Aug 7, 2022

3 Lies You Have Been Told About How to Grow Your Business

What lies are you buying into?

There’s a lot of information out there telling you how to grow your business, and it can be overwhelming to learn them all. Books will tell you that this is the “right way,” but some videos online will tell you otherwise. How do you go from there? 


First, you have to know the “lies” about how to grow your business that you might be falling into. That’s why for this episode, I’m sharing some of these “lies” that I have personally bought into, and how the tools from Access Consciousness® helped me find what truly works for me and acknowledgize the magic of me.


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[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for being here. I am so incredibly grateful for you. 


[00:00:10] Do you ever feel totally overwhelmed with all the things you’re supposed to be doing in your business? All the “right ways” you’re supposed to be doing it? Yes. Today, I’m going to share three lies that you’ve been told about growing your business. 


Maybe they’re not the lie for everybody, but for many of us, we do it very differently. I’ve been in business now [for] 20 years and I’ve taken all the courses, I’ve done all the things. I’ve read all the books, I’ve tried it all the ways I’m supposed to do it. I’m also here to say those may not be right for you. 


[00:00:56] I do have a download — it’s a PDF. If you’d like to go grab it, it’s my gift to you. It’s got different questions that you can ask to exponentialize the growth, the success of your business each and every day. So, go and check it out. You’ll find the link above or below. If you don’t see it, reach out and I will get it to you. 


[00:01:15] I know from my personal experience that we often think that because other people seem to be having success that what they’re doing in business must be the right thing. If we just do it like them, then we’ll have the success that we think that they’re having.


That becomes a problem because we think that those what I’m calling “lies,” and not lies for everybody. But if we buy a lie as true, we stick ourself, and then we basically just set ourself up to judge ourselves. We spin in this wrongness of, “Well, I did the steps one, two, and three they told me to do, or their book told me to do, or their video told me to do and it didn’t work so I must be wrong.” Guys, you’re never wrong. It’s just different. There’s just possibly another way, a different way for you. 


Again, these lies are not lies that are for everybody. Some of them, it’s worked for some people, and I’m here to invite you to a possibility that if you are sticking yourself with these lies, if you’re trying to make them right for you and they’re not, let’s let them go. Let’s look at them a little bit differently. 


[00:02:30] One of the biggest lies that I personally bought many, many years ago, I would say probably 2013, 2014, was that I had to be on every social media platform. I had to do it! That’s what I had to do. It was a lie for me because all I was doing was distracting myself from what was actually fun for me. 


Facebook, I would say, has been a constant on my social media. I enjoy Facebook. I use it personally. I like being on there. It is a little bit lighter than some of the other ones for me. Years ago, when I was trying to be on every platform because that was the “right thing to do,” that was really difficult for me because I didn’t really get Instagram, and I didn’t really get LinkedIn, and all these things that I just didn’t get. It didn’t make sense to me. 


[00:03:27] What I would try to do is make it all the same. Anything I put on Facebook, I would put on the other platforms, and it doesn’t work that way. The platforms have different ways and they’re constantly changing. Even what they were back in 2013, 2014 has changed millions of times. I’m actually a little bit more active on Instagram now, and then TikTok is one that I’ve used a little bit kind of on and off for a while.


[00:03:54] It’s looking at what are the ones that are fun or one that is fun for you? What do you use naturally? What do you go to personally? You don’t have to be on all of them. In fact, it’s probably going to just be a way to distract yourself from choosing what would work or what would create greater. 


[00:04:14] That’s really the thing with all of these lies. For the most part, when I look at my own business in my 20 years experience, I was choosing to buy those lies as real and true for me to distract myself from growing even more. As much as I could say, “Oh well, that business mentor told me that and they were wrong” or “this book told me that and it’s wrong,” it’s not that. I chose them. There was a level of looking for distraction that I was also choosing. There’s no blame whatsoever. It’s just recognizing that maybe, just maybe, guys, we do things a little bit differently. 


[00:04:50] So, that’s number one. Start looking at what platform, what social media platform lights you up. Where do you like to play? If it’s nowhere, that’s okay, too. That’s absolutely okay. You don’t have to have a social media platform. You just need to then find a way to be having those connections. People need to be able to find you and whatever you’re selling or whatever you’re offering. They have to know you’re there. So, how can they know you’re there? 


[00:05:17] For some people, they just go to their local city networking meetings and that works for them. Some people can go to the grocery store and make five new connections in 20 minutes. Look at what is your way – what way is nurturing to you and your body and the business, not what way should I do it, or I need to figure out every platform, or I need to hire somebody to do all my social media management for me. Maybe? I’m not saying no, but really look at that. Again, there’s sometimes this idea is if the more I post on social media, the more successful my business will be. That’s probably not true. 


