Aug 14, 2022

The Ultimate Magical Life Daily Checklist

A guide to creating a magical day/life!

Wanting to add some magic to your life and living but don’t know where to start? I hear ya, my sweet friend. Grab yourself some pen and paper because for this episode, I am sharing with you the ultimate daily checklist that contributed to me creating a magical life beyond what I imagined possible! How does it get any better than that?!


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[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for being here. I am so incredibly grateful for each and every one of you. 


[00:00:12] There’s so many of you that I hear from that listen to this show every day. Maybe not this particular show, but this radio program that has been going on since 2013. You guys, some of you listen to me every day. Some of you have even told me very recently, you listen to me every day, all day. That’s amazing, and thank you. 


[00:00:39] Whether you’re new here, or you’ve been listening for a while, or you come and go—whatever it is, I’m so grateful that you are here. I’m so grateful that these tools contribute to your lives and your livings and create the magic that you’ve always known has been possible. 


[00:00:55] So, what is today’s show? The Ultimate Magical Life Daily Checklist. 


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[00:02:01] Ultimate Magical Life Daily Checklist. This is something you want to be looking at every day. Maybe even every day when you wake up like first thing in the morning, checking in. 


[00:02:12] Number one, top of my list, anyway, is choose to have a magical day. Actually, let me reword that. Choose to create a magical day. 


It’s about choosing your day. I know we often feel like things happen to us or that we don’t actually have a say. Things just occur and that’s it. What if we’re the creators of our lives and our living? 


[00:02:40] One of the questions when I was really looking at this for myself — this was many years ago now, probably once I started studying the tools of Access® which was 11 years ago now. I was really looking at choosing, what does that mean? If I wanna choose a magical day, what does that mean? 


[00:02:59] There’s a couple pieces with that. One, yes, we can choose a magical day in terms of, “Okay, I would like this to happen and this to happen and this to happen and this to happen.” That’s one thing and absolutely, you can ask for what you would like, but often when we do that, we have an idea of what should happen based on our interesting points of view. When I’m speaking about choosing to have a magical day, it’s a little bit different in the sense of yes, I still have my asks, absolutely. But there’s also this space of no matter what shows up, I’m choosing magic. 

[00:03:36] Even if I asked for $10,000 and instead I got a bill for $20,000, I still have a choice. I could go into the drama-trauma. I could go up into the upset. I could go into how I’m not magical and how wrong I am. That’s one of the bazillion choices I have, or I could remind myself, “Hey, I’m choosing to have a magical day” and I would ask another question. 


[00:04:00] In those sorts of situations, the other question that I would probably ask myself is What is right about this I’m not getting? What is right about this I’m not getting, because if we don’t go to the judgment or the decision, the conclusion that it’s wrong or it’s bad, what might it be contributing? 


[00:04:18] One thing I know for sure is the universe always has our back. We always have our back. Things are being created. We’re creating things. Look at me, I’m trying to word it. That was a victim statement. Things are happening – no. We are creating things that are gonna create greater. It’s just where are we gonna put our energy when we create them? Into how bad and awful which doesn’t create anything except more bad and awful, or into what’s right about this I’m not getting, what’s required, what actions’ required and puts us into movement, into action. 


[00:04:52] Choosing to have a magical day is yes, asking for what you would like. Look at your day. If you’ve got a meeting coming up and you would just love to have so much fun at that meeting, ask for that. Absolutely! But also, don’t get derailed if it turns into a gloomy doomy meeting and nobody’s happy and it’s not fun at all. Be like, “Okay, so what fun could I create here? How much fun could I have? Even if they’re not choosing fun, how much fun could I have?” 


That’s the number one on your checklist: Choose to have a magical day.

[00:05:24] Now, the other thing, the next thing—again, these are all that I love and use so do them in whatever order you like—curiosity and wonder. 


You wanna make sure that you stay curious and you stay in the wonder


I wonder what will occur at that meeting. 

I wonder how much magic we can have in that meeting. 

I wonder how much fun we can have in that meeting. 

I wonder what it would be like to laugh so hard I cry in that meeting. 


[00:05:52] Wonder, but not from—again, I kind of talked about it in number one—this place of, “It has to be fun and it has to turn out this way and it needs to [be] like that!” That’s not the energy. 


It’s really from relaxation, actually. You’re still asking for what you would like, and you’re willing to change it no matter what shows up. If it doesn’t show up as fun, you could still have fun. You could have fun with the upset. I mean, there’s so many ways to have fun. I wonder… I wonder how many ways. And so this space of curiosity and wonder and just wondering constantly.


[00:06:27] What wonder does—at least what it does for me—is it gets me out of the conclusion. It gets me out of those things I was talking about: the decision, the judgment, the conclusion, the expectation ’cause I’m wondering. I’m wondering what a magical day would be like today. I wonder what it would be like to create magic today beyond what I’ve ever created before. I wonder what that would be like. 


