Sep 25, 2022

Tools to Be Willing to Be SEEN

Let you AWEsomeness shine.

If you’re someone who is hiding – hiding your gifts, your capacities, your business, or whatever it is, this episode is for you. Now is the time we change that with these tools from Access Consciousness® and unleash our magic to the world!


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[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for being here. I’m so incredibly grateful for you. 


Weird Tools to Be Willing to Be Seen. This is for all my friends out there who are hiding, whether you’re hiding-just hiding or maybe you’re hiding your gifts, your capacities, your magic, maybe you’re hiding your business? This show is for you if you are ready to change that. 


[00:00:34] Now, I also have a brand new gift for you, my sweet friends. It is called the Ultimate Confidence in Business Guidebook, where I share five weird tools to show up confidently in your business so you can create profit with ease.


Yes, it is a guidebook. It’s ready for download. You’ll find a link above or below. If you don’t see a link, reach out and I will get it for you. If it’s time for you to show up with confidence in your business to create a profit, that’s the guidebook for you.


[00:01:08] So, on to the show – weird tools. You know—if you’ve been here for a while, you know I share the weirdest of the weird tools. The really cool thing is, though, they work. They truly work. 


[00:01:24] What you want to look at if you are hiding, if you aren’t willing to be seen is that in order to live the life you truly desire, in order to be the magic, in order to live the magic, the miraculousness that you truly be, you actually have to be willing to be seen. You have to be willing to be vilified. You have to be willing to be lusted after and all the other energies that most of the time we are refusing to receive. 


[00:01:58] Here’s why: because any of those things I just listed or any of the energies you’re not willing to receive, that’s where you stop. That’s where you put up that barrier and say “no.”


Here’s the thing with barriers, guys. You cannot have barriers up to the bad and receive the good. One. There’s no such thing as good and bad – that takes judgment. But also, a barrier is a wall, meaning nothing’s getting out and nothing’s getting in—the good, the bad or the ugly. 


What if instead, we change our points of views about it? What if instead, we start acknowledging that there is nothing good or bad or ugly—there’s just is? There just is. 


[00:02:46] Tool number one – weird tool number one is to please start using Interesting point of view, I have this point of view. 


[00:02:55] Of course, these tools are from Access Consciousness®. I should have said that earlier. This is one that I talk about more than any other tool. Any other tool, and I’ve been talking about these tools for 11 years! I’ve been talking about these tools. This is one that I talk about all the time and I personally use more than probably any other tool. It’s Interesting point of view, I have this point of view.


[00:03:14] If you have the point of view that if you post that post on social media, people might get mad at you, or be jealous of you, or hate you, or say something unkind on it. What you want to do is get that energy. Look at, okay, making that post, get present with it, get all that stuff that comes up with it…

Interesting point of view, I have that point of view. 


Interesting point of view, I have that point of view


They’re gonna hate it. Interesting point of view, I have that point of view


They’re gonna judge me. Interesting point of view, I have that point of view. 


So and so won’t like it. Interesting point of view, I have that point of view. 


..over and over and over until you don’t have a point of view. Until it’s just a choice.


[00:04:01] I’m not saying that you should do everything you’ve ever thought of doing like screw it all and just go post every post and do all the things. That’s not what I’m saying. What you want to recognize is that once you have no point of view, you’ll actually be the infinite awareness you truly be.


[00:04:17] You might know that right now’s not the time to make that post. You’d actually have that awareness, but it wouldn’t be from “I won’t make that post because so and so will be mad at me.” You’re no longer going to be controlled by other people. Imagine that! Imagine allowing people to have their points of views and it not affect you. 


Right, wrong, good, bad, all-9, POD, POC, shorts, boys, POVADs, and beyonds.® 


That is the Access Consciousness® Clearing Statement. You can go to for more information about how it works. It’s like a magic wand, though. As I’m talking and all this stuff is coming up for you—thoughts, energies, and all the things—when I run that, it starts to clear it and clear it and clear it, so that you actually, ultimately have way more choice. 


[00:05:06] The more that you can use that tool, the more ease and joy and glory your life will truly be. The more you’ll also be willing to be you. You’ll be willing to be seen. You’ll be willing to share what’s going on, or to put out there, or to not try to hide the more that you be the interesting point of view you truly be. 


[00:05:28] Weird tool number two is all about Who are you being? If you look at that… 


[00:05:35] Bring to mind something where you did the hiding, or the hesitation, or the “oh, what if so and so…” like, just one situation with that and just, okay.


Who are you being? Who is that? Is that actually you?


Right? It’s not, my sweet friends. There’s a tool that we talk about actually in the Bars class, the very first class in Access Consciousness®, where you start asking Who does this belong to? Like, who does this belong to?


[00:06:09] Next time you go into that energy of “Oh, what will they say?” or “What if they don’t like it?” or “What if…” 


Who am I being here? or Who does this belong to? 

They’re the same sort of question. Either one, start asking, guys. Who am I being here? 


[00:06:24] You might have seen your mom, your dad, your siblings, caregivers, your grandparents, teachers, or whoever, it doesn’t matter. You might have seen them choose that. What we do is we go, “Wow, that’s the way to be here.” 


[00:06:39] Okay, maybe you don’t do it like that but I remember that. Not so much cognitively like that, but I do remember looking around me going, “I actually don’t know how to be here, so how do I be here?” and I looked at the people around me and said, “Oh, that’s how I be here. That’s how I be here.” 


