Jul 10, 2022

Tools When You Don’t See the Fucking Point Anymore

Be the magic you truly be.

If you’re in that space where you just can’t help but wonder what the f*ck’s the point to it all, you are not alone. In this episode, I will share with you some of the magical tools from Access Consciousness that can help you change that! We are potent creators of magnitude after all – it’s time to be creating the reality we’ve always known possible for us!  

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[00:00:00] Hello, and welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for being here. I am so incredibly grateful for you.


I am in the city of Calgary right now. You would not believe that. This is such an amazing space. We’re here for the 3-Day Body Process Class with Kalpana. Oh, my goodness! How does it get any more beautiful than this? 


[00:00:22] Tools When You Don’t See the Fucking Point Anymore. Yes. This is inspired by the Roe vs. Wade being overturned and my own process through this. Yes, I am Canadian. Yes, I live in Canada. Yes, that is something that went on in the US. I am a person, and I’m not stupid. I know that this will potentially impact us Canadians and everyone. 


I also don’t wanna speak only about that. This really truly is tools that you can use to change when you’re in that space of, “What the fuck’s the point?” Whether it’s what the fuck’s the point in living, what the fuck’s the point in doing what I’m doing, what the fuck’s the point in any area of your life, these are tools that can change it. 


[00:01:18] Now, the first one is one that you may ignore or you may not even want to acknowledge, but it’s all about your potency. This is something that I would say has been a huge tripping point for myself because I didn’t acknowledge it as potency. 


Growing up, I was often called “angry,” or told I was angry and I shouldn’t be angry. “Good girls aren’t angry.” And so, I had a lot of really mixed messages that I was angry, [which] was (1) big lie, and (2) that I shouldn’t be that energy was another huge lie. 

[00:01:55] I bought that and I really started to judge anger. I really started to separate from anger. I wouldn’t allow myself to be angry, and I wouldn’t allow other people around me to be angry or if they were, I would separate from them.


Here’s the thing with that energy, guys. A lot of times, it’s a potency that we’re being, but it seems like anger. And so then, we distract ourselves with it. We say, “Oh, well, I shouldn’t be this, it’s wrong,” all the things. Really, it’s not. That potency that we be is one of the greatest capacities that we have. One of the greatest capacities that we have. 


[00:02:38] Often why we’re told not to be angry is because they don’t want that capacity. They don’t want us to be that—THAT. And so as an adult, I mean, nearing few months from 50, I’ve really started to expand into that energy because no matter what, for all these years, I’ve made it bad and wrong and all the things. It’s still there. It still comes up, especially in situations like what’s going on in the US with that and many things in Canada, too. Believe me, this is not just a US thing. But all these things that this energy that comes up. 


Often, what I do—the autoresponder to it is to judge me, and then judge whatever the situation is. That only distracts us from actually creating greater. That’s all we’re doing with that. 


[00:03:36] So really, if this reads for you, if you know this is you, please start looking at that. Please look at how much you’re distracting yourself with the thing or with the upset rather than going, “All right, how much more of me can I be right now? How much more potent can I be right now?” Instead of contracting it and dulling it down, expand it and expand it and be it.

[00:04:03] I often call it like “swim” in it. I mean, I’m not physically swimming in it, but energetically I’m swimming in it instead of that contraction. It’s the swim, it’s the expansion, it’s the allowance of it ’cause that’s what will change that sort of shit from going on. If we’re willing to be our capacity, if we’re willing to be our potency, that’s what would stop it. In fact, if we were willing to be it, that wouldn’t even allow it. 


[00:04:30] It’s just that so many of us have really bought the lie that that is wrong and bad and we shouldn’t, and people have told us that and we’ve had experiences and all the things, but what if we let that the fuck go? What if our question — and this is another great tool with something like this going on. Actually, this is a great tool every day, to be honest. It’s Who am I today? and What grand and glorious adventures am I going to have?


