Jun 26, 2022

Tools to Go Beyond What You Can Control in Business

There’s so much more possibilities beyond!

For the past 20 years, I’ve rarely had more than one person playing in the business with me. Well, it’s just what I can control. Until recently, I finally hired nine (9) more magical people to join me in the team! HDIGABTT?! How did I do this, you ask? Tune in to this episode because I will be sharing how it all unfolded, as well as the phenomenal tools from Access Consciousness® that came in handy. You will be amazed how much more magic lies beyond what you can control, sweet friend.


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[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for being here. I am so incredibly grateful for each and every one of you. 


Tools to Go Beyond What You Can Control in Business. Yes. I know. 


[00:00:23] If you’ve been around here for a while, you know that control is something I talk about a lot and it’s something that I’ve been letting go of, a lot of, and still can do way, way more. 


So, how did I do this? Well, how am I doing this is actually the better question ’cause that’s more accurate. How am I doing this? It’s an every-ten-second choice. 


How this really started for me? Again, I’ve been choosing this and running clearings and making choices and all sorts of things.


[00:00:55] A few months ago, I attended the Joy of Business Certified Facilitator Training. It’s an Access Consciousness® class. It has its own set of work and classes and such which, of course, I am now a Business Done Different Facilitator! I have a class coming up in August, actually the end of July. July 30th, 31st, and August 1st.


If you can get here in person, pack your swimsuit. Come and play. If you are only able to join us online, that’s fine, too. We’ve got both options. We’d love to have you. 

[00:01:31] I also have other classes on the book, so you’ll find a link or above or below or somewhere. If you can’t find it, reach out and I will get it to you.


[00:01:39] When I took that class, hiring had been on my mind for probably years. Honestly, for the past 20 years—I will be celebrating my business anniversary in September. For the past 20 years, I’ve rarely at one time had more than one person playing in business with me. I know that’s crazy, right? 


It’s what I could control. If I’m just gonna be straight up honest here, it’s what I could control. If we’re gonna break it all down, that’s what was going on. I was able to control that. 


[00:02:16] In the Joy of Business class that I attended in April, we talked about hiring. They ran some clearings from Access Consciousness and changed a lot.


And then, I read this section in the manual that basically said: Are you avoiding hiring to avoid all of those other people’s energies? 


It was like, yeah. That was a huge “yes” in my world. It was, again, that control piece of if I only have one person, then I’m only managing, you know, their energies in my world as though it was something (1) that I had to manage or (2) that I couldn’t receive from. There’s so much crazy attached. But anyway, reading that sentence which is like, “That’s it.” 


[00:02:59] What I looked at was, “Okay. Business, what would you like?Business, what would you like? This is like tool number one: start communing with your business. 


[00:03:12] I have so many programs and radio shows on this, guys, on how to commune with your business. You can check them out. We’ll have a link above or below somewhere so you can check them out. 


[00:03:23] But really, it’s about including your business in your business. It’s about asking your business: Hey business, where would you like to have that class? Hey business, when would you like to put that class on? Like, including your business.


[00:03:37] And so, that’s what I was doing. I’ve been doing that for years, but I really intensified it. I really allowed it to facilitate me. 


This is the thing that I would say is one of the billions of gifts that having a business does for us is if we let it, it can facilitate us into greater constantly. It can constantly facilitate us into greater if we’re willing. Yeah. 


Everything that just brought up, will you destroy and uncreate it all? Right, wrong, good, bad, all-9, POD, POC, shorts, boys, POVADs, and beyonds


[00:04:16] That is the Access Consciousness® Clearing Statement. You can go to www.theclearingstatement.com for more information about how it works, but basically, it is like a magic wand that you’re waving and all of the stuff around, whatever it was about, starts to melt and go away.


So, tool number one: definitely communing with your business. Include your business in your business. 

[00:04:39] Tool number two, which is very similar and different, is to receive from the business. Be the gifting to the business and also receive from it. 


So many people do business as a separation. It’s like, I’m going to work from whatever, 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM. When I’m at work or doing my business things, then I will be doing those business things. When I’m done, I’m energetically gonna pull my energy out of my business and go do the other things.


