Tools to Honour the Universe

Tools to Honour the Universe

Tools to Honour the Universe

What if you could create a different possibility, instantaneously?


In this episode, Glenyce shares some tools from Access Consciousnes that invited her to receive more than she’d been willing to receive before. Truly, what else is possible that we have never even considered?


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[00:36] To honor is “to treat with regard” meaning you’re aware of, you’re not forcing, you’re not pushing, and you’re not making something happen that wouldn’t create greater. 


[00:58] In Access Consciousness, where the tools that I share are from, there are what we call “Elements of Intimacy” where there’s honor, trust, allowance, gratitude, and vulnerability. 


[02:04] It was the end of July/early August when I had one of my beautiful listeners message me. I was talking on the show, yet again, about a private jet.  She said she’s got a friend who works with people who would like to fly on private jets and if I want to connect. My first thought? No. I couldn’t afford to buy a you know, $100,000 ride on a jet plane… But then I went, “Wait, that is not honoring the universe.” 


To treat the universe with regard would mean you would actually ask a question. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I would actually have that conversation with the person that the listener was talking about. It’s actually going to a question. 


TOOL #1 – BE the Question

[04:59] When you’re in any situation, BE the question. We’re taught pretty much right from the beginning to be the RIGHT answer. It’s time to change that and recognize that it’s BEing the question that will invite you to more possibilities than you never imagined possible. 


[05:38] In my case, I asked the question: Truth, would saying yes to the listener, who had offered to connect me with her friend working on private jets, create the future desire or decay, the future I desire? I got that it would create the future. I responded back that I would love to connect with them. 


[06:01] It was such a magical conversation with them that invited me to way, way more. What else occurred is when I was responding to my listener, I remembered from 2 years earlier a Facebook friend who had posted about a free jet that was flying empty and if anybody want to fly. Hubby  and I were going to England that same weekend so I couldn’t take it. I forgot about it until that moment.


[06:55] Then I reached out to that woman who originally posted that thing from two years ago. That was what created the private jet ride. By honoring the universe through being willing to ask the question, that opened up a whole new set of possibilities beyond what I could have ever imagined possible. 


[07:49] The first step to honoring the universe (which includes you and everything) is by asking a question. Look at one area of your life where you’re struggling. What if you choose from this moment forward to always BE the question with regards to that? That is an honoring of you like nothing else that will open up more possibilities, and you will have more awarenesses with regards to that than anything else.


TOOL #2 – Interesting Point of View

[10:10] Interesting point of view, I have this point of view – sprinkle that sh*t on everything. If you’re truly honoring the universe, there is no room for judgment. The minute you judge, you are dishonouring. This tool is the quickest and most magical tool to get out of judgment. 


[13:01] When you are not judging, anything is possible. The more that you BE interesting point of view in every area of your life, the more you will create and actualize #asifbymagic. Everything you’re asking for can start to show up because you’re not limiting it with the point of view that it can’t. 


What else is possible that I have never even considered?


[15:32] By asking this question, we go beyond what we’ve already decided is possible into truly what else is possible we’ve never even considered. That really allows the universe to deliver it in ways that are so magical to us.


[17:37] Every day, all day, no matter if things are going magically, crappy, or anything in between: What else is possible here that I’ve never even considered? 


TOOL #3 Acknowledge You

[20:21] You ARE the universe. Therefore, to honor the universe is to acknowledge what is true about you, constantly. 


[20:57] Acknowledge the magic that you BE, the possibilities that you BE, the change that you BE, and what you’re choosing now. Have a note on your phone or a notebook with you all day long. Start jotting down the things you could be acknowledging because it’s so easy to be stressed about something that you forget all the magic that you BE. If you jot them down, then you can refer to them when it’s required. There’s always something to acknowledge about you.


[22:22] You don’t have to acknowledge only the good stuff. What if we don’t judge? What if you actually acknowledge everything? Remember, judging is not honoring. [24:02] Acknowledging you is acknowledging it all – what we would judge as the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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Tools to Receive a Private Jet

Tools to Receive a Private Jet

Tools to Receive a Private Jet

If you could receive anything, what would it be?


What would it take to actualize our desires and receive beyond what we have been willing to? In this episode, Glenyce shares tools from Access Consciousness that gifted her an AWEsome ride in a private jet – her very own dream come true.


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[01:37] I have been talking about a private jet for years now. After this radio show, one of my beautiful listeners messaged me about her friend who helps people with booking private jets and asked if I wanted to speak to them. 

In my head, I was saying no. There’s no way I could afford thousands of dollars for a private jet at the time. Then I realized how dishonouring that would be. Here I was, asking for and talking about a private jet. A possibility presents itself, and my first response is “no”? Interesting.

I was very grateful that I caught myself with that. Instead of saying “no”, I asked a question: Truth, would saying yes to talking to this person about the private jets create the future I desire or decay the future I desire? I got the former. I agreed to this beautiful listener and she hooked me up.

As I was chatting with her, I remembered a Facebook friend that had posted two years ago about having a private jet for free to go somewhere within Canada. Hubby and I were going to Europe for a few weeks back then, otherwise I would have said “yes.” 

