Apr 17, 2022

Tools When Life is Heavy

Follow what lights you up!

There has been a lot of upset going on in the world for some time now. Add to that the personal worries we have to deal with in our daily lives. One can’t help but feel how “heavy” life seems to be right now. 


If that sounds relatable, tune in to this episode as we talk all about the “heavy” stuff and some reaaallyyy potent tools from Access Consciousness® to help you breakfree from the drama-trauma and allow more magic to your life.


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[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for being here. I am so incredibly grateful for you. 


This show is Tools When Life is Heavy. Yeah, and I know for a lot of people — not even just with the stuff in the world, just in their own world — life can seem heavy a lot. A lot. 


And if you happen to catch last week’s radio show, you would have walked with me through some heaviness that I had in my world and all the things. 


[00:00:40] Here’s the important thing to know about heavy. Heavy means there’s a lie attached. Heavy means there’s a lie attached. Heavy means there’s a lie attached.


Now, I am not repeating that because I’m forgetful. I am repeating that because most people do not stop and recognize that what we do is we assume that it’s heavy because of the upset attached, because of the story attached, because of all the crazy. That’s what we do. We assume that’s the heavy. It’s not, my sweet friends. That heavy is because there is a lie there. 


[00:01:21] Now, it could be a 100% lie. It could be 2% lie. It could be anything. It’s just, you want to check in and you just ask, “What is the lie spoken or unspoken here?” You just need to acknowledge that there’s a lie. 

If you are listening to the news and you start getting super, super heavy: What is the lie? No, it doesn’t mean that whatever story they’re showing right now is actually a lie. It doesn’t mean that. It could, doesn’t mean it [but] it could. It could, and it doesn’t necessarily. 


[00:01:58] It could be, let’s say, you’re watching a news story and there’s something similar in your life. Let’s say you’re watching and somebody’s had all their possessions taken from them, like their house and stuff, because they weren’t paying their bills. And you maybe feel like money’s a bit tight. 


You’re watching this news and all of a sudden, you’re going into your own story of “Oh my gosh, this is going to happen to me! I haven’t paid my mortgage last month and they’re going to come after me! They’re going to take everything!” 


[00:02:31] What you’re doing is those lies you’re attaching, that’s the heavy. That’s our awareness saying, “Hey, dumb ass! Stop it.” We want to get to the awareness of what is the lie. 


You just recognize that, “Oh, okay. That’s the story I’ve attached. That’s what’s making it heavy. All right.” Stop, and then turn it into a question of like What else is possible?


[00:02:59] Let’s say with the money thing. What else is possible with my money stuff that I haven’t considered? We take it out of the drama-trauma, the story [and] into a question of like What else is possible I haven’t considered? You really want to strengthen this muscle, guys: to recognize that heavy is always a lie. 


[00:03:21] This is the bizarre thing: if the whoever-the-power’s-that’d-be were going to come and take your house from you today and you thought about it, it would actually be light because it would actually be true. It’s a bizarre thing, but what’s true for us in that moment is light. What’s a lie is heavy. So, if it’s, if it’s heavy, guaranteed, there’s a lie in there. Guaranteed there’s a lie in there. Yeah. 


[00:03:54] Right now on the planet — probably all the time on the planet, let’s be honest, but essentially right now — it seems there’s a lot of heavy. There’s a lot of things that we could put our attention on. There’s a lot of places where we can play with the story, the drama-trauma, the upset, all of it.


The question that you want to start asking when you recognize you’re in story, when you recognize that you’re telling lies, that that’s the heavy, ask: What can I add to my life right now to change this? Because if you’ve got time to play in the heavy, play in the story, make up all the drama-trauma, you’ve got too much time. 


[00:04:36] I know that you might want to say to me, “But Glenyce I don’t have any more time! There’s no more time in my life! What are you talking about?” Yeah. It’s not even actually about time. It’s really about the energy of adding more and more and more. 


If you’ll notice, like, when you’ve got something really fun or something you really enjoy doing, you always create the space for it. That’s what we’re looking at. How many more of those things can we add to our lives so we don’t play with the drama-trauma, we don’t play with the stories? That’s really—I mean, that’s the target, my sweet friends. 


[00:05:12] I mean even this morning, I got up early and I went to the gym ’cause I knew later on, I knew I was recording the show today, I knew that I’ve got more calls this afternoon. I knew the rest of my day was full. If I didn’t go this morning, I probably wouldn’t have the space for it. 


Now, let’s be honest. Years ago, I would have went, “I can’t go to the gym today. I know it just won’t work.” Now, I love it. It’s so much fun. I love all the gyms I can go to. I love all the possibilities there that I look at how I can fit it into my day. And that’s a different energy. 


[00:05:48] So, that’s what we want to be asking: What can I add to my life right now to change this? And then, follow the energy. Follow what’s light, follow what really lights you up. You don’t know until you try it.


[00:06:01] This is the thing I hear from so many of you. “I don’t know what I like… I don’t know what would be fun for me… I don’t know.” 


Of course, I’m being extreme here but let’s be honest, guys. You do not know until you try. So, definitely ask questions around it, of course, like Truth, if I choose this right now, will it create the future desire or decay the future desire? 


Follow your awareness, of course, but don’t wait for you to know 110% that you will love it. Try it. Try it, and then you’ll know that choice creates the awareness. We’re often waiting for the awareness so we choose, but that is so slow, my sweet friends. It’s so, so slow. Such a slow way to create..


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And of course, we also have the Bars & Foundation Pool Party in July of 2022. So again, you’ll find the link with more information and reach out if you don’t see a link or if you’ve got other questions. I would love to hear from you.


[00:07:16] So, when you’ve got the heavy going on, we want to ask: What’s the lie spoken or unspoken? We want to be asking: What can I add to my life? The other one that I use a lot, especially in the last month, is What am I aware of here? 


What am I aware of here? Because we can become aware of something, and then again, we add that story to it, and then we distract ourselves with the story. 


[00:07:44] Let’s say you had a business and you had a staff member working with you. Every time you thought about them, you started getting like a little bit pissy like, “Oh, they didn’t do that thing I asked them to do” or “They didn’t do it right” or whatever. Let’s say that’s not normally how you are with them or with people. 


Instead of going into the, you know, continuing to distract yourself with that upset or going into, “Oh my gosh, what’s wrong with me? Why am I being so judgemental?” Stop. What am I aware of here? What is this? What was the ping of the awareness before you took it into all that crazy about the person? What are you aware of? 


[00:08:26] Maybe you’re aware that they’re looking for a different job. Maybe you just popped into there, you’ve got the awareness that they’re looking for another job, and then you turn it into that distraction and story rather than just like, what if you were aware of that? Like, “Oh, they’re looking for another job. Okay, awesome.” 


And then, it allows you to actually be in the space of, “Wow. Okay. If they choose to move on, would I like to replace them? Would I do something different?” You won’t be shocked when it occurs because you’re not pretending it’s not occurring if that’s what’s going on. Now, again, you’re just going to follow your awareness with it, but really watch for that spot before you take it into the drama-trauma. 


[00:09:11] And this is why I use that question: what am I aware of here? It takes me back before the drama-trauma into, “Okay. So, what am I aware of?” I immediately don’t get words for it. I mean, we don’t always know specifically what I’m aware of. 

But for me just asking that question, it changes so much because (1) I’m acknowledging that I’m aware of something and (2) I’m no longer playing with the drama trauma anymore which allows so much more magic. So much more magic.


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