Energetic Tools to Create Anything You Desire

Feb 13, 2022

Open yourself to possibilities!

Years ago, Hubby and I were looking for an acreage around Vermillion. I had this long list on what it should have, and one of them was it should be a 10-minute drive from Vermillion where Hubby works at the time.


We did find one that had almost everything on the list, and it was lovely. The funniest thing, though, is 1-2 months after moving in, Hubby got a job 30 minutes in the opposite direction. 


When we decide something has to be this or that way, it can actually limit what the universe can deliver. In this episode, we will go over some energetic tools from Access Consciousness so we could learn to let go of control and open ourselves to all the possibilities we’ve never considered before.


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[00:00] Hello and welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for being here. I am so incredibly grateful for you. 


So, Energetic Tools to Create Everything You Desire. What the heck are energetic tools? Basically, it’s just different ways to play with energy to invite whatever it is that you would like. Now, here’s the thing that most people don’t want to hear: When we are asking—when we’re inviting, when we’re dreaming big—the biggest part to really having it show up is to let go of the specifics of what it is. 


[00:51] For example, years ago—2002, I guess? 20 years ago—no, must have been 2004. Anyway, a long time ago, when Hubby and I were looking for an acreage around Vermillion, Alberta, which is where we used to live, we had—I had a very long list. I said ‘we’ but no, really, it was me. I had a very long list. I think there were 26 things on there, like very specific. It had to have so many bedrooms, it had to have so many bathrooms. 


The one that I remember specifically is it had to be less than [a] 10-minute drive from Vermillion. At the time, Hubby was working in Vermillion and would often have to go in early in the morning. Morning is not his sweet spot, so he wanted not to have a big drive for those mornings he did have to go in. [And] so, we put on our list ‘less than 10-minute drive from Vermillion to the acreage. 


[01:51] Anyway, [we] found this beautiful acreage. It ticked off, I believe, almost all of them, if not all of them—I don’t recall. The funniest thing, though, is that 1-2 months after we moved in there, Hubby got a job 30 minutes in the other direction. It was just so funny. As I was starting to study more and more energy stuff and really recognizing how—when we decide what is the right way [or] what is the right thing, how much that can actually limit it. 


Had we maybe asked a little bit different—maybe, you know, been a little bit more open with that—that might have been different. I’m still so grateful for that acreage. It is beautiful. We were there [for] many, many years. We loved it. It’s just one of those funny things that I think about. 


[02:47] Fast forward from 2004 when I had 20-something on my list to when we moved into this acreage. When we were looking, if I remember correctly, we had 3 or 4 specifics. One—this was a deal-breaker for me—the internet had to be good because at the acreage in Vermillion, whenever there were leaves on the trees which was spring, summer, [and] fall, the internet was not very good. [It’s] just the way that it passed through the trees. So, my deal breaker for here was it had to have good internet. 


[03:21] The other thing that was important to me was that I had a whole separate space for my business, which I do. The basement pretty much is our business—my business. And then, Hubby’s. His only ask, really, was he either wanted a workshop or he wanted space to build one. Those were kind of and that’s it. Everything else, we just said, “Show me what else is possible, Universe.” 


[03:44] I played with the energy—I used all sorts of energetic tools, but not from the place of “this is the way it has to be.” Same with the internet, if we would have seen this place and there was no way to get good internet here—[if it] was just impossible or like at the other place [we] would have to take trees down to get it—we just wouldn’t have chose it. It just doesn’t work for me or didn’t back then. [It] still doesn’t to not have internet that I can rely on and do fun stuff online. So, it’s this huge gift of really knowing what works for you with this space of letting everything else go. 


[04:23] It didn’t matter how big this house was. We didn’t have on our list—I honestly could tell you I wouldn’t have had [it] on my list—a beautiful swimming pool outside. That’s a whole other story for a whole other day. But that was just something I didn’t know was possible here in Alberta, Canada where it’s winter, which seems to be a lot of the time. Mostly, I think because it’s February right now and “It’s time!” You just get really excited for spring when you live in Canada. 


So, there you go. There’s an example of when you get really specific, you really lock up what the universe can deliver. The more that you can let go of control—it doesn’t mean you don’t have preferences or you don’t have asks, because you do. You just don’t want to limit them with “it has to be exactly this.” 