When I found that friend, I reached out to her and just asked if the offer’s still up. 

And yesterday, we flew in a private jet. 

[05:49] Everybody has desires, dreams, or wishes (whatever you want to call them), even if you haven’t told them to yourself yet, they’re energetically there. That’s what these tools are for. It’s not about everybody getting a private jet; it’s about everybody knowing that anything is possible. 


TOOL #1 – Ask the Universe

[08:06] Ask everyday, all day: Universe, please gift me more than I’m willing to receive. Because then you might be willing to receive even more, and then even more, and then even more. Just by receiving this his private jet (ride) I have increased my level of receiving by a gazillion. How does it get any better than that?


TOOL #2 – Don’t tell them about the gift (yet… or ever)

[09:25] I did not share the gift with anybody (except for Hubby) until we were done on the jet. The reason for that is when we are creating magic, there are people who can put off an energy about something we’ve created that can stop us in our tracks.

[09:48] Prior to studying the tools of Access Consciousness, I always told people right away and they’d tell me I was crazy or something. I now know I did that to ensure I didn’t BE the magic that I could BE. Now, I do not share until I am ready to receive all the judgment.

[10:16] Be really present with who can receive it, when they can receive it, and what you are willing to receive. If you’re not willing to receive the judgment and all the stuff, then don’t tell anybody because it’s not going to create the future you desire.

[10:40] The other thing is you don’t have to share it everywhere once you’re willing to receive it. You can be willing to receive it and still not share it. Stop telling the people who can’t receive it and be your own cheerleader.If you never share the magic you create, you have to be your number one cheerleader. 


TOOL #3 – Drop the barriers

[11:36] One of the barriers that we choose is to think, along with resisting, not receiving, and not being present. Thinking is one of the ones we (or I, at least)  would use unconsciously. If you’re truly willing to or ready to receive more than you’ve been willing, drop those barriers. 

[12:20] When you’re perceiving that you’re resisting, not receiving, or you’re pushing away energetically, use this tool from Access Consciousness: Barriers, down barriers, down barriers, down. All levels, layers, lifetimes, universes, realities – barriers down. 

[12:43] If you can, just don’t think. You might assume that you have to, but your mind really doesn’t have to. It’s a really interesting point of view that our mind has to always go. 

[14:44] When you notice that you’re going down the rabbit hole, just go: how does it get any better than this? You can take that thinking and exchange it for a tool or something else, until you can get to the point where that’s your normal. You’re operating from the spaciousness and the energy and the consciousness of you, rather than the insanity, the barriers, and all of that. Also, thinking might be what you’ve trained yourself to do. What would it be like to retrain yourself?

TOOL #4 – BEing aggressively present

[15:35] People may react strongly against the word “aggressively.” What if “aggressively present” means no matter what’s going on around you, you are present? 

[15:55] Being aggressively present is such a gift. The more aggressively present you are willing to be, the more magic you will create and the more you’ll be aware of what’s required. 

[17:10] A lot of times people think “aggressive” is a negative word, like how “kindness” is positive.Pay attention to that because to decide that a word is negative takes judgment. If you’re willing to receive from all words, then you’d be aware of the word/s that we’re going to create the most for you. 

[17:54] Being present on the private jet was quite a dance for me. I had a lot of things I wanted to do in a fairly short flight (one hour). I want to do this and that, I want to get this photo, I’ll make sure I get this until I tell myself to relax. None of it matters. What my target with it was the enjoyment of it and being present with it. 

But there’s not a level of presence in that energy and that’s not what I desire to be on the airplane. 

What was such a huge gift was when we got to the hangar and went into a big, beautiful lounge. The pilot came to us and asked for a few minutes as they went through the safety stuff. 

I’m so grateful because that 10 minutes got me to sit and commune with the airplane.I’m not sure that I would have had the same level of presence that I was able to get to before we went out there. Hubby and I even got pictures before going back onto the plane. It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. 


TOOL #5 – Receive with no point of view

[23:43] When we’re not receiving, we contract. For intance, getting on a private plane will feel like a whole different world. There can be an automatic contraction with that without even recognizing it. You can go: how much space can I be to receive this? 

[24:03] You can utilize these tools in receiving criticism, unkindness, and all the things. We’re infinite beings with infinite receiving. What else might be possible if you’re willing to receive at all?

[25:06] We often separate from what we dream of and make it really external, like it could never happen for us. Those dreams – if you’re dreaming it, it’s dreaming of you, too. Allow yourself to receive from it and be willing to gift to it.

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How I Won the Lottery

How I Won the Lottery

How I Won the Lottery

What if it isn’t what you think it is?

Are you willing to win the lottery to create a magical life beyond what you have never imagined possible? In this episode, Glenyce shares with you how she won the lottery – and it might not be what you think it is.

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Are you willing to win the lottery to create a magical life beyond what you have never imagined possible? In this episode, Glenyce shares with you how she won the lottery – and it might not be what you think it is. 


