Nov 27, 2022

Tools to Stop Judging You

What if we could receive from it all?

Imagine the possibilities once you stop judging your choices and start seeing the value in everything you did… how AWEsome is that?! Join me for another episode, sweet friends, as I share more tools from Access Consciousness® to get you out of the wrongness of you so you can receive more and more and MORE!!!


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[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for being here. I am so incredibly grateful for each and every one of you. 


[00:00:13] Tools to Stop Judging You. I could have called this show many, many things, and that was the one that really felt the funnest because of how often do we judge ourselves? We judge situations. We judge other people. We judge, judge, judge, and it always turns back into us judging us. 


[00:00:37] How this show was inspired was I made a post the other day on Facebook about receiving from all of the courses and classes and different things that maybe you’ve purchased in business sense. It doesn’t mean you have to. This doesn’t have to be just business related. It could be with anything. There was a lot of people that either posted on it or private messaged me and they were just so grateful because they hadn’t really considered what they were doing with all of that judgment. 


[00:01:09] The way that I started out is I’ve been doing these Beyond What You Desire Coaching, and I’ve called it a Beta Coaching. I’ve got, I think, 28 people so far. By the time this goes out, it might be full. I’m maxing it at 30. If you go to the page and there’s no way to pay me, it just means we’ve maxed out at 30. I will relaunch it when it’s ready to go in the New Year. There might still be those two spots, so go and check it out if it’s something you’re interested in.


[00:01:41] With those 28 people, most of them are choosing to work on their business. What I’ve heard from so many of them is what I often hear from people in business. I took that class, I took those classes, I read that book, I did this training, I bought these audios, and I shouldn’t have, and I’m wrong, and I’m bad. What I always suggest to people is that possibly, if you are willing to receive from it all, all of those things could contribute. 


[00:02:18] The example that I used was in my own life was how back in college, actually – back in 1992, I believe it was. I was in college, my background’s psychiatric nursing. I was going through a really tough breakup, so I went and got some counseling. They offered counseling at the school. The woman did something called “guided imagery therapy” and I loved it. I loved it. I loved it. 


[00:02:43] Then, fast forward in 2002, I was starting my business. I was gonna do reiki, which of course I did, and then I knew I wanted to add something else but I didn’t know what. I started thinking about what I could add. What I remembered was this experience with this therapist. 


[00:03:02] I googled guided imagery therapy and what came up was hypnotherapy. I added hypnotherapy. When I started my business in 2002, those were the two things that I offered. And then, I started doing different things like meditation and other energy courses and all the things. Those all contributed.


[00:03:24] And then I started studying Access Consciousness®. Before that, I started studying theta healing. In there, the theta wave is a brainwave. I started adding these binaural beats… I’m not saying that correctly, to meditations and to guided imagery and all of that, the hypnotherapy, then Access Consciousness® where we do energy pulls. Mixing all of that together, I offer energetic exercises. 

[00:03:56] If I thought to myself that I sure was wrong to have taken that hypnotherapy class back in 2002, I sure was wrong to do all those guided meditations, I sure was wrong to do theta healing, I wouldn’t have the capacities to be the energetic exercises that I be with my clients.


[00:04:20] What we wanna look at is whatever we’re judging or whoever we’re judging is to ensure we don’t receive. When we judge the past trainings we’ve taken, we’re ensuring we don’t receive from them, which means then we can’t actually utilize them to create greater. Yeah. Do you get the energy of that? Do you get the separation you create? 


[00:04:49] The other thing, of course, if you’re judging—say, I would judge that I had taken theta healing, and I actually did a lot of theta healing and I taught theta healing. That’s how much I loved it, and I still see the value in it. 


[00:05:02] I still see the value, actually, in everything I did. I have no judgment of choices that I’ve made in business like that. I’ve probably got lots of judgment about other things, but in business, when I look back at all the things, even psychiatric nursing back in 1993 when I graduated. For many years, when I started my own business, I had a lot of judgment because I wasn’t willing to receive. I wasn’t willing to bring the psychiatric nursing capacities, let’s say, into my current life until I was. 