[05:15] When we do that, usually, it’s a couple things: One, we’ve either seen somebody else create something like that, and we’ve decided that that’s the answer, that’s the good part, or that’s the best way to have it. Or, we’re operating from maybe something we’ve created in the past. 


Maybe we had a really good vacation in Mexico one time. Now, we’re always looking to go back to Mexico to recreate that rather than what else is possible that I’ve never even considered, which takes us maybe to Mexico, maybe to Europe, maybe to Australia, who the heck knows? There’s so many other possibilities when we’re open to it and still asking for what we would like. 


[05:54] So, some energetic tools. Really, the number one one that we use in Access Consciousness all the time—or at least I do, many of us that do use these tools—is something called the “energy pull.” I have other radio shows on it, I have other videos on it, all sorts of things. We’ll link to those below. 


[06:14] What I want you to just recognize is it’s exactly what it sounds like: energy pull. You can get the energy of the thing you’re asking for. Now, PULL it to you. Right? It’s that simple, guys, there’s nothing fancy about it. It’s really just getting the energy and pull, again though, with no decision that it has to be that. 


[06:48] Again, when we were looking for this acreage or looking for an acreage, I could get the energy of it. I was tapping into the energy of this space, but I didn’t know where it was. I couldn’t find it on the listings. The realtor couldn’t find it. I didn’t say, “Here’s the energy, can you go find it?” although that would be cool. It just wasn’t there. 


Now, I was swapping with a friend and her and I were doing verbal processing which is, again, Access Consciousness. You talk about something and you clear it and all of these amazing things. Her and I were swapping and I was complaining probably about not finding an acreage yet. And so, she asked me a brilliant question. She said, “Truth: Is it for sale yet?” I got ‘no.’ Oh my goodness. 


[07:42] Suddenly, all that intense pressure that I was doing it wrong, or it wasn’t working, all that insanity just went away because it just wasn’t for sale yet. In fact, this place came on sale on a Saturday. We put our offer in on Monday, so pretty much the moment that it was posted. We saw it, we booked in to come and see it on the Monday. We came and saw it, we made an offer before we left: full price. That’s where I was with this place. It was like, “Yes, this.” 


[08:16] I don’t mean it’s always like that or anything where it’s wrong. If it isn’t, that’s where it was. But for probably a good month if not more, I had so much judgment that we weren’t finding it, that I was missing it, all the crazy when really, it just hadn’t been listed yet. That’s where I come to this energy pulls, like, I could energetically perceive it. Even though it didn’t have a ‘for sale’ sign on yet, it was there. 


[08:45] Really, going back to those decisions and conclusions that we were talking about, get the energy of what you’re asking for [and] start pulling it to you, which is a BEing not a doing. Okay? We do energy pulls, but it’s a BEing. You can be pulling energy while you’re doing dishes, while you’re falling asleep at night, while you’re going for a run. You don’t have to just do them, like sit quietly and do them—you can add them. 


[09:15] The trick, I would say at least in my experience, is to get the energy of the thing. Let’s use something a little bit different, like a lover. Let’s say you’re looking for a new lover or more lovers or something like that. So, you just energetically expand out. Don’t worry, as I’m saying it, you’re already doing it with me and you’re tapping into those. 


Maybe you’re only looking for one new lover and maybe you tap into five—that’s okay. It doesn’t mean you have to say ‘yes’ to all five, but you just become aware of that and then you pull them in. And of course my favorite phrase—as if by magic. You just start pulling people and things and events and experiences and all sorts of magic to you as if by magic, and then they can show up. And then, you still have choice.


[10:13] Here’s the thing: you might pull in five lovers [but] it doesn’t mean you have to have five lovers. You could say ‘no’ to all of them. You’re just doing your part—you’re pulling them in. They can show up through a dating app, they could show up at the grocery store, they could show up to clean your driveway. I mean, there’s a billion ways they could show up, we’re just going to pull and we’re going to allow that magic to unravel. 


