  Okay. 


[20:55] Now, what I would like you to do is first off, get a sense of what that would be like in your life. If you actualize it, if it was there, if it showed up, if you had it, whatever the wording is that matches what your ask is. Yeah. 


[21:13] Now, I’m asking you to energetically tap into [it] and this is what we’re looking for. It’s not a ‘doing’, guys. The moment I said it, you already did it. You’re just like, “Yeah, okay, there.” 


[21:26] Now, notice how it’s possibly, not necessarily, but possibly, it’s out there. As you’re kind of playing with it, becoming aware of it, it’s over there. What we want to do is we want to bring it here, because over there means we’re separate from it. We would like to pull it into now. 


[21:51] What I would like you to do is whatever way this is for you. Let’s say— I’m going to use the example of money, guys, because it’s easier for me to talk about this from an example. But please, do it on whatever works. 


[22:05] Let’s say it’s a certain amount of money in your bank account. Okay? Let’s say it’s $30,000 in your bank account. You notice you’re tapping into it, what would your life be like? Oh yeah… okay, there’s that. 


[22:17] Now, we’re going to, basically, energetically go and get it. Okay? Go to the energy of where that is as you’re becoming aware of it. For most people, it’s in front of them — more like a ‘future’ thing. What I would like you to do — you don’t have to use your hands like I’m doing, you can do it however you want. But you’ll basically pull it to now. Yeah. Yeah. 


[22:47] You’re pulling it into now… Again, with the money example, what you’re doing is instead of it being out there, you’re pulling it to now. What would that be like to see it in your account right now? Right now. 


If you’re visual, you can imagine looking in your bank account, if you look [at the] bank online, or go in person, however you want to do it — just see it there. Just see it there. If it’s a new car, see it in front of you. See yourself with the keys. If it’s a new lover, see that like whatever it is, see it. See it here now in the present moment. Okay. 


[23:31] Now, you’ve pulled it from the front into the now, but pull it from every direction. I know we’re often very focused in front but pull from behind to now, pull from underneath to now, above to now, in every direction around you to now, so that you actually be that ask now. You’re living and breathing that now. Anything that doesn’t allow that — Right, wrong, good, bad, all-nine, POD, POC, shorts, boys, and beyonds. 


[24:04] Okay. So, that was a very, very simple and quick way that I play with energy. I have a billion ways, but that was just the one that kind of popped as we’re doing. 


Basically, what we want to do is we want to take our assets out of the future and pull them to [the] present moment [and] allow them to be here now and allow us to be the energy of what it would be if they were here now. 


Energy is our first language. The more that we allow ourselves to be the energies being now, that allows it to show up. How does it get any more magical than that, my sweet friends?


[24:47] Oh my gosh. I would love to hear from you. I’d love to hear how you use this. Maybe you do energetic exercises on your own, maybe you’ve been playing around with it for a while. Again, it could be called “guided visualizations” or “guided meditations.” I used to sell a lot of those in my store. It just really is knowing that we’re energetic beings, and our energy is our first language. If we’re creating it energetically, we’re being it energetically, it can show up as if by magic. 

[25:21] Thank you so much for being here. I am so incredibly grateful for you. I look forward to chatting again next week.


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