Jan 29, 2023

How Lies Kill Your Possibilities

Are you being honest with yourself?

I used to live my life in lies – the kind where I choose not to be aware of what is actually happening around me just so I could go on believing that everything is perfect the way it is when in reality, there’s a lot more that I could be creating. Sound familiar? Tune in to this episode to know more about how lies kill your possibilities and how you can start getting honest with yourself!  

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[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for being here. I am so incredibly grateful for you. 


[00:00:11] How lies are killing your possibilities. This is a topic that I couldn’t have spoken about 10 years ago. I lived my life in lies, and I don’t mean the lies that I’m six feet tall when I’m not even barely five foot one. Not those lies, but the lies where we don’t choose to be aware of what is actually going on. What is actually being created, what is actually turning out or happening in that sense. 


[00:00:48] What I mean is if something is going on.. Let’s say, I’ll use weight for example. There’s been times where I’ve lost some weight, and then I stopped getting on the scale so that I didn’t have to be aware when I was gaining the weight back. It’s not right or wrong, it’s just a choice that I know that I have made countless times in the past. This is something that I would often do to myself to ensure that I could stay in the lie. 


[00:01:22] Even from a business standpoint, this is where data can be really great because you can actually start to be aware of things that you maybe wouldn’t otherwise be aware if you weren’t tracking them.


[00:01:37] If you have, like, the size of your email list, from a business standpoint, if you’d like to be increasing that, that’s great. You just might wanna track it so you know which way it’s going. Maybe you do something: maybe you do a free opt-in, which means people give you their email address and they get a free audio download, let’s say.


[00:02:01] If you track how many people come in on that, and then, let’s say a month later you do something else where they get a PDF handout instead, then you can look at those two and go, “Okay, well, the PDF handout really seemed to bring in two or three times more compared to the audio download.” It gives you information. 


[00:02:21] This is what I’m talking about. When we lie to ourselves, it kills possibilities. I don’t mean you have to track everything. I do. I love tracking. You guys know that. If you’ve been around for a while, I love tracking things. It keeps me present and aware, but you don’t have to. 


[00:02:40] What you do wanna look at is [if] what you’re telling yourself [is] really true. For a lot of businesses—I work with a lot of people in business, obviously. There’s been a lot of change in their businesses. Even for myself, what I have seen is the quicker we come out and become aware of that, the quicker we let ourselves know that, the quicker that we can then become aware of the possibilities and what else we might like to choose, what else we could change, what else is possible. 


[00:03:16] It doesn’t mean that there’s a story attached. We don’t have to say, “There’s a recession and nobody’s buying my stuff.” Not that, but recognize. A year ago when I had that similar class, there was 200 people, and this year there was 100 people. We get curious: Okay, what is that?


[00:03:37] The thing that I look at for myself with a lot of that, and this kind of sounds funny, is I look at, is it still fun for me? Because we can get into this idea that once it works, we should just keep doing it. What if that’s not the case? 


[00:04:00] For me, I know that my business thrives when I’m having fun. I know that. If I love what I’m doing, what I’m choosing, what I’m creating, my business will thrive. So that’s usually the first thing I look at when something changes. Am I still having fun with this? Do I still enjoy this? Would I like to continue with this? I look at that. 


[00:04:20] If those are Yeses, then okay, so then what else? There might be limiting beliefs or limiting points of views in there to clear. It might be something like that. It might also be that something else has changed, so then you just get curious and you look at it. You look at what’s required to change it so that you’re not in the fantasy of, “Oh no, everything’s the same.” 


[00:04:47] This is why I talk about the tracking, because that tracking becomes a part of the information. I took a class last week and as many of you know, I’m starting up a Shopify shop. It should be ready. I’m so excited for February 1st, 2023. And so I took a class last week about setting it up and all the pieces. 


[00:05:15] She does this level of data collection that I’ve never seen before. I mean, Wow. I was so inspired. What it really showed me was that she would know something is changing within a week of it changing. That is how thorough her data is. 


[00:05:41] This is more from a shop perspective and the sales that are coming in, but not just the sales that are coming in. What’s the email that was sent out to about that? How many clicks? How many purchase? All the pieces that when she would like to go and send another email about that similar product, she can go and look at her data and see which one worked. There’s just so many pieces to it.


[00:06:08] A lot of that is form and structure. Yes. We want to add the form and the structure. As I often call it, “add the logic with the woo.” I do both. I don’t do the data to the degree she does, and I’m going to with my shop, absolutely, because I can really see the value of it. I can really see how much quicker things can be.


[00:06:30] However, with the question, with the woo in there, with following the energy, the lightness, and really merging them together even more so that we’re not in the fantasy. 


[00:06:43] Let’s be honest, usually the fantasy is that either everything’s perfect the way it is if it isn’t, and also if it isn’t, then the fantasy usually is, “I’m wrong and I’m bad. It’s not working because I’m wrong and I’m bad.” 


[00:07:01] No. It could just be it’s time to change something. In my case, it couldn’t be just that it’s not fun anymore, so it’s time to change something instead of it being like some personal like I’m wrong and bad and that’s why it changed. No, it’s probably I’m just not having fun anymore. As soon as that fun changes for me, man, I show myself very quickly. 


[00:07:23] Look at that in your own life and be willing to be honest with you about one, if you’re having fun with whatever it is, but also the awareness. 


[00:07:34] This is where, again, the tracking, and I’ve talked a lot about tracking money. I track the money that comes in, I track the money that goes out. I have a very clear awareness of our money so that I can also be aware of when things like that start to shift and change so that I’m not shocked.


[00:07:53] I do that because I used to not. I used to live, I used to call it “my head up my ass.” In fact, we have a radio show called “Get Your Head Out of Your Ass” about this back from May 2014. I remember that clearly because it was when I actually chose to get clear about my money so that I wasn’t shocked anymore. I wasn’t shocked when this huge credit card bill would come in and be like, “What? How did that happen? How did that happen?” No, no. Now, I’m aware of it all. I’m tracking it. 


[00:08:25] The level of space and peace by tracking things, for me anyway, it’s huge. You may not enjoy starting, getting it started, or setting it up or whatever, but just recognize that if it’s something that you are living in the lies or living in the fantasies of things being the way they aren’t, check in with yourself as to maybe there’s way more possibilities when you’re willing to be aware of what it is, whatever it is. 


[00:09:01] I’ve talked about money, business, and weight. You can use it on anything. Again, you don’t have to track it. You just wanna be aware of what’s required to stay aware of it and present with it. For me, that’s tracking.


[00:09:18] Anyway, just wanted to share that with you in case it’s something you’ve been looking at, especially in January. We’re in January of 2023 at this time of recording. A lot of times people are looking at their last year and they’re going into the wrongness of themself and it’s like, no. Just look at what is, get present with. How are you gonna stay aware of it? How are you gonna stay present with it? And then what’s required? What would you like it to be like? Merge the logic with the woo, my sweet friends. Merge them. Yes. 


[00:09:47] If you are in business and you would like to join us, I have a training coming up on January 31st, and it will be available in the shop once it is complete about “How to Get Paid to Create Your Product.” Yes, and there’s lots of different pieces to it. There’ll be a link above or below. You can check it out. 

[00:10:09] Of course, we have the 5-week “Beyond What You Desire” Coaching with me. I would love to coach you, my sweet friends. That link again is above or below. Have a great week and I look forward to chatting again next week.

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