Sep 11, 2022

Tools to Start Valuing You

Celebrate the magic you BE.

When was the last time you acknowledgized you? If that is something you’ve been struggling with, here’s another episode with more magical tools from Access Consciousness® to help you change that. We are all valuable, and we all contribute magic to the planet in our own different ways. Now is the time we celebrate that!


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[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for being here. I am so incredibly grateful for each and every one of you. If you’re watching this by video, hi! If you’re listening to this on a podcast, hi! It’s great to have you here. 


[00:00:20] For anybody who doesn’t know, this is the radio show that has been running since 2013. In the last few years, we’ve added, of course, the video to it so you really can access it so many different ways. 


[00:00:32] It’s on YouTube, of course. It’s on podcast under “Tools to Create a Better Life.” You want to search it on your favorite podcast app [ Apple | Spotify ] . You can find it in various groups and on my personal Facebook page. There’s probably other places, too, that I’m forgetting but just so you know, it’s [in] all the places. 


[00:00:49] The most important place is actually my webpage – There’s a thing that says “Radio Show” and it has all of the show notes. We’ve been doing this now for a few months, maybe longer? I don’t recall. By “we,” I mean my magical magician, Ericka, who plays in the business with me and just contributes so much. Big shout out to you, Miss Ericka. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 


[00:01:12] So, the tools to start valuing you. I sent out an email and I’m not sure I’ve ever had so much response to an email ever before. In the email, I actually acknowledged me. I actually talked about how I have value for me now. 


[00:01:38] As many of you know, if you’ve been hanging around a while, I turned 50 in August so this has been a long time that I’ve not been valuing me. With that said, I have been choosing to value me more, and more, and more and more. 


[00:01:58] In this video or in this email that I sent out, what I shared was that a couple months ago, there was a new acquaintance—a person that we were going to have dinner, and then she canceled the dinner. My first thought was, “Wow, she is really missing out.” I mean, wow for me to have that. I don’t mean I forced it like, “Oh, I should think this way. I need to.” No. It was just my, “Wow, she’s really missing out.” 


[00:02:29] Now, I don’t mean I’m not missing out by not meeting her either. I don’t mean it was only a one way street. It was just like the acknowledgement of me in that moment and what I can be with people. What I BE with people, not can be. What I BE with people. 


[00:02:47] I am so aware now how much hanging out with me in any way, shape, or form—whether you come to a class, or you hang out with me in the pool, or you meet me on an airplane or whatever, private coaching, any of it—I am so aware of the value that I bring. This is huge. This is huge, huge, huge, huge, huge. 


[00:03:12] That was what the email was all about. I had so many people reply just going, “Oh my gosh!” I mean, one, this is really cool and amazing, and some were like, “Oh, wow! I’m gonna keep using the tools to get there!” and some was like, “Wow. Can you share more?” 


[00:03:26] I was like, “Hey, you know what? I actually can!” I can do it on a radio show because I wonder how many people would really like to start valuing themselves. 

[00:03:36] With that said, let’s talk about that for a moment. When we value ourselves, it does not mean that we devalue anybody else. It’s not like, “Okay, well, now that I’m valuing me, everybody else is crazy, wrong, bad, or not valuable.” That’s not it at all. 


[00:03:53] If you don’t have you as your most valuable product, if you don’t have you as valuable in your world, then what you end up doing is putting your value into everyone else. You put everybody else on pedestals. You see everybody else as the source. You look outside of you for answers and direction and all the things rather than valuing you to know that you are valuable. 


[00:04:22] You have value. You are valuable and you are valuable on the planet. If you don’t acknowledge that, then chances are you will distract yourself with basically the opposite of that – “I’m not valuable,” “I’m not worthy,” “I shouldn’t be here” blah, blah, blah… all the things. Yeah. 


[00:04:44] Everything that just brought up, will you destroy and uncreate it all times a godzillion? Right, wrong, good, bad, all-9, POD, POC, shorts, boys, POVADs, and beyonds.® 


That is the Clearing Statement from Access Consciousness®. You can go to for more information about how it works but basically, what it does is it changes the energy. 