[00:05:38] This is what you wanna look at. What are you judging so that you don’t receive from it? What if you could stop the judgment so you could receive? 


[00:05:48] Tool number one to stop the judging of you is to recognize when you’re doing it, and look at that. “How could I utilize this to create greater?” Just ask that question or maybe even turn it a little bit. Sometimes the how question can be a little bit sticky. “What would it take to receive from this so I can utilize greater with it?” or something like that. 


[00:06:14] You just wanna recognize you’re judging. That’s probably the best tool. Recognize you’re doing it. That is tool number one. Recognize you’re judging and then, all right. You could even ask, “What else is possible here?” or “If I didn’t judge this, how much more could I receive?” There, that’s a simple one. It’s so that you could start receiving from it, getting out of the judgment of you and recognizing. 


[00:06:38] The energetic exercises is just a really easy example for people to see the steps or the pieces of it. Not steps, but the pieces of it. That really is the way for all of us in our entire life. 


[00:06:51] Even if you wanna look at people that you’ve dated in the past and then go to the judgment of that, guess what? You’re not receiving. What if you’re like, “Wow, okay, cool! I chose that. I chose that person.” 


[00:07:03] You know I’ve been with Hubby for almost 30 years, so it’s been a long time, but I do have some of those people in my past where it’s like, “Oh my gosh.” If we’re willing to receive from that, then if you are still dating and you’re still looking for somebody, you probably won’t choose people like that. Right? Once we choose something and we get the awareness, often we don’t choose it again. 


[00:07:30] You might say, “But Glenyce, I have a theme of always dating these people.” Then get curious with that. Don’t go to the judgment of you with what’s wrong with you about it. Look at it. Okay, what is that? Of course, my favorite question: 


[00:07:44]What’s the value of dating somebody like that?

[00:07:46] What’s the value of always choosing people like that?” 


[00:07:49] Whatever “like that” means to you. Get curious. If you’re willing to be honest with you, you can change anything. It’s about adding the awareness, which is whatever that is. “Oh my gosh, that type of person is just like my dad or just like my mom,” or whatever awareness. Those are really just examples. It could be a bazillion things. But once you acknowledge it, what else could you choose? What else could you choose? 


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[00:08:53] If you do what I call “themes,” okay, cool. What else could you choose? 


[00:08:59] I’ve often talked about one of my themes growing up, and as an adult even, like many years, was this theme of jealousy. I grew up – I had two older sisters. For many years, I was the baby so lots of jealousy there about what they could do and I couldn’t. And then suddenly, two more came along when I was nine and then lots of jealousy because they got the attention. There was so much and then I carried that on. 


[00:09:21] I’ve often referred to that as a theme in my life, and I’m so grateful because I don’t have that energy come up anymore. That’s taken some tenacity around looking at and being present with those energies. When that jealousy would come up, when I was willing to change it, I trained myself to ask different questions to get more present.


[00:09:44] There was a quote from a woman, I bet this was probably 10 years ago now. I know her first name is Daniel. I just cannot ever remember her last name. She’s a published author and such, and it was a quote from her that really got me looking at it differently. Her quote was, “Jealousy is a call to action.


[00:10:10] For me, that theme wasn’t so much that it was something I had to choose. It was that I wasn’t actually looking at it for what it was. I was calling it jealousy. I was distracting myself with it rather than looking at when that energy came up for me, what would I like to choose that’s like that or even greater, which is a great question if that’s an energy for you.


[00:10:34] Again, it goes back to what we’ve been talking about. Get curious with what is this? What is this that’s going on? What is this energy? Would I like to continue to choose this? 


[00:10:48] The other thing that we don’t often recognize with judgment is we actually are choosing it. I know it often doesn’t feel like we are. It often feels like we don’t have any choice whatsoever, it’s happening to us. But I promise you, there’s choice. We’re choosing it. If you don’t like choosing it, guess what? You can choose again and again, and again, and again. Yeah.


[00:11:13] So, a few different tools to get you out of the wrongness of you, my sweet friends. I wonder what magic might be possible now that has never been possible before. Thank you so much for being here, and I look forward to chatting again next week.


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