How I Won the Lottery



I came across a post that I did a year ago on Facebook. It was me at my pool talking about how I used to always dream about winning the lottery. I thought that would be the only way I could create my life the way that I desired it to be. There was no other way. 

Really, with that sort of point of view, you’re always going to be a victim. It’s because unless you win the lottery, you’re not going to be able to create your life.

Thankfully, I came across these amazing tools from Access Consciousness that have gifted me something that would be equivalent to winning the lottery in the sense of actually knowing I have a choice. 


Choice is like the new lottery. It’s because if you’re willing to acknowledge that you as an infinite being have infinite choice, you can create anything. Winning the lottery gives you more cash and that’s all, whereas the lottery of acknowledging that you have infinite choice is the magic. 


Whether you’re creating a life of no choice or of asking questions and choosing towards the ones that feel the yummiest, that’s what you’re creating. That is the space of one’s willingness to ask.


Before you ask your question, clear the DJCCPSERRJs so you can get a true awareness. Then you ask the question with no point of view on it so that you can start getting a sense of what is going to create the future you desire. 


BEing infinite choice


When we talk about the lottery of choice, you get to recognize (1) you have infinite choice even in a reality that’s telling you you don’t (you do), and (2) you have the entire universe supporting you with these choices. There’s no right or wrong choice. 


You are the power, the potency, the creativity, the awareness, the magic in your life, and you also are infinite choice. Look at all of those energies where you’re saying “I can’t” and look at what is required. A great question with this is What choice am I refusing here (that) if I would choose, it would change this?


You BE infinite choice. Once you acknowledge that, you can create anything. What would you like to choose?


Being the allowance


You might be asking to have more money than you could spend and never enough. You finish listening to this radio show and you have a friend phone you up, complaining about how money is so tight. Here’s where choice comes in. 

Do you join them in that? That’s choosing away from what you just said you would like. 

Do you resist them? That still choosing against what you just said you would like. 

Or… do you BE the infinite allowance you truly be with them with no point of view?


You’re not saying to them you’re right or wrong. You’re just being an interesting point of view, which means you have no point of view about what they’re talking about. You’re willing to allow them to choose a reality of struggle with money if that’s what they would like to choose.


Being an allowance means you’re willing to allow someone you care about to choose something that you know isn’t creating what you would like.


One of the greatest gifts that Gary Douglas has gifted me a many a time is “Glenyce, shut the fuck up.” It may sound rude but it actually has been a huge contribution. I spent most of my life trying to get people to see it my way, trying to convince people there’s another way. What if we stopped that? 


How unkind is that of me to put that onto somebody? It’s like gifting somebody this radio show saying they have to listen or change their point of views. I’m so grateful that I’m done with that for the most part now. I say for the most part because every once in a while, I’ll still do it. I’ll be like, damn, now what can I choose? 


You don’t have to do this 100% of the time. You can still go down the rabbit holes or try to convince people to change something or another once in a while and still create a phenomenal, magical life. Just choose once today to change the choice, to be aware of what you’re choosing, be aware if it’s creating what you would like and if it isn’t, choose something different. If it is, then keep choosing it.


When the awareness isn’t clear


(1) How awareness shows up for you changes all the time. 

If yesterday it showed up as light and heavy, it doesn’t mean it will today. A lot of people can be more of a knower than they are perceiver. If you’re more of a knower, what occurs is before you even finish asking the question, you get the energy of it. 



(2) It might not be relevant in that 10 seconds. 

Let’s say you’re looking at your fridge and asking”body, would you like tuna or would you like to salmon?” You’re not getting a big difference between the two. Ask: Truth, is this relevant? If it isn’t, then your body wouldn’t mind either so you get to choose at that moment. 



(3) You are in the space of the DJCCPSERRJs. 

All the decisions, judgments, conclusions, computations, projections, rejections, expectations, separations, refined judgments – clear those again. 



(4) It might not be the time to ask.

When we had our previous acreage for sale and a new person would be coming to look, I would ask: Truth, will they buy this? That’s a psychic question. When I asked that question, it makes me a victim. 

The question is: What can I be and do different today to sell this acreage right away? It’s an empowerment question rather than from this powerlessness of “Will they buy it? I sure hope they buy it because If they don’t, I don’t get to create my life.” What can I be and do different today to sell this acreage right away? not sell it to them? It didn’t actually matter to me who bought it, just that someone bought it. 


Often we’re actually asking psychic questions which put ourselves powerless, which is a big lie. We are infinite beings with infinite power, infinite potency, infinite creativity, infinite awareness, and infinite money. 


Winning the lottery


Looking at the life you would like to create, start looking at where you’ve decided you don’t have choice. What could you start acknowledging there? What choices do you have that you’re pretending you don’t have? (Look at that) rather than buying the lie that you don’t have choice. 

You have infinite choice, you BE infinite choice. Are you actually willing to BE it? Are you willing to win the lottery with you as the infinite being with infinite choice to create a magical life beyond what anybody else here is willing to so far? Are you willing to be that different? 

Let’s stop pretending that we are victims. Let’s stop pretending we are powerless. Let’s be the magic of us. Let’s be the choice of us. Let us be the infinite beings we truly be.

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