[00:05:01] As I was talking about that, there was a lot of *ugh* energy on it. By running it, it starts to clear it. It doesn’t mean you only ever need to run it once. Sometimes, we need to do it multiple times just to recognize that it is such a phenomenal tool to change things. 


[00:05:18] It was actually, gosh, probably seven years ago. I was in a class with Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness®. I’d went up to the microphone and I’ve asked questions over the years and of Gary in classes. 


[00:05:35] He referred to me as Gle-nyce. Now, this is something a lot of people, if they read my name, that’s usually how they pronounce it. I’d never corrected him before. I don’t even recall if I corrected him or if somebody else said it, I don’t recall what happened. 


[00:05:52] He just said to me… actually, I think I did. I think he said Gle-nyce, and I said it’s actually Glenyce. He stopped and he looked at me because, you know, I’d been asking him some questions for years. He stopped and he looked at me and he was like, “Why do you not value yourself enough to let me know what your name is?” Something like that. 


[00:06:15] It took me aback because I never saw not correcting as not valuing me. I actually saw it as more… I would say, honoring? Or lazy, maybe? And depending on the person. To this day, I don’t always correct people. It really depends how much interaction we’re going to have. 


[00:06:38] When I go to change in dress rooms like in clothes stores, I will actually, if they ask me my name because often they’ll write it on the door, I’ll tell them Kim. It’s just for ease for me but I could see what Gary was saying—not until he said it—how much I wasn’t valuing me. Somebody who I talked to, not often but often enough, and I never corrected him until that day. 


[00:07:03] I really, really, really went into that. Not from a judgment of me place, but really looking at that from the curiosity of like, “Wow… wow. I have not valued me and my name.” 

[00:07:15] My name to me is—I mean, I joke about it a lot and I love my name. I actually really love my name. I love that I’m almost one of the only Glenyces on the planet. I have heard that there is another one somewhere. There’s certainly some people with the same spelling, but it is actually pronounced Gle-nyce for them and so I love it and yet, I didn’t value me to tell him the correct pronunciation of my name. 


[00:07:43] That really, I would say, was probably the start of it for myself to really start getting present with the places and the ways that I wasn’t valuing me. My favorite question, if you’ve been around here for a while, you’ve heard me ask this question a lot. I use it all the time. What I started asking was: What’s the value of not valuing me? I started just asking that of myself. What is the value of not valuing me? What am I getting out of it? 


[00:08:13] I know that with that question, a lot of times it brings up this defense of, “I do value me!” and people will say, “Well, there is no value” and stuff like that, and I get it. But what you wanna do is get really vulnerable with yourself with that question if this is something you would like to choose more. If you’d like to value you more, what is the value of not valuing you? What’s it doing for you? Yeah. Yeah. 


[00:08:40] It can be so many things. It could be what you saw your parents do to themselves, or what your parents did to you, or what other people and all of that. There’s all sorts of things that can come up. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what the value is. You just want to acknowledge it, and then if you like the Clearing Statement, I use the Clearing Statement to change it. 


Everything that is, I destroyed and uincreate it all. Right, wrong, good, bad, all-9, POD, POC, shorts, boys, POVADs, and beyonds.® 


[00:09:08] That’s like tool number one. Start getting present with yourself and asking that question not from judgment, but just from the curiosity of like, “What is this? What is the value of not valuing me?” 


[00:09:24] Now, if valuing you is something that you would like to be choosing more of, I invite you to any, of course, of the classes or sessions that I have. We have another Online/In Person Foundation coming up September 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th. 


[00:09:41] We also have Business Done Different coming up at the end of October, either in London, England, or online. I have many classes coming up around England. Yes, Hubby and I are going to travel around and do some classes and some site seeing. Of course, so many other classes.


[00:09:58] I have another Bars class coming up September 14th here at the acreage. There’s so many choices and possibilities. 