[00:04:57] Who am I today? I’m not the person who used to play pathetic yesterday, or last year, or whenever. Who am I today? I get to choose. I could choose that pathetic. Absolutely, I could. What else could I choose? Who am I today? If I didn’t have a history of playing pathetic, if I didn’t have a history of shutting down my potency, who am I today and what grand and glorious adventures can I have? 


[00:05:22] Looking at the what you might call anger and all that energy that comes up when you’re in that space of, like, what the fuck’s the point, and then looking at, “Okay, well, who am I today? Am I the person who handled it like that, or who would I like to be today?


[00:05:36] The other thing we really got to look at is this question of What is the beautiful energy underneath this? What is the beautiful energy underneath this? 

Now, I don’t say that so that we make it right. I will never make this right, but it will give us more space. Ultimately, if you’re looking to change anything, whether it’s something that’s a global thing or it’s something in your own personal life or whatever, it starts with more space.


By asking What is the beautiful energy underneath this?, there’s more space. But again, we’re not asking from that place of, “Now, it’s right. There’s a reason for it. Everything happens for a reason.” It’s none of that, and give yourself more space. Okay, so, what’s the beautiful energy underneath this?


[00:06:24] Now, here’s a question. Please write this down. Put it on your Reminder app. What can I be and do different today to change this? 


[00:06:35] Again, going back to the first part I was talking about, we often put our creative energy into “this is wrong” and “this is bad” and “it shouldn’t happen.” We phone our friends, or we make videos about it, or we go on TikTok or whatever. We find all the people to align and agree with us or the other way – “This is good! This is the best thing ever,” and we do the same thing. 


What if instead, we start asking, “What can I be and do different to change this?”


[00:07:01] What can I be and do different to change this? It isn’t often something specific in that moment. It can be, but a lot of times just by asking that, the universe always responds to our asks. If you’re willing to ask, the universe will deliver. It might be in the next moment. It might be in 10 minutes. It might be the next day. It might be in 30 days. Who the hell knows? 

But by asking that, (1) you’re not distracting yourself with the drama-trauma. You’re not playing pathetic. You know you’re a powerful motherfucking creator of magnitude. By asking that, there will be some awarenesses that come up. There will be some things that you can go, “Okay. Yep. That, and whatever it is.” 


[00:07:47] That will also, at least it does for me, gets me out of that feeling like a victim. Feeling like I can’t do anything. Feeling like it’s all being done to me. Like I have no choice. Guys, we’re infinite being with infinite choice. Infinite beings with infinite choice. It can be really distracting to tell yourself you don’t have choice. 


That is where a lot of the energies behind all of this crap that’s going on, all of this shit that’s going on. That’s where those energies want you to be because the more that you believe you’re a victim, the more that you play the victim, guess what? The more victim you will be. That’s where they would like you. They want you in that pathetic place, because then, they have control. 


[00:08:35] The more that you’re willing to be the potency of you, the more that you’re willing to know that you can change any fucking thing.


The more that you’re willing to ask Who am I today? Who am I today and what grand and glorious adventure am I gonna have? and What can I be and do different to change this, that is being the creator of your life and your living. That is being the magic and the miracle that changes what we know doesn’t create greater on the planet. Yeah. 


Everything that brings up, will you destroy and uncreate it all? Right, wrong, good, bad, all-9, POD, POC, shorts, boys, POVADs and beyonds.

That is the Clearing Statement from Access Consciousness®. You can go to www.theclearingstatement.com for more information about how it works.


[00:09:17] Guys, let’s do this. Let’s do this in whatever way, shape, or form it is for you, let’s fucking do this. Let’s be the potencies that we truly be. Let’s be the magic that we truly be. Let’s create the reality that we have always known was possible way beyond this bullshit. Way, way beyond this bullshit. 

[00:09:40] Thank you so much for being here, guys. I’m so incredibly grateful that you are on this journey with me, and I wonder what the fuck else is possible now? I look forward to chatting again next week.


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