May 8, 2022

Tools to Receive More from the Universe

Receive more and more and MORE!

A lot of us have been taught no to ask nor demand, and to be happy with what’s handed to us even if we don’t really like it at all. It’s not the way to go if you’re looking to increase your receiving. That is why for this episode, I’m sharing my go-to tools from Access Consciousness that we can all utilize to start receiving and having more than we’ve never imagined possible. The universe has so much in store for us, my sweet friends. Now is the time to unlock that!


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[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for being here. I am so incredibly grateful for each and every one of you. 


[00:00:11] Tools to Receive More from the Universe. Yeah. Let’s first start talking about what or who is the universe. 


This is a different take on it, possibly than you’ve heard before. For me, when I speak about the universe or I ask the universe to assist me with things, it’s really about it being everything. I’m asking everything, including me. So, I’m part of the universe. 


[00:00:40] I am not asking a big energy outside of me that’s greater than me because there’s no energy greater than you, my sweet friend. 


It’s you and everything. I’m asking the earth, the trees, the animals, the buildings, the cars, the pollution, all of it including me and everything. When I’m receiving from the universe and asking the universe, it’s all about from everything. So, little bit of a different take, possibly. 


[00:01:09] Now, the first tool to receive more from the universe? Ask. Ask, my sweet friends. I know this is such a bizarre concept. Of course, it’s not. It really is one of the things that you want to start recognizing that you probably weren’t taught to do. 


In fact, possibly, you were taught to do the opposite. Don’t ask. Be happy with what you’re given. Just sit back and smile when they give you something even if it isn’t what you would like. Stop it. It truly is about asking for what you would like. 

[00:01:49] There are multiple ways to ask. There’s no one way that’s better than the others. It’s whatever way you would like, whatever way feels natural.


You can ask from the energy of, like, what would it take? 


What would it take for more paying clients to show up right away?


What would it take for more money to show up right away? 


[00:02:11] Like, you can ask it in that form. You can also ask specifically and say, “Universe, surprise and delight me with more paying clients showing up today.” 


Universe, surprise and delight me with more money showing up right away. 


Whatever it is you’d like to ask for. I’m using clients and money but you can talk — you can ask about body stuff. You can ask about relationship stuff. There’s no limit to these tools ever. That’s the coolest thing about these tools. 


[00:02:40] Asking in whatever way feels natural for you, or maybe it doesn’t feel natural. Maybe it’s something that you need to start building a muscle for. So, maybe you want to use a reminder app on your phone or sticky notes around the house just to keep you in that spaciousness of asking. 


[00:02:58] The way that I tend to ask more than any other way — not that it’s right, it’s just what feels the most natural to me — is I wonder, which I know doesn’t sound like an ask and it’s a huge way to ask.

I wonder what it would be like for more paying clients to show up right away? I wonder what that would be like? 


I wonder what it would be like for more money and cash and wealth to show up right away? I wonder… 


And then, you truly want to wonder, like, I mean, TRULY wonder. Don’t go into, “Well, I wonder what it would be like.” But it’s like that really heavy contraction. You’re not wondering at all. 


I wonder what it would be like… 


[00:03:41] And it’s also a really great tool to use — the asking, however way you want to ask — when you’re in the space of “Well, this won’t happen and this can’t happen” and “This is too hard and this isn’t working.” 


Stop and go to questions. Start asking for what you would like, whatever way you would like. 


I wonder what it would be like to have more ease with this?

I wonder what might be possible with this I’ve never even considered? 


All the asking. That is tool number one: ask, ask, ask. 


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Online Foundation, May 17th to the 23rd. 

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So, you’ll find the link above or below. If you can’t find the link, reach out and I will get it for you. I would love to have you come play, my sweet friends.


[00:04:48] Another tool to receive more from the universe is “I’ll have that.”  This is what you want to say and be the energy of when you’re experiencing, maybe you’re on social media and you see somebody that’s doing something really cool and it just lights you up. Ask: “Universe, I’ll have that.” 


[00:05:12] Now, I often will say, “Universe, I’ll have that or something even greater for me.” 


Let’s say I’m seeing somebody on a sailboat and it just, like, gets me super excited. Now, it might not be the sailboat piece. That might not be the piece for me. When I ask, “Universe, I’ll have that or something greater for me,” then maybe the greater for me is a motor boat or a canoe, or who knows? I mean, there’s something else. 


[00:05:39] I like to just have that little bit extra on the end so that it opens it up because often when we’re seeing somebody with something super amazing and we get excited by it, it’s actually not the excitement of the specific thing. It’s the energy that they’re being, and there might be something different that creates that energy for us. So, I like to add that: Universe, I’ll have that or something greater for me. Yeah. It’s a way of asking and to me, it’s such a potent way to create as if by magic. 


[00:06:15] Tool number three is about demanding of you and requesting of the universe. This means if there’s something you would like to receive. 


Let’s say you have a lot of credit card debt and you’re just so ready to change that. The demand is of you to change it. And then, the request of the universe to contribute to changing that. 


[00:06:44] When you ask for change and demanded of you, the universe starts to contribute to your request and drops the gifts of choice and possibility that lead the way to the creation of a different future. You have to demand it and choose it. 


[00:07:03] But the moment you demand it and you request of the universe, everything changes. Now, you’ve become aware of choices you could be choosing, things you could be doing differently. 


It’s such a magical way, but a lot of times people think they demand of the universe. The universe don’t take demand. The universe receives requests.


[00:07:27] So, demand of you to change the thing, receive the thing, actualize the thing, whatever it is, and then, request of the universe


No matter what it takes, I’m changing this — let’s say it’s the credit card debt. “No matter what it takes, I’m changing this.” And then, “What’s it going to take?” 

Universe, show me. 

Universe, show me what’s required. 

What can I be and do different today to change this right away? 

What action is required that I’ve never even considered? 

Universe, show me who to talk to. 

Universe, show me where to go.


…so that you are in this space of demanding of you, requesting of the universe. Action, choice, action, choice, action — all of it, to actually create and receive and have more than you’ve never even imagined possible.


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