[10:37] So, that is one, and probably the energetic tool that I would say I use the most. Although it’s kind of hard to say, the other one that I use—and this one I know, for some people, doesn’t maybe feel very nice. Or maybe, there’s just a lot of points of views. I’m going to share it anyway because I do think it’s really valuable for those of us who are willing. 


[11:01] We all have what’s called “killing energy.” We all have “healing energy,” and we all have killing energy. 


Now, if you’re like me, you were brought up that the killing energy was the worst thing ever. The word “kill”—the idea of killing, murder, [and] all of that is like the absolute worst. Like, if I could have done the worst thing on the planet, that would be it. And I agree—I’m not saying we should go murdering people, this is not what I’m talking about. There is an energy, a killing energy, that’s available to each one of us that we BE that if we’re willing to BE it in those situations, that can actually create a lot of magic. 


[11:41] If you have some sort of disease in your body, chances are the killing of that disease is what’s actually going to create greater. Now, not always. Sometimes, it’s the healing of it. Sometimes, it’s the killing of it. 


You don’t need to figure it out, okay? Don’t try to get your mind involved and have all this like, “Oh, am I doing it right or wrong?” or “What’s going on?” You just want to recognize that we all BE killing energy. 


That killing energy can create so much when we’re willing to do it—when we’re willing to BE it, not DO it. This is not—again, I am not in any way telling you to kill anyone or anything. It’s an energetic killing. Again, if you have cancer of some sort, check in if killing the cancer would create greater or healing. [It] could be both,  could be just one—doesn’t matter. 


[12:38] You want to recognize—and this is, to me, I would say one of the most underutilized, energetic capacities that we BE because there’s so many interesting points of views around it. A lot of times when we talk about it, people go straight to the logic of it. I’m not talking logical, I’m talking energetic. 


[12:57] You can KILL a conversation. I did that a couple of summers ago on like, I did it on purpose. It was really cool for me to experience it because I’d never really used my killing capacities that way.


There was just [being] with extended family and a big group of people, and one of the people started a conversation that was racist. If you would have looked at me, I did nothing different—I still sat the same, I still did the same, everything was the same. But energetically, it was like the biggest *kaboom!*of killing energy that I’ve ever been cognitively aware of delivering at something. I didn’t deliver it at the person, I delivered it at the energy of the conversation. 


[13:52] It was split second—I didn’t think about it. This was so *boom!* It was like *boom!* and nothing else was said. It was like the person didn’t say anything. It was the most interesting thing because my experience in those situations is that one person says something like that, and then other people add to it. And then, there’s those of us who don’t like it. Maybe we get up and leave or whatever, there’s all the crazy. 


[14:22] Could have I just said, “Hey, we don’t want to talk about that. We don’t talk like that here” or something like that. Possibly. Not sure that would have been quite as well received as the kill and done and it was just over. There’s so many different ways to BE that killing energy. When we don’t have a point of view about it so much like I was talking about earlier—we don’t want to decide like, “Oh, I must kill this person” or “I must kill this situation.” It’s not that. It’s just the energy of “What’s required?” 


[14:52] Again, it was so split second for me. I didn’t think about it beforehand. I didn’t go, “Okay, well, what’s going to be the best here? Do I talk to them twice? Say something? Do I stand up and fight that?” Not that I would have—maybe I would have? I’m not sure. It just seems funny to me to think about that. 


But, it was just so *boom* – there it was. That really, to me again, comes with not having a point of view. I no longer—believe me, I used to. I no longer have a point of view about killing energy, so I can have access to it whenever it’s going to create greater. I can BE it in the flash, like that. Once it’s over, I’m done. 


[15:35] Again, in the past, when a family member’s friend [or] whoever would maybe make a racist comment, if I didn’t say or do anything, then I would be in the crazy of “I’m horrible. I’m just as bad as them. I shouldn’t be making those statements.” Of course, I go into [the] judgment of them, which doesn’t create greater, and judgment of me, all the crazy. 


This way, with delivering that, stopping the conversation, it being done, it was done. It was absolutely done. Let me tell you, the magic that that creates in my world—to not spin in something—is huge. To know that I contributed to changing it was huge. Truly, what else is possible?


