2 Most Asked Questions

Jul 16, 2023

Let’s answer the two most asked questions since Hubby and I made our big change.

Hubby and I have been making BIG changes in our lives lately which got a lot of people wondering how things have been for us so far. Join me in this episode as I answer the top 2 questions we’ve been receiving a lot since we decided to take the leap. Got a question yourself? Just reach out and we’ll get to it!


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[00:00:00] The two most asked questions since Hubby and I made our big change. Welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for being here. I am so incredibly grateful. 


[00:00:14] I am in Calgary, Alberta. We’re house sitting for two sweet little kitties. I’m sitting on the front porch doing this video. [It’s] just the best lighting right now so you might hear some road noise and such. 


[00:00:28] However, the two most asked questions. I actually did a Facebook post about this not that long ago, the number one question being, “Are you retiring, Glenyce?” 


No. No, I am not. This is a funny thing for me because I honestly can’t even imagine retiring. I can’t imagine not doing what I love to do. It’s not something I have ever really planned on. It’s not something I’ve ever really — I know a lot of people dream of it, that one day. 


[00:01:04] And, “Are things different in the business?” 


Absolutely. Things are really different in the business, and things have been really changing in the business for at least the past year. Thankfully, I have been willing to be aware of that and have made some changes in the business so that I’m not relying on classes, especially in-person classes as I used to. 


[00:01:29] I will certainly still be doing online stuff. I will certainly still be doing in-person classes in probably more places than before because we are gonna be in more places than we have been in the past, at least the past few years.


[00:01:43] Now, if you’ve been around since before COVID, then you would know I used to travel. We used to travel all the time, all around the world doing classes. And then of course, for a few years we didn’t. Now, I will put them on as I feel drawn, depending on where we’re at. I’m not sure about Calgary. We’re here for about a month, so probably something. Who knows? 


[00:02:08] I did get to go to an event last night though. My sweet friend Julie has these most magical events. Usually, I’m a 3-hour drive away. Of course now, I was a 30-minute drive away, so we went. 


[00:02:20] It was Access Bars Swap with horses. Oh my gosh, it was amazing. I might even have some video to put in here to show you guys. I left my camera in the car when Hubby dropped me off, so if I can borrow a video from somebody, I’ll put it in because it was so incredible, so magical. 


And then, I will also be, for sure, in Chicago in October. I will be putting something on there, too. 


[00:02:48] Anyway, I am not retiring. That is that. And, are things different? Absolutely. Is how I work in my business different? Absolutely, and I’m actually loving it. 


[00:03:00] What I mean by that is that, I would say I had a routine. Now, I didn’t plan to have a routine. I just had a routine when we were living before at our beautiful acreage, and now I don’t have a routine and I’m not interested in creating one. 


[00:03:19] One of the things that Hubby and I are choosing every day while we’re here is to go do something. Go do something. It doesn’t have to be something that costs money, but just to go do something just to really challenge ourselves to, one, not create a routine of our day, of what happens throughout the day. 


[00:03:36] And also, we’re somewhere… who knows? We may never come to another sit in Calgary again. I tell you, there’s a lot here. There’s a lot. We are actually going to, I cannot believe it myself, but we’re gonna go to the Stampede. I know. I know. I’m shocked, too. Maybe we will last 10 minutes. Who knows? But we’re gonna give it a shot.


[00:04:00] [It’s] just something different every day. Yesterday, the Bar Swap with horses was our something different. Today we’re off to walk around an area in Calgary. 


[00:04:09] I used to live here, actually, back in 1993. My goodness. I was in my final year of psychiatric nursing. I did a practicum at the prison in Calgary. The area that I loved, which I think most people who’ve been to Calgary love, is called Kensington. That’s where we’re gonna hang out today. 


[00:04:31] Anyway, I got a little bit off track. So, not retiring. [I’m] going to continue to follow the energy with the business and do the things and all of that. 


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[00:04:58] Now, the second most asked question—and this one is kind of funny to me, but not really. I can see where people would be wondering. “How do you manage without your closet?” 


[00:05:14] Luckily in May, about a month before we moved or we left our beautiful acreage, we went to Nova Scotia. I facilitated Bars and Foundation in Nova Scotia, and so we packed for a week. When we came home from that, I said, “Huh, I’m actually just gonna pack for a week.” Right now, that’s ease because we are in temperatures that will stay the same. 


[00:05:41] When we head to the US in September—we’ll be in the US September, October, November, and part of December—we will have a few different temperatures that we will need to be planning for. There will of course be fall and then there will also be winter, and then we’re in Texas for six weeks so that’ll be a little bit different. I will not be able to just pack for a week, but also it’s not that difficult with layers and stuff. 


[00:06:10] I would say I don’t really notice if I don’t have all my clothes available, even here now. We’ve been here five or six days so far. It’s been a couple weeks since we have handed over the keys to our, previous home so I’ve actually had that experience. I have lived with the same clothes for those couple of weeks. Obviously, washing machines are everywhere we’re going, so that’s been ease and I haven’t missed anything or wished I had packed something. It’s doable. It really is. 


[00:06:49] I know there’s a lot of people who love their clothes and love to have access to all their clothes all the time, so that might not be ease for you. But for me, it really is. It’s a simple way to not have a lot of choices when I’m getting dressed, when I look at what I have to put on and then just, you know. Sometimes, like today, probably I’ll take a sweater with me. It’s a little bit cooler, which has been nice because it’s been super hot here. 


[00:07:19] So yeah, those are the two questions. The most asked questions are, “Am I retiring?” no. And, “How are you living without your closet?” I mean, it might be a little bit different. I did pack two dresses. I do like my dresses. It might be a little bit different once I start doing some in-person classes and such because I do like to maybe be a little bit dressier for those. And then maybe it’s an excuse to go buy clothes. I mean, who knows? 


[00:07:47] So far, guys, I know it hasn’t been all that long, but so far we’ve really been enjoying this. This is what’s surprising to me. There hasn’t been a time that I’ve missed our previous home. That’s weird because it has been so hot here other than today. It’s been so hot that I would have loved that pool. But [I’ve] not missed it, not regretted my choice, not wished we were there. It’s shocking to me in that sense. 


[00:08:21] I also know it was so time. It was so time for us to do this and I just love how everything just worked out as if by magic. And here we are, on our kind of first official sit as full-time house and pet sitters. 


[00:08:36] We have our webpage up now. We have some social media out there. It is www.pawsitivelyawesomehousesitter.com, and I believe that’s the same name on all the social media outlets. We’ll put a link maybe if we can to the webpage, and then you can find the social media links. We’re just doing fun little posts here or there with the animals that we’re with.


[00:08:59] One of the kitties here—this family has a baby. They left the seat that the… I don’t know what they’re called, but you’d set the baby in, strap the baby in while you’re maybe doing dishes or whatever, whatever those seats are called. But they left this seat because one of the kitties loves to sleep in it. Oh my gosh, it’s so cute. It’s so cute. 


[00:09:22] Anyway, those are the questions. If you guys have more questions you would like me to reply to, you can just post them below or above. Or if you’re listening to this on the podcast, you can email them to me at info@glenycehughes.com. I’m happy to share whatever it is that you might be wondering about with all of these changes for Hubby and I.

[00:09:45] Have a great week, sweet friends, and I look forward to chatting again next week.


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