Jun 12, 2022

The Tool that Saved Our Marriage

If you’re getting stressed, annoyed, or worried about something, here’s a tool for you!

Hubby and I had one of our date nights and, as I sometimes do, I got annoyed with him. I would’ve killed (not really 😂) Hubby that night if it weren’t for this tool… 😂 That might sound a little extreme, but it’s true. This tool from Access Consciousness® is soooo freaking magical that I just had to share it with you. Sit back and listen to this episode to learn more!  

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[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Tools to Create a Better Life with myself, Glenyce Hughes. Thank you so much for being here. I am so incredibly grateful for each and every one of you. 


[00:00:10] The tool that saved our marriage… that might be a bit extreme. However, it certainly contributed to me not killing Hubby the other night. 


We went on a date night; we went to a glass studio to try out creating glass beads, and blowing glass was really interesting. I’ll never need to do it again. It’s a very… you would just need a lot of practice to become good at it, but it was cool to do it. 


At one point, I got really annoyed with Hubby, as I sometimes do. Normally, that sort of annoyance — in the past, what I’ve chosen is separation and withdrawing of my energy and just a lot of unkindness. 


[00:01:02] I happen to be running a Book Club right now on the 10 Keys to Total Freedom. It’s a 10-month book club. You can still join us. We’re on Key #1. It’s amazing, let me tell you. 


[00:01:14] I’ve really been tenacious this week about actually using the key that I’m talking about in the book club, which is “Would an infinite being truly choose this?” meaning you just start to ask yourself that.


[00:01:26] If you’re stressing about something or worrying about something or annoyed with somebody, ask: Would an infinite being truly choose this?

If you get no, which you probably will, then you can ask, “Then, why the hell am I? What’s the purpose of this? Is it going to do what I would like it to do?” 


[00:01:51] As I’m annoyed, as I’m ready to separate and to withdraw and do all the fancy tricks that I often do in those sorts of situations, I asked, “Would an infinite being truly choose this?”


Of course, I got a no! Then, why the hell am I? 


[00:02:11] It was like this unraveling of what I’d seen other people do, what I’d even seen on TV shows. There’s all sorts of really interesting places where this is what you do. Whether it’s as a woman or as a wife or as a husband, [it] doesn’t matter. Often, that’s what we do. We separate and we withdraw our energy. 


It’s like a… at least the way that I can describe it for myself, I’ve had it done to me and of course, I’m a master at it. It’s this energy of control. “I’m going to do this so you’re going to stop that.” There’s not a fight, so to speak, and energetically, there’s a fight.


[00:03:02] It was so interesting by (1) recognizing what I was doing. That’s huge. I always say that to people. Yes, I have been playing with these tools for 11 years and still, there’s places where I go into autopilot. I choose what I’ve chosen before, whatever, it doesn’t matter. It’s not right, it’s not wrong. It’s just starting to recognize [it]. 


[00:03:22] That moment of going, “Wow, I’m choosing to be annoyed here” and then looking at, “Okay, I’m going to use this tool,” and I’ve been using it on so many things. It’s been so freaking magical. 

[00:03:36] Would an infinite being truly choose this? No.

[00:03:39] It also doesn’t mean an infinite being would put up with shit. Okay? That’s the other part. I would say that that’s probably where I’ve spent majority of my life. It’s that energy of like, “Oh, well, I can’t say anything if I upset him or her” or whatever situation I’m in. It’s not that. 


It’s just the first question: Would an infinite being truly choose this? 


No? Okay, so what the hell am I doing


Oh, okay. I’m looking to separate, I’m looking to withdraw, I’m looking to control him. That’s *bang* what I was doing on Friday night, which was so interesting, and [it’s] so interesting to be in the moment of it and be able to call it, like, see what I’m doing and then make another choice.


So, what’s the purpose? If I control him, then he won’t act like that or he will appreciate the date night or whatever all I had attached to that. 