[00:05:58] Again, check for you, and really recognize that there’s just so many people, especially if you spend any time [in] any of the social media platforms, really where people are telling us that you’ve gotta post five times a day, you’ve gotta be consistent, you’ve gotta do this, you’ve gotta do that. Guys, what do you know? 


What do you know in business that you’ve been pretending not to know that if you would acknowledgize that you know, it would create and grow the business to be everything it’s asking for? Everything that doesn’t allow you to perceive, know, be, receive, and know it, will destroy and uncreate it all? Right, wrong, good, bad, all-9, POD, POC, shorts, boys, POVADs, and beyonds.® 


That is the Access Consciousness® Clearing Statement. If you’re not familiar, you can go to and find out more information about how it works. It’s basically like a magic wand. Yes. All right.


[00:06:58] Speaking of Access Consciousness®, I have some amazing classes coming up in August. We moved the Business Done Different so it is now August 23, 24, and 25 online and here at my acreage in person. The pool will still be open. Friends, get here! Come on! Come on over! Pack your swimsuit! 


[00:07:18] Also, August 23 is my 50th birthday. I will be spending it with everybody who joins us which I’m so, so, so excited to do. So, that is then, then the week after – August 28, 29, 30, 31 I’m not sure if there’s 31 days in August. But anyway, August 29 to September 2, not 28, is Online Foundation for four hours every morning in MY morning. Depending on where you’re at – Europe, that’s gonna be later afternoon, Australia, depending on where you are. Anyway, Online Foundation, the link will be above or below. If you can’t find it, reach out. I’ll get you the time links, also. 


Come and play, my sweet friends. I would love, love, love to see you online, in person, whatever magic you can create there. 


[00:08:10] Lie number two: the more that you do or hustle, the more your business will grow. 


Let me tell you, guys, it’s the biggest lie that I’ve ever bought. It is so not true. Now, it might be true for those people who do not engage with all of the energies that are willing to contribute. What I mean by that is where we ask the universe, where we ask our business, where we ask the elementals, the energies. When we say, “Hey, what can you contribute to this? Hey, what magic can we co-create together with this?” Yeah. 


[00:08:53] Just this morning, I was doing a couple [of] posts on Facebook about a call that I was doing this morning. I went and put it in one group and it just felt really heavy to put it there. I was like, “Oh, what is this?” So, I just asked this very, very simple question: What is this? What is this heaviness? I got that it wasn’t actually gonna create anything by posting it there. I was like, “Oh, okay.” 


So then, I just energetically tapped into the class… Yeah. [It] just takes like a moment. 


Okay, class. What would you like? …oh! We just did a little bit of an energy pull together. Then like three minutes, there was four new registrations come through. Yeah. 


[00:09:39] I’m willing at this point—believe me, I was and I used to buy into the “hustle and work hard” and “work hard for your money.” I think there’s even songs about that. I used to do all those things and sometimes, I can still get caught up in it. Luckily though, I am willing to hear and receive from my business. I’m willing to get the energy of that heaviness like when I was gonna go post it. It was like, eugh. It just felt so icky. So, okay, what is this? It’s such a brilliant question to ask. 


[00:10:06] Some people might go, “Oh, it’s heavy,” “Oh, I shouldn’t go,” “People don’t like when I post too much” or add all these stories to it, but what if it’s not that? What if it it was just the class saying, “Hey, there’s another way. In fact, there’s another way more ease way, way more natural for us way.” 


So, when we look at having to do, do, do, instead of be and do… I’m not saying you’re not ever gonna do. I mean, I had to have the information out in the world for those four new registrations to find it. I had sent an email, I think yesterday? It was a very quick creation. 


[00:10:43] Sometimes, my creations are like that. Sometimes, my creations are like, “Okay, we’re here now and we want to be out in the world tomorrow,” which was that this one came out on I think it was Saturday? Saturday morning. It was like, “We wanna come out tomorrow” which was the Sunday. I was like, “You know what, guys? Can we do it Monday? Can we have a little bit more space here?” which it was obviously okay with. It was just phenomenal and so cool. And so in that, it’s like, “All right. Yes, I will.”


I’m also willing to work with it. I’m not going, “Oh my gosh. It said Sunday, I have to do Sunday.” It’s like, “Give me a little bit more space here” because we also have to recognize that sending an email might contribute. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t always read my emails for a couple days. I had done some stuff beforehand, and there was an element of being with it that was also required. The being and the doing… the being and doing together. 


[00:11:43] This is why the question that I ask every day, multiple times a day: What can I be and do different today to… blah, blah, blah, whatever it is I’m looking for.


