How My House Sold Itself

Jun 18, 2023

What if you just let the magic happen?

You read that right! Of course, we still had to do the usual stuff – get a real estate agent, clean the house, organize our things, etc., but I also did something that I would not have normally chosen to do before. Curious to find out? Listen to this week’s episode to know more!


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[00:00:00] How my house sold itself. Welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for being here. I am so incredibly grateful. 


[00:00:12] Yeah, my house sold itself. I mean, there was lots of things that we had to do like hire a real estate agent and all the things – clean it, get rid of a bunch of stuff, all the things. What I actually had to do for it to sell is something I’d probably never really been willing to choose before. 


[00:00:38] In case you’re new here, the reason that I’m doing this out here — and I look quite dark cuz I’m sitting in a little bit of shade and sun — it’s because that swimming pool, pretty soon, like, in a couple weeks, I won’t be able to do this video here. I know. 


[00:00:54] June 28th is when the new owners take over. Hubby and I are officially on our way to wherever the hell we would like to go to snuggle animals. Yes, we are going to be house sitting around the world full-time. Oh my goodness. It’s still so unreal to me. 


[00:01:16] For any of you that have been waiting for attending a Pool Party Bars and Foundation, June 21st for Bars, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, and half of 25th—they’re now three and a half days—Foundation in this pool. Okay. The classes aren’t in this pool, but in here. Come here. Be quick though, because this is it. This is our final Pool Party Bars and Foundation. Oh my goodness. How’s it get any better than this? 


[00:01:49] The way that my house sold itself is that I actually had to stay out of it. What I mean by that is energetically, I had to stay out of it. 


When we sold our previous acreage, which was about six years ago, I was very much energetically involved. I was very much pushing and pulling and forcing and energetically doing all these things and all the things, which was cool. 


[00:02:23] This was so clear to me, so clear to me that I actually energetically had to stay out of it. I even created myself an energetic exercise to sell the house. I listened to it once. I was not even able to listen to it. What I know is because it needed to be out of it. 


[00:02:46] Why would I have to be out of it? I’m not really sure. I’m gonna put some words to it. I cannot say this for sure-for sure. I would guess that because I love this place so much that when I got the text from the realtor that all the conditions were removed, I literally cried… and cried… and cried. 


[00:03:11] Now, I’m happy. I truly am. I’m so excited to move on and to do other things and all of it, and I have loved this home and this pool more than words can actually say. I have loved so much about it. Of course the pool is the big thing, but for six months a year, probably honestly five months a year, the pool is closed, and I still love this home. I love the space of it. I love so many things. 


[00:03:38] My guess is that energetically, if I was in the sale of it, if I was attempting to do any of the other things that I had done before, I could possibly have put more of a stop energy on it than a go energy, so to speak. Even when I wanted to, even when I really wanted to control and jump in and do all the [things], I couldn’t. There was no energy to do it. It was like a hard no. 


[00:04:10] It’s so cool (1) that I was able to, and (2) that I’ve really changed how much I control. I still have a ways to go, I’m gonna be honest here. I’ve changed a lot of the control in my world and the need to be in it, the need to have it, and there’s certain areas. 


[00:04:33] Again, I’m not saying that I’m out of control 100% of the time ’cause I am not. In this experience, I was. I had to be. I would’ve loved to or tried to—well, no. I would’ve attempted to be way more in control, way more controlling of it except it wouldn’t let me. 


[00:04:55] One of the things that I do, and I suggest this for any of you that this reads for, is to recognize that all the things around us have a consciousness of their own. Even the chair I’m sitting in my swimming pool, my home, they’ll have an energy of their own. 


[00:05:10] It’s like when you have a baby. That baby, yes, it’s with you. It may be if you were the female and it grew inside of you and came out of you, but it’s still not you. It’s own energy. It is it’s own being, and so is everything around us.


[00:05:26] Years ago, what I started doing is I started giving permission to everything around me to override my insanity. Meaning if I’m gonna be crazy about something and it would like something different than my insanity, to override it. 


[00:05:44] I would say that this house took that literally, which I’m so grateful for ’cause it did. I could not energetically do anything. Physically, I could, of course. I cleaned out stuff, organized stuff, and got ready for viewings and such. And there were times where I really felt like I should check in with the realtor [or] I should do this. It was just like, no. There’s no energy on it. 


[00:06:08] And I just realized I had to actually be out of it. “Out of it” meaning out of the energy of it. In that sense, I was never out of it because we’re oneness. We can’t be out of it. But energetically, I was out of it while still being very present with it. 


[00:06:29] It’s a whole new muscle, and I wonder how many times has something attempted to get me out of it where I still bulldozed. That’s okay, but I will now be so much more aware of that. I will really recognize that I’ve given all the things around me permission to override my insanity so they can do more without me being energetically involved in lots of ways when I have a point of view about it. 


