Apr 9, 2023

A Tool to Be More Magical with Molecules

Co-create with everything.

Everything has a consciousness of its own, which means it also has molecules that you can engage with to create all the awesomeness you can imagine possible. That’s why in this episode, we are going to talk about the tool to use to be more magical with molecules so you can start co-creating with anything and everything!  

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[00:00:00] Would you like a tool so you can be more magical with molecules? 


Welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for being here. I am so incredibly grateful for each and every one of you. 


[00:00:16] Magic with Molecules also happens to be the name of a two-part class that I have coming up on April 22 and April 23, 2023. If you’re listening later, the replay will be available. We are gonna take a deep dive into being magic with molecules. 


[00:00:34] What would a tool be to be magical with molecules? Well… talking to the molecules. I know. Right? Very simple, very simple. 


[00:00:46] The thing is, a lot of people don’t recognize that everything – EVERYTHING – has a consciousness of its own. Whether it is your body, whether it’s a creation that you’re creating, whether it’s your house, a car – it doesn’t matter. Even the clothes you wear. 


[00:01:05] Everything has a consciousness of its own, which means it has molecules of its own so that we can commune with them, we can communicate with them, we can talk with them, we can chat with them, whatever you wanna call it. You can engage with the molecules of the things, which then allows you to really co-create the magic that’s possible.


[00:01:29] Otherwise, we are separate. We’re trying to do it all on our own. We’re trying to make something work by ourselves. We’re being fiercely independent when it would probably create greater to actually be the gifting and receiving that we truly are.


[00:01:47] How do you talk or commune or chat with the thing? It’s no different than if you were talking to a person. Let’s say you’re selling your car. You can chat with your car. You can ask your car to bring whoever it would like to bring so that it would be sold to whoever it would like to own.


[00:02:08] This is the terminology which kind of sounds funny to us, but really if we if we really tap into the energy, everything around us that we say we own actually owns us. We’re the ones taking care of it. We’re the ones paying the bills, the mortgage, the payments, whatever it is. We’re the ones doing it so it actually owns us.


[00:02:29] You can ask your car, “Hey car, can you please bring to you whoever you would like to own next?” Now, there’s a gifting and a receiving. You’re asking, you’re receiving, you’re gifting. It’s gifting, it’s receiving. It’s a beautiful flow of energy. 


[00:02:47] And then you might get the idea of, “Oh wow, I should post about this on social media,” and maybe that’s where the person sees it or something. 


[00:02:56] It’s not that we sit on the couch and we say, “Okay car, go sell yourself.” I mean, you could try that. There’s nothing wrong with it. I’m just not sure it’s going to work as easily as if you were co-creating. “Hey car, who needs to hear that you’re for sale so that you can bring to you the person you would like to own?” It gets to be this incredible magic. 


[00:03:21] One of the things that I know I have run into myself and many people that I coach run into is that once we start doing this – we start getting the magic of it, we start requesting, asking, and receiving and there’s this beautiful co-creation, then when it doesn’t occur in the time we’ve decided it should, that’s usually when we start going down the rabbit hole.


[00:03:43] What am I doing wrong? Why can’t I do this? Why aren’t I magical? I mean, there’s all sorts of questions that you really don’t want answered, guys. You really don’t want those ones answered. You really want to focus more on the energy of the creation itself. 


[00:03:57] One of the things that I recognized years ago is that I would basically start co-creating with something and then go, “Why hasn’t it happened yet? What’s wrong with me that it hasn’t happened yet? What have I done wrong that it hasn’t happened yet?” 


[00:04:12] What it would do is it would send that creation back to zero, so to speak. Every time I went into the energy of why hasn’t it happened yet, I was putting my energy into it not happening rather than acknowledging that it’s occurring, it just may not be on my timeframe.


[00:04:30] What you want to look at in situations like that is where else could you put your energy. Right? If we only have one thing we’re focused on, it can get pretty dangerous because all of our energy goes into that one thing, and often we can kill it just with that energy alone. 


[00:04:47] I remember a few years ago, there was somebody that was talking about that and they said they use the analogy of having one house plant compared to having a hundred house plants. 