[00:06:50] I’m saying it a little bit remote, like robotically, but when I wonder, I truly wonder. I’m like, I wonder… I wonder what that would be like. I wonder what it would be like to have so much magic show up today that I’m amazed. Gosh, I wonder what that would be like. I truly wonder. When I say those words, I don’t mean we’re just going, “I wonder what it would be like.” Not robotically. I wonder… truly wonder what it would be like.


That is the second one on your checklist. Make sure you pack your curiosity and wonder. All right. 


[00:07:28] The third one on your checklist—you’re gonna want to put this on your checklist and actually have it throughout your day on your checklist, please—is this energetically expanding out.


[00:07:41] It’s something that I learned in Access® and I attribute this tool to allowing me to me being able to go out into public again. For many years prior to me studying Access®, my life was getting smaller and smaller and smaller because I was contracting smaller and smaller and smaller when I went out into public like a mall or a city fair or stuff like that.


[00:08:11] It was so intense on me because I would contract ’cause in a sense, I was trying to protect myself from all the energy. But it was totally opposite of what was required because when I started Access® and I learned about expanding out energetically, oh my gosh. That’s exactly what you wanna do throughout your day. The more expanded you are, the more of you you’re being. When we contract, any energy is gonna feel like a punch. When you are expanded… yeah. 


[00:08:44] I can go to the mall for days now. I do! Yes. In West Edmonton mall here in Alberta, they have a hotel and they have conference centers and I’ve done five-day Foundations there. Well, four-day Foundations and a Bars Class. I mean, all sorts of things. I love going to the mall now. Before, I wanted to go. I loved going, but I would last about 20 minutes and I’d have to go. It was too much. 


[00:09:08] Expanding out allows you to be all of you, which allows you to be the magic of you ’cause you’re not contracted. You’re not gonna be at the effect of anything when you are expanded out. When you’re contracted, you will be at the effect of everything and everyone.


If you need to, put a timer on your phone. Put sticky notes around your office. Whatever you need to do to remind yourself, to expand out. 


[00:09:33] I’ve now been doing this for 11 years. I still do it multiple times a day. This isn’t something that, at least for me, not something that I’m gonna do maybe for a year and then I’m good. No, I continuously expand out and expand out farther and farther and farther, and you’ll get to where your set point is way more expanded than your even being right now as we talk about being expanded out. Your set point will get more and more and more expanded, which means the magic you be will be more and more and more. How’s that get any better than that? 


[00:10:09] The fourth one on the checklist is pragmatic tools to change distraction. 


When I was looking at this in terms of what do I do throughout my day, that’s the number one in my experience with regards to creating a magical day or magical life. It’s that we allow distractions to stop us, to slow us down, to derail us – we do all sorts of things. We put way more value in distraction than in creation, and that’s one of the things. 


[00:10:45] Now, this probably wasn’t until, say, 2013-ish for me when I started just getting really present with myself and asking. No matter what was going on, I would ask, “Truth, am I distracting myself with this?” 99% of the time, that was a yes. 


[00:11:04] When I would know to ask, it was when things were heavy, when I was frustrated, when things weren’t going the way I wanted them to, when I decided it should be a different way, when I was trying control, that’s when I would ask that and it was always yes, of course, I’m distracting myself with this! 


[00:11:19] When you’re doing that – when you catch yourself distracting, whether you’re just scrolling on social media to distract yourself, you’re gossiping to a friend to distract yourself, you’re gossiping to yourself to distract yourself, you’re gossiping to others – whatever, it doesn’t matter. You get the idea. When you’re doing that, ask yourself: Truth, am I distracting myself here? If you get a yes, then, “What can I be and do different to change this?” Go do something totally different. 


[00:11:51] If you’re really distracting yourself with what to post on social media to grow your business, stop. Go outside. Go for a walk. Go phone a friend and have some fun. Go have a nap. Go do something totally different. Get yourself out of that energy so that you can start to change that. 


Truth, am I distracting myself with this? If it’s a yes, then okay, cool. What can I be and do different to change this? And then, go be and do something different to change it, my sweet friends. 


[00:12:21] The fifth thing on the checklist is something that a lot of people do in a way already. I’m gonna invite you to do it a little bit differently, which is be gratitude. Be gratitude. Don’t do gratitude. Don’t do grateful. BE gratitude. 

[00:12:43] Now, what do I mean with that? What I mean is it’s a totally different space than having a gratitude list. I’m grateful for so and so, I’m grateful for this, I’m grateful for that. What I used to do when I made that list was, if I was really honest, it was actually a judgment list. 


