Sep 4, 2022

3 Routines that Keep Me Wealthy

Get wealthy with me, sweet friend.

You read that right – I’m sharing the life-changing habits that keep me very, very wealthy, and you can easily add these to your daily routine as well! Of course, don’t forget to join us in the How to Become Money Workbook Book Club if you’re looking to add more wealth into your life, and to keep the money magic coming. ✨


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[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for being here. 


I know if you’re watching this on video, I’m very small compared to the rest of the video. But I just love the front of our house. We had local artists create these dandelions and then we put them on the house, and I just love it so much. The only way to get them all in is to have the camera way over there. 


Thank you for watching this, if you are, and if you’re listening, you could check it out on YouTube if you wanna see the beautiful dandelions. 


[00:00:41] Three routines that keep me wealthy. Yes, this is another intro to the upcoming How to Become Money Workbook Book Club we’ve got starting on September 13, 2022. 


Yes, everything is recorded. We have a weekly Zoom where we’ll go through a chapter a week, and then also in the same week, we will do an energetic exercise based on that chapter. So, check it out. Link is above or below. If you can’t see the link, let me know and I will get it for you. 


[00:01:12] So, the three routines that keep me wealthy. First, let me define wealth for you. Wealth is the ability to perceive, to know, to be, and to receive. Wealthy doesn’t necessarily mean “rich” or “have money,” and it may and it usually does because when you’re willing to perceive, to know, to be, and to receive, that’s where the magic is, my sweet friends.


[00:01:45] The three routines—the three things that I do every day. Number one is I always start the day with an energetic exercise. 


Now, how does that fit into wealth? With my energetic exercises, what I’m doing is I’m strengthening my perceiving, my BEing, my knowing, and my receiving. Doing it energetically is the way that I’ve found to be the quickest way to really exponentialize it. 


[00:02:20] I do it on all sorts of things. It might be something business-related. It might be something like money or cash-related. It might be something body-related. I mean, all the things. 


[00:02:29] I will utilize an energetic exercise first before I’ll go and do something ’cause it just changes things. I can talk for days and days and years and years about the magic of energetic exercises. I’ve been using them for 20 years. I love them so much. 


[00:02:48] There is a Telegram group that I’ve got where I did three free ones. We’ll have the link above or below. If you can’t find it, reach out and I will get it for you. [It’s] just to get a sense of them if you haven’t played with them with me before. 


[00:03:01] That is routine number one: energetic exercise. Some people might prefer to call that like a “guided meditation.” That’s totally cool. Do what works for you. 


[00:03:11] But basically what you want to do is strengthen your perceiving, your knowing, your being, and your receiving. These are not things in this reality that are even seen as something that would create greater. They’re not even seen as worthy of anything. And yet truly, if you would like to be wealthy, you’ve got to have the perceiving, the knowing, the being, the receiving that you truly be. 


[00:03:40] You already BE these. These are not new to you. It’s just that we often ignore them, or put them aside, or pretend they’re not there, or distract yourself with all the doing that is done in this reality. It’s a totally different space and it’s so freaking magical. 


[00:03:58] The second routine that I do every day is a little bit more money and cash-related. It is where I actually will go in and I will put into this really cool spreadsheet that I created where I put in what money came in the day before and how it came in. 


[00:04:18] Not like if it was credit card or e-transfer, that sort of stuff. More so what did it come in through. Was it a coaching session? Was it a program? Was it affiliate payments? What was it? 

[00:04:29] I’ve got this spreadsheet that goes through each month. I’ve got everything broken down on there and then it transfers it to the first page where it all has it laid out by month, and I can see the whole year to date and all the things.


[00:04:44] That is such an inspiration for me to choose ’cause it keeps me really aware. This is another—well, this is number two: Is that awareness? The reason I do that is to stay aware of what’s coming in. 


[00:05:00] Actually in the last few months, I’ve also been tracking what’s going out. I did some math, oh gosh, maybe back in March or April or something? I figured out exactly what it costs Hubby and I to live each month. Not business-related, but house-related and personal-related. 


[00:05:16] I did that and then I saw what the company pays us, and it was like, hmm… we should have an additional $20,000 somewhere that is not really accounted for. [There’s] somewhere I wasn’t tracking something correctly over the past year. 


[00:05:33] I chose to just do the same thing: I track what comes in and I’ve also been tracking what goes out. That really is for my awareness so that I don’t ever go, “Oh my gosh, how did that happen? How did I not have enough money this month?” or “How did this…” you know, whatever it is. 


[00:05:50] That is, for me, a routine that keeps me very, very wealthy. It allows me also to revert back to number one which is the perceiving, knowing, being, and receiving of that. 


[00:06:03] Number three, the third routine that I do every day is I ask questions. I ask for what I would like. 

[00:06:10] What would I like to create? – I start my day with, and then whatever else. I ask: 


What energy, space, consciousness, choice, magic, miracles, mysteries, possibilities, power, and potency can me and my body be to actualize at least [[whatever that amount of money is]] [[today, this month, whatever it is]].


[00:06:28] I ask a ton more questions. A ton more questions just to really get, again, the perceiving, knowing, being, and receiving. That’s what asking questions is for: to start perceiving, start becoming aware of the possibilities, aware of the choices, choosing the choices, becoming aware of what choosing those choices created. There’s so many pieces to it that it’s so incredibly magical.


[00:06:55] I also have a Start and End Your Business Day. This is specifically business where you can listen to it. It’s got an energetic exercise mixed in with it. 


But you basically listen to it and it’s all the questions that I ask. It’s starts in the day and then one you listen to at night because you want to end your day with some different questions. You want to destroy and uncreate everywhere you uninvited money today. Stuff like that where you end the day with different questions. 


Again, we’ll have the link above or below. If you don’t see it, let me know.


[00:07:27] Those are the three routines that I do that keep me incredibly wealthy. What else is possible, guys? 

[00:07:35] I’d love to hear yours! What are you doing that is keeping you wealthy? What are you choosing? Or… maybe there’s nothing and after this, you’ve been inspired. So, what will you start to choose? I would love to hear from you.


[00:07:49] Thank you so much for joining me, guys. I’m so incredibly grateful for you. If you would like to, come and join us! The How to Become Money Workbook starts on September 13th. I would love to have you join us. 


Have a great week and I look forward to chatting again next week.

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