Apr 24, 2022

Tools to Stop Giving a Fuck

Are you living your life for you?

Do you find yourself holding back because of what people might say about you? And if they do, do you take these comments to heart? If yes, this show is for you!    In this episode, we’ll list down some of the tools from Access Consciousness® to help you stop other people’s judgment from controlling how you live your life, and eventually not give a flying fuck about it. Don’t let anything stop you from BEing you, my sweet friend.  

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[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for being here. I am so incredibly grateful for you.


[00:00:10] This week, we are talking about Tools to Stop Giving a Fuck. If you are a person that takes things personally, that avoids judgment, that doesn’t do things that might create judgment from other people, this show is for you, my sweet friend.


Yes, because it is time to start living your life. Any time that we’re giving fucks about what other people will think about us or say about us, we’re not living our life. We’re living for other people. We’re being controlled by other people’s judgment, which is why other people judge. Heck! It’s why we judge, my sweet friends. I know we don’t want to admit it, and it’s the energy behind it. 


[00:00:55] So, tool number one. It’s a tool I talk about all the time and I’m not stopping talking about it anytime soon. It’s the tool from Access Consciousness®: interesting point of view, I have this point of view


[00:01:08] Whenever you take it personal, whenever you receive some judgment — maybe you post something on social media and somebody comments, or you maybe won’t post something on social media in case somebody judges you, or you find out about somebody judging you from a friend or something like that, what you want to do is just take a moment. 


If you need to go to the washroom or, you know, separate yourself from everyone that’s around and just go take a moment, get the energy of the judgment, of the resistance of it, of all of that, and go into interesting point of view, I have this point of view. Interesting points of view, I have this points of view. 


It can be interesting point of view or interesting points of views, either. Interesting points of view, I have these points of view. Interesting points of view, I have these points of view. Just over and over and over until you don’t have that contraction in your world about it, until you can think about the situation without really a matter in your world, a care in your world. That’s ultimately what you’re looking for. 


[00:02:20] Now, you may not get there right away. It might take you doing this a few times. It might take you doing this 50 times. It might take you doing this every hour for a week. Who knows? It doesn’t matter. There’s no kind of it-should-work-in-this-many-times.


It really is just utilizing this tool because every time you do it, it will start to unravel all of the places and spaces that you have made personal. [That] you’ve made about you that were never about you. 


[00:02:50] When people judge us, it’s about their stuff related to what we’re choosing. No different than when we judge other people, it’s about our stuff in relation to what they’re choosing. So, it’s not personal. 


We’ve been taught though to make it really personal and really wrap ourselves up into it and really look at how can I change so that person will like me or not have this judgment. Whoa, stop. No, use the tool: interesting point of view, I have this point of view. 


You can do it in your mind, you don’t even have to do it out loud, over and over and over until you have the space of you. 

[00:03:31] Another tool to stop giving a fuck. This is a fairly new one in the last couple of years that we started using in Access Consciousness®. It’s a very simple question: Is this relevant? That’s all you need to ask. 


[00:03:47] Again, let’s imagine you posted something on social media. Somebody made a judgment and you read it and you go, “Oh no!” 


Truth, is this relevant? 


Hmm… no. Okay, carry on. And then, you get to do whatever you would like to do with that. 


If it’s on social media, you can go delete it. You could go block the person. You could comment. Whatever it is you’d like to do, you have total choice in that moment. There’s no right or wrong way to respond, and you don’t even have to respond.


[00:04:24] I have done all sorts of things. I just find whatever is going to create the most in that moment. Sometimes, I will respond and say thank you, which is a bit of a, well, I was going to say a bit of a manipulation, but it’s a total manipulation. Sometimes, I delete and block them. Sometimes, I just leave it. 


And then usually, my other friends or people that are hanging out with me on social media, they’ll comment in kind of defense for me. I’m not sure if there’s anything else that I do. I mean there’s a few of those options, but it’s really whatever in that moment. 


[00:05:00] But the first piece that I always look at is getting honest with me. I don’t want to do it from a reaction like, “Oh, I need to get rid of that comment! I don’t want anybody to see that!” I don’t ever choose from that energy. 


That’s a muscle, I’ll be honest. Years ago, I didn’t choose from that. It was like, “Delete, delete, delete! I didn’t want anybody to see it!” Because part of it was that I bought it as true and real. If somebody was saying it, then it must be true and real. But what if it isn’t, guys? What if somebody is saying it just to say it? 


[00:05:32] I’ve been talking for a while about TikTok. Now a few years ago, I put some videos here and there on TikTok. Lately, I’ve been a much more active on there. But I put one on there which was just a fun video of me putting on makeup.


Holy Dinah, did I receive judgment! In fact, to this day, I’ve never went and caught, like, I’ve never responded. I never did anything with them. It took me so off guard. I had no idea that people would actually choose that. 


[00:06:02] None of the platforms that I’d been on before ever have that sort of insanity. So, it was really interesting. It was also a really good place for me to use interesting point of view, for me to be the space, for me to ask about, you know, is this actually relevant? and all of that. 


But at the time, I just kind of set it aside and didn’t go on it for a while and just gave myself the space to really go, “Wow, this is another level of receiving! How does it get any better than that?”


[00:06:30] But that is the second tool — is really asking is this relevant? If you happen to get a ‘yes,’ then you could look at, “Okay, what’s required?” If it is relevant, then what’s required? 

There may be something. There may be some sort of action to take. Just make sure that that isn’t relevant when you’re asking that, that your response is an awareness, not an answer that you think it should be, because maybe you’re upset about the comment.


[00:06:59] Another tool to stop giving a fuck is something that you want to be aware of with regards to recognizing you are your most valuable product. 


I actually did a class on it very recently because this is something I was really looking out for myself in the last few months. It’s where I’ve made other people and other situations way more relevant than me, way more the valuable product than me when really, we are each our own most valuable product.


If we don’t acknowledge that and we don’t live that, then absolutely we are going to get really tied up in other people’s points of views. We’re going to get really tied up in other people’s judgements. We’re going to get really tied up in that space of what they think of us. 


[00:07:48] However, if you are your most valuable product, if you recognize it and you acknowledge it and you live it, then what other people think or say about you really doesn’t have an effect on you because you’ve got your back, which is all about being your most valuable product. It means you never judge you. You always got you, which allows the universe also to always have you, to always have your back. 


[00:08:20] These are really the tools just to start using. You don’t have to use them all. Pick one when that judgment comes up, when you’re giving too many fucks about things that aren’t required to give any fucks about. Really, start using one or maybe all of these tools to start changing it so that you have way more choice for you, because that’s what we’re looking for.

[00:08:43] It really is about stopping giving the fuck so that you can be you on the planet. You can create in whatever way you would like. You can do, have, be, and actualize everything beyond what you’ve never imagined possible when you stop giving the fucks.


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