[00:07:00] I should say that if I can be totally in allowance of whatever and all of that, then of course my energy in it in that sense is going to be a huge contribution. But if my energy is going to stick it or stop it, that to me is when it becomes a problem. That’s where I have invited it, such as my house, to say, “You know what? I’m gonna push you aside and I’m gonna take the wheel,” so to speak. 


[00:07:28] Of course, I said, “Hey, you need to find who you would like to own,” because again, with things, we often think we own them. Even babies, sometimes the kids, spouses, all of that. We often think we own them. We do not. With a house, we even use that word like “the house that I own” or even “my house.” That can be a bit of a limitation because it’s not that. It’s THE house. 


[00:07:55] The house owns me. I’ve been the one who’s been paying for it. Hubby’s been doing all the upkeep and all that sort of stuff. And so, it actually owns us, which is really, for me, quite a freeing energy. When we recognize what is, which is we do not own it [and] owns us. 


[00:08:13] When I said to the house, “Hey, you go find who you would like to own,” I gave it the choice rather than pushing and forcing and all the other stuff that I might have done. I’m not sure that I would have, possibly, of course. Or the other way – in this case, stopped the sale. Stopped it from being an invitation [by] just energetically being so, so, so, so in love with it. That sounds really dramatic, but [I’m] just really so grateful for it. 


[00:08:44] If we weren’t going off to travel the world to fulfill this lifelong dream of ours, I’m not sure that we would actually sell for any other reason. That also was a part of it. It’s not that I don’t wanna live here anymore. It’s not that I don’t like it anymore. It’s not that it doesn’t suit us anymore. It’s none of those things. It’s just that we’ve got another plan. 


[00:09:12] We’ve traveled the world a lot prior to Covid. I mean, we traveled all the time. [It’s] just the extra stress I guess of having a home. At that time, of course, we had our kitties. Making arrangements for them and all the things were a lot. That’s when it really started to be like, man, imagine if we didn’t have to go home. Imagine if we could just keep going to the next place, and to the next place, and to the next place. That really, for me is just such a huge invitation.


[00:09:48] What we’ve chose – Hubby and I have chose is that we’ll give it a shot for a year. If for some reason it’s not what we would like or it’s not fun for us, then in a year we will look at it and make another choice. Now, I don’t mean we have to stick out a year, we just know that there’s probably gonna be some times where we miss a home or we’re having a tough time at a house sit and we don’t love it. We don’t wanna make any harsh decisions. We want to be present with it all, and just the idea of giving ourselves the space for a year just to see. Just to see. Who knows? I wonder. 


[00:10:27] It’s just a different space to be in. Allowing everything around you to override your insanity, that’s where you’re co-creating. You are allowing the things that have no points of views, that have more awareness in those areas because they don’t have points of views, to really contribute. You’re allowing yourself to really be the gifting and receiving. Last week, my radio show was all about following the energy. And so, it’s about that. It’s really allowing these things to guide us, to show us. 


[00:11:02] In fact, when I first knew that we were going to be listing our home — it was last October, November-ish of 2022. I knew we would list our home in the winter — sorry, in the spring for a pool. What I did was I posted in a local group, and I posted for two reasons. 


[00:11:25] One, I wanted to see if there was anybody who reached out. At the time, I thought reached out privately, not just somebody saying, “Oh my gosh, that’s the type of house we’re looking for. Tell me more!” Maybe doing the deal that way. That was some of the energy behind the post.


[00:11:43] I was also looking actually for some recommendations. We needed a couple things done, so that was the actual post. The same time I made that post, I posted beautiful summer photos of the house on my personal page. My personal page is public so I thought if anybody’s sees my post and gets curious and they went to my personal page, they might go, “Look at all these pictures!” This is what I was doing at the time. 


[00:12:07] I posted. I got a lot of responses in terms of the answers to my questions. However, nobody reached out about the house itself, so I just left it. It felt a little weird to me because I really energetically got that that was going to occur. However, it didn’t. 


[00:12:23] Until March of this year. My friend Chris Hassall, who is a realtor too far away from here that could sell my home, otherwise I would’ve had him do it in a heartbeat. Him and I were chatting one day about realtors and houses and all the things. That next morning, I woke up to a Facebook message from somebody who had seen that post from months earlier who was a realtor.


[00:12:51] It was like, hmm, this feels yummy. This feels expensive. [I] chatted with him and he was just such a magical fit. I have just been so incredibly grateful for the magic he is with selling houses and all the things. 


[00:13:10] Even in that, I did my part because if I wouldn’t have made that post, he could not have found us any other way unless I, of course, made another post or whatever. But just following the energy – following the energy and allowing the magic. In my case, especially in this situation, energetically staying out of it. Huge, huge gift. Huge gift, and so grateful that I could actually do it. I wonder how many other places I could actually choose to be way less out of control. 

[00:13:45] So, join us for Bars and Foundation. I would love, love, love to have you. Have a wonderful week, sweet friends. I look forward to chatting again next week.


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