[00:06:58] A lot of times, though, we’re looking at people and we’re being the people that maybe didn’t really choose what would’ve created greater. So, look at those places and spaces where you’re hiding and start asking Who am I being here, and if I wasn’t being them, what would I choose? What would I like to choose here?


[00:07:19] Another tool, kind of going along with it that we use in Access, is every morning when you wake up, ask Who am I today and what grand and glorious adventures can I have? 


[00:07:30] What that does is it allows you to look at, “Well, who am I today? Am I the person who hides? Am I the person who doesn’t put my business out there? Am I the person who doesn’t share with people about my classes, events, sessions, products, or whatever it might be? Am I that person? 


Or am I the person who knows the value of me? Am I the person who knows the people who aren’t choosing the classes, sessions, products, or all of it, they’re the ones losing out? Am I that person?” or a billion other energies in between. But really, start to look at who am I today and what grand and glorious adventures can I have. 


[00:08:14] That’s our normal state guys. Adventures is our normal state. You can have an adventure in your house. You don’t have to even leave your house. Right? Yeah.


[00:08:23] I would love to invite you to an upcoming Business Done Different that I have coming in London, England or online. You can join us either way. I would love to hug you in person or of course, via Zoom. It is [on] October 28th, 29th, and 30th of 2022. If you are watching this later on, I will have more on the go so you can check out the link above or below with the future dates, too.


[00:08:50] Weird tool number three is turn the one molecule. 


Now, this is a little bit weird, weird, weird for people and yet, if you would just try it, like inspire yourself to choose it a couple times a day for like a week or so, and then you know what? You’ll be addicted. You’ll use it all the time. 


It’s so simple to do. It’s just a little bit of a, like, you might want to call it a visualization, an energetic, or perceiving energy. It doesn’t matter but it’s an energy where you just get to play. 


[00:09:21] I want you to think of a situation that you would have coming up in the future. Somewhere where you would maybe normally hide – you would normally stop yourself, normally not choose what you would like to choose. I want you just to bring that to mind, okay? I know when you bring stuff like that to mind, there’s a heaviness. I get it. I totally, totally get it and choose it anyway. Okay. So, there we go. Okay. 


[00:09:49] Now you’ve got that kind of the energy of the event or the situation, okay, cool. What I’d like you to do is just energetically go above your body. I want you to go above your body, say a hundred kilometers or a hundred miles, and energetically turn around and look at that situation, that energy, that situation you were kind of bringing to mind. Okay? 


[00:10:15] Now, what you’re going to do is you’re going to turn the one molecule that when you turn it, changes everything. Don’t worry, it’s not a figuring-it-out. It’s just an energy thing. 


[00:10:26] So, you’re up above you, you’re looking down, you’re looking at the situation and you’re just going to go ahead and you’re going to turn the one molecule that when you turn it, changes everything. 


[00:10:33] I’m using my hand ’cause that’s what I do just for fun. You do not need to do that at all. You don’t need to use your hands at all because you’re just doing it energetically. You basically just continuously turn the molecule like around and around, over, above, and bind, until it *whooosh.* Yeah. 


[00:10:53] And then, check back in. There may be another one to turn. There may not be anymore. If there is, just go ahead and turn it…. Yeah, there you go. If there’s another one, go ahead and turn it… Yeah. Okay. 

[00:11:08] Now, you’re going to go back. You’re going to come back down into your body. If you’re sitting, I want you to feel your feet on the floor, your bum on your whatever you’re sitting on… I’m going to put my hands together. I’m going to feel my hands together. You could feel them on your legs, whatever works for you. Basically, you want to feel three points in your body… yeah. What I want you to do is get back to that thing that you were doing—you were turning the molecule on. 


[00:11:37] If there is any hesitation, any heaviness, anything left that isn’t what you would like it to be, what I would want you to do is take that heaviness, put it into like a metal tube. Put ends on the metal tube and then just shake the shit out of it, my friends. 


You’re just shaking it so all that solidity is like breaking apart. Just shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking, shaking, allowing it to break apart and then I’m shaking it so much that the whole tube goes away, too. There you go. Yeah. Cool. Now, check back in with that thing. Right? 


[00:12:11] Now. If, for chance, that didn’t change it or there’s still some, go back and redo it. There isn’t like, “Oh, you only need to do it three times” or “There’s only two molecules.” There’s nothing like that. It might also be that doing it not right now again, but maybe in 10 minutes or tomorrow would create greater. Just play around with it. 


[00:12:31] But really, guys, it is such an incredible magic trick that you can use every day, all day on everything. ‘Cause what happens is when we have something in our life that isn’t going the way we would like it to, that solidity—that’s the energy, like, energetically, there’s a solidity there—turning the one molecule allows that solidity to start changing. 

[00:12:55] And then, I’ve added the shaking it. I find sometimes that helps. Sometimes, it’s not necessary at all and sometimes, with that last little bit of heaviness or solidity, it just changes it. 


[00:13:05] Just a reminder, go and download my new gift for you. The Ultimate Confidence in Business Guidebook. I’m so grateful to get it out there. All of these weird tools that will allow you to show up with confidence and create a profit in the business. How’s it get any better than that? 


Have a great week, sweet friends. I look forward to chatting again next week.

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