Is this achieving that? No! My God. This could go on for some time. This could go on for days. 


[00:04:51] Now, I’ll be honest. In the last, probably 7, 8, 9 years, that doesn’t go on anymore. [It] used to – I used to be really good at the silent treatment. It could go on for days. He’s a stubborn as I am. So, [it’s] crazy when I think back then. We don’t really do that anymore. 


There’s still these energetic dances and I could have held onto it. I could have been pissy and annoyed for the rest of the night. 


[00:05:15] Anyway, as I was like, “Okay, would an infinite being choose this? No? Okay. So, cool. What the hell am I doing? Okay, cool. I get it. I’m separated. I’m attempting to control. Is it achieving it? No. Okay. 

What would I like to create here? 


Oh. Well, I would like to enjoy the evening. I’d like to not separate from him. I’d like to not control him. 


Okay, cool. I can choose those things. All right. Got that. Yep. 


[00:05:45] Well, let me tell you ,my sweet friends, what occurred after that and how freaking magical it was. As I stopped doing the controlling and the separating and got out of the rightness and all the points of view, just all of it, I just stopped it all. Suddenly, everything I had just asked for was actualized.


Suddenly, we were having fun. Suddenly, it was ease. Suddenly, it was magical. It was so cool. It was just so cool because I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen something like that. 


[00:06:28] In that situation, [it] changed so quickly. It can change quickly for me, but the situation around could still go on. I’ve seen that, you know, where I change what I’m choosing about it and it changes for me, and the situation continues.


However, in this case, it didn’t continue. It was so incredibly magical that I had to do the show about it so that you guys, if you’re willing, and honestly, it takes a tenacity that I know most people aren’t willing to be, and that’s okay. That’s totally okay. 


[00:07:02] I have a Reminder app on my phone. It comes with the iPhone. It’s just the basic Reminder app. I have it set up to come up every 30 minutes and say, “Would an infinite being truly choose this?” for this week. Well, actually, for this month, for the whole chapter, just to really be tenacious with it. 


[00:07:20] Sometimes, it’s fricking annoying to see that reminder because there’s actually way more of my life that I’m spending where an infinite being wouldn’t actually choose it. It’s interesting, kind of the poke in the eye when you recognize it. And then, you get to change it. That is so magical to me. That’s exactly what I’m asking for is really living these 10 keys to total freedom.


[00:07:44] It’s also something that we talk about in the Foundation manual. It’s been in the Foundation manual.


This is actually funny. It’s been in the Foundation manual, these 10 keys, since I started taking Foundations back in 2011. I have facilitated probably close to a hundred Foundations. I have talked about this tool a million times. I’ve never been willing to use it as tenaciously as I have been. It is changing everything. 


And this is what we could call a “basic tool” from Access Consciousness.® There’s nothing basic about it, guys. If you’re really willing to change what is going on in your life and your living, in every area, start asking that: Would an infinite being truly choose this? 


[00:08:27] And of course, I’ve got Foundation classes coming up. Depending on when you’re watching this, we’ve got Bars & Foundation Pool Party which would probably be online. Also, we’re just waiting for final word from Gary if that’s been extended. But definitely if you can get here, get to my pool, come and play. We’d love to have you. 

And then, we will have future ones, too. Again, just kind of waiting for Gary to extend the online option. We’d love to have you come play. 


[00:08:52] And so many other options: Business Done Different classes.


[00:08:56] And of course, my usual. Few times a month, I’ll do a one-off call here or there. You can find the link above or below for all of the upcoming classes. I would love to have you come play. 


[00:09:06] And I would love to hear from you, guys! Are you using this tool? And if you are, how is it working for you? Tell me about it. Post below or above, wherever you’re watching this.


And then, if you’re not using it and you start using it, let me know about that, too, because truly, what is possible if we were all willing to be the infinite beings that we truly be? 


Thank you so much for being here. Again, I’m so grateful for you and I look forward to chatting again next week.


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