What can I be and do different today to actualize a certain amount of money today? To have more fun than I’ve ever had before? 


Whatever it is, but what can I be and do different today? Great questions. 


[00:12:09] When you look at that, really look at where have you decided you have to hustle, or you have to do, or you have to be busy in the business? Where have you made that valuable rather than being the energetic magic you? Yeah. 


This is something I’ve just been playing with so much in the last probably week-ish. I’ve really started reconnecting with some energies that I hadn’t really been paying attention to, and really allowing that to really create with. I mean, the creation is at an all-time high for me, and it’s just phenomenal and I’m so grateful and it’s that. 


It’s allowing all the energies to contribute, allowing the energy of your business to contribute receiving it all. Really, that’s what it boils down to. It’s receiving it all. There will be doing, of course, and there’s also a lot of being, a lot of energetics you can play with.


[00:13:06] One of the new creations is something that I’ve called like a One-One Personalized Energetic Exercise with Your Business where you and I sit down, we go on Zoom, and I basically create an energetic exercise by communing with your business and just taking you through whatever it is. 


Again, you’ll find a link above or below. If that sounds fun for you, I’d love to play. It’s freaking phenomenal what has occurred with these energy pulls and the feedback I’m getting. Truly, what else is possible, my sweet friends, that we’ve never even considered? 


[00:13:46] Lie number three: you are your business. 


This is one I really, really bought into for years and years. I was what I now refer to lovingly as the “Bossy Bosserson.” I was the Bossy Bosserson. Whenever I thought of my business, it was me. It was just what I did. It was just me all by myself, totally separate. The business, me, just that. 

[00:14:14] And then when I started studying Access Consciousness® back in 2011, it was a totally different invitation because it was looking at your business as a separate energy to you. I don’t mean we’re separate, but I’m not it. It’s not me. 


It’s like having a baby, you know. If you’re a female, the baby grows inside of you, and then it comes out and then it goes out into the world over the years and does all the things. The business is the same idea, although not maybe quite the same, but it it’s separate. It’s not you. You get to co-create with it, but it’s not you.


[00:14:52] This changed everything for me, because what I hadn’t been willing to receive from was the most potent magical business partner I could ever have asked for that sat in the corner all by itself basically for 10 years until I was willing to say, “Hi.” 


Luckily, it didn’t hold it against me. Our businesses are not like that. We get to co-create. I get to ask it what it would like. I get to commune with it. I get to say, “Hey, show me. Show me what you would like. Show me when you would like to be.” 


[00:15:33] If I’m talking to a class or a creation, or like the one on Saturday wanting to be Sunday, it’s like, “Hmm, okay. Could we do Monday?” And you know what? If it had said no, I’d have totally done Sunday. I was also willing to be like, “Hey, could we?” This is really co-creation. You and the business get to play together, or businesses, and they all get to contribute. Yeah. Whew. Yeah. 


[00:16:05] I would say probably just more so in the last couple years have I really recognized the level of receiving that the business invites me to that I just wasn’t willing, which was probably why I had it so separate for so long. I mean, I just saw me as it. I didn’t even see it as its own energy. In a way that’s separate, but it was like I was not willing to receive from it at all. I was working hard. I was pushing, I was forcing… oh my gosh. I feel exhausted just talking about it. Whereas now, it’s this beautiful co-creation of magic and miracles and everything that it’s asking to be with me. Yeah. [That’s] the best words I can give to that. 


[00:16:55] All right. So, those are the three lies I wanted to talk about today. I really want you guys to start looking at this though for your own self. Really look at it for you. What are the lies you’re buying into? If you look at your business, what are the lies you’re buying into? 


Maybe it’s none of what I just talked about, but maybe there’s other ones. Maybe there’s things – you read that business book, or you had that business coaching or whatever it was and you went, “Oh, this is the answer.” Look at that. Get present with that. Look at if there’s another way. If things are working with it, fine. Cool. That’s awesome. 


[00:17:25] But if you’re judging you, if you’re going into the wrongness of you because something you’re doing isn’t right, or you must be wrong, stop it. Stop it. Just ask, “What lies have I bought here?” And then, start engaging and communing with the business. Hey business… hey business, show me, show me. 


[00:17:48] Again, if you would like more of magic in business, join us for Business Done Different, August 23, 24, 25, online or in person, whatever works for you. I would love to have you. 


[00:18:00] Don’t forget, if you haven’t already went and grabbed the questions on the PDF to Exponentialize the Business Success, all as a gift for you, my sweet friends. 

So, have a fabulous week and I look forward to chatting again next week.

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