I also offer 3-week coaching, I offer 3-month coaching, I offer 6-month coaching. There’s so many ways to play and I would love to play with you. Any questions about any of those, reach out and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


[00:10:21] Now, tool number two is a little bit similar and not, but it’s asking the question of If I did value me here, what would I choose? What that does is it starts to get you into the space of what you might choose if you valued you. 


[00:10:39] Let’s say you were going out for your birthday dinner with friends and they said to you, “Hey, where do you wanna go? It’s your birthday. You get to choose.” You would maybe go straight to, “Oh no, it doesn’t matter. I’m happy to go wherever. I like anything.” Maybe that’s what you would normally do. 


[00:10:56] Maybe take a moment. If I valued me here, what would I choose? If I valued me here, what would I choose? Start asking yourself. Looking at those situations or places doesn’t mean you have to even choose it. But if I was valuing me here, what would I choose? 


[00:11:17] I used the birthday dinner as an example because that actually came up for me recently when Hubby and I finally had an evening to ourself where we could go for dinner. It’s my birthday dinner, so where did I want to go? I kept thinking of all the places he would like to go. 


[00:11:35] It was so bizarre mostly because I didn’t really realize that I did that and maybe it just happened to be. I’m not really sure, but I was so aware of the places he likes to eat. And then, I started asking myself, “Okay. If I valued myself here, what would I choose?” 


[00:11:55] And then, I started looking around. I actually asked in a Facebook group because there’s so many places that we go to often and I wanted somewhere new, and just found this most amazing roast beef buffet. Beautiful. Oh my gosh. All handmade, homemade. I mean, obviously not the roast beef, but you know what I mean. 


[00:12:13] It was just so delicious that if I wouldn’t have been asking that question, I probably would’ve went somewhere. It still would’ve been great because I also like the places that Hubby likes to go, but just the different energy. It’s like, if I was really valuing me here, what would I choose? 


[00:12:29] If you start asking that question but not from the place of, “I have to choose it,” just ask it from the place of, “IF I was… IF I did…” [It] doesn’t mean you have to, and maybe you will, and maybe you won’t, but at least you’ll start being present with you. You’ll start being vulnerable with you. 


[00:12:48] Notice both of these tools have to do with vulnerability and a level of presence. That’s because that’s what this is. To value you, you have to be willing to be vulnerable with you. You have to be willing to be present with you.


[00:13:05] Now, I wanted to read something. This is from the reference materials from Access Consciousness®. In it, Gary says: 

“If you think it’s inconceivable that you would be of value, then you will never value you.” 


If you think it’s inconceivable for you to be of value… 

Anywhere that you’ve decided it’s inconceivable for you to be of value, will you destroy and uncreate all that? Right, wrong, good, bad, all-9, POD, POC, shorts, boys, POVADs, and beyonds.® 


[00:13:40] And then, the question that follows that is: 


“What is the value you have to offer that you’re not allowing to show up? 


[00:13:50] What is the value that you have to offer that you’re not allowing to show up? Value doesn’t mean something in the business. It could, of course, but it doesn’t have to. It could mean lots of different things. What if we don’t try to define it? What if you just ask that of yourself every day? What is the value that I have to offer that I’m not allowing to show up? 


Everywhere you’re not allowing it to show up, will you to destroy and uncreate it all? Right, wrong, good, bad, all-9, POD, POC, shorts, boys, POVADs, and beyonds.® 


[00:14:22] I have another tool, but I wanna talk about this book for a moment. This is something called a “Rocketbook Fusion.” I’m not sure how well you can see it, but these pages are actually erasable. Once I’m done with my notes and stuff—this was for the recent Foundation class that I facilitated. I just take a damp cloth that comes with it and I just wipe down the pages and it’s gone. 


[00:14:51] I have used so much paper. I like to take physical notes—I like to hand write things when I’m in sessions or classes and all that sort of stuff, but it’s not something I would ever keep. So, I end up throwing out a lot of paper. Well, recycling, of course. But this book, I love so much. There will be a link for you if you want to check it out. I just think it’s magical. 