[00:04:57] If you’re taking care of one house plant, it’s pretty easy with one jug of water to kill it because you’re putting it all into that one plant. But if you had a hundred house plants, it’s so much easier to keep them all alive because none of them you’re putting too much intensity, too much of your energy and killing it, so to speak.


[00:05:15] You want to recognize that, too. If you’ve got time to go into why hasn’t it happened, you’ve got too much time, my friends. You need to be continuously adding to your life so that you can really exponentialize your entire life, not just that one thing. 


[00:05:31] I know for a lot of people it feels like you should just focus on one thing and then when that’s done, focus on another. That may not be the case in terms of these sorts of creations, if you’re co-creating with all the different things around you. 


[00:05:46] Let’s say you’ve got a business, you’ve got other money flows, you’ve got relationships, you’ve got homes, and you’ve got just different ways that you play in your life. Start allowing all of those energies to contribute and really put your energy more… I don’t even know what the word is. Rather than just intensely on one thing, spray it out. Spray it. I’m not sure that’s the right word, but you know what I mean. So you’re not killing one thing. You’re really contributing to everything.


[00:06:22] When you catch yourself going into why hasn’t this happened yet, then stop. You could even ask: 


Truth, is this in process?” 

Truth, is this occurring?” 


So that you can get the sense of if it is, okay, cool, then awesome. “What could I go and add to my life today” so that you’re adding something so you don’t have that intensity of one energy. That’s a tool from Access Consciousness. “What could I add to my life today?” 


[00:06:50] You could put a ‘to’ that.


“What could I add to my life today to actualize this right away?”

“What could I add to my life today to receive this right away?” 


Whatever the wording might be, or you can just keep it general. 


What could I add to my life today?” 


Just start adding and adding and adding. It won’t mean the things you’re asking for are less important to you. In fact, it’ll probably allow you to receive things even quicker because your energy isn’t just in one thing and you aren’t killing it by overwatering it. 


[00:07:25] Really, there’s two parts to this. It’s the communing with the thing, whatever it is. Sticking with the selling a car example: communing with it, engaging with it, asking it what it would like to asking it to bring in who it would like to own, asking it where you should post about it, or how to let people know that it’s for sale. You’re really co-creating.


[00:07:50] And then also, really being aware of your energy and what you are doing with your energy about the sale of the car. You’re waking up thinking about it, you’re in the shower thinking about it, you’re making breakfast thinking about it… that’s a lot. That’s a lot, so what else could you be adding so that you can really, I’m gonna say it again, spray your energy around? 


[00:08:16] That sounds so funny. I just cannot think of the word that I mean when I say that so hopefully, you get the idea of what I’m trying to say or else maybe I’m making up something new. Spray your energy. We should go with that. 


[00:08:30] With that, recognize that there’s so many more creations. There’s so many other things going on. What else could you be adding? What else could you be adding your energy to? What could they be contributing to the sale of the car as if by magic? 


[00:08:46] It’s not just this really separate way of living which is what most of us were taught – to really live separately. If I’m selling my car, then my energy is in selling my car until the car is sold. And then once it’s sold, I move to the next thing and then that’s where my energy is. And then I move to the next. What if it’s not? What if we could actually add our energy everywhere? 


[00:09:07] I don’t mean when I’m talking about not thinking about selling your car all day long. I don’t. I also don’t mean pulling your energy out of it. This is another thing we do is that if we go, “I shouldn’t think about that. I’m thinking about it too much,” we pull our energy out. We don’t wanna do that.


[00:09:24] We want to be energetically present with everything without that kind of overthinking, overprocessing, or too much focus in that area. We want to really have a spaciousness with it all to truly be the magic with molecules. 


[00:09:42] Again, I invite you. I’d love to have you come play. “Magic with Molecules” – it’s a two-part online class. April 22-23, 2023. There is a bonus of a Clearing Loop of the Presumptive Realities and the Need of Reactive Realitines on Being Magical. And then of course, the class itself. You’ll get clearing loops from, from the class too. 

[00:10:06] I wonder what magic with molecules we can be, my sweet friends. Have a great week and I look forward to chatting again next week.


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