[00:13:02] Let’s say Hubby had done something that day that just really made me so happy. Guess what? He makes the list. Yep, I am grateful for Hubby today. What’s hidden behind that is because he did this thing, which is judgment. The next day if he didn’t do whatever it was that I decided he should do, then he doesn’t make the list. No, I didn’t put I’m not grateful for Hubby, but that’s pretty much what I’m doing when I’m making those lists. If lists work for you, please don’t stop doing them. I just want to give you another way to look at it. 


[00:13:34] What if we could be gratitude for everything and everyone in our life? Right? What if we could be grateful for sunshine, and we could be grateful for rain, and we could be grateful for snow, and we could be grateful for tornadoes, and we could be grateful for hurricanes? You get the idea. What if we just be gratitude? 


[00:13:56] The way that I can get myself there quickly is: 


What energy, space, consciousness, choice, magic, miracles, mysteries, possibilities, power, and potency can me and my body be to be the gratitude that we truly be? Anything that doesn’t allow that, right, wrong, good, bad, all-9, POD, POC, shorts, boys, POVADs, and beyonds.®


That is the Access Consciousness® Clearing Statement. You can go check out for more information about how it works. It basically is like a magic wand. Anything in that question when I ask about being the gratitude, anything that I’m using not to be the gratitude will just totally dissipate and I can actually be the gratitude I truly be. 


[00:14:37] Now, if you have been interested in creating a magical life and living, I invite you to my upcoming Foundations. I’ve got one online starting on August 29th until September 2nd, four hours a day for five days. And then, in person and online in the middle of September. I don’t have the exact dates, but come and join us.


[00:15:01] Truly, the tools that you receive in Foundation, whether it’s your first Foundation, your 51st Foundation, your 50 billion Foundation, those tools that we share in Foundation are what has allowed me to continuously create this magical life beyond. Truly beyond what I could never ever imagine possible before. How does it get any better than that? 


[00:15:27] The final one on your checklist—I wasn’t actually gonna put this one on because it’s a little bit difficult to talk about, but you know what, I put it on anyway—is to receive. In order to create a magical day, a magical life, you have to be willing to receive. Receiving the good, the bad, and the ugly. 


[00:15:52] Let’s go back to that example of the meeting. We’re gonna have this meeting and we’re gonna have so much fun at this meeting. And then, you walk in and all of a sudden you’re just aware that nobody else there wants to have fun. What we often do is put up barriers to that. We don’t want to receive that. We don’t want to know other people don’t want to have fun. We don’t want to know that other people hate their job or hate their work or whatever it is. We put up these barriers, so we’re not willing to receive it. 

[00:16:18] And then, there’s all sorts of stories we attach and all sorts of crazy. We go, “Oh, well. That wasn’t a fun meeting because I’m not magical enough” or “that wasn’t a fun meeting because I didn’t do something right” or whatever insanity instead of if you’re willing to receive, “Wow, nobody else in the room is willing to have fun here. Huh! Okay. What would I like to choose? Oh, I’d like to still have fun!” 


[00:16:44] When I talk about receiving, it’s something you wanna be present with every day. I feel like I’m probably at 0.05% of what I could receive on the planet and I’m choosing more and more with it every day. I’m asking more and more every day, but the receiving piece is a whole different muscle. It’s a whole different muscle. I do a lot of energetic exercises myself to really be the infinite being, be the perceiving, the knowing, the receiving all of those energies and it’s something you just wanna be aware of. 


[00:17:26] Throughout your day, you want to recognize when you’re not receiving. Maybe you start noticing that you go to judgment when you’re not receiving. “Oh, you know what? They’re grumpy today, and they shouldn’t be like that. They need to not be grumpy. We’d had a fun meeting if they would’ve been grumpy.” 


[00:17:41] What’s really going on here? “Oh, wow. I didn’t want to acknowledge that they didn’t wanna have fun today” or whatever it is. I mean, I’m using a very simple example but you can apply it in every area of your life.


[00:17:53] It’s not about making the people right or wrong, or even making yourself right or wrong. It’s just recognizing that if you’re willing to receive, if you’re willing to infinitely receive, that’s a whole other level of magic. It’s a whole other level of magic. 

What energy, space, consciousness, choice, magic, miracles, mysteries, possibilities, power, and potency can us and our bodies be to be the infinite receiving that we truly be? Anything that doesn’t allow that, will you destroy and uncreate it all times a godzillion? Right, wrong, good, bad, all-9, POD, POC, shorts, boys, POVADs, and beyonds.® 


[00:18:29] Thank you so much for joining me, guys. Again, if you want these all written out, you can go check out the show notes either on or if you’re on my email list, it comes to you every Sunday. There’s a little Dropbox link. You just click there and there’s the PDF with all the yumminess. 


All right. Have a great week. Have a magical week and I look forward to chatting again next week.

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