[00:15:15] The other thing, and I have yet to do it with this book, but you can take… and I don’t know if you can see it. There’s a little QR code there. You could put something up here – you could write out your day or whatever it is and scan that, and it’ll actually put it wherever you want.


[00:15:35] I’ve got mine connected to my Google Docs. Again, I haven’t used it yet because this is mostly just handwritten stuff that I don’t need to keep, but I could. I love it so much. Anyway, I could go on and on, but I wanted to share this because I have it sitting beside me, and I just think it’s brilliant.


[00:15:51] The last tool that I’ll talk about—I mean, there’s so many tools with valuing you. The last tool is a tool that I use a lot in all sorts of different ways. This is one of them, and this is one that I was using back when I really started looking at valuing me with that experience with Gary. 


[00:16:12] What I did was I would just sit energetically, like, just sit quietly, close my eyes, and energetically, I brought up the energy of not correcting him with my name. I brought that energy up. And then, what I would do was I would run the Crazy Phrase. 


[00:16:31] The Crazy Phrase sounds crazy, hence the name. It’s Everything is the opposite of what it appears to be, and nothing is the opposite of what it appears to be. Everything is the opposite of what it appears to be, and nothing is the opposite of what it appears to be. You just say it over and over and over like that. 


[00:16:48] What you want to bring up is that energy first. Right now, just take a moment. Bring up a situation or a relationship or somewhere where you know don’t value you. Okay? I know it feels icky, but let’s just run together: 


Everything is the opposite of what it appears to be, and nothing is the opposite of what it appears to be.


Everything is the opposite of what it appears to be, and nothing is the opposite of what it appears to be. 


Everything is the opposite of what it appears to be, and nothing is the opposite of what it appears to be. 


[00:17:24] I find running it a few times and then going back to the energy, it’s usually changed and sometimes, it’s changed completely. Sometimes, it’s just changed a little bit. It doesn’t matter. 


[00:17:34] But I do want to tap back into it, so to speak, so I’m aware of where it is now. So, I would just go back to that energy. Check in with it. If there’s still something there like a heaviness or an ick with it, then do the Crazy Phrase over and over.


[00:17:49] It’s such a magical way to change things that you maybe haven’t been willing to or known how to change. This isn’t where you have to, you know, you’re not dissecting it. You’re not judging it. You’re not doing anything except running the Crazy Phrase over and over. 


[00:18:06] The way that I see the Crazy Phrase work is it’s like when you shake up a snow globe and there’s all these little pieces of snow going around—well, obviously not snow, but you know what I mean? What I see that as when we’re running the Crazy Phrase is all that solidity. All the solidity when I wasn’t valuing me, all of that solidity starts to break apart and dissolve and totally eliminate and go away. 


[00:18:31] In my experience—you might have a different experience but in my experience, none of these tools a hundred percent the first time I used it. It worked in that it changed in that moment but again, this has been years of me choosing towards valuing me. It doesn’t mean it has to take you years – please be way quicker than me. 


[00:18:54] When did I start valuing me? Honestly, I’m not really sure. It probably wasn’t the moment that that gal canceled and I went through, “Wow, she’s missing out!” It probably wasn’t then. It was probably before that. 


[00:19:06] With this stuff too, we are changing. Every step of the way, there is change. There is noticeable change. There can be, so celebrate that, too. Don’t look for it being a certain way, or it has to or it won’t be, you can’t celebrate until you have it a hundred percent. I still don’t have it a hundred percent. I’m still getting it. I’m still in the process of choosing and changing it, and I’m celebrating where I’m at with it now. I wonder what else is possible with it that I’ve never even considered. 


[00:19:37] I would love to hear from you. If you have been valuing you, if you’re going to use these tools, or maybe you’ve been using some tools, let me know. Of course, you can connect with me wherever you’re watching this. If it’s via podcast, you can always head to my webpage. There’s a contact form there and just reach out. 


I’m so incredibly grateful for you all. I look forward to chatting again next week.


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