[16:21] I’m not saying those situations are always going to be an energetic killing. There’s going to be times we’re saying, “Hey, this doesn’t work” or “Hey, we need to stop this” or “That doesn’t work around here,”whatever. There’s times and places for that. There’s times and places for killing energy. There’s all sorts of other ones, also—just going to move my microphone back up a little bit. There’s all of these pieces of, like, the energetics that we BE. 


[16:46] So, we’ve talked about energy pulling, we’ve talked about BEing the killing energy, which, again, the healing energy, too, because we’re that, also. If you get the sense in a situation where that is the energy that’s required, BE that. In fact, even talking about them like this is a little bit limiting, because we’re kind of going, “Okay, here’s your choices: you can either do an energy pull—you can killing energy, you can healing energy,” whatever else I might talk about. That’s not it at all. 


[17:20] Energetic tools is recognizing that you’re energy, you’re energetic. Energy is your first language. If you would like to change something, and you don’t have a point of view about it, you really can just ask, “What energy could I BE here to change this?” 


[17:38] Notice we’re not saying— I just looked outside, it’s snowing outside. Years ago, if I was starting to use these tools, I would have said something like, “What energy can I be for it to stop snowing?” because I decided that summer is the only appropriate season on the planet. Crazy, I know, but I had a lot of points of views about it. So, we don’t ask that because that’s not actually letting go of control. 


[18:05] What energy can I be to change this? — that’s a totally different energy. That might mean we get a huge blizzard. That might mean who knows what else? I mean, there’s a billion things. We’re just opening it up by using energetic tools, either specific ones I’ve kind of talked about or just being the energy that changes things. Oh, guys, the things you can create—the things, the magic.


[18:32] But again—and I keep repeating this and I do it on purpose because I’ve worked with so many people around the world, I know—you all want to control it. And I do, too. Although, I’m a million times better, like, so much better just to really let it go. It was interesting. 


[18:48] About a week ago—a little over a week ago—I’ve been waiting on a treadmill for about two and a half months. Yes. The delivery driver phoned but I didn’t even know it was out for delivery. They told me they would phone ahead of time that it was coming out the next day—all the things—so I didn’t answer the phone. I’m just not a phone person. So, [it] didn’t get delivered that day. 


So then, they make a plan a couple days later. “Okay, we’ll bring it the next day.” “Okay, cool.” Hubby and I are home all day—no delivery. The next day, we head out to [where] we’re taking stained glass glasses—so cool. When did they phoned? They’re sitting at our gate when we’re at the class. 


[19:39] Normally, I would be, “Okay, what’s it gonna take for it to arrive?”, doing all the control pieces. And what I said to my friend is, “I know that the universe has my back.” This is one thing I know for sure. Always. So, I wonder what is possible with this that I’ve never even considered. I’m not asking for it to show up—I’m keeping it quite open for whatever. It’s just a really bizarre situation. Truly, what else is possible with it that I’ve never even considered? 


[20:14] I have asked my body, “Hey, body, if you would like it (because she’s the one who’s going to enjoy it), can you bring it?” I’ve asked the treadmill itself, “Hey, if you’d like to come, can you get yourself here?” I’ve engaged and I’ve employed the other energies involved with it with really this spaciousness of, “Okay, what else is possible that I’ve never even considered?” Of course, my preference is it shows up. So, there’s this huge dance of it all and pulling it and all of it, and the willingness to receive all the pieces. 


[20:50] Again, in the past, I would have gotten so mad. SO mad. “They’ve had it over a week, what the hell?” and all the points of views and all the stuff that actually kills it. This would be killing it in a way that I wouldn’t want it to be killed, you know? Complaining and frustrating and all those energies that basically just push it away. Instead, it’s like, “Okay, what else is possible that I’ve never even considered? I wonder what magic I’ve never even considered with this…” 


[21:22] A few energetic tools. The number one, really though, is just to be asking What energy could I BE here to change this? 


Just so you know, you probably won’t get a response to that. You’re just going to BE the energy, like in the moment you ask that, you’re going to BE that energy. That’s the cool thing about questions – you ask, and you’ll BE it, like what energy could I BE here to change this? Boom, you BE it. It’s changing. Now, let it go. Let go of the control, my sweet friends. Yes. 


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