[00:05:15] Guys, we’re infinite beings, which means we’re infinite energy, which means we can be present in our business, present with our family, present floating in the swimming pool outside. We can be all the things. 


If we don’t separate, if we don’t pull our energy out of places and things and classes and radio shows and all the things, then you get to be all of it. 


[00:05:41] In my case, if I was floating in my swimming pool and I was being all the energies and I was being present with all the energies, I would be aware the moment my little kitty Totty might need me. I would be aware when the business needed to make a phone call. I mean, there’s all sorts of things. If we don’t separate, that’s where the magic is. 


[00:06:06] It’s very much like communing, and it’s different because you’re gonna be the gifting and the receiving. Now, with gifting and receiving, what a lot of people don’t recognize is it’s constant. 


It’s not like I will gift now, and now, it is my turn to receive. That’s what we call the “give and take universe.’ That’s where most people operate in this reality. I will give you this, and then I will take this. 


Gifting and receiving is when we don’t know who the gifter is, and we don’t know who the receiver is. It’s a totally different energy. 


[00:06:38] For myself, as I was allowing the business to facilitate me and allowing to, you know, reminding myself to ask more questions and following the energy, I now not just have one person playing with me in the business. I have nine more. I actually have 10, I just realized that.


But yeah, I actually hired 10 people recently to do all sorts of different things. There’s so many things going on in my business. It’s so amazing. I’m so grateful. 


[00:07:12] A lot of them weren’t getting done because there was just me and Ericka, my magician, I call her ’cause she does everything else. But just the two of us, there is just not enough time. 


Now, with nine more doing all the thing, that’s joy. That’s joy right there, my sweet friends. I could not have got there until I was willing to let go of more control and allow the business to facilitate me.


[00:07:45] Business, show me. This would be another, probably tool number three we could say is Business, show me. Business, show me. Business, show me. 


I also use it with everything. Body, show me. Universe, show me. Depending on what’s going on and I’m asking about, but that’s the energy. It’s like, show me, business. You would like to be even way more in the world? Show me, show me. 


And then, it’s my job to pay attention and to follow the awareness. Follow the energy. That’s magic, my sweet friends. That is so much magic, and beyond what you can control. 


[00:08:26] We really wanna look at that energy of what we often talk about in Access is “out of control”. If you’ve never done the How to Become Money Workbook, I highly recommend you checking it out. I will be doing another run through probably in September. I usually do it once or twice a year. 


[00:08:43] There’s a whole section on being… in the book it’s called “being control”. But basically, what it is is being out of control. All that means is that nobody and nothing could ever control you, which means you have to have no points of views ’cause if you have a point of view that it should be sunny outside and it’s not sunny outside, you’re controllable. You’re pissy, you’re upset, you’re cranky, you’re whatever. It’s all the crazy, right? 


If you’re willing to be out of control, then you’re going to be out of control and not controlled by anything, which means you get to be total magic. 


[00:09:26] So, a clearing that you can use and I talk about this one all the time:

What energy, space, consciousness, choice, magic, miracles, mysteries, possibilities, potencies, and power can me and my body be to be out of control, out of definition, out of limitation, out of form, structure, significance, out of linearities, and out of concentricities with total ease for all eternity? 


Anything that doesn’t allow that… right, wrong, good, bad, all-9, POD, POC, shorts, boys, POVADs, and beyonds. 

[00:09:51] Run that, run that, run that. Write it down. Go to the show notes. There’s show notes. It’s all written down for you already. Write it down. Put it on a sticky note. Put it on your Reminder app, pop up once an hour or something like that. Maybe even just once a day, if you wanna start small.


But run that clearing, guys. You will be amazed at actually how much more ease and joy and glory your life and living is when you are willing to be out of control. That’s where the magic is — beyond what you can control. Yeah, awesome. 

[00:10:27] Okay. So, come and join me at Business Done Different or any of the other bazillion classes I have coming up, and I look forward to chatting again next week.


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